[E-Book] Ö Unlimited Û Wolverine: Snikt! : by Tsutomu Nihei ✓ #2020

  • Title: Wolverine: Snikt!
  • Author: Tsutomu Nihei
  • ISBN: 9780785112396
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback

  • Wolverine: Snikt! By Tsutomu Nihei Marvel Manga action by Japanese superstar Tsutomu Nihei Alone in a barren wasteland inhabited by robotic, parasitic organisms, the X Men s most lethal member devolves further and further into his true, savage, berserker state with each battle The key to Logan maintaining a link to his humanity may lie with a mysterious young girl.
    Tsutomu Nihei
    See also .Tsutomu Nihei Nihei Tsutomu, born 1971 is a Japanese manga artist His cyberpunk influenced artwork has gained a strong cult following He has a relatively large community of fans in Germany where his manga Blame , NOiSE and Biomega were published by Ehapa Blame was also published in France and Spain by Gl nat, in the US by Tokyopop and in Italy by Panini Comics.At first he studied architecture and later it is shown up in his manga works with drawing huge structures This became one of his general theme that makes his manga unique His works are usually in black and white He is also an avid fan of the video game series Halo, as he mentions in his commentary section in the Halo Graphic Novel.Taken from enpedia wiki Tsutomu_

    Wolverine: Snikt! By Tsutomu Nihei


    English but not so good ItalianoI already knew this author thanks to his manga, so I can assure you that no one would read a story usually incomprehensible because written by him, but the drawings the dirty trait, the decadent architecture, succeed in creating a surreal atmosfear which drags the reader into a completely dystopian world So that made me a strange effect to see the blue sky in the last pages Perhaps a Logan tale not unforgettable for the mind, but what a grandeur for the eyes Itali [...]

    It is Wolverine for goths Aside from that oddity about it, great art work, amazing story I am quite fond of the dark colors, Wolverine looks a little different than the traditional ways he is portrayed, but they didn t take away his personality too much.

    loves unreasonably resists rereading Blame succeeds only because my books are in another province resists checking the various library collections resist

    Me gust bastante la historia pero me arrepiendo de haberlo comprado en espa ol

    Snikt Es el sonido que hacen las garras de Wolverine al atravesar su piel y mostrarse a su presa y, ciertamente, es lo que m s leeremos en este comic manga Tsutomo Nihei es uno de mis mangakas favoritos, aunque realmente s lo me he leido Blame pero con esto me basta y sobra, y a pesar de esto no estoy del todo contento con el resultado de esta alianza Marvel Jap n Creo que es debido a que Nihei depende much simo del Worldbuilding que es algo que se le da excepcionalmente y cuando su dibujo realm [...]

    Raxilia Running
    Belle le atmosfere cyberpunk e intrigante l idea di catapultare Logan in un futuro distopico, popolato di mostri batteri giganteschi Ho amato molto la sua resa grafica da parte di un mangaka giapponese, cos come certe inquadrature particolari nel mezzo della battaglia che rendevano perfettamente la furia cieca a cui Wolverine si abbandona quando deve giocarsi il tutto per tutto.Unico lato negativo stata la scrittura troppo frettolosa, molte cose in uno spazio ristretto, buttate dentro con poca p [...]

    Hardly the best written comic around, but Nihei s distinct art style and bonkers biopunk vision of the future is than worth the price of admission A good one.

    An interesting take on Wolverine Logan encounters a mysterious little girl who transports him into the distant future, where humanity is under attack from a robotic enemy called the Mandate.I know this story got a lot of hate for the artwork In a way that s kind of justified Some people might not care about how the art looks, but comic books are a visual medium and good artwork can make or break a story And to clarify, I actually like the artwork in this story it s distinctive and fresh I can ju [...]

    No Books
    Nell ambito della recente wave di ristampe, la Panini Comics pubblica anche un edizione economica di questa miniserie, che affida il personaggio pi noto della Marvel dopo l Uomo Ragno al mangaka forse pi idolatrato e peculiare dei noughties, Tsutomu Nihei Il risultato la somma di questi due fattori Logan trapiantato in un fumetto di Nihei letteralmente, con tanto di viaggio nel tempo Architetture oppressive e desolate, virus mutanti, mostri biomeccanici, c tutto il corredo, perfino il punto escl [...]

    Japanese creator Tsutomu Nihei takes a stab at Marvel s most famous mutant with this self contained volume Transported by a mysterious young girl to the future, Wolverine is asked to pit his Adamantium against a evolutionary nightmare A bio engineered cybernetic hive known as the Mandate has arisen to wipe out most of humanity, forcing our time traveler to bring Wolverine in as a last stand Naturally, Logan chips in to help the human resistance make a suicide run and attempt to end the reign of [...]

    More for fans of the writer artist than fans of wolverine it would seem I personally enjoyed seeing one of my favourite manga artists put his spin on a marvel character and seeing him bring his crazy cyberpunk world to marvel If I have one criticism it s that I would have liked to see it linked to the marvel universe , but still I enjoyed it very much

    Riley Freer
    It was okay for a strange spin off comic but the story seemed a little too dark and the art style had me in a stand offish reading mindset Couldn t really connect to the story although it wasn t for lack of overall clarity Overall this mini series just didn t seem to fit in well with the other Wolverine comics I was reading at the time.

    Hamed Mazaheri
    One of the most enjoyable comic books ever read the story line is a little weak and different with the original X Men,but the story is beauty about destiny of wolveriene strong point of this comic is its elegant design, which is a combination of manga and comic book.I m very enjoyed of this book, i hope so enjoyed you.

    this comic ends with Wolverine quoting a song by The Doors is it established canon that The Wolverine is a notable fan of The Doors is it established canon that Tsutomu Nihei is a notable fan of The Doors I don t know or care, I m having fun regardless.

    Colours certainly help to devise Nihei s cyberpunk futuristic settings This is his first story I ve read that doesn t taste immeasurably depressing Story wise is pretty weak, and the cross over feeling is almost over the top, but the art is great.

    Alexander Case
    Good writing and equally good art though the story is a little over compressed due to the the length of the comic This is a good introduction to Nihei s art style and is definitely worth checking out The story is available on Marvel Comics Unlimited.

    Fatemeh Beygi

    Absolutely love the art, but the story line was a little dry and out of order from other Wolverine history.

    Céline Meg
    Un Wolverine fa on manga tr s beau visuellement mais petite d ception du c t de l histoire qui n a rien d extraordinaire

    great art i just wish the story had been stronger

    Celeste - Una stanza tutta per me
    for goth lovers this dark Wolverine totally caught my eye The story is not my favourite, BUT DAMN THE DRAWINGS ARE UNBELIEVABLE

    a fun alternative view of wolverine

    Dávid Novotný
    Niheis art is great unfortunately sometimes disturbed by sfx , but story is pretty shallow and easy to forget.

    Eva Sanchez
    This book is a work of art I lingered on the drawings and was actually drawn into the storyline Would read again.

    • [E-Book] Ö Unlimited Û Wolverine: Snikt! : by Tsutomu Nihei ✓
      Tsutomu Nihei