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  • Title: SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses
  • Author: John Maddox Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780312246983
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback

  • SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses By John Maddox Roberts When Roman junior senator Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger has a chance to join a diplomatic mission to Alexandria, he welcomes the opportunity to temporarily elude his enemies in the Eternal City even though it means leaving his beloved Rome Decius is just beginning to enjoy the outpost s many exotic pleasures when the suspicious death of an irascible philosopher ocWhen Roman junior senator Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger has a chance to join a diplomatic mission to Alexandria, he welcomes the opportunity to temporarily elude his enemies in the Eternal City even though it means leaving his beloved Rome Decius is just beginning to enjoy the outpost s many exotic pleasures when the suspicious death of an irascible philosopher occurs, coinciding with the puzzling and apocalyptic ravings of a charismatic cult leader Intrigued, Decius requests and is given permission by the Egyptian Pharaoh to investigate the heinous crime What he discovers is beyond shocking And when the corpse of a famous courtesan mysteriously turns up in his bed, Decius suddenly finds himself entangled in a web of conspiracy far widespread and dangerous than he ever imagined one that threatens to bring about the downfall of the entire Empire.
    John Maddox Roberts
    aka Mark RamsayJohn Maddox Roberts is the author of numerous works of science fiction and fantasy, in addition to his successful historical SPQR mystery series The first two books in the series have recently been re released in trade paperback He lives in New Mexico with his wife.

    SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses By John Maddox Roberts


    Joyce Lagow
    Deciding that cowardice is the better part of valor, Decius, who has once antagonized the powerful politicians of Rome, leaves the city for Alexandria, where his kinsman, Quintus Caecilius Metellus Creticus a historical figure , is on a diplomatic mission to King Ptolemy of Egypt Despite being away from his beloved Rome, Decius is having a high old time, especially since his girlfriend Julia is there to enjoy Alexandria s vast cultural heritage the most famous is the throne supported Library, w [...]

    Another excellent Decius Metellus mystery This time the novelty is to shift the setting from Rome to Alexandria as Decius is sent there to assist a relative in the Roman diplomatic mission there not to mention to steer clear of his enemies in Rome and theoretically to stay out of trouble Of course, Decius can do no such thing and soon enough a Greek philosopher turns up dead in the titular temple and Decius prevails upon the Pharaoh to investigate As with previous novels, the simple murder is an [...]

    Lance McMurchy
    Quite a good little story There were lots of running through streets, fights and general disobedience I suppose they are things that makes thing interesting, but not very roman except may be the fighting The encounter Decius had with the young Cleopatra was quite interesting, and seems to have stood out to me As well as the visit to the Daphne, with a Greek prostitute, for the obvious reasons Looking forward to reading in the series.

    maybe as a detective story it was good despite some very stupid moments, but I can t but notice that the main character gets worse with every book i liked him so much in the first one and now he s turned into a Rome is the mightiest, selfish and slaves should know their place kind of guy, just like Scarrow s Macro and Cato humour begins to resemble Falco but is too modern like many ideas pity, I really liked the first part.

    Waking up at 3am and being unable to get back to sleep def means I get through books quicker than normal Trip to Alexandria with some interesting details about the city 1st book set there I ve read that hasn t had Caesar and Cleopatra as the main focus which made for a good change.

    I had never read a mystery set in Roman gladiator times 50 BC before I was pleasantly surprised by John Maddox Roberts The Temple of the Muses with its vivid descriptions of a time and place I knew little about A real treat from the protagonist, Decius Caecilius Metellus, whose droll sense of humor and ability to get into and out of trouble must in some way reflect his creator I couldn t help but laugh at his antics while simultaneously following the intricate plot The author also educates the r [...]

    These books are quick reads due to the fast moving plots This time our hero Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger travels to Alexandria, Egypt, in the time of Pharaoh Ptolemy the flute player and his young daughter, Cleopatra A murder occurs and Decius is called in to investigate As usual, he has many things on his mind during his hunt for the killer Not least of these is how he can promote his own political career that seems to have slowed to a halt My favorite part of the book is when Decius i [...]

    John Maddox Roberts delivers a solid product Every instalment of his series of detective novels set in the Roman Republic has fascinating local color, convincing historical detail, and the interaction between the protagonist Decius, and his associates Julia, his betrothed, Hermes, his slave, and the Greek physician Asklepiodes There are the same tropes being chased by a mob out for Decius blood, knocking down an adversary with a cestus, an erotic encounter with a femme fatale I wish that not eve [...]

    Vicki Cline
    Decius Caecilius Metellus has gone to Alexandria as part of a diplomatic mission with his relative Quintus Caecilius Metellus Creticus a real historical person While he s there, one of the scholars at the Museum is murdered, and Decius can t resist getting involved We and he meet several historical personages, including Cleopatra age 10 and the Egyptian general Achillas Decius impertinent slave Hermes is along with him, as is his friend and doctor Asklepiodes, who gets Decius out from under a mu [...]

