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  • Title: Sister Anne's Hands
  • Author: Marybeth Lorbiecki Wendy Popp
  • ISBN: 9780140565348
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

  • Sister Anne's Hands By Marybeth Lorbiecki Wendy Popp It s the early 1960s, and Anna has never seen a person with dark skin before At first she is afraid of her new second grade teacher, but she quickly discovers how wonderful Sister Anne is Then one of Anna s classmates directs a racist remark toward Sister Anne The teacher s wise way of turning the incident into a powerful learning experience has a profound impact on AnnIt s the early 1960s, and Anna has never seen a person with dark skin before At first she is afraid of her new second grade teacher, but she quickly discovers how wonderful Sister Anne is Then one of Anna s classmates directs a racist remark toward Sister Anne The teacher s wise way of turning the incident into a powerful learning experience has a profound impact on Anna.
    Marybeth Lorbiecki Wendy Popp
    Marybeth Lorbiecki Wendy Popp Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sister Anne's Hands book, this is one of the most wanted Marybeth Lorbiecki Wendy Popp author readers around the world.

    Sister Anne's Hands By Marybeth Lorbiecki Wendy Popp


    Elizabeth Sciarra
    I thought this was a very good book that explained to children the time of racism in a very good way This is because it was not to drastic, but it got the point across as well Another reason why I thought it was a good book it because it explained Anna s first encounter with someone who was of a different race than her and showed the way that I think a young girl such as herself would have reacted Another part of the book that I thought was very beneficial after reading and finishing it was how [...]

    Jillian Menendez
    Such a great book I think it is important for all kids to understand the issue with racism I believe although it has gotten better over the years it is still present in today s society This is a great book that will show students a side of racism that will open their eyes It is a great story with a meaningful lesson, I think it will stand out to kids and show them how we are all a like I would read this to a class of primary grade children who would be able to understand it like second graders a [...]

    This book has an amazing story message behind it This book is about a little girl named Anna who is seven years old during the 1960 s who has never seen an African American or darked skinned person before Her first day of second grade changed that for her She attended her first day of school wondering what color her teacher would be due to the fact that her parents were talking about of women of color She enters the classroom to see Sister Anne, a women who was very dark in color Anna soon reali [...]

    Lauren Edgar
    This book is beautifully illustrated and the message and poetic wording is magnificent I think it is important to read books to children that show differences are alright In this book it does not just show the acceptance of people from different cultures and with different color skin but it also teaches the lesson that no matter how someone is different from you they are still like you I really like the part of the book where Sister Anne reflected on the paper airplane that had the hateful words [...]

    Kylie Walter
    Sister Anne s Hands was a great book for children It really showed how people can be cruel when they don t understand or they can t relate to the other person The story is about a white girl named Anna who is in second grade and being taught by Sister Anne who happens to be African American After an issue with some of the students that related to racism towards Sister Anne, Sister Anne taught her students what racism really is and how serios of an issue it it She shows them pictures of people wh [...]

    Brittany Young
    The first think I noticed when I picked up this book was the delicacy and realistic qualities of the images The two people on the cover look like a portrait of real people than it looks like an illustration for a picture book On the cover and inside the book, the images look like they were created with oil pastels or light color pencils The images have a cloudy or foggy feel to them I liked that inside on the cover page and on the back last page spread the illustrator drew in a chalk board It w [...]

    Emily Scott
    This story was about Sister Anne and Anna Zabrocky Sister Anne was an African American nun that was assigned to teach second grade class during the 1960 s Anna Zabrocky is a student in Sister Anne s class she admired the teacher because she was soft spoken and made learning enjoyable Also she has never had an African American teacher, so she was exited to be in Sister Anne s class One day in the classroom, a student had thrown a paper airplane with racist wordings on it The writings states, Rose [...]

    I think this is a good book to read to little kids When the children are at such a young age, they sometimes don t fully understand issues such as race and I feel this book is a very good book to be an ice breaker It isn t preaching to them, it is just showing that racism once was a major issue in our society Sister Anne taught the children that just because they have different colored hands, doesn t make them that different She showed the pictures from the civil war to help emphasize her point [...]

