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  • Title: A Superior Death
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: 9780425194713
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

  • A Superior Death By Nevada Barr Park ranger Anna Pigeon returns, in a mystery that unfolds in and around Lake Superior, in whose chilling depths sunken treasure comes with a deadly price In her latest mystery, Nevada Barr sends Ranger Pigeon to a new post amid the cold, deserted, and isolated beauty of Isle Royale National Park, a remote island off the coast of Michigan known for fantastic deep water diPark ranger Anna Pigeon returns, in a mystery that unfolds in and around Lake Superior, in whose chilling depths sunken treasure comes with a deadly price In her latest mystery, Nevada Barr sends Ranger Pigeon to a new post amid the cold, deserted, and isolated beauty of Isle Royale National Park, a remote island off the coast of Michigan known for fantastic deep water dives of wrecked sailing vessels Leaving behind memories of the Texas high desert and the environmental scam she helped uncover, Anna is adjusting to the cool damp of Lake Superior and the spirits and lore of the northern Midwest But when a routine application for a diving permit reveals a grisly underwater murder, Anna finds herself 260 feet below the forbidding surface of the lake, searching for the connection between a drowned man and an age old cargo ship Written with a naturalist s feel for the wilderness and a keen understanding of characters who thrive in extreme conditions, A Superior Death is a passionate, atmospheric page turner.
    Nevada Barr
    Nevada Barr is a mystery fiction author, known for her Anna Pigeon series of mysteries, set in National Parks in the United States Barr has won an Agatha Award for best first novel for Track of the Cat.Barr was named after the state of her birth She grew up in Johnstonville, California She finished college at the University of California, Irvine Originally, Barr started to pursue a career in theatre, but decided to be a park ranger In 1984 she published her first novel, Bittersweet, a bleak lesbian historical novel set in the days of the Western frontier.While working in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Barr created the Anna Pigeon series Pigeon is a law enforcement officer with the United States National Park Service Each book in the series takes place in a different National Park, where Pigeon solves a murder mystery, often related to natural resource issues She is a satirical, witty woman whose icy exterior is broken down in each book by a hunky male to whom she is attracted such as Rogelio.Currently, Ms Barr lives in New Orleans, LAcmillan author nevada

    A Superior Death By Nevada Barr


    I enjoyed my five day four night trip to Michigan, but the two nights I had reserved for the U.P left me no time to visit Isle Royale the island national park a six hour ferry ride from Houghton , so when I returned to Ohio I decided to extend my vacation mentally by reading A Superior Death, a Nevada Barr mystery in which Ranger Anna Pigeon solves a murder while stationed on the Isle I got the park atmosphere I was looking for, and an enjoyable mystery too I guessed the solution to the murder a [...]

    Lisa Kay
    Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior, MichiganPhoto by Lorelei LaneRocky lichen covered shoreline of Mott IslandPhoto by gsgeorgeRock Harbor Light in FogPhoto by ohkayeorUnderwater photo from Scuba Emporium Chicago, Illinois This is a review of the audiobook Though this novel isn t written in first person point of view, Barbara Rosenblat sounds like the way I think Anna Pigeon would She does a nice job here narrating While she doesn t do a lot of vocal ranges for the many characters, she doe [...]

    This author sets her murder mysteries in national parks, like Yosemite This book is set in my home waters Upper Michigan Wisconsin , on a national park that covers an entire island in the Great Lakes Isle Royale on Lake Superior Hence the title.I read this murder mystery some years ago As I recall, the mystery itself was slow going at first the heroine, Anna, was sad and pensive because her husband recently died in NYC Eventually, the plot picked up and became suitably intense at times I remembe [...]

    This book is the second in the long running Anna Pigeon series and is set on and around Lake Superior The main character, Anna Pigeon, is a park ranger who has recently transferred from Big Bend National Park in Texas to the summer chill of Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior Due to terrible storms, Lake Superior has claimed many ships including the Edmund Fitzgerald, famously memorialized in a Gordon Lightfoot song, and the Kamloops, which sunk in 1927 and is the focus of this book In fa [...]

    In September I turned to mysteries as a way to ease my overworked brain A good thing about mysteries is the bad guy or gal gets caught and also gets what is coming to him or her, unlike our current morally ambiguous society After reading A Mind to Murder by P D James, I picked up Nevada Barr s second novel, A Superior Death Early this year when our current President seemed to be overriding the sanctity of the U S National Parks, I vowed to read one a month of Nevada Barr s mysteries, each set in [...]

