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  • Title: Split
  • Author: Tara Moss
  • ISBN: 9780843956436
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Split By Tara Moss Mak is beautiful, street smart and single, a model paying her way through a degree in forensic psychology She s come to Vancouver to finish her studies But instead she walks straight into a city gripped by fear of a killer, and a campus where the students are the prey As winter closes in and the nights grow longer, Mak is drawn into a shifting world of twisted minds, aMak is beautiful, street smart and single, a model paying her way through a degree in forensic psychology She s come to Vancouver to finish her studies But instead she walks straight into a city gripped by fear of a killer, and a campus where the students are the prey As winter closes in and the nights grow longer, Mak is drawn into a shifting world of twisted minds, a world where no motive is clear and no desire is held in check.
    Tara Moss
    Tara Moss is an author, journalist, documentary maker and presenter and human rights advocate Since 1999 she has written 11 bestselling books, published in 19 countries and 13 languages, including the acclaimed Mak Vanderwall crime fiction series and the Pandora English series Her first non fiction book, the critically acclaimed The Fictional Woman, was published in 2014 and became a number one national non fiction bestseller, and her iconic cover design, featuring her face labeled with fictions or stereotypes about women won Best Non Fiction Book Design at the Australia Book Design Awards in 2015 with HarperCollins Publishers Her latest book is Speaking Out A 21st Century Handbook for Women and Girls.She is a PhD Candidate at the University of Sydney, and has earned her private investigator credentials Cert III from the Australian Security Academy.Moss is an outspoken advocate for the rights of women and children She has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007 and as of 2013 is UNICEF Australia s National Ambassador for Child Survival, and has visited Australian hospitals, maternity wards and schools as well as Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon in her UNICEF role Moss has spoken at numerous schools on cyberbullying and online child safety, and in July 2015 was announced as the new Norton Family Ambassador on these issues In 2015 she was also announced as Patron of the Full Stop Foundation for Rape Domestic Violence Services Australia, and launched the foundation at Parliament House In 2015 she received an Edna Ryan Award for her significant contribution to feminist debate, speaking out for women and children and inspiring others to challenge the status quo.Her in depth novel research has seen her tour the FBI Academy at Quantico, spend time in squad cars, morgues, prisons, the Hare Psychopathy Lab, the Supreme Court and criminology conferences, take polygraph tests, shoot weapons, conduct surveillance, pass the Firearms Training Simulator FATSII with the LAPD, pull 4.2 G s doing loops over the Sydney Opera House flying with the RAAF, and acquire her CAMS race driver licence She has hosted the true crime documentary series Tough Nuts Australia s Hardest Criminals on the Crime Investigation Network, Tara Moss Investigates on the National Geographic Channel and the author interview show Tara in Conversation on 13th Street Universal In 2014 she was recognised for Outstanding Advocacy for her blog Manus Island An insider s report, which helped to break information to the public about the events surrounding the alleged murder of Reza Barati inside the Australian run Manus Island Immigration Detention Centre.Moss is a dual Australian Canadian citizen.Recent Awards and Accolades 2012 Australia s 20 Most Influential Female Voices2013 Australia s Most inspiring Women who push boundaries, create change and motivate 2014 Outstanding Advocacy Award for Manus Island An insider s report2014 Cosmo s The Women Who Made 2014 Better for The Fictional Woman2014 Influential Women of 2014, alongside Malala, Laura Bates, Angelina Jolie and 2014 The Hoopla s The Female Eunuch Award for The Fictional Woman2015 Best Designed Non Fiction Book Award, for The Fictional Woman designed by Tara Moss and Matt Stanton2015 Part of the University of Sydney s Leadership for Good2015 Edna Ryan Award Grand Stirrer Award for making a feminist difference by speaking out for women and children, for a significant contribution to feminist debate and inciting others to challenge the status quo2016 Champion of the West award for community service2017 The Order of Lambrick Park

    Split By Tara Moss


    I m still trying to decide whether I really like this author s style She tends to explain a bit too much which rather slows down the pace Nevertheless when the action starts happening she keeps the pages turning and there is plenty of suspense I don t really get the Makedde Andy issue even though I did read the previous book where all the problems started Someone as strong as Mak is supposed to be surely could make her mind up over a mere man Still a good book and I will read the next one.

    So I was given book 4 of this series by a neighbor who was raving about how good this series is Like any OC reader, I held off on book 4 and went to read the series from the beginning.Let us start with what was good about it It was an easy, quick read Ump That is all.How was this book painful Let me count the ways 1 Makedde is the most 2D, annoying, pretentious prat of a character I have ever read She is a model She is studying her PhD She is so intelligent that mere mortals can not be in her pr [...]

    3 StarsThis was another fairly enjoyable and easy to read addition to the Makedde Vanderwall crime series, but it didn t grab me in quite the same way as its predecessor Fetish The crime component wasn t as engaging, or rather, aspects of this particular crime story frustrated me, which wasn t the case during the first book I felt a lot of the reactions of seemingly intelligent characters didn t ring true view spoiler At the end of the story, when the hunter s identity had been revealed to the r [...]

