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  • Title: Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman
  • Author: Gladys Aylward Christine Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780802429865
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback

  • Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman By Gladys Aylward Christine Hunter A solitary woman A foreign country An unknown language An impossible dream No, God s call on the life of Gladys Aylward With no mission board to support or guide her and less than ten dollars in her pocket, Gladys Aylward left her home in England to answer God s call to take the message of the gospel to China With the Sino Japanese War waging around her, she struggleA solitary woman A foreign country An unknown language An impossible dream No, God s call on the life of Gladys Aylward With no mission board to support or guide her and less than ten dollars in her pocket, Gladys Aylward left her home in England to answer God s call to take the message of the gospel to China With the Sino Japanese War waging around her, she struggled to bring the basics of life and the fullness of God to orphaned children Time after time, God triumphed over impossible situations, and drew people to Himself The Little Woman tells the story of one woman s determination to serve God at any cost With God all things are possible
    Gladys Aylward Christine Hunter
    Gladys May Aylward was born in Edmonton, London to a working class family She worked as a maid and had very little education.In her twenties she attended an evangelistic service and dedicated her life to God Despite being unqualified according to a mission organization, Gladys was determined to be a missionary to China She spent her life savings on a railroad ticket to Yuncheng in the Shanxi province October 1930.She worked with an older missionary, Jeannie Lawson, to found The Inn of the Eighth Happiness She was involved in caring for orphans, prison reform and worked as a foot inspector Gladys became a citizen of China in 1936 The Japanese invaded in 1938 and Gladys rescued over 100 orphans, leading them safely over the mountains, despite being injured herself.Gladys returned to England in 1948, and was denied re entry to China when she tried to go back Instead she went to Taiwan and founded an orphanage She died in Taiwan in 1970.A motion picture called The Inn of the Sixth Happiness was based roughly on her life Gladys was embarassed by the movie s portrayal of herself.

    Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman By Gladys Aylward Christine Hunter


    Natalie Vellacott
    To realize that millions of Chinese had never heard of Jesus Christ was to me a staggering thought, and I felt that sorely we ought to do something about it This is a great book It was my second time of reading about Gladys Aylward the English Christian missionary who was unqualified hence rejected by a missionary organisation She therefore decided to travel independently to China during a warI love the simplicity of her faith throughout the book and the deep compassion she has for the Chinese w [...]

    I cannot say enough about this book Simply phenominal God s working in her life and the lives of the Chinese believers is so clear It is an ABSOLUTE must read for anyone who loves our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ

    Sarah Grace
    I really enjoyed this autobiography Amazing stories written very well My only dislike, and I know I can t really count this towards my rating because it is real life, is the content view spoiler There are numerous instances of violence, attempted rape, mild language and disturbing elements hide spoiler Not recommended for anyone under 15.

    Another strong Christain woman What an amazing story of dedication to the Great Commission Really inspiring

    Brenda Lei
    Oh, how books like these encourage my heart I kept thinking to myself while reading this, I cannot believe this is a real story It seems all the adventures of a world are summed up in merely one life, and it s simply remarkable to realize how a good ol fashioned dose of pure grit, hard work, obedience, and the simple call to faithful living, preaching, and proclaiming the love and sacrifice of Jesus had such a profound impact not only on the Chinese nation, but on the hearts of calloused English [...]

    Medo Sharaf
    I am a sucker for missionary stories The stories Gladys shares of her mission in China are a testament to the greatness of God My soul has been lifted and charged for the transforming work of the gospel.

    Danielle Sliepka
    What an inspiring life Gladys lived She was a women with such dedication and obedience to the Lord in everything she did She lived courageously

    Gladys Aylward s powerful and inspiring story will be with me forever She is one of the greatest women of faith I have ever read about This is one of those books that you read and it just stays with you.This simple woman left England in her 20 s because she felt called to go to war torn China and teach the people about the God of love Every single step she took in her life was taken in faith and prayer She was so open to prayer and conversation with God that she heard his voice directing her lif [...]

    I first heard about Gladys Aylward in Noelle Piper s book, Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God I as greatly intrigued by her life and wanted to read this book for some time Luckily, the house we re staying out had it Gladys Aylward left, alone, for China in 1932 She had been denied by Missions Organization and knew nothing of the country except that there were millions of Chinese that had never heard the name of Jesus Christ So, she took the Trans Siberian Railroad into China, which was a [...]

    Lianxin Lin
    How much is 10 dollars It is the cost of a small salad and large ice tea in Deli store It is one sixth the price of a converse shoes It is two to three games in iPad But, in Gladys Aylward s autobiography, The Little Woman, it is a journey from England to China Gladys Aylward is a missionary, well, even earlier, she is just a maid She doesn t graduate from a Church school, she doesn t go to college, she even doesn t finish high school But, she comes to China in 1930 to preach the Gospel in respo [...]

