2000 Acres of Sky (2001)

BBC Series / UK / Comedy, Drama, Romance / Colour / 60m

Abby Wallace (Michelle Collins), a single mother living on a housing estate in London with her two young children spots an appeal asking young families to relocate from the mainland to the island of Ronansay in order to revitalise the neighbourhood.

Recognising what a fantastic opportunity this would be to start a new life, Abby decides to apply.

The only problem is, Abby needs a husband in order to fulfil the required criteria for living on Ronansay. Undeterred in her quest, she enlists her best friend Kenny (Paul Kaye) to play the part and move with her and the kids to the remote Scottish isle to begin a new life. However, keeping up the charade isn’t easy, especially when Abby arouses the interest of the local salmon farmer, and it looks like he may not be the only man who’d like to be more than just friends...

2000 acres of sky

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