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  • Title: The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780394848358
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor By Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain It s time for a routine check up with Dr Gert Grizzly Sister Bear is braveabout her booster shot, and Brother Bear is fine, but achoo is that PapaBear sneezing A light hearted approach to the subject with straightforwardinformation Appraisal.
    Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
    Stan and Jan Berenstain often called The Berenstains were American writers and illustrators best known for creating the children s book series the Berenstain Bears Their son Mike joined them as a creative team in the late 1980s.

    The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor By Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain


    The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor is part of a series of books which sees a family of bears encountering a variety of everyday life experiences This story is about Brother and Sister Bear having to visit Doctor Gert Grizzly for a routine check up Sister Bear s worried attitude represents the attitude that many children may have They may associate seeing the doctor with blood and pain This book is designed to show children that there is nothing to worry about going to see the doctor and it is [...]

    Bridgett Strawbrich
    This was Ben s present for being SO brave when getting his 6 month shots and he loved that it was all about what had happened to him earlier that day at his well visit and that he was allowed to peel off a sticker

    The Berenstain Bears are some of our favorites reading all of my mom s Berenstain Bears books is great I also like to watch the cartoon before school It s fun to sometimes see stories I ve read on tv.

    8 6 2016 Read with Naomi Julia.1 25 18 Read with Julia.

    Emily Garrison
    This book was published in 1981 by Random House Publishing and is a book in the First Time Books series In this story, Mama announces to the cubs as they climb into bed, that they have a doctor check up appointment the next day The cubs are worried, they don t feel sick and wonder why they have to go to the doctor Mama assures them that this is when doctors check to see if cubs are growing correctly Even after Mama and Papa assured them it was nothing to worry about, sister is still worried On t [...]

    Kristine Hansen
    I do like how this book tackles exactly what to expect in a check up I don t like how the cubs are paraded out in their underwear to show the other cubs in the waiting room how bravely they can get their shots Ick We might need to have a talk about privacy hereThe additional storyline about Papa Bear is predictable but fun all the same I do love that his smug self righteousness leads to his downfall.

    If the kids hand me a book versus me picking one out, then yes, I m definitely reading it They love stethoscopes, so this one is a hit Although I have my doubts about that doctor immediately offering to check a sick Papa Bear with a cold during his kids own check up, especially with all those other bears waiting outside Overthinking a children s book is fun

    Pretty decent book in the what to expect when you visit the doctor category Definitely against HIPPA that Dr Grizzly invites all the other children in to see Sister Bear get her shot, but I ll give her a pass since this book was written in the 80s.

    This book was one of the ones I read as a kid, and it s a good way to introduce children to the idea of getting checkups, although it seems weird now that the doctor would call every kid in in from the waiting room to watch Sister Bear get a shot in her underwear.

    Quinn Tirrel
    Great for explaining to kids about going to the doctor.I wish they would have been honest with the cubs about the fact that shots DO hurt Otherwise, great

    Krista Vogts
    I chose this book because I remember my mother reading it to me when I was young This would be a great book to use in the classroom because it could calm children s fears of the doctor Also, this book does a good job of explaining the purpose of shots in a way children will understand This is important for students to know because they will be getting shots often as they grow up This book is cute, and has humor in it to keep the reader s attention.

    Rebekah Rowland
    I like the Berenstain Bear books but I always spefically liked the doctor books because it was always something to relate to Going to the doctors or dentist always scared me as a kid but these books always helped me feel comfortable Age Range 5 9

    Cassandra Gelvin
    Mixture of accurate information and inaccurate.Not bad for a Berenstain Bears book Papa Bear is a stereotypical male, and he doesn t go to the doctor, because he achoo never gets sick The cubs are going in for a checkup They both have to get shots, because, why not And it turns out Papa is sick Ha ha.The way that the doctor makes the shot seem not as bad to Sister is by calling all of the other cubs in from the waiting room to watch her get a shot, kind of intimidating or embarrassing her into n [...]

    Brooke June
    The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor is about how brother bear and sister bear have to go get a check up They are nervous that it will hurt, although when they get there they see all of the other bears there too When they go inside the doctor tells them what all of the utensils are and what they do The bears realize that it doesn t hurt and they are brave getting their shots Papa bear even leaves with medicine because he has a cold.Guided reading level P and grades K 2.The Berenstains have rece [...]

    Mista Frade
    When I was little, picture books were all I would read To tell the truth, I hate reading, so looking at pictures made understanding the story so much easier I still remember the Berestain Bears because they had lesson that could relate to a little guy like I was in 1988 I hated going to the doctor, mainly because I abhorred shots I used to cry simply by being in the office, and many times, I wouldn t even get a shot This book was one of the first to teach me that going to the doctor is a good th [...]

