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  • Title: The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break
  • Author: Steven Sherrill
  • ISBN: 9780895871978
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break By Steven Sherrill In this debut novel, Steven Sherrill follows the minotaur a mythological creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull through two weeks of his life as a cook at a steakhouse in the contemporary American South Once a devourer of virgins and lads, time and circumstances have diminished his power considerably.Through the Minotaur s experiences, Sherrill spotlIn this debut novel, Steven Sherrill follows the minotaur a mythological creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull through two weeks of his life as a cook at a steakhouse in the contemporary American South Once a devourer of virgins and lads, time and circumstances have diminished his power considerably.Through the Minotaur s experiences, Sherrill spotlights the alienation and loneliness that are part of our society During the two week period we follow the Minotaur, we meet memorable characters along the way from his co workers at the restaurant to his neighbors at the trailer park Sherrill also manages to make mundane doings kitchen work, car repair, personal grooming interesting and even exciting By the end of the novel, the reader is pulling for the Minotaur to find the brief moment of happiness that he has sought for so many centuries.
    Steven Sherrill
    Steven Sherrill has been making trouble with words since 8th grade, when he was suspended from school for two weeks for a story he wrote He dropped out of school in the 10th grade, ricocheted around for years, eventually earning a Welding Diploma from Mitchell Community College, which circuitously to an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers Workshop.Now, Steven is an Associate Professor of English and Integrative Arts at Penn State University, Altoona, where he teaches, paints, and captains the Allegheny Bilge Rats Shanty Choir He has three novels and a book of poems in the world He has written several articles on contemporary artists for Modern Painters and for TATE Magazine He is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship for Fiction in 2002 His first novel, The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, is translated into 8 languages and was recently released as an audio book by Neil Gaiman Productions His second novel, Visits From the Drowned Girl, published by Random House and nominated by them for the Pulitzer Prize , US and Canongate, UK was released in June of 2004 The Locktender s House, novel 3, was released by Random House in Spring 2008 And in November 2010, CW Books released the poetry collection, Ersatz Anatomy Most recently, Louisiana State University Press Yellow Shoe Fiction Series has accepted the novel JOY, PA for publication in the spring of 2015.There are other books in the works, paintings always underway, much musical silliness underway, and seventeen ukuleles in the house, and 750 vintage wooden crutches in his basement.

    The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break By Steven Sherrill


    If we are going to talk about earth bound immortality we re going to do this right Pouty, sassy and preening vampires a few hundred years old chasing teenage girls need not apply Give us the Dactyls, the Potamoi, the Oceanids give us role players, the extras, of ancient mythology and show us the hell of immortality Give us The Minotaur.Author Steven Sherrill taps his inner Ovid to pen a modern day look into the life of a 5,000 year old mythological figure living in rural Florida Sherrill s writi [...]

    Seven pages in, a passage that ostensibly illustrates the bond between M the titular smoking hybrid who s now safely mundane against the backdrop of the modern world and one of his friendlier coworkers actually betrays the lonely core of the Minotaur s five millennia old being Cecie keeps telling him she d like to take him home some night, husband or no The Minotaur waits hopefully Husband or no Believe me It s brutally sad in context Not to be outranked on the Don t You Want to Actively Seek ou [...]

    T.D. Whittle
    Here s my advice and the three word version of my review read this book There are some excellent reviews already on about The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, and I don t have an especially brilliant addition to those What I would say, though, is that the book is worth reading because the writing is sublime It s at turns funny and tragic It engages our empathy in a way that reminds us however uncomfortably that we, too, are instinct driven animals lurking beneath the refined parts of our neoco [...]

    The Minotaur lives in a rundown trailer home Five thousand years after his starring role in Greek mythology The Minotaur yes, that Minotaur the half man half bull from a labyrinth in Crete is working cash in hand as a chef in a greasy Southern US steakhouse where he is known simply as M This is the setup for Steve Sherrill s The Minotaur takes a Cigarette Break, and it is a wonderfully inventive beginning for a thoughtful novel that ranks among my personal favorite reads.This is The Minotaur as [...]

    this is yet another fabulous book that i found out about while browsing through just based on the title alone i had to read it neither my local library or my local bookstore had it what a surprise , i immediately got in my car and drove to a library that is one hour away from where i live, specifically to get this book while i was there i took out 15 other books, but that s another storyis book is 312 pages long and i lay on my couch and read the whole thing in one sitting i didn t get up to eat [...]

    Problems arise when the monster is humanized.Our gentle giant, of half man half bull configuration, lives quietly in a sun burnt, fly swatting trailer park of the American south He s lived everywhere at least once He s watched us all evolve and devolve He fixes cars He carves beef He yearns The story trickles like a stifling summer afternoon From the squeaking vinyl seats in the car, the lack of ventillation in the trailer, the mini golf and strawberry shakes on a balmy evening I just simply lov [...]

