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  • Title: Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland
  • Author: Carlton Mellick III
  • ISBN: 9781933929927
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

  • Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland By Carlton Mellick III Road Warrior Werewolves versus McDonaldland Mutants apocalyptic fiction has never been quite like this They call themselves the Warriors, their enemies call them the Bitches They are a gang of man eating, motorcycle riding, war hungry werewolf women, and they are the rulers of the wasteland A century after the fall of civilization, only one city remains standing.Road Warrior Werewolves versus McDonaldland Mutants apocalyptic fiction has never been quite like this They call themselves the Warriors, their enemies call them the Bitches They are a gang of man eating, motorcycle riding, war hungry werewolf women, and they are the rulers of the wasteland A century after the fall of civilization, only one city remains standing It is a self contained utopian society protected by a three hundred foot high steel wall The citizens of this city live safe, peaceful lives, completely ignorant to the savagery that takes place beyond the walls They are content and happy, blindly following the rules of the fascist fast food corporation that acts as their government But when Daniel Togg, a four armed bootlegger from the dark side of town, is cast out of the walled city, he soon learns why the state of the outside world has been kept secret The wasteland is a chaotic battleground filled with giant wolves, mutant men, and an army of furry biker women who are slowly transforming into animals Trapped on the wrong side of a war zone, Daniel Togg makes new friends and new enemies, while uncovering the mysteries of the people living in the wasteland and how they came to be there Including 45 illustrations by the author, Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland is an epic bizarro tale of dehumanization, gender separation, consumption, and violent sexual awakenings A fast paced post apocalyptic adventure in the vein of The Road Warrior, featuring a very unique werewolf mythology.
    Carlton Mellick III
    Carlton Mellick III July 2, 1977, Phoenix, Arizona is an American author currently residing in Portland, Oregon He calls his style of writing avant punk, and is currently one of the leading authors in the recent Bizarro movement in underground literature citation needed with Steve Aylett, Chris Genoa and D Harlan Wilson.Mellick s work has been described as a combination of trashy schlock sci fi horror and postmodern literary art His novels explore surreal versions of earth in contemporary society and imagined futures, commonly focusing on social absurdities and satire.Carlton Mellick III started writing at the age of ten and completed twelve novels by the age of eighteen Only one of these early novels, Electric Jesus Corpse , ever made it to print.He is best known for his first novel Satan Burger and its sequel Punk Land Satan Burger was translated into Russian and published by Ultra Culture in 2005 It was part of a four book series called Brave New World, which also featured Virtual Light by William Gibson, City Come A Walkin by John Shirley, and Tea from an Empty Cup by Pat Cadigan.In the late 90 s, he formed a collective for offbeat authors which included D Harlan Wilson, Kevin L Donihe, Vincent Sakowski, among others, and the publishing company Eraserhead Press This scene evolved into the Bizarro fiction movement in 2005.In addition to writing, Mellick is an artist and musician.

    Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland By Carlton Mellick III


    Dan Schwent
    In a post apocalyptic world, the McDonalds Corporation picked up the pieces and rebuild civilization in its own demented image People live and work in a red and yellow city state, eating McDonald s three meals a day When Daniel Togg s two extra arms are discovered, he s cast out into the wastelands, where he is quickly captured by the wolf women Will Daniel ever be able to return to McDonaldland And will he want to if he gets the chance Wow If I wasn t already a fan of Carlton Mellick III before [...]

    First book of 2016 I can say that I love Bizarro fiction, so imaginative, so funny, so crazy and interesting.I am being impressed by this writer, he is amazing What to say about the ideas that he develops in this book BRILLIANT view spoiler In McDonaldland you can only eat the food from McDonalds, women can not have sex because they turn into wolfs and that is why there is a group of women wolfs in the Wasteland outside the city , because they are expelled Besides, some men are becoming mutants [...]

    Dustin Reade
    Mellick won the Wonderland award for this book, and for good reason This ranks among Mellick s very best work in my opinion It features fully realized characters, over the top violence, an engaging storyline, and truly original villains and situations.The basic idea is that McDonald s Corporation rules the world Everyone is Morbidly Obese, and living this way for so long has had negative effects on the people of McDonaldLand They mutate randomly, and the women have a big problem with sex See, wh [...]

    Donald Armfield
    Pop culture, horror, action pasted together by the mind of Bizarro founder Mellick does a wonderful trick with McDonald s everyones favorite quik meal A world where woman change into wolves after to much under the covers with the husband Where you can only eat McDonald s food any thing else is illegal Want some laughs and action check this out

    Awesome book, definitely deserved the award that it won Hope his follow up Barbarian Beast Bitches of the Badlands is just as fun.Everything about this was so unique, what a wonderful imagination this author has I won t be able to look at a dog or cheeseburger again without thinking I hope Carlton Mellick isn t prophetic His artwork included in this book was pretty sweet too.

    My first Mellick book Was quite enjoyable and entertaining Looking forward to the next one.