    I was going to give this two stars for its flat, stereotypical characters, long drawn out descriptions that had me skipping whole paragraphs at a time, and the fact that the plot would have been 99% unchanged without the main character a passive woman who makes no decisions and doesn t even know there s a serial killer for most of the book , but then I got to the revelation I literally threw down the book when it turned out the title meant exactly what I d feared another stereotypical representa [...]

    Bronwyn Rykiert
    Makedde Vanderwall seems to get herself in the line of fire from serial killers, first she became a victim a Stiletto Murderer while visiting Australia and in this book too she becomes the target for another serial killer could that really happen in someone s life I don t understand her feelings for Andy, she is attracted to him but keeps fighting it because he helped her from being killed while she was in Australia and she has a hang up over that For me there was too much in depth discription o [...]

    Tamara Witika
    Listened to audiobook version As much as I like Tara Moss and her Canadian accent with Aussie edge, she doesnt do different sounding voices for different characters or the narration unlike the excellent Stephanie Daniel who reads the Phryne Fisher books and so I would be driving along listening and trying to figure out who was speaking Distracting af Moss also overexplains a bit, which feels like a dumbing down Also we get it that Makedde is beautiful and smart and has a funny name, you dont hav [...]

    Oooh, this one left a bad taste in my mouth Lazily plotted, poorly written, and flatly narrated by the author Even apart from the offensive not only woman as victim, but woman as REPEAT victim fiasco, developments are telegraphed, silly details are emphasized and worse, sometimes repeated , and the characters are cardboard pawns audiobook note I wasn t a fan of the almost bored sounding narration from early on, and some key mispronunciations mischievous only underscored my low opinion.

    Mak once again finds herself in the clasps of another psychopath, however Spilt was slower moving than then Fetish I found this was filled with a lot explanation of psychological terms that were perhaps too long I may be frustrated with that as I m familiar with what she was writing about, however I feel if she needs to show her knowledge on this she should write an article not a novel Once I neared the end, it was far less laborious and much enjoyable.

    So this wasn t as good as the first one I still enjoyed it, but there was just nothing all that special about it Sometimes predictability is okay, but in this novel, it just made me kinda bored I will say, however, that the second half of the book was better than the first The second half was like the first book the pace picked up, the stakes picked up, pieces started to fall together and I blitzed through it happily I have started to ship Makedde and Andy now so I don t know what that says abo [...]

    Richard Warlow
    Awesome, almost as good as the first book

    A clinical study of the serial killer using the protagonist Makedde Vanderwall as the victim of not one, but two serial killers, first in Sydney, second in Vancouver.

    Lauren K
    It s been about six months since I read Fetish, the first novel in the Makedde Vanderwall series by model and author Tara Moss I really enjoyed the start to the series and was keen to pick up book 2, Split which I managed to read while I was on my honeymoon.After the trauma Makedde experienced in the first novel while she was in Sydney, I was curious to see what would happen once she returned to her country of origin, Canada And, of course I wanted to find out what would happen with Detective An [...]

    Ms Tlaskal
    I was lucky enough to meet Tara Moss last week and this is why I read Split, as I m not a huge crime reader, even though she herself recommends her new YAL Pandora English series But she was so charming and interesting that I wanted to see what she writes For someone who finds Bond film plots difficult to follow, I cottoned on pretty quickly to Mak Vanderwall s dilemma I read it in two short sessions, enjoyed the references to Canada a place on my to visit list and the feeling of claustrophobic [...]

    Well that was fun Tara Moss has me hooked now The second Mac Vanderwall book follows on naturally from the first, and the plot, which I feared would be trite and contrived was a well constructed thrill ride This is a better written book than the first and Moss s enjoyment of her subject material, be it the unglamorous world of catalogue modelling, or the details of forensic psychology, is undisguised She s taken the chick lit romance of Mills and Boone and blended it with a kind of Jeffrey Deave [...]

    Khanh (the meanie)
    Mak, a 25 years old past her heyday smart model with expected psychological hangups goes to Australia, only to find her best friend really A 19 year old best friend and fellow model dead, conveniently at the exact location as her latest photo shoot She is the daughter of a Detective Inspector, and fledgling psychology student, so rather than leaving it to the local detectives, she goes off to investigate the case of the serial killer killing tall, beautiful model like women wearing stilettoes No [...]

    Josh Wallace
    I read this novel a couple of years ago so it s not fresh in my mind but I will say this I m generally the type of reader who will pick a book from anywhere in a series, enjoy it, but then not bother with the rest of the set Split changed that The edge of the seat quality of this second part from Tara Moss s psycho magnet saga commissioned me to round up Fetish, Covet and Hit in order to follow the heroine, Makedde Vanderwall, from the Catwalk to the Crime Scene so to speak.Split reminded me of [...]

    Lyn Richards
    Makedde Mak Vanderwall is working her way through her Masters, she does modelling to pay the tuition Mak s dad is a former police officer and her mum passed away She has been back from a modelling trip in Australia that went sour 12 months ago where she met the complex police officer Andy Flynn Since her trip to Australia she s thrown herself into her studies in psychology but is having trouble sleeping and cant put the past aside.Mak is a self confessed weirdo magnet, something that she hopes h [...]

