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  • Title: The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier & the Yukon Gold Rush
  • Author: Howard Blum
  • ISBN: 9780307461728
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier & the Yukon Gold Rush By Howard Blum New York Times bestselling author Howard Blum expertly weaves together three narratives to tell the true story of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush.It is the last decade of the 19th century The Wild West has been tamed and its fierce, independent and often violent larger than life figures gun toting wanderers, trappers, prospectors, Indian fighters, cowboys, and lawmen are noNew York Times bestselling author Howard Blum expertly weaves together three narratives to tell the true story of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush.It is the last decade of the 19th century The Wild West has been tamed and its fierce, independent and often violent larger than life figures gun toting wanderers, trappers, prospectors, Indian fighters, cowboys, and lawmen are now victims of their own success But then gold is discovered in Alaska and the adjacent Canadian Klondike and a new frontier suddenly looms an immense unexplored territory filled with frozen waterways, dark spruce forests, and towering mountains capped by glistening layers of snow and ice.In a true life tale that rivets from the first page, we meet Charlie Siringo, a top hand sharp shooting cowboy who becomes one of the Pinkerton Detective Agency s shrewdest George Carmack, a California born American Marine who s adopted by an Indian tribe, raises a family with a Taglish squaw, and makes the discovery that starts off the Yukon Gold Rush and Jefferson Soapy Smith, a sly and inventive conman who rules a vast criminal empire As we follow this trio s lives, we re led inexorably into a perplexing mystery a fortune in gold bars has somehow been stolen from the fortress like Treadwell Mine in Juneau, Alaska Charlie Siringo discovers that to run the thieves to ground, he must embark on a rugged cross territory odyssey that will lead him across frigid waters and through a frozen wilderness to face down Soapy Smith and his gang of 300 cutthroats Hanging in the balance George Carmack s fortune in gold.At once a compelling true life mystery and an unforgettable portrait of a time in America s history, The Floor of Heaven is also an exhilarating tribute to the courage and undaunted spirit of the men and women who helped shape America.
    Howard Blum
    Howard Blum is the author of New York Times bestsellers including Dark Invasion, the Edgar Award winner American Lightning, as well as Wanted , The Gold Exodus, Gangland, and The Floor of Heaven Blum is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair While at the New York Times, he was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting He is the father of three children, and lives in Connecticut Get in touch Website HowardBlumEmail Howard HowardBlumFacebook Like Howard Blum on FacebookTwitter HowardBlum and FloorOfHeaven

    The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier & the Yukon Gold Rush By Howard Blum


    This books reads as fiction, but is classified as non fiction The aim of the author is to provide both solid facts and exciting adventure tales relating to gold prospectors stampede to the Klondike in the Yukon Territory in Canada 1897 1899 George Washington Carmack 1860 1922 started the stampede with his discovery of gold there in August of 1896 on Bonanza Creek He set his claim, the news spread around the world The lust to become rich sparked glittering dreams and the race began This book zero [...]

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    You d think you were reading fiction This story is that good And the truth is that Floor of Heaven is a little bit fiction Even Blum, in his final Note on Sources, acknowledges this.Just a bit fiction, though This book contains just enough fictional elements to shape the three intermingling true stories into a great book But the heart of the story is solidly nonfiction.It is a great book It s the story of the beginnings of Alaska, the story of three characters so quirky and real that you can t h [...]

    Brad Hopkins
    Some went to escape Some went to start over Some went for adventure All were drawn by gold.The Floor of Heaven is the amazing story of the Yukon Gold Rush, told through the lives of three men who despite their diverse backgrounds, found themselves in a showdown with a quarter million dollars worth of gold hanging in the balance.Author Howard Blum does a magnificent job tracing the lives of Jeff Soapy Smith con man one minute, benefactor the next , Charlie Siringo a cow puncher from Texas who bec [...]

    Howard Blum brings up two interesting facts which are integral to this book One, the Yukon gold rush came as a final hurrah for the displaced heroes of the Wild West And two, it occurred while the United States was in the grip of a devastating economic depression.The first of these facts is obvious to the casual reader The stories of Jack London and other writers of the period grant us some familiarity with those who braved arduous conditions in hope of finding fortune in the frozen north This [...]

    Kiwi Begs2Differ✎
    Alaska is the last West Bloom has chosen three interesting characters a legendary crook, a cowboy turned detective and a gold prospector gone native to spin the hugely entertaining even if embellished portrait of Alaska s wilderness at the end of the nineteen century.A word of warning the blurb goes overboard IMO and reveals too much of their stories, it could be a spoiler for the reader Charlie Siringo, the detective, was my favourite character, what a fascinating life George Washington Carmack [...]

    I m not rating or finishing this, but I d like to mention a few things that made me call it quits on this book.The straw that broke the camel s back Em That s right, em When the gang rode the forty miles into Fort Laramie for a ranch dance, Charlie told em his bum leg ruled out any possibility of his dragging a gal around the floor That was, to be clear, one of the many times that the author s attempted folksiness rubbed me the wrong way It was the repeated use of em that really got to me, thoug [...]

    Adam Christian Smith
    The characters are so dear whether the law, criminal, gold diggers, outdoorsmen I didn t want the book to end.

    Jeffery Moulton
    Why don t we write or hear stories about the Yukon Gold Rush any I seem to recall a time that they were very popular In high school, I was especially fond of pretty much anything by Jack London and loved the movie adaptation of White Fang To this day, I am still fond of the John Wayne flick North to Alaska The setting just seems so rife with story possibilities both fiction and nonfiction But you really don t see much about it these days.For that matter, why doesn t the Pinkerton Detective Agenc [...]

