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  • Title: The Diary of Petr Ginz
  • Author: Petr Ginz Chava Pressburger Elena Lappin Jonathan Safran Foer
  • ISBN: 9780871139665
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Diary of Petr Ginz By Petr Ginz Chava Pressburger Elena Lappin Jonathan Safran Foer Lost for sixty years in a Prague attic, this secret diary of a teenage prodigy killed at Auschwitz is an extraordinary literary discovery, an intimately candid, deeply affecting account of a childhood compromised by Nazi tyranny As a fourteen year old Jewish boy living in Prague in the early 1940s, Petr Ginz dutifully records the increasingly precarious texture of daily lLost for sixty years in a Prague attic, this secret diary of a teenage prodigy killed at Auschwitz is an extraordinary literary discovery, an intimately candid, deeply affecting account of a childhood compromised by Nazi tyranny As a fourteen year old Jewish boy living in Prague in the early 1940s, Petr Ginz dutifully records the increasingly precarious texture of daily life With a child s keen eye for the absurd and the tragic, he muses on the prank he played on his science class and then just pages later, reveals that his cousins have been called to relinquish all their possessions, having been summoned east in the next transport The diary ends with Petr s own summons to Thereisenstadt, where he would become the driving force behind the secret newspaper Vedem, and where he would continue to draw, paint, write, and read, furiously educating himself for a future he would never see Fortunately, Petr s voice lives on in his diary, a fresh, startling, and invaluable historical document and a testament to one remarkable child s insuppressible hunger for life.
    Petr Ginz Chava Pressburger Elena Lappin Jonathan Safran Foer
    Petr Ginz Chava Pressburger Elena Lappin Jonathan Safran Foer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Diary of Petr Ginz book, this is one of the most wanted Petr Ginz Chava Pressburger Elena Lappin Jonathan Safran Foer author readers around the world.

    The Diary of Petr Ginz By Petr Ginz Chava Pressburger Elena Lappin Jonathan Safran Foer


    dammit I hate the way that is NOT saving my review I submit it and viola No review I found this book boring to tears It s a kid s diary It s filled with the mundane things a kid does Entries on homework, birthdays, family get togethers, his friends But betwixt these harmless entries, entries on how bit by bit the Nazi regime took away the rights of Jews After reading this book I needed a moment to reflect.This isn t just some kids diary This kid was murdered, in a way most heinous For what For h [...]

    I read this book after spending 10 days at Terezin for a University Field Study Trip, maybe it is because I know Petr s history first hand, maybe it is because I walked the streets he walked as a boy, or maybe it s because I stood in the spot where he last stood before being sent to Auschwitz, but this book moved me in ways I cannot even describe.Petr Ginz, and his diary will always be for me, a haunting reminder of my time in Terezin, and the horrible events of the Holocaust.

    I m intentionally not giving this a rating That s something I always struggle with when it comes to Holocaust titles, but in this case I ve run across something quite rare for me I would never presume to grade someone s Holocaust experience I do not want to appear to be denigrating or devaluing what Petr Ginz, or his sister, Chava Pressburger, had to endure But I did not like the way this book was put together.There are a couple of unusual points about this book that give it a different perspect [...]

    A rare historical find, the diaries reflect the day to day activities of a Jewish boy in Prague during 1941 1942 Unfortunately, the diary as a standalone book is somewhat banal Many of the entries are simply talk about the weather and what happened in school that day Peppered throughout the books are glimpses of the oppression the Jews were facing You do get to see some of his personality he has a sense of humor On the very first entry, he mentions that all of the Jews in town are required to we [...]

    Awesome diary You should be proud Chava

    I m not rating this because I don t think it s right to put a rating on something a person never intended to publish, it s like putting a rating on someone s personal experience and I don t feel it s my place to do that, especially to someone that has endured the horrors that were the Holocaust When reading this, it is paramount to read between the lines This account tells of the story of Petr Ginz, a 14 year old Jewish boy that died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp His diary entries are [...]

    The extermination of millions deprived the world of greatness as is the aim of evil The loss of the brilliance of this young man is a loss imaginable.

