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  • Title: Întâmplări în irealitatea imediată
  • Author: Max Blecher
  • ISBN: 9789731243627
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Întâmplări în irealitatea imediată By Max Blecher Ceea ce l nrude te structural pe Blecher cu Kafka, cu Bruno Schulz sau cu Robert Walser e mai ales facultatea de a se instala n nenorocire, de a o accepta ca o condi ie a vie ii curente nainte ca boala s se manifeste, el nregistreaz o agresivitate sistematic a universului, ndreptat mpotriva sa Exist locuri virane sau nchise, care i provoac invariabil st ri Ceea ce l nrude te structural pe Blecher cu Kafka, cu Bruno Schulz sau cu Robert Walser e mai ales facultatea de a se instala n nenorocire, de a o accepta ca o condi ie a vie ii curente nainte ca boala s se manifeste, el nregistreaz o agresivitate sistematic a universului, ndreptat mpotriva sa Exist locuri virane sau nchise, care i provoac invariabil st ri de le in voluptuos, prevestite printr o bizar be ie olfactiv Lucrurile ies din neutralitatea lor i l asalteaz , c ut nd s l fascineze sau s l terorizeze Ovid S Crohm lniceanu Realitatea unic i limitat a fiin ei noastre unice i limitate seam n cu un co mar nocturn din care ns nimeni nu ne treze te bizara aventur de a fi om nu este dec t aceast zbatere inutil n ghearele unei condi ii din care nu exist ie ire, cu excep ia unor rare i pasagere momente de beatitudine, c nd identitatea noastr este suspendat i ne ing duie, ca ntr un vis frumos de aceast dat , s particip m la existen a esen ial , profund i infinit a Marelui Tot c nd, cu alte cuvinte, Je est un Autre Nicolae Manolescu
    Max Blecher
    Blecher s father was a successful Jewish merchant and the owner of a porcelain shop Blecher attended primary and secondary school in Roman, Romania After receiving his baccalaureat, Blecher left for Paris to study medicine Shortly thereafter, in 1928, he was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis Pott s disease and forced to abandon his studies He sought treatment at various sanatoriums Berck sur Mer in France, Leysin in Switzerland and Tekirghiol in Romania For the remaining ten years of his life, he was confined to his bed and practically immobilized by the disease Despite his illness, he wrote and published his first piece in 1930, a short story called Herrant in Tudor Arghezi s literary magazine Bilete de papagal He contributed to Andr Breton s literary review Le Surr alisme au service de la r volution and carried on an intense correspondence with the foremost writers and philosophers of his day such as Andr Breton, Andr Gide, Martin Heidegger, Illarie Voronca, Geo Bogza, Mihail Sebastian, and Sa a Pan In 1934 he published Corp transparent, a volume of poetry.In 1935, Blecher s parents moved him to a house on the outskirts of Roman where he continued to write until his death in 1938 During his lifetime he published two other major works, nt mpl ri n irealitate imediat Adventures in Immediate Unreality and Inimi cicatrizate Scarred Hearts , as well as a number of short prose pieces, articles and translations Vizuina luminat Jurnal de sanatoriu The Lit Up Burrow Sanatorium Journal was published posthumously in part in 1947 and in full in 1971.

    Întâmplări în irealitatea imediată By Max Blecher


    Andrei Tamaş
    La 31 mai 1938, Mihail Sebastian nota in jurnalul s u A murit Blecher L au nmorm ntat mar i, la Roman M g ndeam nu la moartea lui, care a fost n sf r it ndur toare, ci la via a lui care m cutremur Era o suferin prea mare pentru a putea primi o compasiune, o tandre e Pu in str in a r mas mereu b iatul sta, care, n atrocea lui durere, tr ia ntr o alt lume Niciodat n am putut avea fa de el un mare elan, o total deschidere M speria pu in, m inea departe, ca la por ile unei nchisori n care nu puteam [...]

    Max Blecher has one of those short and intense lives we cannot help but be fascinated with born to the Romanian Jewish bourgeoisie in 1909, he leaves for Paris aged 18 having in mind to join the thriving French avant garde, with a particular interest in surrealism Shortly after his arrival, however, reality catches up with him and he his diagnosed with a form of spinal tuberculosis that will have him spend most of the last ten years of his short life bed ridden in sanatoriums Of his four publish [...]