    Nisie draws
    it was slow reading and I dislike that I sympathized with jerky people throughout it Also most of it felt like tall tales made of what these men wanted to believe about themselves rather than actual events.

    HIGH ADVENTURE A VERY ENTERTAINING READ.Set at the end of the nineteenth century, when the wild, wild west was getting tamer, and the untamed far north was becoming wilder, The Floor of Heaven A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush , by Howard Blum, tells the larger than life stories of the some of the cowpokes and conmen who straddled those two worlds It is the story of three unforgettable men of legend and adventure Charlie Siringo, George Carmack and Soapy Smith any one of w [...]

    Nathan Williams
    This book is highly entertaining and will leave you wanting to learn about the sunset era of the great American West As others have written, I did find that it reads like a novel If you re used to fiction, then perhaps the plot won t move as fast as you re used to However, if you have an appreciation for history and enjoy great writing, then you will find all kinds of adventure here.It reminds me a bit of another fun historical adventure The Devil in the White City Imagine a mashup of that book [...]

    I won this book as a giveawayWhat a treat for the first giveaway Blum says his goal when writing The Floor of Heaven was to tell a story I want to let everyone know he has definitely accomplished his goal with this book Blum takes you deep into the world inhabited and trials faced by his three main characters The intertwining stories are so enthralling, at times you forget they are true From start to finish the book reads like a freight trainOnce you get started stopping is not an easy task I re [...]

    A true tale of the Old West Maybe Darn right good tale Definately I never knew so much commotion ensued.

    Jeff Mauch
    The Western US and Alaskan Territory of the late 1800 s was wild and rough It was a place for people to find their fortunes, escape their pasts and above all, find gold or find a way to make their fortune in other ways this book tells the tales of three men from both sides of the law based on their letters and memoirs The gold rushes in California and Alaska are incredible historical points in US and world history It amazing that men dropped everything, traveled thousands of miles to desolate pl [...]

    What a great book This was my first exposure to the Klondike gold rush I never knew the extent of it This book weaves together the story of three classic western figures The outlaw, the upstanding cowboy, and the prospector Although their connections seem unclear at points in the book, never fear it all makes sense in due time At points this book was very suspenseful and fun Somewhere in Act two several of the story lines reach a peak However, it is a false summit and the story builds again Afte [...]

    Nelson Minar
    A solid fun tale of Yukon adventure The structure is slightly odd the author follows three different men of very different temperament on different paths But in the intersection it paints a broader story of Western and Yukon life, and it works The author has a very deft hand with telling a gripping tale as he notes, a highwire act since he s also trying to tell a true historical story Which I assume he mostly succeeds in doing, even if his addition of extra color detail is a bit eyebrow raising [...]

    The stories were so fantastic, but I would have preferred to read them in novel form I think The non fiction felt like it limited the experience of reading about these characters This would make a great movie.

    Another nonfiction book that read like a fast paced fiction work Having just been to Alaska and the Klondike, it was fascinating to read this riveting tale.

    Jennifer Greenberg
    Stared off a little slow, but once it got going I couldn t put it down.

    It kept me on board the whole time The characters are out of a movie western, If this is your genre, you ll LOVE it.

    Loren Shultz
    Fascinating history that read like an adventure mystery novel.

    Great read Perfectly structured by weaving together 3 storylines The stories of each of the characters has a nice arc Will need to check out his other books pronto.

    I didn t know much about the Yukon gold rush of the 1890s, now I do.

    Carolyn Rose
    Interesting overview of the lives and times of three men involved in the Yukon gold rush.

    30 % into this book and the 3 main characters have not even reached Alaska yet The 3 characters have been interesting so far BUT If you want to know just about the Yukon this might not be for you.

    Das vid really enjoyed this one.

    Three frontier archetypes circle warily in this account, which culminates in a show down between lawbreakers and vigilantes in the streets of Skagway, Alaska, at the height of the Yukon gold rush There is the lawman, the law breaking cut throat, and the gold miner who struck it rich and whose lives entangle and intersect at odd intervals, first in the wild west of the 1870s and 1880s, and then in the gold fields, mines, and ramshackle mining towns of Alaska All three were real, and left fairly w [...]

    Nicola Mansfield
    Reason for Reading I ve never consciously thought about this before but I do seem to have a penchant for reading about the Klondike Yukon gold rush I m even reading aloud a fiction book to my son on the topic at this moment This was a must read for me.This is a true story told in narrative form which really reads like a novel and thus a quick page turner The book focuses in on three people George Carmack, AWOL Marine who ignites the biggest gold rush the world has seen Soapy Smith, conman, bambo [...]

    I try not to overuse the 5 star rating, and in this case I know I have not This is an account of the Yukon gold rush, told through the adventures of three real men The book begins when they are still 18 or so, and weaves their individual stories forward through the years The author did a fantastic job of researching and bringing these three characters to vivid life on the page Once again, as in Wild Swans I was able to enjoy a story and learn some history while I was doing it Bob read it as well [...]

    Dominick Lemas
    The American west has been won, the world economy is slipping into turmoil, and in the late 1890 s a man s word was as good as gold Howard Blum s The Floor of Heaven recants the Klondike Gold Rush through the eyes of three influential men George W Carmack, Charlie Siringo, and Jeff Soapy Smith George W Carmack is the stern California born prospector credited with discovering gold in the remote Yukon river valley August 16, 1896 and, along with his partners Jim Mason and Dawson Charlie, sets off [...]

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