    I am the Minotaur.In 1990, when this book is set, I was twelve thirteen years old I was just entering middle school Sitting there amid the wide wooden bleachers where my folks had once sat during high school pep rallies the school downshifted to a middle school the year after my folks graduated , I couldn t help but imagine what it would be like to know these people sitting around me, people I had already traveled with through six previous grades counting kindergarten Around me there was nervous [...]

    This is the second book I ve picked up at Barnes and Noble recently, read the first page and didn t immediately vomit blood Then I came back to the store a second time, read and still did not kill myself I regard this as an overwhemingly ringing endorsement, and shocked myself by actually buying the thing I mean, it has a trendy title and cute cover and everything And it s written in the present tense What the fuck am I doing Goddamit, I will be eating buckets of my own ejaculate blended with a [...]

    Rachel Elizabeth
    Recommended to me by those wizards of random good taste over at Metafilter, this is another book that has scant ratings reviews and which I think everyone should read anyway It s weird and kind of ugly in parts The main character is M, the Minotaur, living in the present day American South in a trailer park, working as a line cook at a steakhouse and falling in love with his co worker Kelly, a new waitress He spends his free time fixing cars and doing odd jobs for the owner of the park complex A [...]

    This fourteen year old book was discovered by Neil Gaiman, and thanks to his project of putting underread books on Audible, it has become available to a wider audience, which is how I came across it.A minotaur not just a minotaur, but The Minotaur is now working as a line cook at a steakhouse in the South What is this nonsense Is it some deeply metaphorical new take on the Theseus myth Ovid by way of Faulkner Is it Southern magical realism Is it literary bizarro fiction Maybe it s a little of al [...]

    The Minotaur has some trouble seeing at certain angles because of his very broad nose, is always catching his horns on things, and communicates mostly in grunts But he manages to hold down a job as a cook at a popular neighborhood steakhouse in North Carolina and gets along well with his co workers most of them anyway In his spare time, he works on old cars at the trailer park where he lives Steve Sherrill has created a sweet relatable monster, alien and alienated, out of place and out of time, [...]

    Jan Rice
    I guess I read this in the early aughts the paperback edition came out in 2002 I had lent it, which I then proceeded to forget, which meant I spent some time looking for it when some friends were discussing on Then it was returned Although I have no real urge to reread it, I have had to keep it a year or two since getting it back Yesterday, finally, out it went to the Little Free Library.I still have some memories of it, which is a plus, but don t remember its being revelatory, galvanizing or, r [...]

    Edited to repair a glaring omission This turned out to be the longest review I ve written and for a 4 star book Let me state that td has written the penultimate review of this fine book and I won t dare to compete with her depth of comprehension her review was the whole reason I even purchased the book So, I thought I d take a slightly different tack in this and try to understand who and what the Minotaur is he does have a name, by the way However, let me preface my own meanderings here with a c [...]

    Please note This review was written in 2007, so please don t judge by my current format.Disclosure I picked this up on a whim with a gift certificate I had I owe no one anything, but like to provide an honest review.My Synopsis This was a most intriguing book I would go so far as to say it could easily become a classic of modern surreal literature The Minotaur survives to this day, where he is a cook in a restaurant somewhere in North Carolina Other immortals live and work among the mortals, suc [...]

    One sleepless night almost a year ago, I decided a comic novel would be just the medicine I needed Something light and funny, I thought, would take my mind off the end of winter blahs and put me in a better frame of mind Steven Sherrill s The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break seemed the perfect thing, but was I ever in for a huge surprise.I expected The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break to be sort of a campy comedic book, a romp, something to make me laugh, and it does have its laugh out loud mome [...]

    Amanda Lyons
    M is the minotaur of legend 5000 years down the road and largely diminished from the mythical being he was before this all began Now he lives in a trailer park meting out a less than involved existence as a cook in a local rib restaurant and struggling to socialize on even the smallest scale It is this inability to cope with the modern world and it s social s that often comes to frustrate and confuse him I wanted to find out this was a great book It certainly had a charmingly eccentric title and [...]

    I had rather high expectations for this book, as I liked what I read on the cover and was curious about the daily life of the Minotaur Unfortunately I was disappointed, and gave up after roughly 100 pages The characters just aren t that interesting, and while you feel sorry for the Minotaur I didn t find the story engaging Rather, I found myself somewhat annoyed by all the complications the Minotaur got himself into hasn t he learned anything in 5000 years

    Millennium have passed since the Minotaur devoured maidens and youths in the labyrinth prison built for him by Daedalus Half man, half bull, the Minotaur is not just a freak of nature, he s immortal And so he wanders the earth, putting distance between himself and the blood lust of his past The Minotaur is a nomad in the largest sense of the word He finds it necessary, given the transient nature of everything around him, to relocate on occasion He does not move with the seasons Nor does he follo [...]

