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  • Title: Guitar: An American Life
  • Author: Tim Brookes
  • ISBN: 9780802117960
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Guitar: An American Life By Tim Brookes What was it about a small, humble folk instrument that allowed it to become an American icon The guitar represents freedom the open road protest and rebellion, the blues, youth, lost love, and sexuality With adoration Tim Brookes explores these ideas and how they became entwined with the history of America Shortly before his fiftieth birthday, baggage handlers destroyWhat was it about a small, humble folk instrument that allowed it to become an American icon The guitar represents freedom the open road protest and rebellion, the blues, youth, lost love, and sexuality With adoration Tim Brookes explores these ideas and how they became entwined with the history of America Shortly before his fiftieth birthday, baggage handlers destroyed his guitar, his twenty two year old traveling companion His wife promised to replace it with the guitar of his dreams, but Tim discovered that a dream guitar is built, not bought He set out to find someone to make him the perfect guitar a quest that ended up a dirt road in the Green Mountains of Vermont where an amiable cur mudgeon master guitar maker, Rick Davis, took a rare piece of cherry wood and went to work with saws, rasps, and files Arriving with conquistadors and the colonists, the guitar found itself in an extraordinary variety of hands those of miners and society ladies lumberjacks and presidents wives, girls and boys courting in canoes and frolicking on picnics, Hawaiians, African Americans Cajuns, Jazz players rehearsing in a men s room in Atlantic City spiritualists singing cowboys of the silver screen bluegrass musicians, and Beatles fans Inventors and crackpots tinkered with it In time it became American s instrument, the rhythm of its soundtrack When Tim wasn t breathing over Rick s shoulder he was trying to unvravel the symbolic associations a guitar bolds for so many of us, musicians and nonmusicians alike His quest took him across the country.talking to historians curators and guitar makers As David Spelman, founder and director of the New York Guitar Festival raved Guitaris a love to the guitar from a guitar loved extradinaire.
    Tim Brookes
    I was born in England to parents who were poor, honest, and loved nothing than going for long walks, preferably in the rain My education consisted of being forced to take written exams every five or six weeks, and eat school lunches of liver and onions until I got to Oxford, where we had written exams every eight weeks and had lunches of pickled onions and Guinness This was quite enough to make me flee the country and seek gainful employment in Vermont, where I have lived for 24 years, writing a great deal, playing the guitar, carving endangered alphabets, and trying to grow good raspberries.

    Guitar: An American Life By Tim Brookes


    Jerry Oliver
    This was a great book for a die hard guitar geek and I am one so it gets five stars from me It is not only a history of the guitar in America and a description of the acoustic guitar making process but an exploration of the personalities and quirks of guitar players themselves I think it is entertaining and well written enough to appeal to various folks that have just a casual interest in the guitar too Good job Tim Brookes.

    Aaron Leventhal
    This book was fun to read, but it did get a bit dull at points Being a history book, I would recommend to people who enjoy history, and guitarists Guitar takes a historical look at guitar, as well as exploring the story of a man building his dream guitar.

    This is an interesting history of the guitar, and instruments that developed into the guitar, in America The books main focus is on the acoustic instruments as the electrics did not come on scene until later years.The book also looks at how the guitar was used throughout the various styles of American music As someone who is looking forward to purchasing my first acoustic guitar I was quite excited when I began reading this book By the end I felt somewhat put off by the author Throughout the boo [...]

    It s nice to know the history of the Guitars if you re familiar with guitars and their history this book might have nothing new to add but it s told in a pleasant way Chronicling the birth of a new a guitar from the hands of a Guitar Maker and this musical portable wooden traveling companion s history was good enough to be excerpted in Vintage Guitar Player.

    Dave Courtney
    If you have ever wondered about the history of the guitar, Brookes Guitar should hit all of the right notes Even if you are not a musician, the song of the narrative helps to bring the instrument to life Myself, I am a drummer, and the language of the guitar has always remained somewhat foreign But what Brookes does here is use a select instrument to explore the power of music as a whole Brookes chooses an interesting narrative approach to his subject, using the gradual construction of a custom [...]

