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  • Title: An Uplifting Murder
  • Author: Elaine Viets
  • ISBN: 9780451231703
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

  • An Uplifting Murder By Elaine Viets On Josie s latest assignment, her former teacher now working in a lingerie shop is in need of some serious support when a customer is found murdered Unfortunately, the teacher s alibi is flimsier than the camisoles she sells, so Josie will need to bust out her sleuthing skills to expose the real killer
    Elaine Viets
    As a young girl, Elaine Viets was taught the virtues of South St Louis the importance of hard work, housecleaning, and paying cash She managed to forget almost everything she learned, which is why she turned to mystery writing.Living in South Florida has not improved her character But it has given her the bestselling Dead End Job series Like her amateur detective, Helen Hawthorne, Elaine actually works those rotten jobs Perhaps her early training has given her a lifelong fascination with jobs She and Helen both know working for a living can be murder.To research her novels, Elaine has been everything from a salesclerk to a survey taker Her first book in the series is SHOP TILL YOU DROP, a novel of sex, murder and plastic surgery It s set at a fashionable dress shop that caters to kept women Book two, MURDER BETWEEN THE COVERS, takes place at a bookstore Elaine worked at a Barnes Noble in Hollywood, Florida, for a year.For the third, DYING TO CALL YOU, Helen works as a telemarketer Elaine sold septic tank cleaner and did telephone surveys She actually asked women if they shaved their armpits In the fourth Dead End Job mystery, JUST MURDERED, Elaine and Helen explore big money matrimony for better or worse Elaine did her research in Zola Keller s posh bridal salon in Fort Lauderdale.For the fifth novel, Elaine and Helen go to the dogs MURDER UNLEASHED is set at a high end dog boutique, where people spend two hundred dollars for canine cuisine, women sneak illegal pets into condos using high priced designer purses, and the dogs at the store have bigger wardrobes than the salesclerks MURDER UNLEASHED is Elaine s first hardcover mystery Publishers Weekly calls it wry social commentary Although Elaine lives in Fort Lauderdale, her heart and her viewpoint remain in the Midwest Like Helen Hawthorne, another transplanted St Louisan, she observes the outrageously rich Florida culture and lack thereof with wide eyed fascination.Elaine s second series takes her back to work in St Louis It features Josie Marcus, a mystery shopper and single mom The debut novel, DYING IN STYLE, tied with Stephen King on the bestseller list for the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.Elaine won both the Agatha and the Anthony Awards for her short story, Wedding Knife, in CHESAPEAKE CRIMES.Some honors don t come with plaques and award banquets Elaine was thrilled when her short story, After the Fall, was featured on the same cover of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine as the master, Ed Hoch.Her short story, Red Meat, is in BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, the Mystery Writers of America anthology edited by Lawrence Block Blonde Moment is in the MWA anthology, SHOW BUSINESS IS MURDER, edited by Stuart Kaminsky Sex and Bingo is featured in the HIGH STAKES gambling anthology And if you ve ever wondered about the early life of purple loving landlady Margery Flax, read Killer Blonde in DROP DEAD BLONDE.Elaine has served on the national boards of the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her husband, actor Don Crinklaw, where they collect speeding tickets.Please buy her novels so she can pay her MasterCard Series Dead End Job Mystery Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Francesca Vierling Mystery

    An Uplifting Murder By Elaine Viets


    When I lived in St Louis years ago, I knew Elaine Viets I must confess that she probably wouldn t know me if she fell over me, though but yes, I did know her HEr writing career boomed at the St Louis Post Dispatch, and then, probably 8 or 9 years after I left, she branched into television, then moved and became nationally syndicated writing a column again , then fell off my radar.I ve seen books of a chick lity flavored mystery with the author Elaine Viets, but didn t know for sure it was the El [...]

    This is the best in this series, so far, IMHO Josie is out to prove her old high school gym teacher didn t murder the meanest girl Josie knew in school.

    This whole series is great Every one of them has a new angle to explore The characters continue to grow.

    Kari Wainwright
    Josie Marcus, mystery shopper, becomes involved in a murder investigation when she discovers the body of a mean spirited woman from her high school days and a favorite teacher from that time is arrested for murder I enjoyed reading about Josie as she follows her suspicions and copes with her daughter, mother, best friend and the fellow in her life I don t mind reading about loners, but dealing with a well rounded, sometimes dysfunctional member of society is fun, too Her cohorts give texture to [...]

    An Uplifting MurderBy Elaine VietsCopyright November 2010When Josie is assigned to mystery shop a chain of lingerie stores it becomes old home week The manager of the store is her old high school gym teacher Mrs Hayes Imagine her surprise and dismay when another person from her high school years shows up while she s there to shop It s her old nemesis, the girl voted most likely to be hated The shocks keep coming when Josie, entering the ladies restroom finds her former nemesis dead in a toilet s [...]

    Josie s latest mystery shopping assignment takes her to a lingerie store, where her former high school gym teacher, Laura, is working When the mean girl from Josie s high school days is found murdered in the bathroom, the prime suspect is her former teacher Josie breaks out her mystery solving skills to prove Laura s innocence.This is a light, entertaining read There are several suspects for the murder, but Josie doesn t get into the sleuthing like she has with previous books I felt like I was j [...]

