Balamory (2003)

BBC Series / UK / 2003 / Family / Colour / 20m

Balamory is a BBC Children's department series with human characters who interact with each other and the viewer. Whilst the characters are extrovert and colourful, there is a strong sense of reality in everything they do which is backed up by the use of real children and real events.

A new story is told every day and reaches its conclusion over the programme's 20-minute duration. Within the narrative are songs to entertain and sing along with, inspirational activities with makes and games and informative events.

Filmed on a real island location (Mull), Balamory gives children a strong sense of place. They are able to learn where everyone lives and have the island's town mapped out in their head.

Won BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Children’s Programme.


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Mull, East Lothian

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