    I think there s a very good reason that this book series has spanned decades and maintained popularity It gives children the chance to think on their own and make their own choices for behaviors that carry over into their adult lives Many of these issues will be ones that will persist through their lives, just on different levels of course.I love the nostalgia reading this as an adult Even grown ups struggle with keeping up with their health and attending the doctor regularly I recommend passing [...]

    Rosa Cline
    My granddaughter and I really enjoyed this Berenstain Bears book It s one of the original stories with Brother and Sister before Honey and the modern stuff Mama tells the kids they are going to see the doctor for a check up they are scared and unsurebut the story take a child on a trip with the Bear kids and find out that visiting the doctor isn t a bad thing and they are for your well being and that shots are good things and explains a little about why you should get booster shots etc so for t [...]

    Chester Richmond
    Many people are unnecessarily frightened by going to the doctor This is especially common for children because they have not gone as many times and are still easily frightened by pain, blood, and needles If your child is scared you can show them this book which details exactly what happens during a visit and shows that it is not as scary as you first thought.This could be used in a classroom to teach about visiting the doctor and common procedures which many of your students may not know This co [...]

    Jordan Lee
    This story is about children who are going to the doctor for the first time and are very nervous But, throughout the book they go through the whole doctor checkup with the bears and they realize the doctor isn t such a scary place after all We would use this book in a classroom by teaching children about doctors and how they are here to help you stay healthy There are many mysteries when it comes to the first visits to the doctor when you are little I remember being terrified to go, but if I had [...]

    Adam Utehs
    this book talks about how children are all very scared of going to the doctors and getting shots because it might hurt In this book it shows brother and sister bear go in get shots and it shows that all that worrying was for nothing because the shots didn t even hurt Most children are scared of the doctors thinking that it will hurt them instead of trying to make them better and this book helps them get over their fears I would recommend this book to be read to children to get over their fears o [...]

    Emma Daugherty
    The Berenstain Bears were always some of my favorite books growing up This series of books is great to teach children about everyday problems, challenges, fears, and rules they might encounter The bear family is very relatable and the stories are easy to follow with a clear beginning, middle and end This particular story is one of my favorite because I remember it helping me to not be so afraid of the doctor s office.

    This book talks about what to expect when going to the doctor I liked the main idea of it and the way the story is told However, I think it has a lot of wording for children to follow through It can be a story to read in circle time and make sure it is read with motivation so that children can follow along I believe children can react to it positively if they are asked questions about when the go to the doctor Engaging them with questions can make this story enjoyable.

    Whitney Strickland
    This is another good read that will help inform children about doctors visits and make them laugh at the things that go on at the doctor s office The Berenstain family takes a trip so that brother and sister can get their booster shots I like this part because this is a very routine thing that most children have to experience In the future I will definitely share this book with children who may be fearful of what goes on at the doctor s office.

    I would rate this book a 5 This story is about children who are going to the doctor for the first time and are very nervous But, throughout the book they go through the whole doctor checkup with the bears and they realize the doctor isn t such a scary place after all You could use this book in a classroom by teaching children about doctors and how they are here to help you stay healthy This book is good for young children from kindergarten to 3rd grade.

    Courtney Kilbourn
    This is another classic series of stories that are typically a favorite among young ones This particular one is my favorite from the series I love how they made the doctors office seem like a nice and inviting place and not a scary place like most kids think I would pick this for my classroom because I want to show the children that it doesn t have to be a scary place and shots aren t has painful as they may think.

    Nivi Krishnakumar
    This is a great book to read for understanding sequencing This book is also a great book to do a character study activity since there are a lot of Berenstain Bears books I think students will enjoy these books because they are fun books to read and listen to This is a great book to talk about why it is important to wash hands and what causes you to become sick This book would be a great introduction to talking about germs.

    Read with Logan on a marathon BB reading day in Sept, 2012.Funny tale of the kids being good at the doctor s office and Papa then needing a shot because he is sneezing, though the entire book he s been insisting he NEVER gets sick.Update Re read this book with Sabrina while visiting Austin in May, 2014 Classic

    Kamal Sandhu
    Every alternate day 3 year old pixiewant me to read it for her I loved the lines Take a deep breath stick out your tongueGo to Doctor Grizzly, when you are young When I talk about booster shot ry innocently she will saym, like papa bearsI don t need, as I am not sick.

    Take a deep breath.Stick out your tongue.Come see Doctor GrizzlyWhile you are young.Brother and Sister go to the doctor for their yearly checkup Papa Bear is a little silly as he keeps insisting that he never goes to the doctor because he never gets sick.This book could be paired with Go to the Dentist.

    It s time for Brother and Sister Bear to visit the doctor for a checkup They are weighed, temperature taken, height checked and The cubs to great until they are told they need booster shots But Dr Grizzly talks them through it and they do fine Papa Bear, however, apparently has a cold Dated, but the Berenstain Bears books are still good.

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