    Half of this book was the history of the guitar, and half was the author s experience of having a custom guitar made by a local builder I enjoyed the history up until the point where I knew a lot of it around early Rock Roll , when it started to sour The author looks steeply down his nose at electric guitars and while he can attribute deep knowledge to classical guitarists, he cannot extend the same courtesy to storied electric guitar players I also tend to prefer history books not to involve pe [...]

    David McLaughlin
    This is a wonderful book for anyone with an interest in music and especially the history of the guitar in music Tim manages to weave this history with the fascinating story of the build of his own guitar Interlacing chapters to create a wonderful landscape of the versatility of what has become a staple musical instrument for so many I really enjoyed the way Time describes his burgeoning relationship with his new guitar from raw materials through each stage of the build His ups and downs and the [...]

    Local author definitely worth a read.

    Christine Cunningham

    Jerry Deruiter
    A engaging and thorough review of the history of the guitar and guitar music The author s wife wants to buy a custom built guitar for her husband s birthday The author takes the reader back and forth between the history of the guitar and the building of his new guitar This book gave me a greater appreciation for the skill it takes to build a guitar and to make music with a guitar.

    A charming social history of the guitar I was less interested in the physical side of the author s guitar being created.

    If you are or ever have been in a committed relationship with a guitar, then you ll probably love this book too.Tim Brookes seamlessly weaves two stories for us a journey of discovery as we follow the hand made construction of a new guitar for him by master guitar maker, Rick Davis and a deep retrospective on the history of the guitar predominantly focused on America, but necessarily reeling in influences from around the world.There are many surprises to discover here unless you are already and [...]

    an astounding book that i never wanted to end and wished i could remember whole pages to be guitar bore down the pub author tim brookes is a guitarist s guitarist and knows what we want to read he has a guitar made for him, a custom concert jumbo by Running Dog s gritty master builder Rick Davis and part of the narrative is the tale of its progress i now know how people drool over cookery books as the jumbo takes form and rick discusses the woods and the methods, i would have to put the book dow [...]

    A very charming bit of fluff I can t imagine anyone who doesn t play the guitar having much interest in the book, but those of us who do play the guitar should certainly enjoy it.The book deals with and interweaves two different subjects First, the author sketches the custom building of a guitar for himself by a highly skilled luthier in Vermont Though interesting, quite frankly Allen St John does a much better job of this in his book Clapton s Guitar Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect I [...]

    Brijesh Kartha
    An interesting book on the acoustic guitar, with two parallel parts interwoven through the narrative One part deals with the creation of a brand new perfect guitar that the author wanted to be made for him The other part deals with the history of the guitar in the context of America and the author s own thoughts and feelings about the instrument This is both the plus and minus point of the book At times there is no connection in the way the parts alternate making one feel that the overall story [...]

    I fun read for anyone learning to play guitar, and is interested in the history of guitar in American music I really liked the way the author weaved his personal experience of having a custom guitar built for him, with chapters on guitar history I also enjoy the authors discussion of the acceptance of the guitar in different genres of music over time Some other reviews complained that the author put down less expensive factory made guitars He does do that And the couple of times that he did that [...]

    Part social history of the guitar in America, part middle aged man s midlife crisis, it s not the sort of book I would ve picked up on my own But one of my friends in a band had a pile of guitar themed books on her floor and said we should do readalongs I said okay, then discovered that this was the only one at my local library So with some skepticism, I read it.It is much interesting than it sounds, although as I am a non serious guitar player, some of it flew right by me However a whole lot o [...]

    First off if you are a guitarist the chances that you will enjoy this book are much better than if you are not This is big time guitar nerd stuff Specifically acoustic guitar, as Tim Brooks consistently refers to electrics in a way that lacks the hero worship with which he refers to acoustics That said even as someone who loves to play acoustic guitar, this book starts to peter out towards the end Tim Brooks is than a little stuck up about what qualifies as good or average playing I ve never he [...]