    I have just reread The Fictional Woman by Tara Moss, as it was my choice for my book discussion group, and thought that I should at least try one of her crime fiction books to get an idea about her fiction writing style, before our meeting.I therefore read Split quickly and found it an easy to read novel with a good story and fast pace The writer did over explain in places which could be her style or a case of too much tell and not enough show Show don t tell Nevertheless I did like her characte [...]

    I enjoyed the overall plot and the way Mak thinks as a character I felt that the first half of the book was pretty convoluted because there was so many point of view changes I am not entirely convinced that all of the characters with points of view were even relevant to the story Once the book got further into the plot and the individual character stories were converging,the book picked up speed quickly and became enjoyable From the beginning, I thought something was off about Roy Blake and tha [...]

    Split is the 2nd book in this amazing series This time Makaydee is back home in Canada, closer to her family and to continue her studies She finds her father dating, something he hasnt done since his wifes death two years ago, and her sister annoying bitch loving her simple life with her new family I didnt like her criticizing ways I felt Makaydee s sister added to her already delicate mental state Anyway this book showed the realistic way people do deal with their problems, shutting people out, [...]

    Someone had recommended this author and I ordered 2 of hers from the library The characters were underwritten and Hollywood cardboard thin.I persisted until about 1 2 through and an incident with chewing gum, avoiding a professor and main character, a PhD student and part time world class model natch, inhaling with gusto and heated hormones the shaving cologne of a lusty security guard did my head in She d been raped and beaten apparently in a prequel novel, was having PTSD nightmares, and gets [...]

    Balthazar Lawson
    I read this as an ebook on my iPhone and it was 842 pages in length Unfortunately it didn t get really exciting until after page 600 and then I really enjoyed it.Before this it kind of just drifted along and was a bit like an education about psychology, which didn t really have much bearing to the rest of the story except for the villain being nuts A slow climb to a big climax is the best way to describe this when it would have been better to have taken the lift and you wouldn t have missed all [...]

    c a t h e y
    What did I think I think some people shouldn t write books I have a problem with Makedde no one is that perfect She has model looks, she s studying a PhD in psychology, she has men falling for her left, right and centre Also, why are there so many references to psychology Yes, we get that she s smart and all, but do I really need lists of random psychological tests and works And the storyline is very similar to Fetish However, there were some good elements such as being hunted , but Moss needs t [...]

    Another great read from one of Tara Moss thrillers I ve found each time with this series that I have been drawn in from the very beginning Makedde definitely seems to be a serial killer magnet for sure The poor girl has had it so hard the last few years of her life that I m sure its not going to get easier considering how many books are to come after this one lol I m looking forward to reading of Mak and hopefully Andy too.

    I thought this book was poorly plotted and badly written and so very, very irritating The main character is a model who is also doing a PhD in forensic psychology because we can all totally relate to that and she spends the whole novel being indecisive, passive aggressive and weak until she suddenly gets it together in the last 30 pages to fight off a serial killer Not even passable as a holiday read.

    Di Turner
    Another great book in the series her books are so easy to read, and keep you interested all the way through I love that the main character is a model, which Tara can obviously write realistically about The only thing that worries me is the fact that the main character has been a victim in both the first two books in this series, not sure if this is the case in all the books in the series, but I guess I ll have to read them to find out.

    Bookish Enchantment
    This would have got 4 stars if it had not been so predictable Moss had the chance to make this a better book by not being predictable with the outcome I certainly hoped for a interesting ending.Moss failed with this book only because she did not have the imagination to twist the story and add suspense.Very readable and a good story Hopefully Moss has brush up her plot next installment.

    Jacqueline King
    A few months have passed since the climactic ending of Fetish, in which former model Makadde Vanerwall almost died She has returned to her native Canada to study and visit family, believing she is safe, though missing her Australian friend with benefit detective Andy Flynn But Mak has no idea she is so close to yet another nomadic serial killer, and her connection to him is just as creepy as the killer himself Love Tara Moss books, a huge fan of her writing and intense research.

    Anita Wu
    Not nearly as good as Fetish had been, but still easy to read and follow Some parts, however, seemed forced or had some minor consistency problems The twist, while obviously intended to be unexpected and surprising, seemed rushed and lacked depth as if it had been tacked in for the sake of something unexpected but for no real reason, almost as if the author changed her mind at the last moment But it wasn t unenjoyable and certainly hasn t put me off the series.

    Debbie Johansson
    After reading Tara s first book, Fetish, I was eager to read the next book in the series This book sees Mak back in her native Canada, where once again she encounters Andy Flynn Mak s feelings for him are certainly mixed, perhaps so than in the first book There are a lot of psychological detail within this story, which can distract the reader Overall, this is still an enjoyable read, and becomes a real page turner.

    • BEST KINDLE "¸ Split" || UNLIMITED (PDF) ✓
      378 Tara Moss
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