Hebrides: Islands on the Edge (2013)

BBC Series / UK / Documentary / Colour / 60m

The latest high profile natural history series from the BBC brings the beauty and exotic Hebrides into the nation's homes.

Focusing on Scottish animals, in a Scottish landscape, Hebrides: Islands On The Edge is a refreshing attempt to do for the west coast what Attenborough has done for the rest of the world.

It’s from a stable of experienced wildlife filmmakers led by Nigel Pope, who created Springwatch and Big Cat Diary. The images they’ve captured are magnificent: the churning waters of Corryvreckan, cod hunting in the wrecks underwater off Islay, every feather on an eagle swooping on its prey.

And it’s what TV producers call “story-led” - that is, isolating moments of drama for individual creatures with manipulative narration from Ewen McGregor which constantly tells us that small things are in deadly danger.

Hebrides Islands on the Edge

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