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  • Title: A Warm Place to Call Home
  • Author: Michael Siemsen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback

  • A Warm Place to Call Home By Michael Siemsen Frederick is a demon living life to the fullest Except, it s other people s lives.UNPAID READERS ARE SOMEHOW SAYING Prepare yourself to root for what s wrong and to hope for the worst Draws you in from the outset I love him He s a jerk I love him couldn t put it down until the last page was turned a moving story, and all toFrederick is a demon living life to the fullest Except, it s other people s lives.UNPAID READERS ARE SOMEHOW SAYING Prepare yourself to root for what s wrong and to hope for the worst Draws you in from the outset I love him He s a jerk I love him couldn t put it down until the last page was turned a moving story, and all too real engaging characters, interesting settings, plot twists galore, and a very satisfying ending SURPRISING NUMBER OF ACTUAL AWARDS WINNER Next Generation Indie Book Awards WINNER Novel Grounds Literary Awards WINNER Rebecca s Reads Choice Awards WINNER SOVAS Voice Arts Award Audiobook Edition DESCRIPTION As far as he call tell, Frederick is a demon Born in Virginia in the early 1980s, he hasn t a clue where he came from or why, but his irresistible desire to occupy a human body seems pretty demony to him Plus, a number of a hole priests have tried to exorcise him from some of his favorite bodies Yeah, it works, but not for the reasons they think It s just super annoying being yelled at in Latin and sometimes the priests get really, really into it, and their mouths get all frothy and spittle droplets shoot out and land on your cheek or in your eye It s just gross So f k it He leaves with a heartfelt Enjoy the drooly meatsack What those morons never realize is that once Frederick takes over a body, the previous occupant s consciousness and memories are forever erased It s an inevitable side effect that gives Frederick pause when switching bodies, but not so much as to actually halt his ongoing enjoyment of human lives Departures are not so much Good lord, what have I done moments as much as, Aww How sad Frowny face emoji not crying face emoji You get the point After a few decades exploring the world in various bodies, Frederick finds himself burnt out on the wild life, deciding he ll return to America, explore the mystery of his origin, and maybe even find someone tolerable enough to love for than a month In his hometown of Leesburg, Virginia, his mission bears fruit much faster than expected He meets an enchanting woman, and her current boyfriend looks like a great foot in the door Typically, Frederick avoids maintaining a bodies prior relationships it requires agonizingly boring pre research to avoid detection but as noted above he s loose with the phrase f k it And everything falls into utter chaos Spoiler alert Oh wait, those are supposed to go before the spoiler Oops But you re still gonna want to read how all this goes down I mean, look at all those awards and reviews up there Unless you re deeply offended by naughty words and brief, awkward descriptions of sex, you re pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with Frederick So says Frederick.
    Michael Siemsen
    USA Today and bestselling author of Exigency 2014 , the Matt Turner series The Dig, 2011 The Opal, 2012 Return, 2015 , and the Demon s Story series A Warm Place to Call Home, and The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp, 2013 , Michael Siemsen has sold than 175,000 books Michael grew up in Venice, California, the second son of a Vietnam veteran who was the first son of a Korean War veteran who was the first son of a World War I veteran Like Lieutenant Dan, Michael carried on the family tradition and joined the Army, though the only wars he fought in involved blank ammunition, laser tag gear, and were kinda fun.After a decade working various soul sucking IT jobs, he independently released THE DIG in early 2011, and, 14 months later, the quirky sci fi story rocketed to 1 on and Barnes Noble, remaining in the top 10 for the rest of the year He quit his job a few months into THE DIG s initial surge, and has released five novels since.Michael is currently at work on the next books in his popular serieseses.

    A Warm Place to Call Home By Michael Siemsen


    Pure Textuality
    If you re reading this, you probably already know that I received this book as part of the A Warm Place to Call Home Blog Tour When organizing this tour, I asked the author what genre his book was and we had a little bit of trouble really nailing that down It s like nothing else I have ever read It doesn t feel like a traditional paranormal romance but it certainly is, by definition, a paranormal romance The cover looks like it wants to be a new adult romance but the story has elements that are [...]

