The Cheviot, The Stag & The Black Black Oil (1974)

Dir. John Mackenzie / BBC and BFI / UK / 1974 / Drama / Colour / 90m / Scottish Gaelic

This drama-documentary adaptation of John McGrath's play staged by the 7:84 theatre company deals with the exploitation of the Scottish people throughout history - from the brutal Highland evictions of the Highland Clearances, to game parks and finally the exploitation of Scotland’s natural resources during the oil boom of the 1970s.

Made for the BBC in summer 1974 for its landmark Play for Today series, the television adaptation was directed by leading Scottish filmmaker John Mackenzie. It also features many Scottish actors who would go on to be stars on screen: Bill Paterson, John Bett, Alex Norton and James Cosmo.

The production intercuts live recordings of the play with with historical recreations and documentary material with the people and landscape of South and North Uist, Benbecula, Lewis and Aberdeen.

The Cheviot, The Stag & The Black Black Oil

The natural connection

South and North Uist, Benbecula, Lewis, Aberdeen

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