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  • Title: Tribes
  • Author: Nina Raine
  • ISBN: 9781848421219
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback

  • Tribes By Nina Raine In Tribes, Billy, who is deaf, is the only one who actually listens in his idiosyncratic, fiercely argumentative bohemian family But when he meets Sylvia, who is going deaf, he decides he finally wants to be heard With excoriating dialogue and sharp, compassionate insights, Nina Raine crafts a penetrating play about belonging, family and the limitations of communication.In Tribes, Billy, who is deaf, is the only one who actually listens in his idiosyncratic, fiercely argumentative bohemian family But when he meets Sylvia, who is going deaf, he decides he finally wants to be heard With excoriating dialogue and sharp, compassionate insights, Nina Raine crafts a penetrating play about belonging, family and the limitations of communication.Nominated for both the Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best Play, Tribes premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2011 Under the direction of David Cromer, the comic drama is currently receiving its North American premiere in New York City at Barrow Street Theatre through June 3, 2012.
    Nina Raine
    Nina Raine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tribes book, this is one of the most wanted Nina Raine author readers around the world.

    Tribes By Nina Raine


    A lot s inevitably lost in the reading plays are, after all, supposed to be performed but this was still a wonderful read.

    Rachelle Urist
    A fine play about a hearing family with a deaf son whom they don t hear He is raised as though he s not deaf He speaks He reads lips But he is alienated from everyone, and he alone in the family is emotionally attuned to others When he meets his soulmate, Sylvia, a woman who was not born deaf, he discovered the world of signing, the deaf community, a whole community of people like himself As he discovers who he is, he recognizes the distinct flaws of each of his family members There is a narciss [...]

    The second half feels rushed to accommodate its happy ending There were a lot of interesting questions and ideas raised, but the philosophy and intrigue of looking in on the deaf world and its parallels to the hearing world were not enough to keep this plot in tact, let alone to give it the momentum every good play should have The family was pretty detestable, in my opinion, and as there was little else to this play, I wasn t in love It seemed like a good rough sketch that needed a bit polishin [...]

    My review will be on my blog in Arabic , I might write an English review but to be honest I can t promise that BTW, I watched the play LIVE in Sheffield on the 22nd of July 2017, sheffieldtheatres w4 months later I finished the book original script Through the whole period whilst reading I had all the players in my mind, their voices, gestures, faces and even silence I LIVED with this play It s one of those unique experiences that you don t undergo everyday

    A hilarious play about a self absorbed family of narcissists who are coming to grips with the youngest sibling, Billy and his budding relationship with Sylvia, a woman going deaf Billy is born deaf Sylvia is becoming deaf It s an exploration of what happens when disability takes over, and makes one unable to communicate the sadness, its frustrations, and how being silenced leads to feeling like one doesn t matter.

    Profound play about language, oppression, belonging, and family I identify as Deaf and even though the play is essentially appropriative of my culture, Raine tells the truth Its a play for hearing people written by a hearing person and it doesn t pretend to be than that That said, she did her homework on Deaf culture Bravo I hope to direct this play at my church.

    Madison Merkel
    What an incredibly beautiful and poignant story to summarize what it means to be apart of a community and to find one s identity This piece truly touched me, and I would love to see it staged.

    A little meat in its construction, at least in terms of the pingponging careers of its characters, but who cares in a play this incisive and crushing Funny and agonizing.

    What kinds of requirements are necessary for tribal membership A basic understanding of tribes is that they are social organizations based on the idea of kinship With her play Tribes, Nina Raine introduces the defining features or issues of identity politics as a replacement for kinship Families are no longer enough, it seems, for some to serve as the basis for their identities Instead, other features like deafness or sexuality, gender identity, fat identity, or religious affiliation, to name bu [...]

    Viv Ster
    So much packed into something so compact truly plurality An ememplar of the philosophical and the personal tied with crude, ironic, sardonic, slapstick humor Characters that resonate and live on.Will need to reread

    I think I d prefer to give this 3.5 stars but having a hard time doing that.Dialogue is great Characters seem fully fleshed out SPOILERSMy biggest problem with the play is the believablity of some of the events and the overdone foreshadowing.For example, Billy s job seems a bit far fetch then you realize that he gets fired because he was faking it It happens quickly in the course of events and the job, his being able to fake it so easily and it was a high stakes job just didn t ring true, maybe [...]

