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  • Title: Freeze Frame
  • Author: Heidi Ayarbe
  • ISBN: 9780061351730
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Freeze Frame By Heidi Ayarbe No matter how many times Kyle rewrites the scene, he can t get it right He tries it in the style of Hitchcock, Tarantino, Eastwood, all of his favorite directors but regardless of the style, he can t remember what happened that day in the shed The day Jason died And until he can, there is one question that keeps haunting Kyle Did he kill his best friend on purpose DebNo matter how many times Kyle rewrites the scene, he can t get it right He tries it in the style of Hitchcock, Tarantino, Eastwood, all of his favorite directors but regardless of the style, he can t remember what happened that day in the shed The day Jason died And until he can, there is one question that keeps haunting Kyle Did he kill his best friend on purpose Debut novelist Heidi Ayarbe delves into the depths of the human psyche as Kyle wrestles with inner demons that make him wonder whether the world will ever be okay again or if the best thing to do is find a way to join Jason.
    Heidi Ayarbe
    I spent 23 years growing up and living in Nevada then have spent the last almost 17 living and traveling around the world with my Colombian husband I ve gone down Class IV Rapids called THE FROG BLENDER on my butt in Nepal, been thrown down by gusts of wind hiking in Torres del Paine, gone gator looking in the , and have climbed up a Mayan pyramid at midnight during a full moon None of that compares to the joy, drama, and fatigue of motherhood.Much of my time is spent thinking What if And then I spend the rest of my time with BIC butt in chair inspiration.I have settled in Colombia, South America with my husband and two daughters When I m not thinking what if , I spend my time wiping pureed food substances off my clothes and wondering, What s that smell

    Freeze Frame By Heidi Ayarbe


    It is never easy to lose someone who is close to you Imagine what it would be like to see your best friend day You were just hanging out together, and you come across a gun in the shed The two of you are looking at it, and it goes off Now, your friend is dead and everyone blames you.This is exactly what happens to Kyle, when his best friend Jason dies Everyone seems to want to know what happened in the she The problem is that Kyle can t quite seem to remember It s like his memory get stuck right [...]

    Loved the presentation of narrative after a shot is fired, the protagonist can t remember who pulled the trigger, so the scene is replayed 14 different time in the style of various filmmakers as he works it out Original and gripping.

    Have you ever done something that you forgot about or only remember small details from Things like a past birthday, who you got something from, or a vacation Maybe even killing someone Now I m not saying you re a murderer I m just trying to get your attention Freeze F rame by Heidi Ayarbe is a book filled with curiosity, suspense, and no matter how hard you try, you just won t be able to put the book down.Fast forward, rewind, pause Kyle s tried everything, but he just can t remember Although wh [...]

    Kyle can t remember what happened in the moments before his best friend Jason died He tries to write the scene many different ways in the styles of his favorite film directors, but nothing fills in that blank in his memory Did he mean to kill his friend What happened in those few seconds And why can t he remember Ayarbe s first novel is a dark nest of tension, doubt and fear Her ingenious use of film and novels as a language to psychology will make the book very accessible to teens who enjoy mov [...]

    This is one of the saddest books I have ever read I cried for the majority of the book Freeze Frame is about a boy named Kyle who shot his best friend and killed him Kyle is not put into jail but is put on probation until he is 18 Throughout the beginning of the story we see Kyle falling to pieces He has killed his best friend and he doesn t know if it was an accident or not Kyle is in a dark place He gets into fights and has pent up rage The only way he can work past his anger is by reading He [...]

    I stumbled upon this book by accident in the library a long time ago and was intrigued by the interesting premise Kyle has a best friend, Jason.Kyle had a best friend and he killed him.Thus begins a long, heartbreaking trip into guilt and despair as Kyle is known as the guy who killed his bestfriend You don t get a full recount of what really happened until the end but you get Kyle struggling to recap the death scenes in multiple movie shots You get to see who Jason was and the strength of his f [...]

