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  • Title: The All of It
  • Author: Jeannette Haien
  • ISBN: 9780060971472
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback

  • The All of It By Jeannette Haien A sleeper hit when first published in 1986, Jeannette Haien s exquisite, beloved first novel is a deceptively simple story that has the power and resonance of myth The story begins on a rainy morning as Father Declan de Loughry stands fishing in an Irish salmon stream, pondering the recent deathbed confession of one of his parishioners Kevin Dennehy and his wife, Enda, hA sleeper hit when first published in 1986, Jeannette Haien s exquisite, beloved first novel is a deceptively simple story that has the power and resonance of myth The story begins on a rainy morning as Father Declan de Loughry stands fishing in an Irish salmon stream, pondering the recent deathbed confession of one of his parishioners Kevin Dennehy and his wife, Enda, have been sweetly living a lie for some 50 years, a lie the full extent of which Father Declan learns only when Enda finally confides the all of it Her tale of suffering mesmerizes the priest, who recognizes that it is also a tale of sin and scandal, a transgression he cannot ignore The resolution of his dilemma is a triumph of strength and empathy that, as Benedict Kiely has said, makes The All of It a book to remember.
    Jeannette Haien
    After than thirty five years as a professional concert pianist and music teacher, Jeannette Haien, in her 60s, began her second career as a novelist Her first novel, The All of It, published in 1986, garnered the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the Academy of Arts and Letters Born in Dayton, Ohio, to a Dutch immigrant industrialist father and a violinist mother, she received a bachelor s degree in English and a masters degree in music from the University of Michigan.Jeannette performed extensively as a pianist throughout the Midwest before and immediately after her 1948 marriage to Ernest Ballard In 1950, the Ballards moved to New York City, from then on their permanent home Pursuing her professional career under her maiden name, Jeannette Haien taught piano privately and, subsequently, as a member of the piano faculty of Mannes College of Music 1969 1991 She toured biennially with the cultural outreach programs of the United States Information Agency in Europe, Asia and Central America throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

    The All of It By Jeannette Haien


    Rebecca Foster
    When this won the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction in 1987, the author was in her sixties It s since been championed by Ann Patchett, who contributed a Foreword to this 2011 edition Father Declan de Loughry, fishing for salmon, reflects on the recent death of parishioner Kevin Dennehy Before he died, Kevin admitted that he and Enda were never properly married Yet Enda begs the priest to approve a death notice calling Kevin her beloved husband, promising she ll then explain the all of it the v [...]

    Elizabeth Quinn
    Jeannette Haien s first novel is getting a new wave of attention these days because novelist Ann Patchett is raving about it on her current book tour I think many readers will be disappointed It s really a novella or a long short story, and like those shorter genres favors characters over plot The All of It is basically the study of two characters Enda, the beautiful 60 something widow whose husband has gone to his grave carrying their big secret, leaving her to reveal it to their confessor, and [...]

    I read this book in one sittingt so much because it was a great story or the plot was captivating but just because it was so easy too read I reluctantly gave it 3 stars only because I couldn t give it 2 1 2 I guess I was not a big fan because I feel the author talks about things for the sake of shock and which she knows nothing about when she says something about Americans and the English wrecking a harbor town by making it a popular visiting place, I wonder if she knows she just did the same wi [...]

    The author was in her middle sixties when it was published to good reviews but few sales by David Godine Harper s Perennial Library republished it in 1988 again it went out of print Perhaps it s to the credit our country s advance in literacy that it was picked up again for this Harper Perennial paperback, two years ago, with a warm foreword by Ann Patchett, who likens its urgent, disciplined, fascinating package, running fewer than 150 pages, to that of The Great Gatsby Miss Lonelyhearts So Lon [...]

    Lindsay Heller
    This was a very little book that I picked up and started reading at a thrift store About ten pages in I thought I should probably buy it It s difficult to cram a whole story into 150 pages, especially when a portion of them are about fly fishing, but Haien pulls it off.This is, essentially, the story of a priest, Father Declan, who, upon the death of one of his parishoners, Kevin Dennehy, discovers that he has been living a lie with his wife, Enda, for the past fifty years.It s really a poignant [...]