    I could not put this book down Very important read for anyone interested in this subject or who have had a personal experience with it So real and so innocently touching I hold Petr in my heart.

    Lest We ForgetDo you believe Yes It did happen.Yes It can easily happen again because we refuse to believe it happened.Yes.

    Petr Ginz was born in Prague, in 1928, the oldest child of an Aryan mother and Jewish father Being of the product of a mixed marriage, he was allowed to stay at home and not be called up for a transport to one of the concentration camps until he turned 14, which happened in 1942 Two years later, his sister Chava Pressburger who edited this work joined him Thesesienstadt, right before Petr s transport to Auschwitz, where he was gassed.In 2003, Israli astronaut Ilan Ramon took one of Petr s painti [...]

    In 1941, Petr Ginz was 12 years old, living in Prague under German occupation, when he began keeping a diary This young man, who would later live for two years at the Thereisenstadt concentration camp before being shipped off to his death at Auschwitz, provides the barest glimpse into the daily life of the Jewish population of Prague as the Nazi final solution got underway Unlike Anne Frank, Petr did not write lengthy diary entries filled with detail Instead, his sparse entries provide us with a [...]

    The Diary of Petr Ginz 1941 1942, written by Peter Ginz, Edited by his sister, Chava Pressburger, translation Copyright 2007 by Elena LappinPoignant, Compelling, Insightful, Astounding Petr lived a short sixteen years, but his life was filled with artistic flair, to the very end From writing to drawing, painting and editing a newsletter, he filled the last years of his life with identity, courage and creativity That we are able to read these diary entries is amazing in itself, as they were only [...]

    Andrea Garcia
    For my first scholar choice book, I read The Diary of Petr Ginz Petr Ginz is a Jewish boy living in Prague during Hitler s ruling The diary takes place from September 19, 1941 February 23,1942 Petr is one of the smartest beings I have ever known He works in a typewriters shop but doesn t get paid because he s Jewish One day, as he was working, his boss had some news He said that Petr was being sent to a concentration camp At this time Petr was only 13 He maintained very calm, though, his parents [...]

    This has the same flaws and virtues as Anne Frank s diary, or any Holocaust diary for that matter Petr s story is poignant, especially given his intelligence and artistic literary talent, and the reader inevitably wonders what sort of contributions he would have made to the world if he hadn t been murdered in Auschwitz at the age of 16 His essays and drawings show great promise The list of characters at the end of the story, and their fates most were lost to the Holocaust can bring tears to your [...]

    Daniel L.
    The Monument of a Gifted Boy in a Terrible TimeAlthough the Holocaust diaries of adult writers contain greater historical detail, those of children and young adults give us a perspective of what it is like to be a person in the early years of life, full of both fear and hope Petr Ginz was a remarkable person in so many ways, a talented artists, writer, humorist, and reporter His artistic legacy is one of a young man who faced unimaginable adversities with courage, dignity, and hope even when the [...]

    Prag 1942 Ein 14 j hriger j discher Junge zeichnet das Bild Mondlandschaft Es zeigt die Erde, wie er sie sich vom Mond aus betrachtet vorstellt Im Jahr 2003 nimmt der erste israelische Astronaut eine Kopie dieser Zeichnung mit an Bord der Raumf hre Columbia, die dann beim Wiedereintritt in die Erdatmosph re vergl ht Das Ungl ck bringt den Namen des jungen Zeichners, Petr Ginz, in die Schlagzeilen, und so erf hrt schlie lich Chava Pressburger, seine Schwester, dass man Tageb cher ihres Bruders en [...]

    Mikel Mancisidor
    El diario de un ni o maravilloso que termin en la c mara de gas La ternura de este ni o, su alegr a, su madurez, su capacidad de disfrutar de las cosas sencillas y valorarlas, su renuncia al odio o a los sentimientos empeque ecedores, su curiosidad infinita, sus ganas de hacer y de vivir son tan grandes como s lo pueden serlo en el mundo interior de un ni o Tenemos tanto que aprender de l y este libro es el regalo que a n l nos hace La historia del descubrimiento de este manuscrito es tan aventu [...]