    My four sentence or less take on the plot Josie Marcus, a mystery shopper, is evaluating a lingerie chain, in which one of her old high school teachers now works Of course, she is immediately embroiled into a murder investigation when she stumbles on a corpse in the toilet.Rating 3What worked Not much in my opinion Even the characters are starting to get pretty repetitious I like Viets Dead end series much better What didn t Look, I can suspend disbelief while reading a book I can believe that d [...]

    This latest in the Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Series was an incredibly fun book for me to read Given the opportunity to review the ARC was a boon In this story, Josie is given the task of mystery shopping at a lingerie store which leads to murder But by whom The whys are many for this murder victim as she was still the same bully from high school that Josie remembers The suspects are many, and the twists keep turning There are new dynamics in Josie s relationships that add dimension to the c [...]

    I really enjoy the Mystery Shopper series and this one was an excellent entry in the series Josie and her family are lots of fun and people I d like to know in real life Elaine Viets does her homework on all her books and this one hope I don t embarrass you made me decide to go somewhere for a fitting so I can get a right size bra LOL I m glad her relationship with the vet is progressing nicely and was happy to see her mom finally stand up to the nosy neighbor Haha I think everyone will enjoy th [...]

    As always, Elaine Viets provided me with an entertaining, fun and thoughtful reading experience This book is an entry in the Josie Marcus series Josie is a mystery shopper, someone who is sent into a store, or stores, to ask certain questions of the staff, and or to notice certain things about the store, while blending in so that she does not stand out and no one would suspect that she is rating the store She then prepares a report and submits it to her employer who has been hired by someone inv [...]

    6 in the Mystery Shopper series is a so so entry Perhaps I don t understand the finer points involved in shopping for lingerie so add a half star if you wear a bra.Mystery Shopper series On Josie s latest assignment, her former teacher now working in a lingerie shop is in need of some serious support when a customer is found murdered Unfortunately, the teacher s alibi is flimsier than the camisoles she sells, so Josie will need to bust out her sleuthing skills to expose the real killer

    This story was cute, Josie seemed to get a lot jobs than normal and some really good perks with them I am getting a little tired of Josie and her issues with men At some point she needs to realize not every man she meets is a scum bag Ted really seems like a great guy.The scenes with Amelia and Jane were fun I loved how they cooked together and how they all were able to con Jane into taking the dog.It seemed a little over the top that every place Josie went she knew someone But overall this sto [...]

    Another fun read from Elaine Viets The continuing story of Josie Marcus Her personal stories are actually interesting to me than the murder story I m beginning to think, though, only incompetent investigators are in the cities her murders occur They seem to not investigate, but just choose their best guess and Josie takes it on herself to find the killer Granted, it s lightweight investigating, but fun.

    Shelley Burgett
    I enjoy this series I have been a fan of Elaine Viets since she wrote a column for the St Louis Post Dispatch back when it was one of the best papers in the country I lived in St Louis for about five years and enjoy the references to the area and the life style This was a good fast read with a satisfying conclusion The regular characters are likable and the stories which are somewhat unlikely are entertaining I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

    Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    In my humble opinion, this is the best book yet in the series Ms Viets has truly captured her character s voices They are credible and enjoyable as the interesting crime is solved.The location and method of the murder was very original and caught my attention right off.I look forward to the next book Meanwhile there is her other excellent series Dead End Jobs Mysteries A new one out in June 2011.

    Dee ReneeChesnut
    This is another entertaining cozy mystery from Elaine Viets I recommend the Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper series to those who enjoy series like this I prefer to read her series instead of Stephanie Plum series by Jane Evanovich Yes, it is a personal preference but give this series a try and tell me which one you prefer.

    This is a series book, it can be read alone but with difficulty I don t recommend doing that Premise sounded good who doesn t feel awkward getting a bra fitted The plot wasn t about bras but about mean girls syndrome Not very entertaining or the authors best work Felt like a publishing contract fulfillment book.

    Definitely not my favorite of the series, but at the same time one of my favorite scenes was in this book When Josie s mother, Jane, finally tells Mrs Muller who might possibly be the most annoying character in a mystery series ever I m bored by Josie and the Vet s relationship An Uplifting Murder was by far the most predictable of the series so far.

    This latest installment of Viets Mystery Shopper series is a true gem We have come to know the characters, and this book makes them even real A very nice read, keeps you wondering until the end.

    I enjoyed this installment of the Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper series Elaine Viets has a sense of humor and a few things happen in each story that are so weird they re hilarious I also like the story of how Josie s mom Jane ends up with a dog.

    I picked up the book because the author is local The story was okay, but the dialogue was completely stilted and not any way that I ve ever heard people have conversations Characters are either black or white no tan or gray Meh.

    This could have been much better I thought the main character s interaction with her family, friends, and boyfriend saved this book Too bad, it couldn t help with Josie s mystery solving which was not very good in this one.

    How can you not love Josie Marcus This is a great series with characters you love to hate and love to laugh with.

    I think I m done with this series, it s become rather boring And Josie s mother and daughter annoy me.

    Joann Williams
    Elaine is always a good read.

    Really enjoyable book This one had a good mystery especially the ending and I enjoyed all the characters.

    The Josie Marcus series is always such great fun I love the relationships that Josie has with all the other characters in her circle I look forward to these books and am never disappointed.

    Cute concept fun to read I enjoy this series.

    Better than several of the other cozies I ve read lately Better writing, developed characters.

    Christine Jensen
    Cute book, I liked the characters, but won t go back and read the rest this one gave me enough history I will look for new installments in the series in the future.

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