    I am so glad that I went back to this series The first book, Track of the Cat, was very good, but I am beginning to think that I liked this one better Nevada Barr has a way of drawing in the reader in from the very beginning and holding your full attention straight through to the end Even if you think you have figured out where she is going, you still hold on to each word in case there is something there that you might not have picked up on in the beginning, but you are darn sure you want to kno [...]

    Jane Stewart
    OK as a mystery Fabulous audiobook narrator Bad recording equipment.I BOUGHT THIS BECAUSE OF THE AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR Authors one way to get people to read your books is to have a great narrator The best ones have fans I wanted to buy books narrated by Barbara Rosenblat, and this was on her list I probably would not have purchased it otherwise The narrator was great THE RECORDING EQUIPMENT WAS POOR QUALITY YOU COULD HEAR THE NARRATOR S BREATHING AND SWALLOWING This was recorded in 1998 Maybe the [...]

    Book Concierge
    Anna Pigeon returns for her second mystery This time she has left the southwest and is now assigned to Isle Royale National Park, in Lake Superior, just north of Michigan s Upper Peninsula It s remote and a very different environment from what she was used to, and she s having some trouble adjusting She continues to rely on frequent phone calls to her sister, Molly, in New York, and to the numbing effects of a bottle of wine When a body is found floating within a wreck on the lake bottom, Anna h [...]

    This was the first Nevada Barr mystery I read I think I ve read them all now It is well written, full of surprising twists and gripping just what you want in a mystery I am JEALOUS that Ms Barr gets to travel around living in our wonderful national parks and making up great stories about them Fortunately she is very good at it.

    The book started very slowly, and much of the book revolved around Anna guessing who was behind the various crimes or her personal loss of her husband, killed by a NYC taxicab There is a murder, with the dead body being dressed as an old time sailor and left in a wreck on the bottom of Lake Superior, and the disappearance of his supposed lover Mix in some mischief by her fellow park rangers, who are suspects at various points, but guilty of transgressions other than murder The ending was a surpr [...]

    Nadine Jones
    For a while they sat without talking Anna got her daypack and dug out a paperback copy of Ivanhoe It produced a book s inevitable effect In cats it stimulated the urge to sit on the pages In humans it stimulated conversation.Yes so true And who can resist reading a book with witticisms such as these and then there s this What if he wasn t psychotic What if he just ate her to dispose of the corpse Anna, you ve been out in the woods too long If he ate her, for whatever reason, doesn t that seem a [...]

    Between Navada Barr and the fabulous Barbara Rosenblatt vocal actor you can hardly put this down.Anna is sent to work in Isle Royal in Michigan on Lake Superior leaving her beloved desert behind Now she has to deal with black fly s, mosquitoes the size of Montana and a whole new crew of park rangers On top of all that she has to improve her diving and boating skills.A dive instructor is found at the bottom of the lake which might not be so odd if he weren t dressed in a captains uniform with no [...]

    An enjoyable read The author, Nevada Barr, is a National Park Ranger She writes mysteries set in national parks A Superior Death is a murder mystery set in Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior Barr includes descriptive details about the flora and fauna that are actually in the park so it s like visiting through reading As she gathers clues to solving the mystery she reviews them so the reader can follow The combination of suspense and humor make this a book you don t want to put down.

    April Jones
    Trigger Warning Book contains topics of incest and child sexual abuse pedophilia My main problem is how the abuse is somewhat downplayed in seriousness, and not handled appropriately by the parent and law enforcement characters in the book This may not be a big deal to some readers, but it bothered me a great deal and overall detracted much from the reading experience I really think Ms Barr is a wonderful storyteller and hopefully this is just a one off faux paus on the author s part, as I look [...]

    I was going to give it one star or even a 3 as a lukewarm light mystery novel that you read for passing time and relaxation But then it started tackling things like violent death, incest, pedophilia, domestic abuse all different stories, mind you, happening in a small village , using a nonchalant attitude of hey, this happens, we drink some wine in pajamas and forget about it I was not annoyed by the difficult themes I read Val McDermid and love her but by the indifference and casualness the th [...]