    Cari Hislop
    The voice of Frederick sucked me in no pun intended and his shenanigans trials and tribulations mostly self inflicted just held me like glue He s selfish and irreverent, but at the same time very likeable It s an intelligent story with layers At one point a character points out, Ethos anthropos daimon your character is your daimon or Character is Fate This ends up having a double meaning, but this feels like the heart of the story Frederick s existence is what it is because of who he wase choice [...]

    Karen Laird
    Once again Michael Siemsen has forced his reader to think outside the box and leave the comfort zone of the traditional story line But this time he is not jumping across time and dancing us through history with wonderful discoveries of archaeological finds while leading us on wild rides through hair raising adventures.This time Michael has delved into a new genre and dared us to look at who a demon is, in a different light Just how long can you hold out hating this guy And just who is he Is he a [...]

    Lucinda Jester Smith
    Where to begin First I have to let everyone know this is my first Michael Siemsen s book This story of Frederick the demon is not at all what you might think Frederick is not a fire breathing demon with fangs, he s actually like us in some ways I couldn t put the book down once I started it The book flows from chapter to chapter The ending is definitely not what I expected but I got it Michael Siemsen is one of my new favorite authors Frederick s story was fantastic Thank you Michael

    Kris Pittman
    A Warm Place to Call Home by Michael SiemsenReviewer Kris w I Heart Books Rating 3 3 3 3 This was one of those cases where I fell for the author before having read their work I had liked the author s page on Facebook for one reason or another and even enjoyed interaction from time to time When I finally got this opportunity to read his work this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that I genuinely liked A Warm Place to Call Home First, I had to set aside all preconceived notions of [...]

    Karen Cole
    The concept of a malevolent demon didn t exist in human society until relatively recently, when a mistranslation and simplification of two similarly defined words, angelos and daimones, both messengers from God, forever broke the two into distinct entities one benevolent, and the other the servant of the recently established devil Before that, philosophers and scholars freely discussed the human soul, or daimon, and its ability to continue on, transcending the human body after death A few months [...]

    Cory Brandley
    Very interesting take on the idea of demon possession Imagine the ability to take over a person s body and life, then when you get bored you leave for the next one The downside, when you leave you also erase the mind of person you possess, thus leaving a breathing vegetable A good story with some twists I didn t expect.

    Since I m such a fan of the Dig series and still anxiously waiting to find out what happens next this was totally different from what I expected But the I read, the I got hooked by the characters Love the twist at the end, it brought a whole new meaning to the story The only thing is that now he has to write a sequel to give Frederick a happy ending

    Betty Jo Pritchett
    I really enjoyed this book I would have given it 3.5 stars if I could I still don t know whether I think the main character is an antagonist or protagonist There is not a clear line of good evil It was very real, even though it was a story about a demon Although the end was very twisty.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book It s hard to not love the main character, Frederick, even though he s a demon lol Really enjoyed this book all the way through and the ending did not disappoint Everyone should read this book maybe Demons should be the new vampires

    Best book I ve read in years Can anyone recommend unique books like this

    Erin Chicosky
    3.5 starsThis was actually the fifth book the Book Curious Bibliophiles my book club read for our Tiny Tid Bit Review section While this is definitely not something I would normally pick up I m glad it got chosen so I could expand some of the authors I read While I didn t love this book it was enjoyable enough for me to finish I won t lie, the beginning was incredibly difficult for me to get into but once Frederick finally inhabited who would become our main character it started to pick up I lov [...]

    Fredrick is a body hopping demon and he has decided it is time for him to find a nice body to call home where he can develop a relationship and start a family What better place to start looking than the memories of where he began I was immediately drawn to Fredrick s voice from the very beginning of this story He was cavalier and had a sarcastic wit about him, but was likeable for a demon He had some decent qualities, but saw no sense in cultivating them because he was a demon after all Or at le [...]

