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  • Title: Froggy's First Kiss
  • Author: Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz
  • ISBN: 9780590376099
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback

  • Froggy's First Kiss By Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz Frogilina is the prettiest frog that Froggy has ever seen He can t even think straight when she s around With Valentine s Day just a week away, Froggy gets busy making an extra special valentine.
    Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz
    Jonathan London is the author of several celebrated children s books His commitment to honoring the wonders of the natural world has been lauded by readers and critics alike He is the author of than 70 children s books, many of which are about nature He s also the author of the popular Froggy series He lives in Graton, California with his wife and two sons.

    Froggy's First Kiss By Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz


    First crushes, first kisses, and the importance of family 3

    Our girls really enjoy the Froggy stories The onomatopoeia, the way nothing ever goes comletely as planned, and the inimitable illustrations by Frank Remkiewiczey really add a lot of charm to these stories The familiar refrain of Frrooggy followed by Wha a a a t is always fun to read aloud and our girls will often chime in with the parts that are common to all of the stories.This book has a sweet Valentine s Day theme and our girls were only slightly embarrassed by the kiss Ew, gross We enjoyed [...]

    Beckie Coldiron
    Froggy s fun character in Froggy s First Kiss is sure to provide your children with several good laughs I believe this book, is a great Valentine s Day book that is sure to provide some great class discussions This book could easily be used for predications, cause and effect, family relationships discussing classroom crushes At the end of the book, Froggy learns that family is important than school crushes, which is something every child can have a lesson on Overall, I would recommend this book [...]

    One of my difficult little Kindergarten students chose this book in media today We had a few minutes left and he was over the moon that I read his book to the class It was a fine story for Valentine s Day Froggy is in loooove with Frogilina, until he realizes that love may require action An okay selection for elementary school collection but not one that I recommend as a read aloud.

    Darlene Williams
    One of my fav Froggy books Just a sweet story of first crushes

    Emily Carlyn
    Typical Froggy story He keeps getting yelled at by the teacher because he can t keep his eyes off the new girl in class Frogilina But who is the giant paper Valentine for

    Madeline Clements
    Froggy books are always great reads They have great sound words and adjectives This book made all my kids laugh They really enjoyed it.

    Lisa Kissel
    Kids love froggy.

    Clarice Bolen
    I read this story to a group of preschoolers and they loved it Simple concepts that a child will understand and have fun reading I would put this book out during Valentine s Day Fun book, but doesn t really have any important concepts in it.

    This is a cute valentine s day book.

    Nicole Fiene
    Froggy s First Kiss is the story of a frog named Froggy who admires the new frog in his class, Frogilina While the class is busy preparing for Valentine s Day, Froggy can t help but admire Frogilina, and he even makes her a Valentine s Day card until, she gives him a big kiss on the cheek Froggy suddenly feels woozy, and after some tough love from his friends about having a girlfriend , he rethinks his crush for Frogilina When Valentine s Day finally arrives, Froggy decides to give his Valentine [...]

    Lindsey Duncan
    This book would be a great book for Valentine s Day I think the pictures and the words would be able to relate to the students.

    Ashton McWhirter
    This is a fantasy picture book It has not won any awards.Froggy is head over heels for the new girl in class, Froglina He can t focus on anything put her when she s around Throughout the book, Froglina presents Froggy with many little gifts each day at lunch, and he is smitten with her Until one day, her gift is not material, but a kiss Froggy makes his own Valentine gift at the end, but is it for Froglina or someone else Though I would not read this book to my class, if I did, I would ask stude [...]

    Melissa Namba
    a very cute froggy book my nephew will love it because he is a lot like froggy in this book glad that froggy loves his mother.

    I love Froggy He s goofy and silly and relishes new things, except perhaps his first kiss This is a great read a loud to share on Valentine s Day The trick to any Froggy book is to read it with PASSION Get into all the sounds effects Let that Ewww reverberate off the walls When the teacher yells for Froggy, you YELL OUT too, in the squeakiest old teacher voice you can muster So what if you re in a library yes, this coming from a Children s Librarian Books are meant to be enjoyed and if you are t [...]

    This book is a great read for Valentine s Day Froggy is excited for Valentine s Day and wants to give special gift to Forgilina He is so mesmerized by her and wants to make the best gift he can Valentine s Day arrives and Froggy is ready to give his gift to Forgilina, but to his surprise Forgilina has a special gift as wella kiss Forggy gets shy and eventually gives his special gift to his mother I liked this book because students get a laugh through the book and it s a great way to celebrate Va [...]