    Bonnie Irwin
    While the plot and pacing of this novel were not as good as previous installments i.e I could put this down occasionally , the cast of characters that Barr creates in the Lake Superior region were engaging and challenging for her protagonist Anna Pigeon.

    Carolyn F.
    AudiobookAs I was listening to this book, I kept thinking This sounds familiar And then when I started either guessing what was happening next or using my psychic powers, I knew that I had I remember it was a good book and it took me a while to figure out who did it.

    Sarah Sammis
    A Superior Death by Nevada Barr is the second in her Anna Pigeon series Anna has transferred reluctantly from Texas to Lake Superior where it is too cold and too wet for her tastes but she s making her best effort to make a new life for herself as a ranger here along the frigid waters Just as she s still learning the different cliques in and around the islands that make up the park, one of the locals is found buried in a historical captain s uniform in a 1927 wreck at the bottom of the lake.I wa [...]

    Anna Pigeon is back for another season This time she is serving as a ranger for Isle Royale National Park, an island in Lake Superior off the coast of Michigan which is known for its sunken ships and great deep fresh water diving This second book is packed with even colorful characters than the first book the whimsical Coggins Clarke duo, the oddly well coiffed Patience and her tweenaged daughter Carrie Ann, twins Holly and Hawk with a big secret and their diving company partner Denny Castle, a [...]

    Transferring to a ranger position at Isle Royale National Park in Michigan, Anna Pigeon misses the Texas sun and heat of her former park She cringes at the damp, penetrating cold that accompanies the foggy, gray days on Lake Superior She swaps her horse for a boat but continues to be surrounded by dead bodies in her second mystery The strange corpse she encounters on her new job is that of a well known diver She finds it in the engine room of a ship that sank at the turn of the century with the [...]

    3.5 stars I didn t feel this book was as good as part one, The Track of the Cat I didn t realize that Anna would be transferred to different parks and guess I just assumed each book would have the same set of charactersd wildlife That, however, is not a negative point While a decent mystery, I felt this book got a bit bogged down with maybe a bit too much information and interaction with fellow park people who didn t seem to have anything to do with the story There also seemed to be less attenti [...]

    I can only read these when I will not empathize to strongly with Anna s pensive and periodically doleful outlook on life as she mourns her husband I enjoy the procedural process of the mystery and prefer Anna s redeeming moments of personal contentment as she finds new attachments This makes Anna very believable with her cycling moods The villains are never to clever nor utterly evil giving these stories a good balance between the risks Anna runs and the benefit she gains from pursuing the murde [...]

    Sara Cat
    I ve found me a mystery series This time, the national park of Lake Superior is used, and instead of the park s nature providing the murder weapon as in the last one, it provides the most unusual crime scene a shipwreck at the bottom of the lake, putting a twist on the crime scene investigation And of course, the creepiest chase scene I think I ve read, at depth underwater in the dark Anna now misses her desert, but has James Bond esque adventures deep sea lake diving And it makes you want to v [...]

    My favorite Anna Pigeon novel so far This is the 2nd in the series and the third book of Nevada Barr s that I have read.I found it interesting because I have never been to Lake Superior Apparently, there is a National Park on an island and you can visit and go boating and diving and camping and fishing Sounds like fun I m in Well, except for diving I know nothing of that so that was also a good point about the book there were old shipwrecks buried in the lake.Easy to read, plot moved forward qui [...]

    The author does a nice job of showing how quickly and correctly Anna Pigeon can size a person up For example, she knows that the slighly kooky couple of seasonal volunteers are harmless romantics whereas the cultural artifacts guy is a real lemon No, she decided, he wasn t trying intentionally to provoke her He was just naturally irritating At his age somewhere in the neighborhood of forty he probably knew he rubbed people the wrong way Anna suspected he d never figured out why and somewhere alo [...]

    I was surprised because I always thought that Anna Pigeon was a park ranger in West Texas which she was in the first one In this the second Anna Pigeon book she is a ranger on Lake Superior Quite a switch The story was interesting enough Light reading

    Bettie s Books

    I liked this much than the first book Anna seems nicer, human And the mystery is a good one, twisty and dark.

    The very first Nevada Barr book that I read I was hooked.

    Had a little problem getting into this book.Quite a few charactors but when it gotmoving it was pretty good I did enjoy it.

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      Nevada Barr