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  • Title: Aimez-vous Brahms?
  • Author: Françoise Sagan
  • ISBN: 9780685239308
  • Page: 487
  • Format: None

  • Aimez-vous Brahms? By Françoise Sagan Al momento della pubblicazione di questo romanzo, alla fine degli anni Cinquanta, Fran oise Sagan era un mito rappresentava con la sua vita e i suoi scritti l anticonformismo, la ribellione e soprattutto un nuovo modo di interpretare la femminilit Protagonista di Le piace Brahms una donna sulla soglia dei quarantanni legata a un coetaneo e profondamente insoddisfatAl momento della pubblicazione di questo romanzo, alla fine degli anni Cinquanta, Fran oise Sagan era un mito rappresentava con la sua vita e i suoi scritti l anticonformismo, la ribellione e soprattutto un nuovo modo di interpretare la femminilit Protagonista di Le piace Brahms una donna sulla soglia dei quarantanni legata a un coetaneo e profondamente insoddisfatta della propria vita sentimentale Un nuovo a, un uomo giovane e disinibito, la induce a mettersi ancora in gioco La scelta tra i due molto sofferta il giovane Simon la riempie di attenzioni, si dimostra una persona pi matura della sua et , la invita a concerti e le scrive biglietti ma la sicurezza e la noia garantita dal legame con il compagno resta sempre un richiamo molto forte Un romanzo che rappresenta uno spaccato degli anni Cinquanta, ma che anche una variazione sul tema amoroso, e in particolare sul tema del triangolo in a, di straordinaria modernit.
    Françoise Sagan
    Born Fran oise Quoirez, she grew up in a French, Catholic, bourgeois family She was an independent thinker and avid reader as a young girl, and upon failing her examinations for continuing at the Sorbonne, she became a writer She went to her family s home in the south of France and wrote her first novel, Bonjour Tristesse, at age 18 She submitted it to Editions Juillard in January 1954 and it was published that March Later that year, She won the Prix des Critiques for Bonjour Tristesse.She chose Sagan as her pen name because she liked the sound of it and also liked the reference to the Prince and Princesse de Sagan, 19th century Parisians, who are said to be the basis of some of Marcel Proust s characters She was known for her love of drinking, gambling, and fast driving Her habit of driving fast was moderated after a serious car accident in 1957 involving her Aston Martin while she was living in Milly, France She was twice married and divorced, and subsequently maintained several long term lesbian relationships First married in 1958 to Guy Schoeller, a publisher, they divorced in 1960, and she was then married to Robert James Westhoff, an American ceramicist and sculptor, from 1962 to 63 She had one son, Denis, from her second marriage.She won the Prix de Monaco in 1984 in recognition of all of her work.

    Aimez-vous Brahms? By Françoise Sagan


    Neal Adolph
    Let me be frank with you, world, and admit something I tend not to read romance novels Ok, that is an understatement This is the first book I have ever read which I have seen fall into that category of literature But I think, even outside of that category, I tend not to read novels that dedicate a good deal of time to the development of romantic relations, or, at least, I do not seek them out For some reason, and perhaps it speaks to my bachelored existence, romance isn t a relationship that rea [...]

    Asya Pavlova
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    Andrei Tamaş
    Nu a fost tocmai genul meu de roman , ns de a lungul paginilor i am avut n fa pe Ingrid Bergman i pe Anthony Perkins, datorit memorabilei interpret ri pe care ace tia au f cut o n filmul care are la baz cartea de fa , Goodbye Again 1961.

    Always and always will return to this Sagan Personally, her best novella and I ve read it, I think by now, countless times It breaks my heart every single time It s just indescribable how much I love it When I read it for the first time I was much too young but it marked me for a lifetime.

    This is a re read for me I was probably too young at my first attempt, but with me being closer to the age of the protagonist, the tale gains in poignancy and nuance My infatuation with Ingrid Bergman and her portrayal of the main character in a claasic movie may also colour my positive reaction to the text.The story is deceptively simple and we have read it a thousand times by now a love triangle in the city of love, Paris A woman forced to look at her mid life options and trying to recapture t [...]