    This is one of those unassuming little gems that you run across once in a while It is set in Ireland, or less in the current time Its structure is interesting It s a story within a story within a story The first level is a fishing trip that one of the protagonists, Father Declan de Loughry, has taken the day after one of his parishioners, Kevin Dennehy, has died As he fishes he ruminates about the previous day when he and the dead man s wife, Enda, kept watch by the body That s the second story [...]

    A very Irish tale, set in the days following a man s death as he has been unable to complete his final confession with the village priest It was obviously a confession of import, now left to his wife to reveal the story that follows is one of sorrow, sin, redemption, happiness, spite, and ultimately compassion A gentle story, I enjoyed, which ultimately revealed the common, good threads of much of humanity.

    Actual star rating 3.5

    Set in Ireland, this short book is the story of a priest, Father Declan, who hears the life story of one of his flock, Enda Enda s life companion Kevin has just died, and they shared a secret Their past makes for a harrowing little story in itself, but the real tale here is how it affects Father Declan, who must choose to react as a duty bound Catholic priest or as a human being, Enda s friend Throughout, the author weaves beautiful descriptions of the cathartic salmon fishing trip Father Declan [...]

    Laurie Rockenbeck
    This book is definitely not a mainstream novel, but falls clearly into the literary novel pile The book called to me when I was doing other things, and I found myself wondering about Enda and the priest I have to admit to sitting upright when I clicked the next page on my kindle only to find out that the book was at the end We are so used to having things spelled out for us that it is sometimes hard to finish a book with so many things left to my own imagination If you are looking for a regular [...]

    However lyrical this book may be, there was just no story to speak of, no point, really The plot was thin, at best, the characters under developed the big secret was predictable and revealed too early on Because I was not even given a chance to care for the characters before the climax was reached, it left me hoping for substance I even assumed that perhaps there was one big secret, but alas, nothing.

    very short read English is such an interesting language because i feel as though this Irish English experience opened my eyes to some beautiful other world like poetry

    What a wonderful little novel Charming characters with page turning story to tell.

    a perfect little gem, like an irish breeze slim but weighty very evocative

    3.5 I quite enjoyed this short novel Thanks for the lend, Kerry

    Sally Gonzalez
    Absolutely charmed by this novel A beautifully written little gem of a book.

    What a beautiful, heartbreaking story about two people who grow up in spite of horrific childhoods, leave their godforsaken home, find a place for themselves in a small village in Ireland, and make good lives The influence of religion, both its solace and its proud arrogance and destructive dogma, plays a big part in the story I loved the language, as well as the tenderness and strength of these characters Can t recommend it highly enough.Like the priests in Trevor s A Bit on the Side, the pries [...]

    Sloane Mayberry
    I have very few 5 star books but i thought this read like a piece of literature Really great depthI wish it had been longer.

    3.5 stars Read due to a passionate endorsement from Ann Patchett, whom I admire.This is a small, simple seeming novella about a confession and the impact of the conversation on the receiving priest Though the confession lies at the heart of the tale, the reveal is actually barely touched on and doesn t really ripple through the tale or the reader, though it is keenly felt by the priest Really, this is a vehicle to describe in gorgeous prose first independence, isolation, love of the land and yea [...]

    Chris Reid
    I am not sure at the moment how this book came into my hands Joan said that it had arrived from with no sender address that she could discern An Irish priest bearing the almost too perfect name of Declan de Loughry, is thrashing a beat that he had taken for the day The river keeper attempted to talk the priest down from making the effort the rains had made the salmon take to lying sulkily at the bottom and the midges The there was the next to useless ghillie Seamus, I recall, a truly archetypal [...]