    Evocative of many other works, Max Blecher s Adventures in Immediate Irreality is a beautiful read that is not quite its own Perhaps if I read this before I had read Huysmans, Millhauser, and Beckett, I might have felt that the work was unique Though the echoes are sometimes faint, they are there And, while comfortable to me, they caused me to harken elsewhere, rather than allowing me to enjoy the book for its own sake.That said, this is still an excellent read There are moments of pure readerl [...]

    Héctor Genta
    Quando guardo per molto tempo un punto fisso sulla parete mi accade a volte di non sapere pi n chi sono n dove mi trovo Avverto allora da lontano l assenza della mia identit , quasi fossi divenuto, per un istante, una persona del tutto estranea Questo personaggio astratto e la mia persona reale si contendono con pari forza il mio convincimento Un incipit che sembra quello di un libro della Lispector, per un opera tanto ridotta nelle dimensioni quanto densa nei contenuti Lo stato di assenza da se [...]

    Just as cinema has Jean Vigo, dead at 29 and director of two enduring early classics in L Atalante 1934 and Z ro de conduite 1933 , literature has and probably doesn t know it has this extraordinary Romanian author, M Blecher, who died at 28 in 1938, just before the war that would probably have taken him off in even crueller fashion and wrote this extraordinary impressionistic novella at the age of 25 It is one of the most tactile prose styles I ve ever come across, expressing a multilayered lif [...]

    Elena Neacşu
    Cine m va trezi ntodeauna a fost a a, ntotdeauna, ntotdeauna.

    I ve been trying to put together some thoughts, and it s tricky.I mean, one could go the obvious way and say that it s a direct descendant of the proto existential or whatever writers of the late 19th early 20thc, the guys who walked around every major old world city thinking about their lives and their situations and the lack of god and the pressures of self and all that stuff, from Notes Of Underground through Hunger and Doctor Glas right up to The Trial and The Blind Owl and on to Orbit r I m [...]

    Jordan West
    Incredible it deserves to be on the same shelf alongside Kafka, Schulz, Walser, and Pessoa.

    Lou Last
    Brute matter in the deep, heavy masses of earth, stone, sky, or water, or in its least understood forms mirrors, paper flowers, painted statues, glass marbles with their enigmatic internal spirals has always kept me a prisoner bumping painfully against its walls, yet spurred me on to share in the strange and senseless adventure of being human.Wherever my thought turned, it ran into rampart like objects and inertias that brought me to my knees Contemplating the infinite forms of matter, terrorize [...]

    Paulo Sousa
    Livro lido 3 out 50 2017T tulo Acontecimentos na irrealidade imediataT tulo original nt mplari n irealitate imediataAutor Max Blecher Rom nia Tradutor Fernando KlabinEditora Cosac NaifyAno de lan amento 1936Ano desta edi o 2013P ginas 192Classifica o __________________________________________________O escritor romeno Max Blecher, morto precocemente aos 29 anos, conseguiu, apesar de sua curta carreira liter ria, produzir boa literatura Dono de um estilo que se assemelha a Kafka e Walser, Blecher [...]

    After the first few pages, I thought this will turn out to be kind of book I would have loved in high school but I m doomed to hate now because of its writing style affected philosophical stream of consciousness, drenched in metaphors devoid of significance and adjectives adverbs that scare the reader off with their multitude or, in some cases, with their sole presence outside an overly zealous 2nd grader s notebook The confessional descriptive style gets tiresome fast At some point though, thin [...]

    Rafael Montenegro-Fausto
    encontrei num livro de anatomia a fotografia de um modelo de cera do interior da orelha Todos os canais, seios e buracos eram de mat ria plena, formando sua imagem positiva o mundo poderia existir numa realidade mais verdadeira, numa estrutura positiva das suas cavernas, de maneira que tudo o que furado se tornasse cheio, e os relevos atuais se transformassem em v cuos de forma id ntica, sem qualquer conte do, como aqueles f sseis delicados e bizarros que reproduzem na pedra os vest gios de uma [...]

    Daniel Sparwath
    Your life was thus and not otherwise says my memory, and in this announcement lies the immense nostalgia of the world, enclosed in its hermetic lights and colors from which no life is permitted to extract anything other than an exact banality.A slow and thorough examination of the denseness of reality and how words and things can form a tight knit circle from which no connotative meaning can be wrenched.


    Categoric, una din cartile de recitit Durerea si maturizarea nu sunt introduse in fatalitate si tragedie, nici infrumusetate le am perceput ca si pe ceva normal Noroi.

