The New Avengers: The Eagle's Nest (1976)

Dir. Desmond Davis / ITV / UK / Action, Comedy, Crime / Colour / 50m

Nearly ten years after the original series ended, producers Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell were encouraged by foreign investors to re-mount the series that had taken American TV by storm (something no other home-grown TV show had ever done).

Patrick Macnee was back as Steed with new companions (Gareth Hunt and a career making Joanna Lumley).

The new series opened with this typically fantastic Avengers story about a group of World War II Nazis who have been hiding out on a little island as monks, secretly preparing for the day they can rise up again - led, they hope, by Germany's greatest treasure ...

The isle of Skye doubles as the fictional island of St Dorca where the monks in the story plot their take-over. There are some great action scenes shot on Skye and Kyle of Lochalsh where the monks' henchmen despatch nosey visitors with fishing hooks laced with poison. Episodes of the New Avengers were shot on 35mm film and cost an average of £250,000 - and it shows. This high profile TV series looks like a mini feature film, and Scotland provides terrific visual canvas for the series' re-birth.

the new avengers eagles nest

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Skye, Kyle of Lochalsh, Eilean Donan Castle

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