    Sarah Murray
    This was such a great book to read I think it would be most appropriate for a fourth or fifth grade class as they start learning about black history as well as civil rights This book had a very nice and soft approach to the topic of racism The use of a young girl with a colored nun was a great way to show readers a soft side and not a scary side to people who may be different.I think some activities that could be done with this story would be some civil rights projects At forth and fifth grade, [...]

    Nicole Thompson
    This was a great book to introduce young students to racism The concepts and words were simple enough for them to really understand what was going on This book is about a young girl names Anna, growing up in the 1960 s, who encounters her first acts of racism when an African American woman comes to teach at her school At first Anna is frightened by her because she has never seen someone with dark skin, but then really grows to like Sister Anne because she is kind and caring and really cares abou [...]

    Christina Bergstrom
    I thought that this was a very well done children s picture book regarding racial discrimination The text was tasteful yet purposeful and powerful The illustrations were soft and beautiful You could see the beauty from within There were a couple of times where I got choked up while reading this I especially liked the drawing that Anna does at the end of the book As a teacher, I could see myself using this as a way to elaborate on the topic of discrimination I feel that it could be done in conjun [...]

    Nallely Ibarra
    I did enjoy reading this book I like the way the author introduced the subject and the flow of it during the book I don t know how well history is being taught at elementary schools any, but if by any chance, kids are not learning much about it, this is a good book for the kids to learn I like that this book disapproves racism but and lets you know that we are all equal and that no one is better than others I would read this book a loud to my students on the week of Matin Luther King Jr day Even [...]

    Ryan Gray
    I found Sister Anne s hands to be a great children s book The story takes place in a small town in the 1960 s when racism is very prevalent The main character is a young girl by the name of Anna Anna is seven years old and has never seen an African American before However when she arrives at school for her first day of second grade class she comes to find that her teacher is not like any that she had ever had before Her teacher is a very dark skinned women by the name of Sister Anne Although a f [...]

    Chrissy Muller
    This book was such a good inspiration to a lot of teachers who are discriminated against, or have issues connecting with their students I thought that this was a great book, and Sister Anne was such a role model I did not like her aggressive approach to teaching about colored people though Maybe that was accepted in the 1960 s in Catholic schools, but posting pictures of dead people would absolutely not be appropriate now a days I like how the book title was so connected with the end of the stor [...]

    This story is about a little girl Anna, who is seven years old She has never seen an African American before until her first day of second grade Her teacher Sister Anne is an African American woman Anna loved her teacher and thought that she made teaching enjoyable One day during class a student throws a paper airplane with a racist comment on it Many of the students found this funny but Anna did not The next day in class Sister Anne taught the students a little bit about racism She taught them [...]

    Sister Annes Hands tells the story of a child who s teacher is African American in the 1960s Her parents are concerned about her color which confuses Anna who thinks her teachers going to be pink or green When she finally meets Sister Anne she realizes her teacher is black Some of the other students write a mean note about the teacher so she decides to show her students the injustices done to African Americans by whites The students start to put themselves in her shoes and realize that they were [...]

    Anna Rothenhoefer
    Sister Anne s Hands discusses the issues of racism I enjoyed how Anna looked past the differences between herself and Sister Anne and loved her just the same I think this story provides a good example of how children can look past differences to see that they are not so different from each other I would suggest this story be read to students in elementary school I think it could serve as a lesson regarding racism, or if directed to a younger age, a lesson about being different I enjoyed the illu [...]

    Analissa Cox
    This book could play a big role in society because it exposes the truth to children about the racism in the real world Even today this is still a problem, and this story reteaches the delicate lesson once again, that people are people no matter their race, religion, size or any other differences we preserve as different I would recommend reading this book in the subjects of civil rights, and introduce the children to problems like this to better ready them in the class When Anne exposed the chil [...]

    I absolutely loved this book I can definitely see myself reading this to my class I think this book is a great book to introduce when your class begins learning about racism diversity This book i believe sends the message that racism is taught at a young age No one just automatically hates another I think it also shows the lesson that people hate anything or anyone that is different I loved how sister anne took some time to think about how she should react to the note Most people would just reac [...]