    I m not sure how I feel about this I mean, I was invested in it, I got hooked into the plot from the jump, but Now I m just really conflicted and a little ticked off view spoiler Like literally, this started out really uncomfortable, like just an generally not so great family situation that quickly turned abusive I was hoping that Billy would gain the self worth to realize he deserved better than he was getting from them and I thought YAY when he finally stood up to his family, but that about fa [...]

    A smart at times obscurely clever but emotional play about a family with cultural difficulties revolving around communication The play is a weird for experience for me, both in print and onstage As a hard of hearing woman, most of Billy s isolation isn t a news flash to me The value lies in his girlfriend s experience of going deaf the play s heart resides in her, as it should, given that she is the bridge between both worlds One might think this play, and its reconciling ending, would offer co [...]

    Moushumi Ghosh
    Rating a book is the wrong way to go about this play I should have seen the performance This is a brilliant play The core of the book is the idea of hearing and being heard and its myriad connotations in a family that has a deaf child There are so many layers here I cannot even begin to unravel I think I had an advantage in reading this play I could stop to admire the layers On stage, it would have just rushed me by I haven t read too much drama since college and now I am tempted to change that. [...]

    Bobby Sullivan
    This one s a tough one to rate I had a hard time getting into the play in the first few scenes in Act 1, but it got better and better with every turn of the page When it finally dawned on me that the overall theme is communication, all the pieces started to fit together The profanity in Act 1 seemed gratuitous to me, but now I wonder if it would seem organic to me if I did a re read from the beginning.

    Tribes may be a piece of theatre, but it loses none of it s power when put on paper Raine s wit is razor sharp and, although at times not as well used as it could be, is nonetheless charming and amusing whilst also gently pushing a subtext which is well reasoned and articulate.If the play is being performed near you, see it you ll laugh, but you ll think, too If not, grab the script and sit down for two hours of frenetic action that is anything but pointless.

    Jack Cheng
    The play is about a family that argues a lot The father believes that by being contrary he rises above the masses The youngest son is deaf and meets a girl who introduces him to deaf culture and sign language Clever use of language and subtext sometimes the words distract from what a character actually feels and so the deaf might listen better than the hearing In Act 2 there is speech, signing and super titles of inner thought Look forward to seeing a performance of this.

    Iheke Ndukwe
    A very very clever play I was a bit turned off by the lack of directionality in the early scenes of the first Act, however once the play got it s act together it told a very simple story wonderfully The second act is the play s weak point as it is far less weighty than the first act and a few key scenes feel slightly rushed in order to hit the 1hr 30 running time, but all of that said I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and felt it was a play that I learned much from.

    Cathy Sprankle
    An insular family of intellectuals is shaken when the youngest son, who is Deaf but has never learned sign language, begins dating a woman who, while not Deaf herself, grew up in a Deaf family and is fluent in sign language The play effectively explores interesting themes of interaction and belonging, but didn t resolve the plot lines to my satisfaction.

    G. Derek Adams
    Really interesting piece, sometimes a bit too pleased with its own cleverness The technical demands would be high for live captioning the signed communication, as well as the expertise required by the deaf actors is pretty intimidating.

    Tom Elliott
    The first act seemed like another dysfunctional family black comedy, but the second act brought home the ways in which minorities of any sort are so often marginalized, especially by those closest to them The web of rationalization is appropriately uncomfortable.

    Jenny (Reading Envy)
    This play is actually still onstage in London at the writing of this review It is a great capture of what it is like to be deaf in a society that doesn t leave room for it And a dysfunctional family.

    Communication isn t easy I love this play What an important piece.

    Lovely drama about a dysfunctional family and the push and shove relationship between universalism and sectarianism.

    Bizzy Day
    Totally compelling I m still processing it and I don t trust myself to review properly without putting a load of spoilers in

    Isabelle Smith

    Anne Martyn
    Not for the faint of heart or high school production the language is outrageous and extreme but also crazy sharp and witty Entertaining and painful at the same time.

    Steve Mayer
    A powerful play and somehow an even powerful read after seeing the play.

    Selena Beckman-Harned
    A story that needs to be told but I believe it has been better told elsewhere.

    Themes family and belonging.

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