    David Barbee
    Carlton Mellick has made his writing career as one of the pillars of the bizarro community To some, he s already a legend But with his newest book, it s easy to see that Mellick is still evolving as a storyteller It seems he s no longer content to put on a weird spectacle, so he s pushing himself into new territories Warrior Wolf Women is one of his longest books, and strangely enough, it s not very genre heavy The post apocalyptic Road Warrior theme isn t so prevalent in Warrior Wolf Women This [...]

    Matthew Fryer
    This wonderfully titled book comes courtesy of Avant Punk, an imprint of the trusty bizarro kings, Eraserhead Press.The tale begins in McDonaldland, a futuristic dystopia in which the fast food corporation has absolute power and bland conformity is king We meet our hero, Daniel Togg, a bored machine operator who brews illegal alcohol and soon finds himself banished Beyond the towering city walls, he finds a dangerous wasteland populated by female biker werewolves, genetic mutants and other reneg [...]

    Steven Rage
    Daniel Togg led a fairly placid life within McDonaldland, working for The Blessed McDonald s Corporation like everyone else that s left in this post post apocalyptic world Togg s doing okay, working his mindless gig, making illegal fire water out of ketchup packets, until he discovers he is one of the many men folk who seems to be mutating extra limbs The females of McDonaldland are gradually turning into wolves, becoming wolf like as the women become sexually active Unfortunately for both grou [...]

    Kirsten Alene
    I have already instructed everyone in the whole world to read Carlton Mellick III s strange and wonderful books I like them and .The great thing about these books is that although they contain awkward and bizarrely pornographic scenes, surreal settings, strange twisted story lines although they read like a cult movie with ad hoc camera or a low budget TV show they don t lose any depth or meaning The Haunted Vagina surprised me by being so sweet, so hopeful, and so human Menstruating Mall, while [...]

    Donald Gorman
    mellick is an adept voice for the new counterculture i m becoming a fan i was a bit hesitant with this booki m usually not big on post apocalyptic fiction because it s reaching the been there done that stage in fiction but mellick treats the subject with just the right sense of humor he tells a good alternative werewolf tale with a certain serious, respectable story, but still injects humor about the world in which we live it s filled with war, violence, carnage, biker wolf babes, sex and lovel [...]

    This book was my second go at CMIII book I picked up Satan Burger years and years ago and never really got into it So I wasn t quite sure what to expect picking this one up The reader s thrown into a rather bizarre world right off the bat I mean, there are plenty of familiar post apocalyptic elements there to lube the way, but you re still knee deep in a McDonalds dominated society in which food born parasites cause men to grow multiple limbs and women to become increasingly lupine with every or [...]

    The plot in WWWotW would almost fit into a classic melodrama or modern chick flick if you took out the Hamburgler shaped ninjas, post apocalyptic setting, and lycanthropic rapists It revolves around a platonic romance that the two central characters had in their youth, and the waves they make among their respective societies when they reconnect Sounds pretty sweet, and in a lot of ways it is What I really love about this book and about many of Mellick s books like The Haunted Vagina or Razor Wir [...]

    Carlton Mellick has a crazy way of thrilling me, disgusting me, and amusing me all at once.He has a weird and creative mind The McDonaldland city was so unexpected and yet totally believableMcDonalds would be the corporation to make it through an apocalypselol I didn t expect to read that in a book called Werewolf women of the wastelandIt was a pleasant suprise Part of me wishes things would have ended differently but I can also see why the book had to end the way it did.

    If that title did not make your mouth water already, feel free to continue reading my review You will either want to read this book right away and run to your next online retailer I don t think you will be able to find this at your local book store or you will be disgusted and never want to read my blog again I just have a handful of readers, so I really hope for the first option.Warrior Wolf Women Of The Wasteland is a book of the bizarro fiction genre This genre is fairly new, it exists since [...]

    Originally posted CSI Librarian 4.5 Stars Confession Time I went into Warrior Wolf Woman of the Wasteland feeling like it couldn t possibly in its wildest dreams remotely resemble the sort of thing I like to read only to wind up feeling like Warrior Wolf Woman of the Wasteland was way along the lines of I want to read than most of what I ve been trying to force myself to finish reading lately.As unusual and occasionally obscene as this book was, it was also really, really enjoyable Everything a [...]

    I ve always been impressed from afar with how fast Carlton Mellick III writes his books and the success that he has managed to build up from that And this AMA I only recently read through made him even endearing reddit r horror comme So I decided to read something of his and see if he was actually any good for all his speed and prolificacy I think the answer is both yes and no I can attest that this book is a super fun read and doesn t really slog in any way What else do you want from a book, I [...]

    In a world where civilization as we know it has fallen, and in its place, McDonald s has taken control of every facet of life from jobs to religion to what its citizens eat every day The women are inexplicably being transformed into wolves with each orgasm, and men are sprouting extra limbs all over the place, and both are outcast from the main McSociety The women hate the men, and vice versa Read as this three way struggle takes on loads of action leading to an epic climax.The main character, D [...]