    Best read aloud to the 3rd grade class valentine party book ever I LOVE this book Seriously Do NOT think ANY other children s author has hit it this valentines day celebration thing we do any accurately It s a book kids are ok listening to and a book moms love to read Better than A Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein that one just made my mom cry but made me embarrassed as ever that my mom was crying There s not even a dead dog in it like in Where the Red Fern Grows when she bawled over that one it [...]

    Marissa Lubinski
    I chose to read this book because I always read the Froggy books when I was a kid so it brought back good memories In this book it is Valentine s Day in Froggy s classroom Froggy has a valentine this year, and he has nervous butterflies in his stomach because of it He starts to makes a valentine for her that says I love you, but he ends up giving it to his mom which I thought was very sweet I thought this was a cute story for children because all boys and girls go through crushes, and they can r [...]

    Cute Funny Almost as good as the original Froggy book which my older children LOVED back in the day My younger children were thrilled with Froggy s first love and the twists and turns that Froggy s romance took There are some laugh out loud illustrations in this one I found that my 16 and 17 year old enjoyed this one as much as my 6 and 8 year old did, perhaps that s because they are in the throes of romance and lovesickness and infatuations and all of that sort of thing Very fun for Valentine s [...]

    Jeanette Rakestraw
    This story helps children to identify and better understand emotions and feelings that they sometimes have but don t know how o explain them It let s them know that it s ok to have these feelings and they are perfectly normal Using a classroom setting full of frog students make it appear to be fictional The bold bright colors intensify the feelings being described and there is a great use of adjectives.Extention Activity Discuss feelings in the classroom and allow children to talk about or draw [...]

    Marilyn Johnson
    This is a classic childrens picture book that is given through a frogs character But it has often brought tears of laughter to the readers eyes He can t even think straight when she s around When Frogilina smiles at him through the monkey bars, Froggy falls smack on his head bonk So with Valentine s Day just a week away, Froggy gets busy making an extra special valentine The fifth book about the irrepressible Froggy, this is sure to keep children giggling with delight

    Rosa Cline
    Ah Froggy books My adult daughter these were her favorites growing up, and now we re reading them to my granddaughter She too, likes them In this one Froggy has a crush on the new girl in his classhis mind is on nothing else even making a special Valentine for her Until she kisses him YUCK he runs away from her and is teased from his classmates etc A cute funny book about first crushes and a wonderful way of drawing writing about it Froggy books are great

    This is a cute story about Froggy who falls in love with a classmate, Frogilina, the week of Valentine s Day Froggy becomes distracted by Frogilina and his classmates begin to tease him As Valentine s Day arrives, Froggy creates his valentine hidden under his desk Is it for Frogilina This book would be appropriate to read around Valentine s Day and to have students make predictions throughout the story.

    Amber Atchison
    To begin with, I love frogs so this book was enjoyable for me This would be perfect to read to a classroom on Valentine s Day This book would be good in teaching children about emotions, and it s also just a good story for the holiday I especially adore how frog obsesses over Frogilina and then when she kisses him he gets grossed out like any typical child.

    This was a cute story also to read on valentines day It created a good conversation among my first graders about who they would want to be their valentine and we talked about how it can be a friend an parent or someone we love I also slid in how we re too young to be gettign our first kisses fun book over all interactive with the kids.

    Lisa Asanuma
    This was a Valentine s Day gift from a friend who went and participated in Books are for Lovers That would have been Valentine s Day gift enough It s a cute book, though, and certainly reminded me of young, Lisa y Valentine s.

    Froggy is head over heels in love with the new girl in class Her name is Frogilina She seems to be in love with him, too But, when she plants a big schmoocheroo on him, he runs home to motherd decides he wants to give his big red Valentine s heart to her instead Used for Frog Fever Storytime May, 2010.

    I ll always have a soft spot for Froggy books because my nephew always has me read the reverse of what s happening in them to him This one seemed longer than usual and was a lot of fun Frogilina has some game Taking notes on how she handled Froggy There s a bit of a twist at the end Cute, fun little story.

    This was a Valentine s inspired book I checked out a couple of weeks ago, but never got to read it until today to another non napperwhose birthday happened to be on Valentine s If you ve ever read and liked a Froggy book, you d enjoy this one My student did him laughing.

    Brianna Toepfer
    This book is such an adorable story that kids will love The character Froggy, has a crush on a new girl in school and the story leads up to make the reader believe that Froggy will make a Valentine card for her Come to find out that he made it to give to his mom Such a sweet story

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