[KINDLE] Ò Disney War | by ✓ James B. Stewart #2020

  • Title: Disney War
  • Author: James B. Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780684809939
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Disney War By James B. Stewart When You Wish Upon a Star, Whistle While You Work, The Happiest Place on Earth these are lyrics indelibly linked to Disney, one of the most admired and best known companies in the world So when Roy Disney, chairman of Walt Disney Animation and nephew of founder Walt Disney, abruptly resigned in November 2003 and declared war on chairman and chief executive Michael E When You Wish Upon a Star, Whistle While You Work, The Happiest Place on Earth these are lyrics indelibly linked to Disney, one of the most admired and best known companies in the world So when Roy Disney, chairman of Walt Disney Animation and nephew of founder Walt Disney, abruptly resigned in November 2003 and declared war on chairman and chief executive Michael Eisner, he sent shock waves through the entertainment industry, corporate boardrooms, theme parks, and living rooms around the world everywhere Disney does business and its products are cherished Disney War is the breathtaking, dramatic inside story of what drove America s best known entertainment company to civil war, told by one of our most acclaimed writers and reporters.
    James B. Stewart
    James Stewart is a modern day muckraking journalist, covering everything from malpractice to fraud and law.While at The Wall Street Journal, Stewart won a Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for his reporting on the stock market crash and insider trading Stewart is a graduate of Harvard Law School and DePauw University He lectures frequently on values and ethics in American business and politics He is a member of the New York bar and holds the Bloomberg chair at the Columbia School of Journalism, where he is a professor.

    Disney War By James B. Stewart


    Jim Dooley
    This is the most jaw dropping business book I ve read The author is invited inside the Disney organization to find out what makes it tickd discovers it s a time bomb.The opening is the Disney version we ve always imagined, with the author experiencing a magical moment while working as a beloved Disney character at one of the Parks He is then invited to record the inner workings of the Michael Eisner regime at the exact moment when things start to go horribly wrong.What was especially amazing to [...]

    I feel the need to explain why on earth I would read a 570 page book about Disney under the leadership of Michael Eisner Disney itself has never held much attraction When I was four or five I watched what my parents no doubt figured was an educational film about North American mountain cats Suffice to say the dad dies first and the mother didn t have long either Wherupon the cubs are relentlessly chased by human evil doers I think at this stage I was in hysterics and cannot remember another thin [...]

    Darcy Conroy
    I listened to this on audiobook, so I ll discuss the content and the production separately.Content Maybe it s because I m a trained historian, but I found myself mumbling, sometimes shouting at my kindle according to who says who you can t know that was what happened There was just too much dramatization in this non fiction book, too much certainty about people s thoughts, beliefs and conversations to which the author was not privy I couldn t relax and trust it Some dialogue is needed to break u [...]

    I m sure it comes as no surprise that even a quote family friendly unquote company like Disney has a sordid underbelly What mega corporation these days doesn t just a tip, if you enjoy Diet Coke, I wouldn t google their international business practices too hard it s not pretty.Disneywar isn t quite that kind of book we re not traveling into the sweatshops where orphans with bleeding fingers sew buttons on Mickey s overalls but it does air a lot of dirty laundry about the 20 year period in which [...]

    I initially chose this book because I am fascinated with all things Disney namely the history of animation and its business wheelings and dealings I was hoping to get an insider look at how the decisions to many of the elements of my childhood came about, and I wasn t disappointed I m going to be honest and say that I picked up the audio book to listen on my commutes to and from work, so I didn t technically read the book myself Having said that, I think that had I not been on those long rides l [...]

    Seth Brady
    Wow More internal drama then you could possibly imagine What a great book I had no idea how much went on behind the scenes during Michael Eisner s 20 year reign over The Walt Disney Company.It chronicles in depth the movement driving his first joining of the company in 1984 ironically by two board members who fought tenaciously for his ouster 20 years later , the rise of Disney s 1990s animation renaissance with Jeffrey Katzenberg think Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion [...]

