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  • Title: Beat This! Cookbook
  • Author: Ann Hodgman
  • ISBN: 9780395971772
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

  • Beat This! Cookbook By Ann Hodgman Do people take one bite of your food, moan with delight and beg you for the recipe Do they exclaim, Out of this world and Beyond perfect when they taste your cooking When you cook from BEAT THIS , they will In a book that has become a classic for its unique combination of irresistible recipes and hilarious prose, Ann Hodgman throws down the gauntlet, with thaDo people take one bite of your food, moan with delight and beg you for the recipe Do they exclaim, Out of this world and Beyond perfect when they taste your cooking When you cook from BEAT THIS , they will In a book that has become a classic for its unique combination of irresistible recipes and hilarious prose, Ann Hodgman throws down the gauntlet, with than 100 recipes that she guarantees to be better than anyone else s Recipes include Apple Crisp, Baking Powder Biscuits, Beef Stew, Blueberry Muffins, Caramels, Chicken Salad, Clam Chowder, Deviled Eggs, Fudge, Fried Mushrooms, Gingersnaps, Guacamole, Lemon Squares, Lime Sorbet, Molasses Cookies, Onion Soup, Pesto Torta, Plum Pudding, Potato Salad, Shrimp Salad, Spaghetti Sauce, Sugar Cookies, Tomato Soup, Vinaigrette, White Chocolate Raspberry Pie, and Whole Wheat Bread.
    Ann Hodgman
    Ann Hodgman born 1956 is an American author of than forty children s books as well as several cookbooks and humor books and many magazine articles.Ann was raised in Rochester, New York and graduated from Harvard College, where she was a staff member on the Harvard Lampoon and the Harvard Advocate She was the food columnist for the magazines Spy and Eating Well Her essay No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch, about taste testing various dog foods, was included in Best American Essays Hodgman is also known for her three cookbooks, Beat This , Beat That and One Bite Won t Kill You She is the author of the 6 book vampire series My Babysitter is a Vampire and the nonfiction memoir The House of a Million Pets Hodgman is married to author David Owen, a staff writer for The New Yorker, and they have two children, Laura and John.

    Beat This! Cookbook By Ann Hodgman


    Deborah Markus
    Yes, as a matter of fact, I have read this whole book And yes, it s a cookbook But it s not just a cookbook Plus, okay, I might have skimmed some of the ingredients But that s not the point.The point is, this is one of those cookbooks that talks to you Rants at you, often than not Which I love Why are people always so proud of their brownie recipes Katharine Hepburn, for example If there s anything I m sick of besides the way she always says she s a regular person and not an actress it s readin [...]

    Review from NetGalleyThis is a re issue of a great cookbook with updated quips, recipes, and antidotes Book releases March 15, 2011What I Loved I have loved every version of this cookbook but haven t been able to find a copy in awhile When I saw that another version was coming out with tidbits from Elizabeth Berg, I knew I needed to get my hands on it The book did not disappoint This is not a typical cookbook oh don t get me wrong it is full of great recipes but it also full of humor, stories, a [...]

    I have the older, 1993 version of this cookbook I remembered checking it out from the library many times during the 1990s, so when I saw it for sale on a discount book site, I ordered my own copy It s paperback, not the nicest quality for kitchen duty The author is irreverent, sometimes funny and sometimes obnoxious but never boring Her personality adds spice to the recipes, for sure Here are a few examples I think quick rolled oats are sissies I don t want to sound like THE BAD FOR YOU COOKBOOK [...]

    Emily M
    This is a hoot to read, and while I ve only tried about half of the recipes, they re all yummy This author is definitely of the double the butter and add bacon school of thought, which is why they taste good Right now, we re in a mid 30 s healthy kick, so I don t reach for this as much as less indulgent cookbooks of late But it s worth it for the 2 or 3 times a year I do get it out.

    I m keeping one recipe out of this book Priceless almond triangles hope they turn out good.