    Anne Frank s diary tends to get all the press but apparently there are a number of diaries kept by teens during the Holocaust.Petr Ginz s diary documents 1941 1942 up until Petr was sent in a transport to Theresienstadt There is nothing earth shattering in this diary In fact, even references to what was going on regarding Jews is not the focus of the diary This, in and of itself, is heartbreaking This is the diary of just an average kid, full of descriptions of the weather and his schoolwork but [...]

    This is the diary of a 14 year old boy who lived in Prague during World War II, he was sent to a ghetto soon after the diary was finished It was interesting, but I gave it two stars because the actual diary is pretty basic, not very in depth, so I was a little disappointed not reading of a story I think it would have been really interesting to read what happened after he left Prague But, he definitely was a very interesting person, I learned about him from the introduction and the afterword th [...]

    You and I are living our own history today, not having the foresight that our future generations will have about our present era The young man, Petr, was also living his own story without the foresight we have now about the Holocaust This book shows how a young man lived his life not knowing, of course, what a truly horrendous thing the Holocaust was and, because of this, he continued to live his life as fully as he could while having hope in a better future His diary deeply touching my heart.

    The Diary of Petr Ginz was an interesting book It was a day to day diary of a boy living thorugh the Holocaust In 1942 he was transported to Theresienstadt He lived there for two years then was transported to Auschwitz were he died He was sixteen years old His sister editor put some of her diary entries in the book She put in the days before Petr was transported At the end, there were pictures that he drew or painted and stories that he wrote for a magazine HIs diary ends two months before his t [...]

    Powerful in its simplicity This book puts the reader into the mind of a brilliant, precocious boy going through unimaginable times with all the distractions one would expect of a child who trusts that the future will take care of itself and wants to focus on what is right in front of him The world lost another diamond with Petr s murder and the atrocity is compounded through the added notes of his sister, who compiled and edited his writings after his death.

    I m not rating this book, basically because it s a diary and it s something very personal that Petr wrote, probably not knowing that one day the whole world would read it Petr didn t show much fear, his writings of what was going on in Prague were of a quiet life mixed with some of the horrors that surrounded him and all jews He is calm but doesn t hide anything, even if he writes it in complex codes And even though it s sad saying so, it was a very interesting reading.

    I still haven t opened my copy of the Esperanto language book Taglibro de mia frato Diary of My Brother , of papers and drawings compiled by Petr s surviving sister, Chava But after that, I d like to read this book, too.

    Robin Clayton
    Sobering look at a very talented young man whose life was cut short simply because his father was Jewish He tried his best to live well as he documented his daily life, punctuated with brief comments of the atrocities going on around him His artwork was beautiful and his mind was genius Sad to see that his life ended too soon

    This is a difficult book to read I cannot imagine giving it five stars because of its content the diary itself is quite boring, to be honest It s extremely focused on events, not on emotions, and there are weeks when very little of interest happens.But there is background as well.Background is not the book Background is the book.I don t know.

    This book puts across the pure heart and nature of a 14 year old boy trying to stay positive throughout the devastation he is witnessing around him The way he leaves some days blank and others gives details that make you think deeply about what they went through is insightful yet saddening The poems are beautiful but heart wrenching all at the same time.

    Kati Polodna
    This is hard to write a review for because I expected from Petr s diary because of what I ve heard about him creative genius, life ended too soon, and so on This diary is just a simple account going on a walk, reporting on his grades of his daily life, with very few entries about Nazis, or if anything was written, it was without emotion 250 Jews dead.

    Carol Ann
    This is a peak at the life of a talented, amusing 13 year old Polish boy watching his life, and the lives of his friends and family quickly deteriorate There is a transition camp Thesesienstadt that I had not heard of It is difficult to look at Petr s picture on the cover and realize that his smile shone brightly for such a brief time.

    Diary of a 14 year old Jewish boy in Prague in 1941 His history is given as well as his diary and drawings Really interesting dichotomy between his mundane everyday life and the horrific things going on around him I gained some insight on a few things.

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