    Stewart takes a fascinating in depth look at the structure and politics of the Walt Disney Company, focusing on the years Michael Eisner was in power Reporting in a straight these are the facts manner, you still get a breathtakingly dramatic portrait of Eisner His creative, younger years of success, partnered with talented people, and his gradual loss of his sense of reality as he begins to see himself as the omnipotent king of the Disney empire, and the natural heir of Walt Disney himself Peopl [...]

    Disney War is encyclopedic in its scope and coverage of the Michael Eisner era Walt Disney Company It begins by providing a good background into the situation that brought Eisner to Disney from both his own career leading up to his hiring and the leadership and creative vacuum left after Walt Disney s death.It then details the rise and fall of Eisner with every machination with a complete cast of partners, associates, and subordinates What the reader is treated to is a wonderfully entertaining a [...]

    One of the best books on corporations, the interaction between personality and creativity, how structure affects success, and how Disney became the Disney we think of when it starts in 1984, Disney was at a literal crossroads but the seeds of its doom had already been sewnokay, too melodramatic but the book is incredibly good and the pacing is exciting as egos go out of control, and it s also full of fascinating insights to how so many of Disney s movies got made and how many opportunities they [...]

    Unfortunately the majority of this book is about the Disney CEO s that followed Walt Disney I m interested in the creative side of Walt Disney and less interested in the materialistic side of the following Disney CEO s.

    Caitlin Anderson
    Really fascinating account of a tumultuous time at Disney I wish that the latter portion of the book hadn t been so entirely focused on the ABC and Fox Family acquisitions if you read this book, I definitely recommend looking into the Disney Dish podcast for additional history surrounding the construction and initial troubles of California Adventure and EuroDisney Disneyland Paris.

    Amar Pai
    I was really into this at Camp Mather For some reason I find books like this to be excellent beach reading last year it was the book about Marisa Meyer s time at yahoo But this one is really good Just so much opulence, bizarre psycho drama, letter writing and political backstabbingIn theory this book is quite boring but like Barbarians at the Gate it s a gripping yarn or at least tricks you into thinking it is for the first several hundred pages

    Ali Shaw
    When I worked at Disney, people who had worked for the company for than 15 20 years all had a fun choice of words when they talked about Michael Eisner This book is the most thorough account I ve seen of the years of Disney under the management of Eisner It s like reading a Disney version of House of Cards

    Keenan Johnston
    It will be hard to top this as the best business book I read in 2016 Disney allowed James Stewart unprecedented access to both Michael Eisner CEO and Roy Disney, current and former Disney executives and board members, as well as thousands of pages of never before seen letters, memos, transcripts, and other documents Little did they know what would ensue unprecedented success in the 80 s and early 90 s, and never before seen governance and in fighting at such a public and iconic company Disneywar [...]

    I never thought I d find a business book on the inner workings of corporate executives interesting, but then these corporate executives do work for Disney and that makes it interesting than most multi million dollar corporations, if only because of the dichotomy between its public image and the machinations of executives behind the scenes.This book charts the twenty years of Michael Eisner as CEO of the Walt Disney Corporation, how he went from being the saviour of the company to or less the A [...]

    If you re a fan of business situation bio s, you ll enjoy this book It s not of the same caliber of Stewart s previous work, but I thought it was one of the best books in this genre.That said, the book has serious flaws that keep it from being a great read The endless bickering and backstabbing at Disney gets tedious and becomes a laundry list of conflicts.This book is the dramatic story of the reinventing years of the mid 1980 s through the mid 2000 s It s focus is mainly on Michael Eisner, the [...]

    Greg Brown
    A pretty fascinating recounting of the last two or three decades of Disney history, although it suffers somewhat from predating the Iger era I would have loved to hear about Pixar s acquisition, but what s in the book is than enough drama.Eisner is pretty vividly portrayed as a guy who was a big shot of creativity and energy that the company needed at a crucial time, but who was best when kept in check and when a string of hits staved off the infighting that later consumed the company From the [...]

    I absolutely adore Disney and am certainly one who has strong sentimental ties to the company My dad had been telling me about this book for years and I finally got around to giving it a read Now, I won t claim this is the most fascinating books at all times it is on the longer side , but the buildup was necessary to provide the context for many of the things that happened later in the book Eisner was captivating to follow throughout his career While at one point incredibly good for the company, [...]

