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  • Title: The Stray
  • Author: Dick King-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780679891017
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Stray By Dick King-Smith Now in Knopf Paperback, from the author of Babe The Gallant Pig, comes the touching story of a stray old woman s amusing antics and the large, loving family that adopts her.
    Dick King-Smith
    Dick King Smith was born and raised in Gloucestershire, England, surrounded by pet animals After twenty years as a farmer, he turned to teaching and then to writing children s books Dick writes mostly about animals farmyard fantasy, as he likes to call it, often about pigs, his special favorites He enjoys writing for children, meeting the children who read his books, and knowing that they get enjoyment from what he does Among his well loved books is Babe, The Gallant Pig, which was recently made into a major motion picture, and was nominated for an Academy Award Dick lived with his wife in a small 17th century cottage, about three miles from the house where he was born.

    The Stray By Dick King-Smith


    If this is not my favorite children s book, it s at least one of the top 5 The first few times I read it, it was by listening to it on audio book with the best voices done by an excellent narrator Those voices are now in my head, so I used them to the best of my ability while reading this to my 8 year old Within a very short period of time, the other, older, children had gathered around and were begging me not to stop reading.

    I hunted down for this book While fixing all the childrens books I had when I was young, all I could think of was finding this one I was so saddened when I found out I didn t have it I asked my friends, but none seemed to have kept theirs I went to the National Bookstore in Greenhills and lo and behold I found it What , it was discounted I guess today s generation aren t that fond of Dick King Smith Their loss I wrote this review last night after I finished reading it, by the way.03 08 11, 11 30 [...]

    I have a special attachment to this book I bought it on holiday not long after it came out and read it obsessively I m not sure WHY I liked it so particularly, though it is good the story s pretty simple, but it has some lovely little touches, like talking about Henny trying fruit gums for the first time Anyway, I reread it yesterday, after spending months online trying to find out what it was called It s still utterly charming It s completely divorced from reality, of course, but I tend to like [...]

    One morning, Henny wakes up and decided to run away Away from her old folks home It s her 70th birthday and she decides she wants out of life than bickering over the TV in the common room and eating bland food She spends almost all her ready cash buying a ticket to the seaside and she enjoys the whole day there, but doesn t know what to do when the day ends Some children take her home with them and the rest of this lovely story is how indispensable they all become to one another King Smith s bo [...]

    My younger brother got this from either a book fair or a book order when we were younger and I remember picking it up and knowing for certain that I would love it and I did For years it was my favorite book, even though from the start it was below my reading level It was just so wholesome and sweet It s been on my bookshelf for years now and every so often I ll take it down and read it I did just that today and was astonished that for as many times as I had read it, that I had not yet put up a r [...]

    My upcoming 4th grader s summer reading book, I doubt he will be overly impressed either.First of all 75 years old is not actually as old as this book makes it out to be.This is a book about a 75 year old woman who has been in a nursing home forI think she says ever so long She is so peppy, I m not sure how she ever ended up there, how she never had a checkbook and got adopted by a muggle version of The Weasleys andwell there are a lot of things about this book This woman seems to have no sense [...]

    Dick King Smith does it again with a well defined, interesting and determined older woman character She takes off from her old age home and goes to the beach It s a wonderful premise Then she meets a family that needs a grandma basically or say, an older friend Sweet They have exciting things happen together But a lot of what this book is about is people living and loving one another, simply and enjoyably It s great.

    To start of this book is a really really quick read It s kind of amusing I think younger kids 5 8 would probably think it was hilarious I loved Henny she was so quirky and funny She definantly had a distinct persinality Sorry for all the misspellings So anyway it s worth the read because it s really short and it passes the time.

    Lisa Van Oosterum
    I think that the kid s liked this than I did Sweet story about a woman who runs away from her old folks home and is adopted by a lovely family It was sweet and a bit boring and a few references to death than I desired for a bedtime storybook.

    Fun Touching Comforting.

    nice story, unrealistic events, great ending

    I enjoyed it immensely when I read it when I was a child.

    This book had such a clever plot and even though it s a children s book, I was hooked

    KateK. F.
    This a charming children s book that I picked up as a present for my nieces and then read for myself Henny is bored of the retirement home she s in and as she still has some money in her pension, as a birthday present to herself runs away She ends up in Saltmouth, a British seaside resort town and on the beach writes that she s a stray old woman A family named Good who lives in the town take her in and in fits and starts she ends up becoming a part of their family and finding direction for hers [...]

    A sweet little book 75 year old Henny Hickathrift runs away from her old age home and with almost all of her funds buys a train ticket to the beach She enjoys the sunny day, but as evening approaches she has no money left and nowhere to sleep The she meets the five red headed Good children, who invite her home with them to spend then night This turns into a beautiful friendship between the children and their parents and the lonely old woman This will make a good discussion about growing old and [...]

    A delightful book probably for idealistic grown ups than kids Seventy five year old Henny runs away from her boring old folks home to a seaside town There she befriends the five Good children and starts a happy new life as their housekeeper She also gives a home to another stray a dog and even wins the lottery Probably improbable, but a very pleasant read for all those who want to believe there s still plenty to look forward to in old age I also enjoyed a lot of Henny s sayings reminded me of m [...]

    Cynthia Egbert
    Well, now I desperately want to visit the English seaside and I want, with equal desperation, to try a prawn and mayonnaise sandwich But than ANYTHING in the whole wide world, I would like to find a stray elderly lady who would come and be part of our home and family Although this author has been recommended to me many times before, this is my first experience with his work and I really want .

    Britt-goodie of newsieness
    I think I might ve been a little old for this This one was a little longer than A Mouse Called Wolf But it wasn t exciting enough You could kind of tell that she was going to win the lottery That s a spoiler, by the way I didn t like the little boy because he would ask for ice cream when he knew she didn t have enough money.

    This was a very sweet story but for some reason it made me feel rather melancholy I m probably just jealous that I don t have a sweet old lady living with me, polishing my silverware and buying ice cream for my children The children were very smart to snap one up.

    Deanna Tomlinson
    this book is a very good book i really like it alot

    Khelso Lee
    I loved it

    this is the cutest book it s about a 75 year old lady who runs away from her old people s home, as she calls it so cute very easy reading but great story I really liked it

    Aunt Heidi began reading this to the kids at cousin camp this past summer 2012 The kids wanted to finish it when we got home Sweet story enjoyed by all.

    I loved that this children s book was about an elderly woman

    Becky Straub
    Darling chapter book I read to the kids They were enad and wished there was a sequel.

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