    Elizabeth Sims
    Great recipes and great wit What could you ask for

    It s not that the recipes are bad I tried a couple and found them both good It s that the author was touted as HILARIOUS but I just find her incredibly ANNOYING Plus, the recipes are arranged every which way, with clam chowder on one page and cinnamon rolls on the facing page, for example, which I m sure is fine, but not what I prefer Plus, she arrogantly insists her recipes for each item are the absolute best, but I m already terribly fond of my own versions of several of them like my chocolate [...]

    Aside from reading, I am lucky to find myself enjoying yet another interest Cooking Many of us start out wearing the feeding family hat , like it or not It took me a number of years to have the time needed to up my status of possessing only basic culinary skills I knew I was only placating my family s hunger pains TV shows like early Martha Stewart and many show episodes of The Food Network played a huge role in bettering my meal offerings while still entertaining me as did so many wonderful coo [...]

    Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    With a family of six I am always looking for new recipes to try and the Beat This Cookbook, which is about to be rereleased, sounded promising While the style is certainly readable with Ann Hodgman s warmth and humor, I didn t find any recipes that particularly suited me Many of the recipes require a lot of prep and ingredients including some not available in Australia like Corn Syrup Neither were any of the recipes particuarly original, I felt that they could have come from my mothers pre chole [...]

    I normally wouldn t write a review for a cookbook since you usually don t sit down and read a cookbook word for word, but I consider Beat This a humor book as well I originally recieved it as a galley, but as I got into it, I knew I had to buy my own copy the Caremelized Bacon recipe is probably worth the price alone In the internet age, it s so easy to Google any recipe you need, but Hodgman has made this one worth the price for two reasons her writing is witty AND practical, and she s gone to [...]

    I had to check this out after Elizabeth Berg rated this her fav cookbook on NPR This is super fun to read the author is highly opinionated for example, is unapologetic about hating olive oil but if you like her voice you will enjoy this cookbook I made the apple crisp awesome and easy to make but also, unfortunately, too easy to eat and the vanilla spiced nuts which were just ok for me, dawg thank you, Randy Jackson Some of these recipes are calorie bombs but would be ok for party or once in awh [...]

    Rose Ann
    This edition is simply not the equal of the original edition I made the meatloaf I m always searching for the perfect meatloaf recipe and it was truly awful Wanted to try the brownie recipe but the first instructions are to beat the eggs and sugar for FIFTEEN MINUTES Hello No brownies are worth that investment of time So I am glad that I checked this out of the library, instead of buying it on , as was my first impulse.

    Jeri Paull
    I have the original edition of this book, and it is stained, dog eared, torn and notes are written all over all indicators of a well loved cookbook I make the cornbread stuffing every Thanksgiving and the beef tenderloin every Christmas Every recipe I have tried is a winner and I ve tried most of them Hodgman is hilarious in addition to being an awesome cook, and I am so happy that it has been reissued so I can start giving it as gifts again

    If you re looking for the best version of a particular recipe, try this cook book A lot of the recipes look delicious, but some are a little too long and involved for me I guess you do have to put some effort in to get the best results though I made the roasted chicken easy and yummy Lentil soup is next.

    Erica Olson
    I m sure Ann Hodgman and I are going to be friends, if only we meet I hope she ll cook for me.Hodgman is a witty, passionate writer OK, this is just a cookbook but it s one I buy for newly married couples, people setting up housekeeping, etc.

    Another cookbook to return to here Elizabeth Berg a favorite author claims on the cover it is her favorite cookbook because it tells stories yes The best kind of cookbook Cookbook, we will meet again.

    Too bad this was written in 1993 It was a fun read, but the references are lacking addresses Phone numbers At any rate, as usual, the best sounding recipes would take foreverbut it was fun to read.

    A fun to read cookbook with good recipes.

    A fun cookbook to read If nothing else, read it for the brownie recipe.

    Ann Hodgeman is so easy and delightful to read I laugh out loud as I read her cookbooks because not only does she make a mean recipe she is a funny, witty writer.

    Delightful NPR review I d like to be able to write a cookbook that sounds as readable and funny as this one haven t seen it, though.

    Has my FAVORITE brownie recipe ever.

    Maybe this would ve been interesting to me when it was published 11 years ago, but overall I found it rather lackluster.

    I want to move next door to Ann I have used this cookbook since it came out the first time Awesome recipes and makes me laugh out loud.

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