    If you are a fan of Carlton Mellick III, this is a must read.Daniel Togg is a man living on the edge in McDonaldland A century after the fall of civilization, McDonald s, the only remaining company takes over and creates its own Utopia, forcing the citizens to conform to the rules of The Blessed McDonald Corporation Daniel follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and breaks the rules as much as he can without getting caught, such as, making illegal alcohol out of the food you are required to [...]

    Well, they used to say that if you masturbate too much you will grow hair on your hands We know this is nonsense, but in this book is true You see, sex and orgasms in general, turn women into wolves Well, Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland, is a great adventure In the future, the society has collapsed Everything as we know it has ended and it s gone The kingdom of McDonaldland is the only thing You eat from McDonalds, you work at McDonalds and you rent your house from McDonalds A new form of ty [...]

    Jeremy Maddux
    The only reason I subtracted a star is because the main character, Daniel, is rather passive A lot of things happen to him, but I can recall less than a handful of times he actually steered the plot in a different direction, or actually took action or made a decision This minor gripe aside, Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland has now become my favorite Troma movie although you won t find it in their film catalogue.It s about a barren landscape devoid of morals called McDonaldland Men and women m [...]

    Victor Merling
    What if after the end of the world, Mc Donalds the one with the clown and the burgers was the corporation left standing and it became the government People would live in cities run by fast food chain, eat their food, work for them, obey their rules and be punished by them for their infractions From that point on the book explores the natural i.e bizarro logic is at work consequences of that situation Eating all that unhealthy and genetically modified food, must have some of detrimental effects o [...]

    I should not be surprise by how my SHOCK level gets tamer each time I read Mellick s books It s not that I ve not been expose to the grossest, most yuckiest book by Mellick go read Apeshit but this I felt that my paranoia for today s food culture FAST FOOD is growing Suddenly, i don t feel like having Macdonald s cheeseburger right now The way how people are being screwed over just by eating the only kind of food that s available in McDonaldland is horrifying Compared to the werewolves fiction w [...]

    Lynda Gross
    Would be hard for me to describe this book Not for everyone This post apocalyptic novel is out of the genre bizzaro And it is I really thought I would put this book away never to be be finished or looked at again However the I read the I found it to be quite funny, sometimes a bit then disturbing I loved the story line of McDonaldland, all the McDonaldland characters, and I finished the book I am not sure that I REALLY liked this bookbut like I love music, I love exploring what I read I found [...]

    Nicole Cushing
    This is the best Carlton Mellick III book I ve read so far There s some fantastic, weird world building in this one, as well as the best character development I ve seen in any of his works To invoke a cliche, this book made me laugh and it also almost made me cry There s also quite a bit of social commentary in this one, and it makes you think at the same time that you re laughing or on the verge of tears The only speed bump during my reading of this book was the presence of multiple, extended a [...]

    Jason Murphy
    Violence, sex, mutants and werewolves, shove in a blender, whiz on high and serve in a McDonalds bag with a Mad Max toy This book is weird, very weird No really i cannot stress enough how weird this book is I thought I had a handle on all the weirdness and then Mayor McCheese turned up as a character At some point into this book you just have to accept it or give up.No description can really do this book justice without spoiling large chunks of it so instead I ll just say that I really enjoyed i [...]

    Stefanie Von Guest
    I read three Carlton books in three days, one of which was Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland.I am very familiar with this authors books and his crazy worlds and this one didn t disappoint I loved the unusual and somewhat complicated structure of Mcdonaldland and how the government forces people to live I also enjoyed the personalities of the wolf women Slayer was definitely my favourite.A unique and interesting spin on Werewolf mythology that is well worth a read if you are looking for somethi [...]

    Wesley Asbell
    I don t usually read Bizarro Fiction so it s possible I m missing something but here goes The writer throws in some really fun ideas the denizens and social structures of McDonaldland but I had trouble understanding the protagonist We are reminded a few times how clever he is but when faced with problems he usually overcomes them by sheer dumb luck He also spent a large portion of the book in a cage being abused or tied up Not really my kind of thing So no, not a fun read.

    When this guy decides to write trashy adventure he absolutely hits it out of the park.A large cast of surprisingly likable characters, well developed enemies, and appropriate back stories when needed, this was a real treat to read Mutants, a roaming gang of she wolves, surgically altered mascots, prisoners, ard caravans, giant wolves, rivalries, shotguns, and sword fights all centered around a McDonalds kingdom built upon an apocalyptic background really, whats not to like.

    Carlton Mellick III is a legend of Bizarro fiction and it s easy to see why He s good at creating stories that have a deep meaning Warrior Wolf Women is a cross between Mad Max and 1984 Fans of Bizarro will love this book regardless because it s just bizarre enough to make fans happy and not to bizarre to keep people away.

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