Rab C Nesbitt: S2 Episode 1 "Country" (1992)

BBC Series / UK / Comedy / Colour / 50m

In this episode of the long running BBC Scotland comedy, Rab decides to take the family up to the highlands for the weekend.

To thank Mary for looking after them her elderly neighbours give the Nesbitts and the Cotters the use of their cottage by Loch Lomond. Unfortunately it is falling apart, with planes flying overhead and a pub run by hostile Englishmen. After disgracing themselves at the Ceilidh Rab and Jamesie have to be brought home by the mountain rescue team but Rab does have a brief moment to wax lyrical about his country.

This whole episode is like a TV sitcom version of that Trainspotting scene where they argue against the tourist version of Scotland being all about beautiful Highland countryside.

Rab C Nesbitt S2 Episode 1 "Country"

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