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  • Title: Mistress of Justice
  • Author: Jeffery Deaver
  • ISBN: 9780553584455
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mistress of Justice By Jeffery Deaver Taylor Lockwood spends her days working as a paralegal in one of New York s preeminent Wall Street law firms and her nights playing jazz piano anyplace she can But the rhythm of her life is disrupted when attorney Mitchell Reece requests her help in locating a stolen document that could cost him not only the multimillion dollar case he s defending but his career as wellaylor Lockwood spends her days working as a paralegal in one of New York s preeminent Wall Street law firms and her nights playing jazz piano anyplace she can But the rhythm of her life is disrupted when attorney Mitchell Reece requests her help in locating a stolen document that could cost him not only the multimillion dollar case he s defending but his career as well.Eager to get closer to this handsome, brilliant, and very private man, Taylor signs ony to find that as she delves deeper and deeper into what goes on behind closed doors at Hubbard, White Willis, she uncovers than she wants to know including a plentitude of secrets damaging enough to smash careers and dangerous enough to push someone to commit murder Yet who is capable of going to that extreme With her life on the line, Taylor is about to learn the lethal answer.
    Jeffery Deaver
    1 international bestselling author of over thirty novels and three collections of short stories His books are sold in 150 countries and translated into 25 languages His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme, The Bone Collector, was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie He s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.

    Mistress of Justice By Jeffery Deaver


    Another stand alone thriller from the pen of Jeffery Deaver Have to say he knows how to write a thriller.This time round Jeffery Deaver puts a microscope on the lawyers of Wall St I wonder, if before starting this book Mr Deaver had had a run in with the legal profession Because none of the lawyers in this story come out smelling of roses They all come over as scheming, manipulative, deceitful, money hungry whores.On the upside, there s lots of characters to dislike The heroin of the story is Ta [...]

    Jeffery Deaver is one of those authors I have been meaning to pick up for a very long time I constantly see his work in bookstores His books appear in my recommendations People I know have enjoyed his work Therefore, it was about time that I picked up one of his books.From what I can gather Mistress of Justice was not the best place to start my expedition into Jeffery Deaver s work From what I can gather, this isn t the best example of his work Due to this, I m not going to base my entire judgem [...]

    Great mystery Didn t really figure out who the bad guy was till the very end Great character involvement

    This was my third Jeffery Deaver book though I still have to read The Bone Collector , and I have to say I was expecting a little bit than I got with this one Mistress of Justice wasn t a bad read by any means, but it just didn t quite meet my expectations.First off, let me say that I LOVE legal thrillers I don t mind long courtroom scenes, or the descriptions of endless hours of research and detailed explanations of finer legal points But here, there is a lot of telling rather than showing And [...]

    Alan Cook
    This is one of Jeffery Deaver s earlier books, dating back to the early nineties, but I was interested to see that it followed the formula used in his later books, especially the surprise ending The book takes place in a law office with much feuding, fussing and fighting going on Taylor Lockwood, the female protagonist, is a paralegal who is also a piano player Fortunately, she s smarter than you might expect her to be or she wouldn t be alive at the end of the book I ve noticed that in stories [...]

    I find this book to be very confusing There are a lot of players on the scene, 2 different law firms, many paralegals, plus some back story from the past Often people are referred to by either their first or last name and not together, so it made it hard to figure out who was in the story It also seemed to me this book couldn t figure out what it wanted to be a law thriller or a spy novel With all the confusion I gave it up as it wasn t worth me trying to wade through it.

    Nancy Silk
    All About Deception And Murder This thrilling and excellently written novel is about Taylor Lockwood, a paralegal in a well known Wall Street law firm At night she likes to play the piano, any where Attorney Mitchell Reece asks her to help locate a stolen document which, if not found, could cost him the loss of a multi million dollar case, as well as lose him his job As she readily dives into the search, she finds secrets very damaging secrets Great story, with a shocking ending It s a mind bend [...]

    Rodrigo Acuna
    I can not read one page Commercial books do not have to be so stilted and unimaginative the formula can vary a bit, the level of disbelief you have to endure to enjoy this story is torture, the plot is a travesty of implausible and the characters are laughable.There was no reason to finish it, I was not able to care for any of the characters or the events.wasted money and precious time.

    Robert J.
    A Dry good book Refreshing after all the Lincoln Rymes books This is one of the few Deaver books I ve read that didn t star Lincoln Rymes and wasn t totally bogged down in tech detail Also not as far fetched as they tend to be This one is a bit difficult to believe in total, but a fun read and a nice break.