    This book didn t quite tell enough It s the autobiography of Aylward, a Christian missionary to China starting in the 1930s While the pacing and narrative voice are fine, I kept wanting to read Her life is truly unique and I would not mind reading hundreds of detailed pages covering what the Russian winter was like with no heat or clothes, what trekking across the Chinese mountains for weeks with barefoot children was like on her body and mind, and especially the joy she must have felt when a p [...]

    After watching the movie, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, starring Ingred Bergmann, I wanted to know about Gladys Aylward, so I purchased a copy of this short biography The movie, based on Aylward s work in China was uplifting, enlightening and inspirational I wondered how true to her real story the movie was And even though Hollywood added a touch of romance, most of what they portrayed about this amazing woman was true The book Gladys Aylward has written about her experiences portrays of the [...]

    An amazing journey and an amazing woman.Gladys went to China in the early 1900 s to unbind women s feet She learns about a country in transition from the reign of emperors to the harsh changes under Mao.Most importantly, she finds out about the lives of Chinese women, who, for centuries have been relegated to the place of a male possession, hidden in courts, altered through foot binding so that they fit the male perspective of wealth and beauty.And then there is Gladys, alone, a westerner, havin [...]

    I had seen The Inn of the Sixth Happiness many years ago and was very moved by Gladys Aylward s story So I was excited to read her actual story when my book group chose it.Gladys story is nothing short of inspirational, as any story is of someone who has followed their bliss and fulfilled their life s calling I m glad she wrote it down to inspire others.It s a small, easy read I m glad to add to my read shelf.

    This book is a must read It is not written in the best literary style probably due to the fact that Gladys was reticent to share her story it seems people had to drag the details from her Thankfully, somebody was able to capture a bit of this amazing woman s call of God and His leading in her life as she went to China as a missionary without anything by the way of support There is an old Ingrid Bergman movie based on just one incident in her life, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness.

    Super short, easy read, but such an amazing story A girl decides she needs to do missionary work in China, and leaves everything she knows and has in London to make it happen Talk about faith and perseverance She gave her whole life to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ Everyone could learn from her faith and determination and charity

    I am absolutely blown away by this woman and her faith I cannot help but admire someone who was able to put so much faith in God and accomplish so much with so little Her experiences are definitely worth a read and if you want a story that will uplift and inspire you then pick this up

    Cheryl Taylor
    Great read I would recommend it Loved the book Inspiring story of a great woman with a strong faith in Jesus Our Lord answers prayers if we just have faith.

    I could not put this book down There are very few people in this world who possess the bravery, fortitude, and love of Christ shown by Ms Aylward Her words will inspire you

    Gladys Aylward was an ordinary woman with an amazing God Fantastic to read her story and the stories of those around her.

    Incredible and inspiring.

    I cannot and do not want to shake the conviction that came with reading about Gladys life.

    You are a great figure in my province, Ai weh deh You care for the sick you help at childbirth you visit our criminals you mother our unwanted children In every lonely village, in every part of the mountains, you are welcome yet you came to us a stranger and a foreigner This must be a strong faith of yours, Ai weh deh It has borne the weight and misery of two thousand years, Mandarin No amount of persecution has been able to kill it With less than ten dollars in her pocket, but armed with enormo [...]

    This is a great little book I really enjoyed getting to know about Gladys Aylward I have seen the movie of her life The Inn of Sixth Happiness several times, but there was a bit added to her story to enhance the movie She was quite a determined woman, leaving her home with no missions board supporting her and going to China during a turbulent time in pre communist China s history Without God s protection she almost certainly would not have survived She barely gets out of Russia because they mis [...]

    Cedar Lea
    I enjoyed this book, and I was pretty amazed at Gladys Aylward s tough faith in the midst of such extreme circumstances I think I would have crumbled if I had gone through the same things She lived a life of such obedience.The reason I didn t give this book 5 stars was because I wish there had been detail in the book Sometimes it seemed like her description of events was rather vague, such as the recovery she needed to go through after leading the children through the mountains to safety Maybe [...]

    This is a great telling of Gladys s journey of faith and ministry work during World War 2 This version is appropriate for all ages, either for students to read or as a read aloud for a class family In the ebook there are some typos and along the way there are many names of places mentioned and gets confusing, but that s her story.

    Gladys was an amazing woman full of charity for others, courage, perseverance, and love for Jesus Christ I loved her determination and her story It wasn t the best writing, but the true story was very inspiring

    Catherine Reeves
    What an amazing woman Inspired to read Gladys story after watching The Inn of the Sixth Happiness The film shows her courage and tenacity but only partly She achieved so much time and time again with her faith and courage often being her only resource.

    My only complaint is that I wish it had been longer I wanted Aylward to go deeper into her incredible stories of faith especially the Tibetan lamas and train ride escape The way God can use people who are surrendered fully to him is amazing Will read again.

    Wonderful book Very interesting to hear her story told in her own words I found this book to be very encouraging and challenging to me in my own Christan life.

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