    Jessie Read
    I absolutely loved this book, it s one of my favourites by Sagan I discovered her through seeing a review of Bonjour Tristesse, and after reading that, I bought about 6 of her books Aimez vous Brahms, Bonjour Tristesse and Un Certain Sourire are by far my favourites Aimez vous Brahms is a short story about love and the difficulties that come with it 39 year old Paule is feeling lonely in her long term relationship with Roger, so turns to a passionate fling with young Simon Van den Besh, who love [...]

    Razvan Zamfirescu
    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuScrie bine Sagan Da Dar este deranjant repeti ia obsesiv a v rstei protagoni tilor Nici m car n scrierile clasice n care se sublinia c t se poate de gros i ap sat oribilitatea pretendentului n v rst la m na eroinei principale nu se insista at t pe v rsta respectivului personaj De at tea ori se repet v rst lui Simon i cea a lui Paule nc t ai senza ia c participi la un concurs de memorie la care profesorul mai pune din c nd n c nd c te o nt [...]

    Claudiu D.
    Um roman despre trei oameni care nu stiu cum sa iubeasca Un triunghi amoros format dintre Paule o femeie de 39 de ani , Roger un barbat de patruzeci si ceva de ani, nu este mentionata varsta exacta si Simon 25 de ani Toate aceste personaje nu stiu sa iubeasca sau si au ratat sansa la iubire Simon o iubeste pe Paule, o iubire mai degraba adolescentina, prima, de altfel Desi este un baiat frumos, el nu se ataseaza de nimeni pana la 25 de ani cand o cunoaste pe Paule E un tanar care isi refuza si r [...]

    I ve read two romance novels in my lifetime The first, A Prescription for Love or STDs, was about a bunch of physically challenged people with weird eyes that sparkled, flaring nostrils and hair that was unruly This, the second, was about a bunch of French lovers And the French really know how to screw up and complicate love Or maybe I just don t appreciate love s complexity Or maybe I just don t give a shit Anyway, the lady is old 39 years old My goodness she s on death s bed Her stupid and tho [...]

    Noramlly, I shy away from romantic novels I made an exception with Aimez vous Brahms , which follows an older woman who has finally left her cheating lover She then takes up another lover, a younger man, who defies convention by loving her Despite the romantic overtones, it really is a study of an aging woman who tries to change her life, but sadly fails in the end I m afraid they aren t selling any copies of this book, though I found mine by chance at Booksale and I haven t seen another copy [...]

    How cheesy of me to be listening to Brahms while reading Aimez vous Brahms Honestly pretty surprised I recognized most of the famous tunes, though I haven t listened to them in years except for that lullaby that I hear even in my sleep As for the book, I remember my mum had a copy when I was a teenager, but for some reason I never laid my hands on it Was it the ugly cover and the poor paper I find it sad that Sagan sees the forty year old woman as she does, stylish, fancy job and all, still char [...]

    An interesting read for this day and age, despite de slightly old fashioned narrative style Intriguing how regardless the apparent freedom, women were still unable to leave toxic relationships It s also a good reflection on the double standard showcased by the French society in the 60s in terms of what was acceptable for women vs men It made me think of Scott Fitzgerald s novels and love stories.

    Goodbye Again, with Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Perkins, and Yves Montand, is one of my favorite films, so naturally I sought out this book It s short, and I flew through it in a couple of hours The film is very true to the book, and the casting especially of Anthony Perkins is really spot on Roger is supposed to be a big guy, but it s hard to argue against Yves Montand.I love this story.

    Maybe too sweet but the story predictable is touchingAnyway, the movie is magnificent

    J ai d test le d but J ai ador la fin Un roman la psychologie subtile et l criture sensible Tr s beau

    Un roman bunicel pentru un weekend lini tit, n natur , st nd alene ntr un hamac i citind u or fil cu fil Despre ni te oameni care nu tiu a iubi, se tot nv rt n jurul cozii i p n la urm , fiecare r m ne cu drama sa Paule 39 de ani nu are demnitate de femeie, iart , t nje te, nu se las iubit cu adev rat de t n rul Simon 25 de ani e prea verde ca s iubeasc cu adev rat, dar nici prea curajos s lupte pentru iubirea vie ii lui Roger prea fustangiu v rsta nu i se specific , dar are mai mult de 40 de an [...]

    lterer Mann bandelt mit bedeutungslosen jungen Frauen an, die ltere Frau mit einem nicht ganz so bedeutungslosen, viel zu gut aussehenden jungen Mann Beschrieben werden die Profile von lauter sterbenden Menschen, die gef hlt andauernd durch Alleen fahren, dabei H ndchen halten und Gesichter bereinander legen Der konzentrierte Wille aller zum Ungl ck wird feinsinnig und in h bscher Sprache beschworen, so dass man nicht umhin kommt, den Glauben an eine Aufhebung der Einsamkeit wieder ganz neu zu v [...]