    Andrea Fiore
    La fascetta sul libro riporta un commento di Ionesco Un Kafka romeno Se l esaltazione giustificata, l equiparazione non solo molto ingombrante ma anche inesatta, dato che Max Blecher ha un intensit e una sensibilit tutte sue, incredibili sente le cose come se fosse stato scuoiato vivo e lasciato al sole, completamente indifeso Che poi la condizione di noi tutti, solo che lui ha la capacit condanna di accorgersene Ci che c era di pi comune e pi noto in quegli oggetti mi perturbava oltremodo L abi [...]

    Alexandra Iduna
    De multe ori m am sim it ca ntr un vis, unul ce se limiteaz la faptul c sunt un om, c locuiesc ntr un anume ora , am o anumit v rst i un anumit aspect Poate suntem nchi i n propria nchisoare de g nduri, c ci greu reu esc s m adun, s revin la ideea realit ii Totu i ce i realitatea N am s cred niciodat n ea.Max Blecher m a impresionat mai mult dec t m a fi a teptat n romanul s u nt mpl ri n irealitatea imediat unde autorul i expune experien ele ap s toare, fiecare fapt psihologic ce formeaz o pers [...]

    Poucos e nobres os embevecimentos em mim enquanto o lia Poucos porque me foram nobres e pouca coisa me nobre nesta vidinha E toda aquela sucess o de cenas cotidianas e ntimas, que ao alheio n o passa como o faz nossa sensa o de ter estado toda aquela consci ncia de existir, t o levada altura que merece quando incidida cabe a no remo la bem, ajeitando nos a postura, e n s quedamos, e, para n s, leitores, posta pena, num futuro, e chega nos O m nimo dos gestos, e os que est o volta, e a palavra vi [...]

    Erwin Maack
    Mergulhe em si mesmo e examine as profundezas em que sua vida tem in cio Foi esse conselho que Rainer M Rilke deu a um poeta iniciante, no caso do Max Blecher, ele teria sido desnecess rio, pois foi dali mesmo que ele come ou e alcan ou uma profundidade que eu jamais havia lido at ent o , al m disso, uma escrita po tica de uma beleza extraordin ria.

    Sterk, hypnotiserend begin dat vaak aan Bruno Schulz doet denken, maar toch iets te verdichtend en expressionistisch om te blijven beklijven Wel benieuwd naar Gelittekende harten Puike vertaling uit het Roemeens van Jan H Mysjkin.

    Luana Crisan
    Todas as coisas, todas as pessoas encontravam se presas em sua triste e pequena obriga o de ser exatas e nada mais que exatas.

    Max rupe.

    Mish Middelmann
    I was thrilled to find a source at AbeBooks for this amazing, slightly surreal book about what it is really like growing up fully aware of the many layers of reality and thrust from one layer to the other at an early age In some ways it is a European version of Gopi Krishna s account of his Kundalini energy flows and awakening in Kundalini The Evolutionary Energy in Man In this book, Max Blecher grows up bewildered by a self that defies the boundaries of the human body, frightened by a diffuse i [...]

    I got this book as a Xmas present from my brother 2015 I m not sure why It wasn t on my wish list and we ve never discussed this kind of literature Most of our book related discussions focus on SF Fantasy authors and histories Tis a puzzlement, as they say.Nevertheless, though I only gave it two stars actually, 2.5 but I m not rounding up , I enjoyed this book than I thought I would True, much of it reads like the profoundly self absorbed, pretentious ramblings of a solipsistic youth but there [...]

    For fans of Pessoa, Kafka, Schulz Ordinary words lose their validity at certain depths of the soul Each memory, incomprehensible yet precise, demands my complete attention Like a sharp pain it pushes all minor inconveniences the pillows lumping together, a pill s bitter taste into the background and, encompassing all my doubts and worries, demands my complete attention, petty and vague as it might be For every memory is unique in the poorest sense of the word it is only one in a linear series of [...]

    Kobe Bryant
    Strange and disturbed

    Ofer Engel
    That such a book exists is unbelievable

    en meget stor firer.

    Ioana Marcu
    It is exactly like reading a painting of Dali I loved it.

    Pavel Nedelcu
    Scriitor cu o sensibilitate scriitoriceasc deosebit , Max Blecher este Marele Ghinionist al genera iei sale Am fi putut avea, dac ar fi tr it suficient, un C rt rescu n literatura noastr de dou ori mai profund i mai subtil, asta nainte de na terea acestuia din urm Romanul Un deliciu

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