    Dale Ibitz
    Okay, I actually fluctuated on this rating, because while interesting and well written and had a great voice and tone, we have to face facts Frederick s a dick Seriously Must be that ingrained demon essentia or something, but it s kind of hard to emphasize with or like a dick.Of course, once you read the whole book, then you go, Oh I see now Yeah, it s that kind of book You have to read the whole thing to understand Frederick and where he s coming from or, in this instance, where he came from.Th [...]

    It is very interesting and quite fun when a story makes you want to cheer for the bad guy I was cheering for Frederick, however, he makes a lot of dumb choices and it aggravates me I spent half of the book wondering if I should put it down Fortunately I did not because it gets GOOD Frederick has some issues Most of them he brings upon himself I have to say though I do not know what I would do in his place He thinks he s a demon but really only his actions speak for being a demon He travels the w [...]

    Georgianna Price
    A Warm Place to Call Home surprised me This is a story told by a demon named Frederick He hops bodies and completely takes over his hosts lives when he does it When he leaves, the person remains in a persistent vegetative state Frederick s motives are questionable at best, especially when he hops into the body of a seemingly simple yet very complicated man simply because he s enad of the guy s girlfriend What follows is sometimes funny, often sobering and totally unpredictable In retrospect, I b [...]

    Rachel Krogen
    I got this book in exchanged for a honest reviewA Warm Place To Call Home by Michael Siemsen this was a wonderfully told storyabout a demon who has jumped from body to body and causing harm to each person he invades but finds one person to make him pause and wanted to live that life so he took the jump into man than lives his life but unforseen stuff happends and you gonna have to read the book to find out loved the book you got another FAN on your hands.

    Like most introverts, I enjoy observing the lives and behaviors of other people, jumping in to participate but then withdrawing to the periphery again when interactions become tiring, overwhelming, or just plain too loud.Frederick is a floating introvert, experiencing the many lives he lives in short stints rather than long stays What fun, really, if the consequences were not so grim for the humans whose minds he invades.I ll have to say after I read the next book in this series.

    Absolutely adored this book and would highly recommend it Although it starts slowly the witty nature of Frederick and his beautiful linguistic style makes you fall in love with this protagonist or antagonist if you so decide As the story unfolds twists and turns come in abundance however, I refuse to elaborate and ruin the story Just know, if you were to pick up this book, you would not be disappointed.

    3.5 starsDifferent Odd Yet, the author creates a character that talks directly to the readersquite intriguing At 59% into the book I found myself liking it.n James shocked me with his lips shut wow Read the book Close to the end, you re like WTfudge WOW The book ties neatly with the beginning with his host Morgan This book is filled with vulgarity indecent, obscenec But I LIKED it

    This is a book about a demon A demon named Frederick A demon that you will find yourself liking Yes I said you would like a demon It s true It is a great story and has twists and turns It s not scary, maybe just a little creepy, and it has a love triangle in it Please read this book, even if you haven t read any of Mr Siemsen s other books It is much different than the others that he has written anyway You will definitely thank me after you read it.

    Again, Michael Siemsen does not disappoint I was pulled in on the first page and didn t want to put it down until I was finished Written from a demon s perspective and this demon has a soul You find yourself seeing his side of things and thinking about what you would do in his situations Clever book, loved it

    Kelly Fitzgerald
    This was a really interesting read The narrator, a demon named Frederick, did his best to be unlikeable but ended up being quite interesting I won t give anything away but I quite enjoyed the premise of this book The author does an excellent job of seeming random but in the end pulling everything together in a very neat and creative way I quite enjoyed this.

    A unique story about a demon named Fredrick who tells a self reflecting story about a past life and a girl This demon is kinda loveable in a way and as he tells the story you learn and about him Deeply thought out story and good characters, moving in a way few fiction stories offer.

    What an awesome story I couldn t stop readinged it in less than a few hours This story will stay with me for some timeyou knowe type of novel that you can t help but think about during your day to day life and ponder it and savor it again and again Loved it

    Unique and entertaining I read the series backwards, but it doesn t matter Great books.

    Brandon Shire
    Deliciously different Highly recommended.

    Love book author.

    Bill Howard
    Outstanding Anything Michael Siemsen write is worth reading

    A pleasant and unique surprise Impulsively readable I m IN for the next one.

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