    This book was well written and very well read This review is of the audiobook I am not so sure how well researched it was, but it certainly contains a lot of great tidbits It answers such questions as Which parts of a guitar can be made out of papier mache and which should not Why are British guitarists likely to be electrocuted by their instruments than Americans From the name of what musical instrument was the word sl derived The answer given, while amusing, doesn t agree with that given by m [...]

    East Bay J
    In the tradition of Clapton s Guitar by Allen St John, Guitar An American Life juxtaposes the building of a guitar in this case by guitar maker, Rick Davis with history, observations, insights and reflections on the instrument With Guitar An American Life, this deft dancing back and forth creates a neat narrative on the development of the guitar through the last century, not just in the United States but worldwide Brookes is adept at offering the right information in the right way, a guitar geek [...]

    I hated this book It was like drinking curdled milk Tim Brookes took a prefectly good subject, the guitar and interjected lame obervations and personal stories to make a lazy and disjointed memior about something he s knows very little about.This reeks of an author desperately trying impress his friends with guitar trivia so he can bring up the fact that he s having an instrument made for him and is getting paid to write a book about it Nobody cares about you Tim Brookes, and no one cares about [...]

    Reading on MP3 audiobook Good so far As others have said this is really a book for guitar enthusiasts He goes back and forth between two narratives, namely the building of his custom built acoustic guitar and the history of the guitar in America I found it interesting throughout, but at times I wished I could be reading it vs listening to it, so I could remember some of the names of the influential early guitarists Lots of trivia and stories about the founders of the blues, rock n roll, bluegras [...]

    John Morgan
    Guitar An American Life is a joy on many levels The main story line is that of Tim getting a wonderful handbuild guitar to replace his beloved but damaged due to the dreaded air line baggage handlers Fylde As he recounts the birth of his new guitar he ties in a panoramic history of the guitar that will delight any guitar lover It s full of great stories and insights Tim Brookes is a gifted writer Him passion for the guitar and well crafted writing is perfectly blended in this literary treat.

    I attended the Champlain writing conference in 13 and I picked up a copy of this book while there I ve never been much of a nonfiction reader, however this book has changed my mind a bit about the genre I thoroughly enjoyed the author s narrative style and the information educated me further about a subject I love music It even got me back into learning guitar and showed the process of creating a guitar and the American guitar throughout history wonderfully I d recommend this to someone who enjo [...]

    Geoff Young
    A history of the instrument and those who play it The tale of one man s quest to acquire a custom built guitar and forge a deeper relationship with the instrument Both, and .The narrative meanders in a good way and Brookes research is spot on The author introduces many forgotten masters and provides detailed endnotes for further discovery.As someone who has played guitar for 30 years, I found this book informative and delightful Well done.

    Mark Lauden
    This book is part biography, part love letter about a musical instrument If you re a guitarist, you ll enjoy this If you play acoustic guitar, you have to read it And if you love music, it will give you a new perspective on how a musical instrument is handed down to us by clever, sometimes eccentric musicians and craftspeople.

    This book is outstanding I have playing guitar off and on for the last 20 years, but only in the last three years have gotten serious about it This book opened my mind to what a guitar is as well the history behind this history making instrument I would recommend it for any fan of guitars or guitar music.

    Roy Dufrain
    I listened to this book on audio Highly entertaining for guitar players or other musicians who happen to be readers It s around 10 years old, so a small amount of info is out of date now as the world of guitars continues to evolve But still a great read listen, full of tidbits on all shapes and styles of guitars and guitar players.

    An interesting description of the history of the guitar in the United States, along with some insights in the journey of a guitar s construction Somewhat baby boomer centric, and over simplifies a couple of small points but all in all I found it informative.

    I really enjoyed this book, as both a history of the instrument in America and as a look at one man s perspective as he watched a guitar of his own take shape.More history than personal reflections, but very enjoyable.

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