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  • Title: One Enchanted Evening
  • Author: Lynn Kurland
  • ISBN: 9780515147919
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • One Enchanted Evening By Lynn Kurland Time travel romances have made Lynn Kurland a bestseller in the here and now A duty bound knight has taken on the task of rebuilding the most dilapidated castle in all of England A costume designer gets her chance to shine by showcasing her fairy tale designs at an upscale party in an authentic medieval castle And the magic that whispers along the castle s hallwaysTime travel romances have made Lynn Kurland a bestseller in the here and now A duty bound knight has taken on the task of rebuilding the most dilapidated castle in all of England A costume designer gets her chance to shine by showcasing her fairy tale designs at an upscale party in an authentic medieval castle And the magic that whispers along the castle s hallways is about to orchestrate an improbable happily ever after.
    Lynn Kurland
    Lynn began her writing career at the tender age of five with a series of illustrated novellas entitled Clinton s Troubles in which the compelling hero found himself in all sorts of well, trouble She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it After returning to the mainland, her writing gave way to training in classical music and Clinton, who had been felled with arrows, eaten by fish and sent tumbling off cars, was put aside for operatic heroes in tights.Somehow during high school, in between bouts of Verdi and Rossini, she managed to find time to submerge herself in equal parts Tolkien, Barbara Cartland and Mad Magazine During college, a chance encounter with a large library stack of romances left her hooked, gave her the courage to put pen to paper herself, and finally satisfied that need for a little bit of fantasy with a whole lot of romance

    One Enchanted Evening By Lynn Kurland


    Montgomery finally has a story I have to admit I am a HUGE Lynn Kurland fan I have every one of her books and I have been counting down the days until One Enchanted Evening was available.I fell in love with Montgomery when he was a teenager in When I Fall In Love and he was firmly convinced that Jennifer was from Faery Well, Montgomery has finally put all of that behind him, working hard to live up to the reputation of his father and older brothers and it is alot to live up to.Montgomery is give [...]

    Not my favorite, but still ok I thought it drug a little bit I was, however, happy to finally see one of the boys go after their woman in HER world just to prove that he wanted her After reading the most recent DePiaget novel, I had to go back and read the three sister s Pippa, Tess and Peaches stories in order and one right after the other Becauseey all happen within weeks of each other in the stories but were written published years apart Slight little comments or facts now make so much sense [...]

    What a magical story I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it hard to stop reading when I had to The characters were well rounded and I appreciate the author s touch with dry humor Also, I felt that Pippa s reaction to tumbling back in time to be realistic in that she kind of freaked out and didn t readily accept the situation and adjust within 3 pages.One thing I really think these books should be read in order because when Pippa and Montgomery met all the relatives and the reader was introduced t [...]

    Clean and super romantic.

    Mandi Schreiner
    Reviewed by AmandaOne Enchanted Evening is a time travelling romance for what Lynn Kurland is most well known for and in true style this book does not disappoint.Our hero is Montgomery De Piaget a Knight who seems to have a lot of responsibilities except the ones he wants the most such as a wife, children and a home Instead he has been charged with the daunting task of having to rebuild the fallen castle of Artane to its former glory.Enter our Modern Washington heroine Pippa Alexander She has be [...]

    Having waited for years for Montgomery de Piaget s story, I can say it was well worth the wait Having read all of Lynn Kurland s wonderful books, she has once again taken me to a place few authors have For a trip to the delightful, amazing time traveling world of the medieval de Piaget family, re acquainting myself with so many great characters from her previous books in the series, is a trip I always look forward to taking Ms Kurland never fails to enchant me with her humor, quick and clever di [...]

    I always enjoy Lynn s books and this one was was true to form I liked Montgomery, but he wasn t the alpha male I have come to expect from Lynn I found myself wanting him to take charge I wanted him to kick out those previous tenants I wanted him to reveal his feelings for Pippa a lot earlier than he did Thoroughly enjoyable, but not my favorite.

    3.5 Stars I was in the mood for a good time travel romance, and this fit the bill nicely This is not the 1st book in the series but was easy to keep up with nevertheless I will be going back and reading them in order, however Even tho this was an older book, nothing dated it.

    Carolyn Takara
    I love reading the continuing saga of the De Piaget family This is Montgomery s story and I can t wait to read the rest of his siblings adventures, especially what happened to his twin brother, John.

    A little too much thinking of thoughts Wanted dialogue, intrigue and romance Not her best

    My first Lynn Kurland book I loved it Great writing, romance and adventure with absolutely NO unnecessary details to compromise it Definitely PG rated I can t wait to read them all

    Hazel McNellis
    INHALT Montgomery de Piaget glaubt nicht an Magie Das sagt er sich zumindest immer wieder, w hrend er die heruntergekommene Burg, die er von seinem Vater geerbt hat, versucht, im Jahre 1241 wieder aufzubauen Da kommt es eigentlich gar nicht gut, wenn ausgerechnet ihm eine Fee vor die F e f llt Das Chaos ist perfekt, als sich herausstellt, dass die Fee Persephone, kurz Pippa, hei t und aus der Gegenwart stammt MEINUNG Herrlich Der Roman ist sooo sch n Ein M rchen wie es im Buche steht hehe Zu Beg [...]

