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  • Title: Power and Folly: The story of the Caesars
  • Author: Ivar Lissner J. Maxwell Brownjohn
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  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Power and Folly: The story of the Caesars By Ivar Lissner J. Maxwell Brownjohn Ivar Lissner tells the story of the Roman Caesars from the time of their immediate forerunners, Marius and Sulla, Pompey and Crassus, to that of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor.
    Ivar Lissner J. Maxwell Brownjohn
    Early life and educationBorn to a German Jewish father, Robert Lissner, and mother Charlotte Lissner n e Gensz , Lissner was Baltic German of Jewish ancestry His father was a Kommerzienrat commerce councilor and businessman who owned cork factories and other enterprises 1 Before the First World War the family moved to Moscow They were exiled in 1917 to the Volga region and returned to Moscow after the war The political upheavals of the postwar period resulted in the family fleeing to Riga and then to Berlin, where Lissner attended high school He studied languages, history, anthropology, and law at Greifswald, Berlin, G ttingen, Erlangen, Lyon 1931 1932 , and at the Sorbonne in Paris He obtained his PhD in Foreign Trade Law in April 1936 in Erlangen 2 CareerHe joined the Nazi Party NSDAP on 1 April 1933 3 In 1935 he published a book Blick nach Drau en, Looking Outside in which he presented his impressions of the achievements of National Socialism set against an international background 4 In 1936 he was sent as a travel writer to the United States and Canada on behalf of his publishing house, Hanseatischen Verlagsanstalt The result was his book V lker und Kontinente Peoples and Continents , which became a best seller.Lissner wrote for the Hanseatic Service, the press service of his publisher, and his articles were printed in Nazi newspapers, including V lkischer Beobachter and Der Angriff He went on a tour to Asia, from which his book, Menschen und M chte am Pazifik People and Forces in the Pacific was created When he returned in January 1937 he learned that his father was in danger of being exposed as a Jew he needed to provide evidence of being a Lutheran in order to obtain an Aryan certificate With the help of the local pastor, Lissner forged records in St Peter s Church in Riga The Gestapo suspected him of concealing Jewish ancestry, but could not prove it, so his father was released After this episode Lissner began to distance himself from National Socialism, but he maintained an anti Soviet attitude as a result of his experiences in Russia 5 Lissner published articles on a regular basis for Der Angriff In 1938 he returned to Asia on behalf of Hanseatische Verlagsanstalt, where he reported on the Japanese fighting on the Korean Soviet border He was interviewed by Japanese newspapers and provided information to the German ambassador He also initiated contacts between the Japanese and German military intelligence, and during his stay in Manchuria in 1938 he acted as interpreter at the defection of the KGB chief for the Far East, Genrich Samoilowitsch Ljuschkow He was given exclusive rights to the story in the press 6 In 1939 he was a correspondent for V lkischer Beobachter and Der Angriff while in Japan He was approached by the Abwehr German military intelligence as a potential recruit for the first time 7 He established contacts with the Propaganda Department and the German Embassy in Tokyo historian Heinz H hne describes him as an unofficial press attach 8 and was a respected member of the Nazi aligned German community in Tokyo In September 1939 the Gestapo once again investigated Lissner s father and this time they arrested him, as they believed they now had reliable evidence Lissner consequently lost his post in Tokyo and a proceeding was opened to exclude him from the NSDAP German Ambassador to Japan Eugen Ott asked him informally to continue to work in Manchuria Lissner continued to occasionally have articles published in Japanese magazines.EspionageIn the summer of 1940 Lissner was recruited by the Abwehr after they promised to release his father from prison and let him move with his wife to Shanghai, where his brother Percy was working for AEG They also promised to restore his reputation in Tokyo With the help of German merchants and Russian exiles in Harbin, he built a spy network that reached as far as Siberia Admiral Wil

    Power and Folly: The story of the Caesars By Ivar Lissner J. Maxwell Brownjohn


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    This reads less like a dry, didactic enumeration of Roman emperors and like a cozy, convivial chat over tea with an old friend Lissner is patently enthusiastic about his subject, and his enthusiasm is infectious This is not a rigorous academic analysis some sections are, in fact, breezy and full of idle speculation and bits of tantalizing rumor, but it offers a thorough overview for the casual reader and armchair historian.

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    • [E-Book] Ò Free Download ✓ Power and Folly: The story of the Caesars : by Ivar Lissner J. Maxwell Brownjohn ✓
      458 Ivar Lissner J. Maxwell Brownjohn
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