    Admittedly, I picked this book up and spent the money on it because the summary sounded something like Christopher Pike I don t regret that decision, though it wasn t what I was originally expecting That was okay.It didn t take me very long to read it, but sometimes I had to take breaks because it managed to get under my skin so badly It was gripping, impressive, and altogether heartbreaking It made emotions stir in me I can count on one hand how many times a book has made me cry made me tear up [...]

    This book joins my very short list of Best Books I ve Ever Read But Will Never Ever Re Read Because They Ripped My Heart Out But unlike the other books on that list, the heartache wasn t waiting at the end it was present from almost the first page I ve never cried my way through a book before And yet I want to buy a copy for everyone I know and make them read it too.

    This book wasn t as great as my family told me it was I didn t cry at the moment they thought I would and I didn t really think it had a good plot The book was the slightest bit repetitive and dragged on a bit.

    Tarah McCue
    I assumed that I would cry at some point during this book and I did I can t imagine ever having to deal with a situation like this This poor kid has to try to pick up the pieces of his own life, while feeling so confused and guilty Great story.

    another book about loss and the feelings and recovery after death as the story unfolds, I was really caught up in it and wanted to see how it ended Plus a great Umlee and Neebles page A

    This book was intense Remembering what happened the day Jason died along with Kyle is heartbreaking.


    I looked at the headstone again Jason G Bishop At least they hadn t spelled out Gabriel He hated his middle name.I turned back Hey, Jase What s worse killing your best friend or being killed by your best friend No answer.I kinda think the first one is worse But that s because I don t know what the second one is like Jase probably had his own ideas about that Wow.Oh my goodness, Freeze Frame just blew me off of my feet What an amazing, thrilling, and emotional story I fell in love with it after j [...]

    This was a wonderful debut novel for Ayarbe I will look forward to reading of her stuff.At first I was upset that this kid, a film nut, who has apparently just shot his best friend, is trying to hide from the reality by constantly overlaying it and all of the consequences with references to films and scenes from films But as you read, you can see why he had to do that at the time, and how he changes and shapes his use of film to, by the end, actually deal with the reality.The only bone I would [...]

    Impressive This is the adjective that keeps popping into my mind when thinking about how to describe Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe Freeze Frame is about a teenage boy who kills his best friend with a gun It s disturbing that Freeze Frame is about a tragedy caused by the main character Further, for the bulk of the book we don t even know if the death was intentional Yet we still have to care for Kyle because we re constantly in his head That Ayarbe is able to pull off such a novel is impressive.Th [...]

    John Clark
    Losing your best friend hurts, when you lose him twice, as Kyle does, its so painful his mind refuses to allow him to remember what really happened the second time He and Jason were besties, living less than a block from each other Jason longed to become an artist, drawing ever detailed comic characters Both his little brother Chase and Kyle were drawn as super heroes, Chase as Kite Rider and Jason as Freeze Frame Kyle s dream was to become a movie maker and he was obsessed with watching videos [...]

    I never forget that Jason was my best friend No But you do forget that you were his sob Kyle s got a nifty way of thinking about things then presenting them The thing is, like him, I didn t quite understand all the mollycoddling that followed His guilt, his confusion both these, came across loud and clear Him pushing others away, him feeling like he d let everyone down, and they Jason given the decision I felt it all plausible His not remembering, his pain then him trying to cope made this not t [...]

    Liz Ropp Review 14Freeze Frame follows the hollow and lifeless journey that Kyle Caroll takes the moment after Scene Three occurs on a cold fall morning in Kyle s shed with his best friend Jason Jason discovers a gun in the shed Kyle somehow ends up with the gun Jason is dead Kyle cannot figure out that missing moment that moment between Jason showing him the gun and Kyle holding the gun standing across from Jason s bleeding body The rest of the novel takes place mainly in Kyle s mind as he trie [...]

    I love reading this book from start to finish It was a good break from all the fantasy I ve been reading The realism stood out to me the almost stream of consciousness the book hits on at times This made it very moving and gripping to read What also engaged me were the subtle metaphors using simple, everday objects as vehicles of greater meaning They tie a lot of thematic elements together, conveying the emotions that Kyle can t feel Also, Kyle s darkish, wry sense of humor in the face of his is [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooNo matter how hard he tries, Kyle just can t figure out that one scene that completes the movie he feels like he s in He has the beginning scenes The first scene where Kyle and his best friend, Jason, are eating pancakes As always, Jason uses up all of the syrup, making Kyle s dad go out and buy some After a little quarrel between the two, followed by an insult to his sister, Kyle and Jason run outside into the freezing cold Not wan [...]

