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  • Title: The Family Affair
  • Author: James Gainer
  • ISBN: 9781616670788
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Family Affair By James Gainer Jack Perry had the perfect life Successful TV producer writer, a beautiful home on the beach, and a loving supportive partner Stephen His perfect existence is shattered when an unexpected accident claims Stephen s life drawing him into a downward spiral of depression and dependency One year later unable to come to terms with Stephen s death, Jack struggles to make itJack Perry had the perfect life Successful TV producer writer, a beautiful home on the beach, and a loving supportive partner Stephen His perfect existence is shattered when an unexpected accident claims Stephen s life drawing him into a downward spiral of depression and dependency One year later unable to come to terms with Stephen s death, Jack struggles to make it through each and every day without the supportive crutch of alcohol unaware of the impact until Rick enters his life Rick is young, outgoing, confident, and very attractive he is also Jack s sister s 23 year old stepson Ignoring his better judgment Jack agrees to let Rick live with him while attending an internship at U.C.L.A Rick challenges Jack with fiery confidence, and Jack finds himself feeling alive and waking up sexually for the first time since Stephen s death Skirting the issue of what both he and Rick know would be a taboo relationship, they find themselves unable to fight their sexual attraction for each other, and surrender into their forbidden desires Struggling with his ever increasing feelings for Rick, and a brewing scandal on the set of his popular nighttime drama Jack is forced to reach deep within to find a strength he lost with Stephen s passing, to face up to his fears and to fight for his career.a
    James Gainer
    I guess this is where I am suppose to write something completely witty, funny, and interesting to entice you into staying and taking a look around Um what to say, what to say As a writer you d think words would come really easily wouldn t you Wrong I think one of the biggest challenges, as a writer is to write about yourself give me fictional characters any day Well here goes The Family Affair is my breakout novel, and I am very proud to present it to you, the world at large Although I have been writing most of my life in some capacity, it s only been 6 years since I have being concentrating on it professionally I have published freelance articles in the Health and Wellness Magazine Synchronicity circulation 200 000 I am current member of The Writers Guild, and various related writing organizations.I graduated college, majoring in fashion and communication about a 100 years ago seems like that anyways In the past my career path has been varied I have worked for a major worldwide fashion beauty corporation specializing in development and execution of programs designed to enhance and propel individuals personal strengths giving them the opportunity to excel in their current position and the tools to diversify their skills and talents I love the diversity and the energy of the fashion industry oh and the GLAMOUR I have met so many interesting people or should I call them characters During my time in the fashion industry I had the opportunity to travel, and work worldwide an amazing experience in itself.Some of my current hobbies include surfing which is challenging since I don t live near an ocean , long distant running, and traveling I also am a strong believer in giving back to the community you live in I do my part by assisting the local organization s whose focus is meeting the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing for the growing homeless population in my city.My next current project remains without a title at this time, even thou it is over halfway completed Check it out under the Preview section on my website It has a completely different feel to it than The Family Affair , which excites me.Well that s all you get for now if you d like to know about me ex my Astrology sign, shoe size, etc you ll need to buy me dinner.

    The Family Affair By James Gainer


    Notes to the author 1 I may be old fashioned, but I believe some might find it a tad impolite for a guest in someone s house to take some extra special me time in the host s bed, no matter how good those sheets smelled 2 It s usually a good idea to spell a character s name the same way throughout the book.3 The word yeah should never be written as ya unless you are trying for stereotypical ethnicity.

    This is a story about changes and dealing with loss In a single moment Jack Perry s life was changed when his partner of 10 years drowned Now it is a year later and he is forced to begin to deal with his loss when his sister s 23 year old stepson comes to live with him Rick causes a flicker of life to re ignite in Jack, waking him up from his year long funk Their attraction quickly turns physical making Jack question the appropriateness of a relationship which could be considered taboo But Rick [...]

    3.5 STARSThis was a Birthday gift xoxo Holly I picked it up last night and read the entire thing in one sitting Jack is incredibly likeable and you are emotionally invested in him from the go Suffering the loss of his partner of 10 years we find Jack one year later going through the motions of life but not living it Enter his step nephew Rick 15 years his junior really nothing at all inappropriate about this he is of age and the relation is really very little Rick is the catalyst that Jack needs [...]

    I won this book as part of a First Reads Giveaway I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical starting this book because I wasn t sure about the whole step son of the sister as a love interest idea, but the book turned out really good If you are expecting a typical HEA, however, this book won t be for you And yet, I felt like there was closure but I would love to see about Jack and Rick in the future HINT HINT My heart broke for Jack as he went about the process of trying to move on after the death [...]

    Lori Bovitz
    I won this book through a first read giveaway This is the first book of this kind of book I have read and I didn t know what to expect But, in the end, I really enjoyed it It was a story about dealing with what life throws at you and how the main character handled those challenges It was written from the perspective of a male male romance, but in the end it wasn t really different than if it was male female The emotions are similar and the challenges are the same The second plot line about the c [...]

    This is the first book I ve read where the entire story is based on male male romance It was a really good read The author does a good job of making you feel all the emotions that Jack goes through after losing is partner Stephen Even though his life was full of riches friend, family and money it seemed that life was determined to throw all kinds of obstacles in is way Then, Rick blows in and adds to Jack s life It s an emotional read One minute you re smiling because Jack is so sweet Next you [...]

    This book was an easy read The writing could use some sophistication but on the whole it was enjoyable I received this book as a giveaway prize.

    [Լ૯νі] ~ slow rp replies, please be patient!
    2 disclaimers that contain spoilers but should be seen by people interested in this book for two charming men ending up in an HEA situation 1 view spoiler They don t end up together hide spoiler 2 view spoiler Rick has a female fiancee that is brought in out of the blue to re destroy Jack s life, which makes you really hate Rick after sort of really liking him hide spoiler I was perusing reviews before starting this book, and one contained the above spoilers without actually warning that they we [...]

    I added this book to my TBR over a year ago when I was searching out gay or lesbian books I was never drawn to read it though Until today I had nothing else in my home to read and went scrolling through my TBR I am wondering now why I waited so long.This is book is by turns, stilted and heart wrenching When you meet Jack within the first few refrains of the story you re not quite sure what he s about and from my perspective it s not until mid book when you truly get him Jack is recovering from t [...]

    If I could rate this a half star, I would This is probably the worst book I have ever attempted to read, and that s saying something since I have read Twilight and liked it than this sorry, but, true view spoiler Issue 1 The tenses changed every paragraph, sometimes every sentence You have to keep the same tense, otherwise it sounds juvenile and like you couldn t make up your mind.Issue 2 Their, There and They re Learn difference While you are at it, defiantly and definitely are two different w [...]

    Kayla Samuels
    1 this book gave me a headache i was sorry for Jack and all but i just couln t muster up enough emotion to care about him too much2 I liked rick, he was cool They re relationship could have had potential.3 the writing in this book was ok, the dialogue between jack and the ghost was unrealistic, unless what the ghost said was supposed to be a reflection of what jack actually thought, then,i STILL dont care.4 so after bearing with the author, reading just to see how it ends cuz im OCD that way unl [...]

    I recently won this book in the first reads giveaways by As the book seems to be well written and is an easy read but I can not finish this book It is a story of male male love story, complete with very graphic love scenes and it goes against everything that I stand for For those of you who like this type of thing, it is probably a good book, but it is not for me My apologies to the author, James Gainer.

    Couldn t put the book down Picked it up and finished it in one evening That said, the ending felt very forced and rushed, and the resolution was not at all what I was looking for or expecting Rather unsatisfying.

    I won this book on First Reads and am waiting to receive it.

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