    Heba badr

    David Proffitt
    This is not a book I would normally have chosen to read it came as part of coffee and book package I could have just passed it on but decided to give it a try instead And I am glad I did.Set in 1950s Paris the book follows a brief period in the life of Paule, a 34 year old Parisian career woman She is in a long term relationship with Roger, but from the reader s perspective, it is a very one sided affair While she waits for Roger to call, he lives the life of a single man It is the kind of relat [...]

    Recentemente uscita da una rilettura vorace e quasi forzata di Bonjour Tristesse ho trovato la narrativa di quest opera della Sagan ancora pi piacevole del suo romanzo primo La storia di Paule, Roger, Simon descrive il modo in cui la vita a volte diventa insipida, incolore, tutt altro che soddisfacente l inganno di un a idealizzato ed avventato le abitudini che si trasformano in vizi, che cagionano le passioni e alimentano l angoscia, insaziabile, dell impotenza e della fatalit Bello, emotivo e [...]

    Teodora Tofan
    My hopes weren t too high, that I would come across a worthful romantic story, of essence and with such a familiar language, amongst those vain, cheap and simple in words novels that everyone reads nowadays I knew about the movie and with every mention of Simon in the book, I was positive that Anthony Perkins was a perfect fit for this role, as he took Simon s image in my head Lovely read, I recommend it.

    Dos otravn a roz ahan bostn novela, ktorej m m chu da max 2 hviezdi ky Posledn ch 18 riadkov v ak vyva uje ban lnu z pletku Opis z videniahodn ho, n dhern ho sm tku 25 ro n ho mlad ka v kontraste k neuspokojivej, no bezpe nej rutine, ktor si zvol hlavn hrdinka na prahu stredn ho zrel ho veku, je koncentr tom kr sy, jasnozrivosti aj ironick ho odstupu Saganov na posledn chv u svoju knihu zachr nila.

    Quelle d ception Ce livre est digne de n importe quelle histoire d amour qui s crit aujourd hui pour adolescents, terriblement mi vre et path tique les personnages sont assez antipathiques, le tout est d une banalit vomir

    The Master
    Les amoureux de Paris, ils sont toujours int ressants.

    Ann Sokolova
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    Timur Abakarov
    worst book I ve ever read

    Lily Wonka
    Loved it all until the stupid end.

    Aimez vous Brahms by Francoise SaganThis is an interesting love story, which used to be weird, even forbidden one hundred years ago.Come to think of it, even today, this kind of thing and many others are unthinkable in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State a new horrible apparition , Brunei and many other places, where the Sharia dictates that infidelity is punished by stoning.In the past few days, many people have lost their heads, literally in the Middle East and everybody talks with disgust and loa [...]

    Spoiler alert This novel departs from the frequent Sagan theme of young party girls who indulge themselves a little too much and typically end up with regrets This time the heroine is Paule, age 39, who, at the novel s beginning, contemplates her face in the mirror passant difficilement du rang de jeune femme au rang de femme jeune Une femme qu elle reconnaissait peine 9 Paule may not be an ing nue any , but she is beautiful and successful a professional interior decorator and involved with her [...]

    Dal riassunto sembrava la storia di una donna oppressa da una relazione dolorosa con un uomo pi grande di lei, che trova infine la felicit con un ragazzo di quindici anni pi giovane e che le insegna cosa vuol dire amare davvero.Niente di pi falso Ben lungi dal raccontare una melensa storia di a e devozione, il romanzo della Sagan parla di un a irriducibile, a tratti malsano, ostinatamente aggrappato al proprio stesso rifiuto di morire Paule una donna triste, schiacciata dal peso di anni che, pur [...]

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