    A lovely story, and perhaps an ideal example of why the novella form exists I was powerfully taken with Enda s description of her life with Kevin The fact that Ireland even into that era had people so distant and isolated that a clever and creative woman such as Enda would never have been taught to read that the horse and the donkey and the car would remain so interwoven that the Church would still exercise such presumed authority over its parishioners lives It was often irrelevant which century [...]

    Sometimes, I will just blindly pull a book from the shelves of the library, and this is how I came to read The All of It.This novella is not something I would normally read, but once I started reading it, it hooked me.An Irish priest visits one of his parishioners Keven, a dying man, who tells Father Declan that he has a secret he must confess before he dies The secret is a great lie, but before he can confess, Kevin dies.And so it is left to Kevin s wife, Enda, to confess, but she will not conf [...]

    This poetic story captures the Irish cultural pattern of vague angst and pent up desire that so often cascade into heated shouting and words that are hard to take back Two plot lines run through the book involving Father Declan 1 After Enda s husband Kevin passes Edna is telling Declan their life story Declan rashly and falsely accuses her of continuing a sin with Kevin which brings their friendly conversation to a crashing halt 2 Declan takes a quick cathartic fishing trip which allows him to r [...]

    The All of It, by Jeannette Haien, 1986 The book starts on the banks of a river in the west of Ireland, where a local priest sets out on a rainy, blustery day to catch a salmon, despite everyone s advice that no fish would be caught that day I was immeditately interested, of course, as a lover both of fishing and of Irish history and culture As the story moved swiftly to its main narrative the story of Enda, a middle aged Irish countrywoman, I grew intrigued There were layers to her story as sh [...]

    Somewhere I read that Anna Patchett author of State of Wonder highly recommended this book, so I put it on my list and forgot about it Many moons later I stumbled onto the book and read it in one sitting, absolutely spellbound It is a short sweet little story, and as the book jacket says deceptively simple I am particularly fussy about books set in Ireland and cannot tolerate anything that smacks of Begosh Begoorah, heavy brogues, Irish spring, leprechauns, shamrocks, or the like This book is th [...]

    A wisp of an Irish gema story nestled in the seaside village of Roonatellin with the usual Catholic priest in attendance but with a secret so catastrophic that its mere revelation would certainly destroy the very fiber of human decency Father Declan is called to a dying man s bedside to hear the confession of a wrong held in secret for the better part of 50 years.y Kevin dies before he can unburden his soul and Father is left to get the all of it from his wife, Enda It is in the exquisite and ly [...]

    I read this because I heard Ann Patchett mentioned it in a talk of hers I saw on YouTube I like reading author recs because they re always well written, and this is surely that The story itself nor its characters are all that remarkable, but I think that s kind of the point The beauty of the writing and the story itself is in the subtleties I enjoyed the insights the story lent itself to Haien s description of the Irish countryside puts you there and I suppose that s a huge part of the book s ch [...]

    Absolutely a wonderful book The forward by Ann Patchett is just as wonderful as the actual book This novel is a simple story of love and of wanting a life that is free from the intrusions of the demands of others A brother and sister live a simple life until the passing of the brother At that time a secret is revealed to the local priest You will come to love these characters, especially Enda and Father Declan de Loughry The gift of this book however is in the writing Every word is chosen carefu [...]

    Sherrie Howey
    I recently attended a presentation by the author Ann Patchett at Bookhampton in East Hmpton where she recommended this book as a must read and I am in total agreement Her only caveat was not to start the book as one was getting ready for bed as you would not be able to put it down I started this book today and did not put it down once, except to grab a bite to eat It is only 145 pages but is intensely thought provoking It is about a priest who is about to hear a dying man s confession only to ha [...]

    Diane S ☔
    This novella one a price for first fiction when it was originally published It is a rather simple story told in gleaming and very picturesque prose Has a limited number of characters, a man, a woman and a priest and the story is most told by the woman to the priest There is some moral interplay here, because as a priest there is a clear line between right and wrong and not much grey, yet here in this little Irish village things may not be what they seem A though I am not very fond of fishing sto [...]

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