    George Poppenwimer
    This is a well written book, surprise ending, I never saw it coming The characters are well developed and you think you know them and what they are capable of until it all turns around in the last chapters.

    calculating Jeffery Deavers never disappoints This complicated legal thriller requires your attention and intelligence If you ride a stationary bike and read you will lose ten pounds with this book

    I have read a zillion books by Jeffrey Deaver He is so great This one did not disappoint at ALL He just sucks me in with his plots and characters I cannot wait to get to the end ANDI do not want it to end I look forward to the next one.

    Val Waring
    A deviation from his usual style of writing the focal point of this book is a law firm Totally gripping somewhat in the same mould as Grisham s The Firm this is one of my favourite Deaver books Highly recommended

    Beverly G. Mendenhall
    A twisted endingGood characterization Good plot with several twists and turns The author should use the old fashion word sneaked instead of snuck.even in this day, good English is good english.

    Barbara Schudel
    It was a good read.

    Deaver is one of my very favorite authors and this one was good.

    Becky Moore
    This was an interesting read A lot of twists and turns to keep it interesting If you like Deaveryou ll enjoy this.

    Kristie Kirkpatrick
    Not at all on par with the many other books I ve read by Jeffery Deaver.

    Few twists and turns towards the end but it felt a bit flat in the early and middle parts Overall I enjoyed it though

    Excellent mystery but didn t guess who the killer was until the last chapter.

    I like Jeffery Deaver and I m glad I found him However I have a dislike for lawyers, courtrooms and jury trials He has others out there to my liking.

    Paola Bado
    suspance e colpi di scena

    Helen Pickering
    Mistress of justiceThe second book I have read by Jeffrey Deaver this one took me by surprise didn t see this ending at all good mystery

    Sandra Rossouw
    enjoyed every minute of reading this book As always Jeffery is a master of keeping you tied in to the story.

    Rom n z pr vnick ho prost ed na Wall Street za n jako oby ejn p b h z pr vnick kancel e Ztr ta jedin ho dokumentu otev e dve e do 13 komnaty cel ho pr vnick ho podsv t Mitchell Reece je odhodl n ztracen dokument naj t potichu a hlavn nen padn A tak se do v eho zapojuje Taylor Lockwoodov , pr vn asistentka, kter se st v spojkou mezi d n m v kancel ch a t m, co se d je za dve mi bar Postupn hled ty, kte by m li prosp ch z ne sp chu aloby, potopen m jednoho z nejv t ch klient pr vnick kancel e Jak [...]

    Jerry B
    Well before Jeffery Deaver gained a considerable following with his lengthy Lincoln Rhyme series, popularized by the movie based on the first in that set, The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington as Rhyme , he authored two shorter series of books Rune and John Pellam Location Scout He also penned several standalone novels of suspense, Justice being the first Although the original story was published in 1992, Deaver admits to totally recreating it in this 2002 edition to make it of a thriller W [...]

    The Cats Mother
    Boring, confusing, annoying This is one of his early books, re written a decade or so later supposedly to make it exciting I dread to think what the original is like presumably it s missing the trademark cliff hanger chapter endings where the heroine is left in mortal danger Except she isn t Again.Set in a New York legal firm, this has paralegal and 3rd rate piano player Taylor being asked to investigate the theft of a valuable document from the company s most hard working lawyer, the handsome [...]

    Un Deaver insolito per questo romanzo rivisto 13 anni dopo la prima stesura siamo sempre a New York, ma all interno di un prestigioso studio legale, e il casus belli non un omicidio ma un furto.La lettura non semplice inizialmente i personaggi si susseguono rapidamente, creando confusione con i nomi e richiedendo un attenzione particolare per non perdersi A questo si aggiunge il misterioso mondo della legislazione americana, ben diversa dalla nostra, dove una laureata in musica e scienze politic [...]

    John Toffee
    A stand alone novel by Jeffrey Deaver that I found an easy read that kept me interested all the way through As expected with this author, plenty of twists and turns and red herrings It reminded me a bit of a John Grisham novel with a murder added.The story centres around a large law firm where everyone earns mega bucks The firm is subject to an aggressive take over bid with supporters and non supporters including the major partners of the firm alike It s this with the other key themes of a claim [...]

    This is a rewrite by Jeffery Deaver The book was first released in 1992, but Deaver has never been satisfied with it His publisher finally gave approval for a do over and rerelease I have to say he did a great job this time I read it years ago and remember being unimpressed, disappointed though I don t really remember why.I didn t feel that way at all with this release of the book I enjoyed it, liked the characters, and was blown away by the ending I can usually guess how a book will end especia [...]

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