[PDF] Ï The Little Book of Answers | BY ☆ Doug Lennox #2020

  • Title: The Little Book of Answers
  • Author: Doug Lennox
  • ISBN: 9781567319811
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Little Book of Answers By Doug Lennox Have you ever wondered why we say, I hear it thought the grape vine golf assistants are called caddies there is a best man at weddings a leg injury is called a Charlie horse the British drive o the left and North American on the right a coward is yellow brides are carried over the threshold a formal suit is a tuxedo a lefthander is called a southpaw
    Doug Lennox
    Doug Lennox was an internationally acclaimed broadcaster, a veteran character actor, a commercial voice artist, and a bestselling author He has appeared in than 60 films and television features, including X Men, Police Academy, Lonesome Dove, and Against the Ropes, and shared screen time with Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Burt Reynolds, Holly Hunter, Eric McCormack, Gary Oldman, and a myriad of others.

    The Little Book of Answers By Doug Lennox


    Cheryl Gatling
    This is a fun little book The tidbits of information are bite sized, each question and answer a single paragraph I learned a number of things that I shared with my friends Did you know There was only one problem with it The answers weren t always correct I looked up some of them on other sources, and found different, or complex, answers So this book may not give you the definitive answer to the questions inside it, but it will give you one of the popular explanations floating around out there, [...]

    Bridget Maguire-Colton
    Fast read, but not entirely accurate As it was written in 2003, I feel some of the research must have been lacking There are at least two instances, where the answers are flat out wrong.

    Matt Gwynn
    This was a really fun read I love random facts and trivia, but I rarely read entire books about them However, this one pleasantly surprised me and was a lot of fun

    Very interesting tidbits.

    Katherine Wade-easley
    Fun, coffee table bathroom book of trivia lots of little facts and stories about terminology that is still currently in use great gift or conversation starter

    This has some interesting tidbits.

    Charming The title didn t quite match the read, because it s really about the origin of well understood words and expressions I ve read similar collections, and instead of really enjoying half or two thirds, I was engaged on every single entry Some of my favorites the origin of croissants or crescent rolls, why prostitutes are called hookers, what we mean by saying put a sock in it I was given this book at the ten year celebration of our local book group.

    A fascinating and fun little book on the origins of sayings expressions Really enjoyed reading this, it was recommended by one of my sons, he kept reading outtakes to me and I got intrigued If you ve ever wondered where the expression honeymoon came from or how the ship speed in knots is determined this is the book for you.

    The origins of a trophy is disturbing and back to ancient Greece were the dead soldiers parts hung from a tree As for Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer he could have bee Rollo or Reginald Not having a clew would be lost without a ball of string IV schools is still my favorite fact This book is usually displayed at my family s coffee table this time of year.

    This was a short and enjoyable book that I received as a Christmas present It provided short, but thorough explanations of some of those little hmmm moments of life Definitely not an academic work, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys language and its origins and sociology.

    Patricia Baker
    i liked this little book with many tidbits of random information would be a great book to put in the bathroom to read when you just want to read something without linking it together great pick up and put down book liked the different chapters something for everyone.

    Do you need some cocktail party conversation This charming book will provide you with loads of discussion starters It s full of bite sized factoids that you can read over time and is interesting to all ages Lovely.

    This book is a very short, sweet, and informative book about questions you may have had and questions you never thought of It really makes you stop and think about the English language It s a very curious little book.

    Randell Green
    5.5.16 11.17.16

    What a wonderful little book of fascinating factoids Very interesting Great for history buffs and trivia lovers.

    Roxann Souci
    I am a total sucker for books like this I just love trivia.

    I didn t finish it Stopped halfway This is a good bathroom book

    A great book for those, like myself, who enjoy understanding why and trivia.

    Great especially the trivia

    indeed a brilliant little book.

    Interesting collection of facts, figures, history and yes, trivia, for those of us who love to know little bits about all sorts of things Sure to satisfy the curious minded.

    Laura Ostermeyer
    An interesting and educational book that is a quick and fun read Perfect for any trivia buff or someone who enjoys learning the meaning behind things

    The small but interesting book makes a nice coffee table book when you need something quick to read I liked that the answers were all fairly short and uncomplicated And I learned alot too.

    Jude Brigley
    Fascinating read for anyone interested in how language evolved.I feel that I should have known that golf evolved from Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden.

    • [PDF] Ï The Little Book of Answers | BY ☆ Doug Lennox
      Doug Lennox