    John Wiswell
    In a very rough emotional patch of my year, this novel calmed me down You can t underrate such a gift from fiction The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break is at first a Magical Realist tale of the Minotaur living as a short order cook in a trailer park, a mythical being seamlessly blending in with rednecks He s got a crush on Kelly, a co worker, and struggles to fit in with his hornier and rambunctious neighbors The immediate grip is figuring out how this world works why a Southern dead end town w [...]

    If I could, I d give it 2.5 stars I liked the author s style and his characterization of The Minotaur he felt both painfully human while still retaining the kind of base bestial quality that you would associate with the mythological figure This book also does a great job of portraying loneliness and stagnation, which makes it a very emotional read, and some of the lines will stay with you for a while But there was something about it that just didn t quite make it there for me Women were a little [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"
    This certainly qualifies as one of the stranger books I ve read I m not even sure in which genre to place it But you can t help but like the poor Minotaur and his attempts to fit in and assuage his eternal loneliness In the original myth, the Minotaur was slain by Theseus In this book, he somehow escaped Theseus and the labyrinth, and has been kicking around for 5,000 years now He has a lousy memory, so he hasn t gained as much wisdom from all those years as you d think However, his own struggle [...]

    Life can be lonely and difficult for everyone at times, just think if you couldn t see what was right in front of you, if people thought you were a freak, and you ran into the same dead endsbut for eternity The title got me to look at this book.I m so glad

    I listened to this book via Audible It is part of a series of books presented by Neil Gaiman on Audible Gaiman is one of my very favorite contemporary authors, so I was curious to look into one of the books he has produced The audio production is first rate as the reader is excellent and extremely well suited to the novel I enjoyed the experience of listening to this very, very much How many readers have the facility to render bull grunts into believable language Yes, the main character is indee [...]

    The Minotaur, a mythical and immortal being once powerful and feared by many is subdued by his thousands of years of earthly existence and relegates himself to the position of a restaurant cook Here he can concentrate on being human, forget his past and find his place in an ever evolving world where people can just about tolerate outsiders.Initially I was wondering where the story was going There isn t a clearly defined plot But instead the detail is in the Minotaur s everyday routines preparin [...]

    Jeremy Maddux
    Liked where things were going up until the confrontation in the final chapter at Lucky U Mobile Estates It was a bit too late for the book to suddenly discover a plot It would have been better served to begin with a digestible narrative or to end with the same slice of life meandering that was found throughout every other chapter It s like two books one without a final chapter and another with only one chapter but no beginning or middle.I don t like how anticlimactic things ended for M, either [...]

    Jenny (Reading Envy)
    M, who is an immortal Minotaur, possibly THE immortal Minotaur, struggles to live around mortals He has left his flesh eating days behind him, has learned to sew to modify his clothing, and is a masterful car mechanic While he works on the line of a roadside restaurant, he tries his best to fit in to the social world.One whole star is because the author nails the restaurant social world exactly I m just surprised M keeps putting himself on such confined places.

    This is a unique book filled with humanity, in its despair, content and small pleasures M , the Minotaur lives in a trailer park and works as a short order cook, living his small life but knowing it s soon to change My love of this book is M s constant reminder that he is neither fully human or fully a bull, and how the filtering of his experiences through his strange soul affects his everyday life, in comic and pitiful ways.Updated to five stars because I think about this story so much.

    Kumar Ayush
    I do not think of myself as a person to be so easily swayed by words But there were moments in the book, which left me angry, aroused, agitated, empty, sympathetic all just by the power of factual description of the scene.You can smell and feel the scenes this book is a simple and sweet story powered by nuclear factual descriptions.Recommended for everyone.

    essentially, a book featuring a main character who can t speak, so you get a lot of tell not show, and dealing with other people s response to this That sounds silly, but actually it s not mainly about someone who s radically different nor about magical realism, as you may think This lifts it sentence 1 not 2 above the average good novel to make it something interesting Really a 3.5 I would definitely explore what else this author wrote, which isn t my normal response because i have so many i w [...]

    Aurora Lector (reading in twilight)
    The Minotaur, long the feared antagonist of Greek Legend, has moved on in life Though he is mostly forgot by humans, he lives on, and he finds work where he can On this particular cigarette break, Steven Sherrill finds the Minotaur, known to his friends and acquaintances as M, sitting outside Grub s Restaurant where he is working as a short order cook and is doing alright for himself.The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break is a slice of life work, sharing with us some two weeks of the Minotaur s li [...]

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