    Shannon Appelcline
    This was a very nice change of pace book because it took place in Alexandria Egypt rather than Rome Decius still had his typical problems of facing disbelief or indifference from his Romans peers, but at least the Egyptian King was somewhat interested while not drunk Mind you, the main villain got away, as ever, because of political influence but this time Decius assures us that in 12 years time he s going to get his because Decius writes from the future, sometime after the fall of the Republic [...]

    Randomly found this book on our shelves a few weeks ago and decided to pick it up This was a VERY quick read, even despite all the Roman and Greek names Though the setting is Alexandria during the Roman era, the main characters came off as being somewhat contemporary in their speech thoughts than I would have expected This is especially true of Decius the main character , who comes off somewhat like Sherlock Holmes the new bad boy version , but less exalted and definitely less British I m not s [...]

    Georgina Ortiz
    There s a great deal of running in this book, with Decius Metellus escaping from quite a number of enemies The setting of the story was in Ancient Egypt s Alexandria, made even exotic by the author s vivid descriptions.The plot was okay I liked the story s details e.g description of Alexandria, the dialogues, the characters esp the Metellii better However, there were many many parts which I found exceedingly funny Decius is turning out to be quite the comic The Kindle format of this book, howev [...]

    For once, the exile isn t skipped over, here we find our friend Decius in Alexandria once again deemed by the family better out of Rome Of course, he quickly finds his way into trouble once again This time he finds himself investigating the murder of a scholar from the Library of Alexandria and stumbles into so much We meet the whole set of Ptolemys Ptolemy, Berenice, and Cleopatra The general who later kills Pompey is lurking about as well Fun mystery and nie look at younger versions of charac [...]

    Sara G
    This was another really fun Decius Metellus mystery In this one, he s in Alexandria due to his bad behavior he is out of Rome for a while and ends up wrapped up in the murder of a philosopher The author does a fabulous job of establishing the setting in Alexandria, and I have to be honest, I enjoyed this one the most out of this series so far I love how Decius s little murder mysteries are invariably tied to the strength of the Republic, or potential scandal, and this one is no exception.

    This is an amateur sleuth series based in the ancient Roman empire.Minor junior senator, Metellus the Younger is sent to Alexandria, as he keeps causing trouble in Rome He meets and greets various functionaries, when a noted philosopher is murdered Metellus pokes around, causing no end of trouble, nearly getting killed than once, and finally gets to the bottom of things.Quite entertaining with a lot of humor.

    Fred Kohn
    It s a pretty nifty idea to have an ancient Roman detective, and it worked pretty well, I guess But JMR seemed too interested in showing off his knowledge of ancient history for this to work well as a mystery, at least for me The murder didn t occur until around p 50 and the action didn t really pick up until around p 100 It was a great story once it got going, but 100 pages to set the atmosphere seems a bit excessive when the entire novel is only about 220 pages.

    A far better book than the previous two and we have the return of Decius cynical smart ass humour Still loyal to Rome and the Senate, he isn t the flag waving my country love it or leave it ultra conservative of Book three The characters were enjoyable and while perhaps not entirely three dimensional, they were far from boring Happily Asklepiodes has a decent part in the action and a moment in the limelight I look forward to with Julia as well.

    Decius in Alexandria I enjoyed this than his Rome setting novels Perhaps I just prefer Alex to Rome A philosopher is killed, however, he is a pragmatic phil, selling his skills as a weapon designer to the Parthian king, and involving himself in a potential war Decius skilfully unravels and all is or less well.

    I would say that this book is the best I ve read in this series Its setting of Alexandria, as well as the main character s reactions to it, really adds to the story The mystery is involving and the character s tendencies for getting into trouble with his own relatives as well as the bad guys makes it fun His fiancee Julia makes a good sidekick as she is grounded than Decius.

    Another fun outing with Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger In this entry Decius travels to Alexandria with one of his older and wiser family members but, as always, manages to find a murder to investigate Love Decius first person narration as voiced in the audio version by the excellent John Lee.

    Diana Sandberg
    Decius gets up to his usual mayhem, this time in Alexandria A few annoying errors, mostly typographical and I ll stretch that point for using augur when auger was meant otherwise, amusing and diverting I enjoyed the change of venue and the glimpse of 10yo Cleopatra, too

    I enjoyed Roberts rendering of ancient Alexandria His research and descriptions are as always impeccable While I enjoyed this story as well, I missed Decius being in Rome and some of the usual cast of characters.

    More on the history of ancient Rome in the time of the Caesars as seen through the eyes of Decius Caecilius Metellus who is frequently called upon to investigate mysteries in high places These stories are particularly interesting for their insights into everyday life in ancient Rome.

    A very good Decius mystery which made me laugh out loud numerous times Historical detective story can hardly get much better without losing a certain charm.

    Good weekend reading, entertaining

    A mystery of sorts, set in late Ptolemaic Egypt with a visiting Roman senator Nice evocation of the setting and characters, while the plot lumbered a bit.

    A good read as it were I feel like Roberts is hitting his stred with this series.

    Another really good installment in the SPQR historical mystery series.

    Elena. (theresmiling)
    My edition German Audiobook Audible exklusiv, gelesen von Erich R uker

    Really enjoying the series

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