    I would recommend the book Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe to a friend because it s a very realistic book with lots of twist and turns that made me not want to put the book down An example of suspense in the book is when Kyle says, Did I do it on purpose pg 89 In this book the main character Kyle shoots his best friend, Jason, with his dad s gun in the shed behind his house Throughout the book Kyle is not sure if he did it or why he did I think that that is very suspenseful but others might not thi [...]

    Thanks to Erin and Luke for recommending this new page turner Kyle s best friend Jason is shot, and Kyle s got the gun in his hand But why on earth would he shoot his best friend, and why can t he remember the moment it happened This was one of the best books I ve read dealing with the death of a friend, not to mention the suffocating guilt and confusion of not knowing the truth As the months pass and the layers of Kyle s suffering are peeled back, you begin to see that the BFFs may not have had [...]

    This book just messes with your emotions If you don t cry at least once while reading it, then well, you re a lot tougher than I am This book will tear your insides out and then jam them back into your body Several times over Sorry for that gross imagery.I love Kyle s developing relationship with Mr Cordoba and how Mr Cordoba helps him out, I like Kyle s friendship with Kohana, I like the tension and the emotions that run high all throughout the book until the very end Ayarbe did a fantastic job [...]

    Freeze Frame by Heidi Ayarbe is a good book about a teenager trying to deal with killing his bestfriend, Jason Set in first person, the author really shows how Kyle, the main character, can deal with not only killing his best friend, but his loss of memmory about that piticular sene Kyle uses the format of a movie script to help him deal with the death and try to remember Along the way, Kyle meets friends that help him figure out what happened that day that Jason died The authors use of these ch [...]

    Erin Forson
    Freeze Frameby Heidi AyarbeeDo you believe that just one moment can change the entire course of your life After reading this book, I do Kyle is 16 when he and his very best friend, Jason, wander into Kyle s dad s shed, but both of them don t walk out The novel is chilling I can t tell you a whole lot about it, though otherwise I ll spoil the plot I will tell you that I felt Kyle s character was extremely real In Kyle s situation I think I would feel very much like he does He has to deal with so [...]

    Five words to describe the book mysterious, gripping, disappointing, anticlimactic, matureIt s been a while since I read Freeze Frame, and it was classified under the social issues genre, but to me it was like a psychological thriller, or less The protagonist, one morning, is playing around in his father s shed with his friend, when he finds a gun He can t remember what happened next, but after that, he discovered his friend lying on the floor, blood pouring from a bullet wound The gun was in [...]

    Abby Johnson
    Something happened that morning in the shed and if Kyle could only remember what it was, things might be okay Jason is dead There was a gun But though Kyle can remember the scenes before and after the shooting, he can t remember what, exactly, happened to Jason Guilt consumes him as he deals with the aftermath of the incident and, with the help of some new friends, deals with his feelings and starts to heal I found the plot pretty gripping and I loved the author s incorporation of Kyle s love of [...]

    This book is so so so so sad I had to hold back tears within the first few chapters and from then on I didn t finish this book because I hate crying and feeling sad Some books are so amazing but the end is sad and I cry, which I m ok with But this book made me cry the whole length At first I kept reading because i wanted to find out why Kyle couldn t remember that moment in the shed But after a while, I realized this book wasn t so much of a mystery as I thought it would be It s of a serious bo [...]

    Daniel Mccarthy
    This book was written for a young man who loves suspense There are a lot of scenes that really show the mind of a young man Kyle and how they react to cetain things I was really entertained in this book from start to finish I would say it is one of few books I liteally could not put down I thought Kyle was a very interesting character that kind of reminded me of me Kyle was such a different kid loving movies and the art of movies He discovered a love a love for writing as well Although, I would [...]

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