    Juliana Duarte
    Sister Anne s Hands by Marybeth Lorbiecki was a very enjoyable book for me It was a story that dealt with racism to kids In this book Anna is a young girl who has never met someone with dark skin until her teacher, Sister Anne Since Anna has never met someone with dark skin she doesn t know what to think about her but realizes that she is just like everyone else and a great teacher Not all of the students accept Sister Anne like Anna does though This is a great book to read to your future studen [...]

    Luz Herrera
    I think this is a great book for kids in the fourth and fifth grade It displays some older content so i feeel like older kids would have a mature conversation, as with little kids they would just say whatever is on their mind and it might offend someone But with this book i would have a good lesson played out I would probably do it around martin luther king day and just give the kids the full tour of the civil rights movements and just what african americans had to go through back in the day Al [...]

    I really enjoyed reading this book, and thought it was a very influential story I liked that fact that it was based on a teacher, really reaching out to kids and giving them life changing experiences You can learn a lot reading stories like these, and can always push you do to do better,especially being a teacher, yourself I think all kids would be inspired by this book, and really get their imaginations flowing It s a great way to teach them that they should be grateful for what they have in th [...]

    Sarah-Rae Bugayong
    I loved this book It did a great job about demonstrating the civil rights movement I liked how Sister Anne presented herself as a teacher and nothing She was there to teach the children and not to corrupt them This book is a great way to teach kids that blacks and whites were not always equal, that there was a struggle The illustrations were perfect They were so realistic that a child would know that this story is based on realistic events Overall, this is a great book, with a good lesson insid [...]

    Nicolas Robles
    This book would probably be appropriate for younger students in maybe 2nd and even 3rd grade It talks about how this little girl is able to look past her differences with Sister Anne so she can appreciate who the lady for who she really is It is good because it teaches kids to not let that build a barrier between you and someone else because you could miss out on a great friendship This would be a good book to read in class and have discussion about, just be careful not to put your own views too [...]

    Shinji Nishida
    This is very touching story I was really impressed when I see Anna s work, her present for Anne This story tells us communicating with other color s people is really important rather than education in classroom The picture she drew was brought about through her real experience with Sister Anne I believe stereotype or prejudice will disappear through knowing specific person by communicating This book is being wrapped with very soft atmosphere because of illustrations Mist is hanging over through [...]

    Katelynn Callahan
    A little girl attends school where a African American nun begins teaching in the face of much prejudice because of her race At first the little girl is scared cause the Sister s hands look so different In the end she accepts the Sister for who she is and draws a picture of hands of all colors This is a great story that teaches students diversity Everyone is different but everyone is special It has a great moral that everyone can appreciate The images of this book are heartwarming and very realis [...]

    Emily Blahak
    This book is about an African American nun who came to teach a classroom of white children When one of them wrote something hurtful on a paper airplane, Sister Anne took the next day to explain what colored people had gone through to become equal The little girl, Anne, accepted her and soon realized that there was no reason to be scared of people who were not the same as her This would be a good story to read to students who are starting to learn about racism, and show them it is not right and e [...]

    Matthew Salazar
    When I read this book at first I felt very bad for sister Anne, I was appauled at what the note said in the paper airplane a student threw at her i think they way sister Anne introduced the kids to racism was a little bit harsh but i think it was something that needed to be dont to teach the kids how it feels to be discriminated against This book may be a little harsh but i think it could be used by teachers to help demonstrate racism, discrimination, and bullying.

    Jordan Laskoski
    I really enjoyed reading this book It has an amazing message behind it, don t judge a book by it s cover This a great book for children because it explains racism very well at that time One of the first things i noticed about this book was the quality and amazing pictures It also had a very small amount of text on each page which would be perfect for a young reader to understand LOVED this book, definitely a great read

    Brian Phillips
    This is a new book to me but and when we were first assigned it, I wasn t all that intrigued by the cover however after reading it I am completely in love with it I think that it is an excellent example to teach children about racism in a way that will really hit home with them This is a book that I believe should be mandatory for all elementary school children I think that this book could really help in combating the bullying thats going on in society today.

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