    This book was one of the most fascinating and informative I ve listened to The recording had few hiccups alright, but then the book is rich in history of Disney, and will get you behind the scenes in how the movie industry is run, how the Disney magic happens, the guidelines, and tricks they follow to keep it going Also it will get you to understand the mystery of the quick fall in Disney movie quality after their successive blockbusters like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and ofcourse the Lion [...]

    Dave Tavres
    As a former Disneyland tour guide, I was very interested in the history of Walt and the park WaltsApartment and to some extent, the Disney Company.This book intrigued me, as it came out during the time that mike eisnerd and his regime tried forcing Walt s nephew, Roy E Disney, off the Board of Directors of the Disney Company.It read like a spy novel Who did what to whom When did this person know about that What was being done behind the scenes to get a certain outcome For ME, it was all very int [...]

    Christie Cox
    Fasinating The book should really be titled Lessons from Michael Eisner How NOT To Run A Company I can t decide if Eisner is a political genius or a pathalogical liar He created drama in the company than a sorority house Overall, a good book to get lost in Some parts were dry, especially when discussing contracts, but James Stewart did a great job of trying to give all sides of the Disney story I recommend it to anyone not scared to see the darker disfunctional side of Disney.

    Cecilie Lee
    So I ve been reading this for about 2 weeks but it s just overwhelming I don t often give up on books but it s huge and I m not entirely captivated Michael Eisner just a mean man but he lives a very cyclical life He keeps getting friends that he then turns on No matter the friend it s the same story Also, I m not sure this book was written far enough after the firing In the book he s still on the board of directors but now he s off Anyway, I quit with this book, it s too long and repetitive.

    Was a bit head to read get through Plus eye opening sad to see what Disney has become.

    Subtitle Michael Eisner is a dick

    Fascinating Amazing behind the scenes information about the happiest place on earth , teeming with strong personalities and business politics.

    Aaron Arnold
    Very early on in the book, Stewart reveals a fascinating bit of trivia about the Disney leadership s corporate culture every senior executive, no matter if they re the public face of the company or if they re in a behind the scenes workhorse position, has to spend a day at a Disney theme park in costume as a character They do this not as a hazing ritual, but to help the people who run the company understand that for many people, Disney isn t just another media entertainment company it s the crea [...]

    This was a very fascinating account of events I was not even aware of I recently spent several months working a contract position at Disney in Glendale and, just across the street from one of the buildings we worked in was Dreamworks Animation At the time, I didn t realize why there was such an air of distrust and antipathy towards that other building and its occupants, but after reading Disney War, I get it.There was so much that I didn t know about Disney s transformation from the company it w [...]

    William Krasne
    I ve been fascinated by Disney for a long time, especially after reading Storming the Magic Kingdom which told the story of how Roy Disney and Stanley Gold led a campaign to install Michael Eisner as CEO This book serves as the sequel to that book and details Eisner s than 20 year reign at the helm of the company The book is written by James Stewart, one of the best financial journalists out there, and it is outstanding He gets incredible access to all of the main characters and deftly writes a [...]

    Calis Johnson
    I don t have any expertise or degrees in business or marketing so this was a tough read at time Through all the lingual I did learn a lot The biggest thing I learned that even during the 90s during their Renaissance Animation period the corporate end of Disney was a mess Micheal Eisner despite all the good things he did for Disney was arrogant, controlling, and hot headed No wonder so many Disney movies in the 2000s sucked so much Not only that I now understand how and why Pixar movies were whoo [...]

    Petr Bela
    The book focuses on Michael Eisner s reign at Disney between 1984 2004, how he became one of the most powerful CEOs in the world, and lead the company through a period of tremendous commercial success with such hits as Aladdin and The Lion King Then, after Frank Wells tragic death in 1994, Eisner consolidated much of the power in his own hands, leading to Disney s decline.The book is a good study of malpractices in corporate governance, and a recommended read for people interested in Disney s hi [...]

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