    Great as always This one was a little bit weird as far as wording a few parts of the book but I was super happy with it Raised all kinds of questions about what happened to John and what not kinda knew what century they d end up in only because of reading Till There Was You Mary says she was going to Montgomery s keep and that there were kids to take care of therePersephone Alexander Montgomery De Piaget

    I could not get beyond the first chapter It just dragged and took forever to introduce characters and backstory I don t want to read and it gets better If I don t care about the characters by the middle of the first chapter, I close it So this book gets a DNF By the way, I had not read any of the other books in this series I have read Kurland before, but could not tell you which books.

    Lacy♪ ♫Movements of a Demigod ♪ ♫
    I really liked this story with it meddling ghosts and crazy siblings and cousins The beginning of the book was a little slow for me with all the explainations of hippy parents and crazy Cindi parading around like an evil step sister Once she was out of the picture things improved drastically for Montgomery and Pippa Overall it was a great time travel romance with a touch of humor.

    I was so excited to read Montgomery de Piaget s story Unfortunately, this one fell a little flat for me There was one character who annoyed me to no end, and this character really ruined the story for me Still, I love Lynn Kurland and I ll read anything she writes.

    Doreen Arnold
    Got bored stopped reading

    I was so bored that I quit and didn t finish.

    Couldn t finish it Can t put my finger on it Guess I couldn t grasp the characters

    2.5 starts I was very excited to try One Enchanted Evening because Kurland writes so many books and it looked fun and quirky but halfway through I keep asking is this going to go somewhere Is something going to happen Are they going to keep doing nothing I hate to say it but this is a really boring book The premise is promising, but in reality it is slow and even the few funny parts are not that funny There is really no romance and I am halfway through THey just keep having the same interactions [...]

    Similar story line to the Christmas Cat Short story book Kurland has an entry in one but of course this one is developed I love this series I wish I d read them all before leaving my home state.

    Montgomery de Piaget Robin s youngest brother and Pippa, a modern day seamstress with a flair for adding the medieval to her designs Fun and cute like the others, a little bit too much on the side of assuming that everyone s dream is a husband wife, and lots of kids.

    Anne Valentine
    Really enjoyed this story Pippa was a joy and Montgomery was adorable Their chemistry was sizzling.

    Fun time travel.

    Kathy Davie
    Sixth in the De Piaget time traveling, historical paranormal romance series Chronologically, it should come after Stardust of Yesterday, 11, which is all about Kendrick s adventures and how his romantic life completes itself After all, if Kendrick is going to be showing up at contemporary Artane, with 13 year old triplets My TakeThe 4 is my compromise between the 3 I wanted to plant on it for Pippa allowing Cindi to be such a bitch and the 5 I felt for the rest of the story It really irritated m [...]

    Sandy M
    I m in shock There hasn t been a Lynn Kurland book to date that I haven t totally loved Until now I just like this one It s still a good book, wonderful characters, great time traveling, and a good storyline But this time there was a little silliness included and that just didn t work for me, especially because it took away from the beautiful writing that Ms Kurland is known for in her books.Pippa Alexander s passion is fashion design She s just shy of getting her huge break in the business, som [...]

    Rhonda Soukup
    The story lines are all starting to get the same with Kurland But I love her characters so I ll continue reading about the two families.

    One Enchanted Evening De Piaget Book 6 by Lynn KurlandGenre Historical Romance Time Travel Fairy Tale FantasyMontgomery de Piaget attracts responsibilities like blossoms lure bees Where other knights have bonny brides, laughing children, and noble quests, he has the task of rebuilding the most dilapidated castle in all of England A bit of magic might aid him if only he still believed in that sort of thing When Pippa Alexander is invited to England to provide costumes for an upscale party, she ju [...]

    Beth Pearson
    This was the 2nd book I read in my collection of 4 books by Lynn Kurland I didn t exactly go by publishing dates because it appeared the other 2 I had dealt with a different family then the di Piaget family that I had read about in When I fall in Love so I stayed loyal to the di Piaget family and read One Enchanted Evening that has Nicholas s younger brother, Montgomery, as the main handsome, sexy knight in the story Now that I am on Good Reads and see how the series is set up, I realize that wa [...]

    LOVED this installment in the stories of the De Piagets Montgomery has always been one of my favorites of the brothers, so I was so glad to finally get to his book He was such a sweet, innocent, romantic as a teenager always believing in faeries and being endlessly curious about his mysterious brother in law and sisters in law never sure if they had come from the Future or if they were actually faeries, just knowing they were paranormal oddities and that he adored them I always hoped he s find h [...]

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