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  • Title: Achilles
  • Author: Greg Boose
  • ISBN: 9781635760545
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Achilles By Greg Boose The year is 2221, and humans have colonized an earthlike planet called Thetis in the Silver Foot Galaxy After a tragic accident kills off dozens of teenage colonists, Thetis s leaders are desperate to repopulate So the Mayflower 2, a state of the art spaceship, sets off across the universe to bring 177 new recruits to the colony For Jonah Lincoln, an orphaned teen who The year is 2221, and humans have colonized an earthlike planet called Thetis in the Silver Foot Galaxy After a tragic accident kills off dozens of teenage colonists, Thetis s leaders are desperate to repopulate So the Mayflower 2, a state of the art spaceship, sets off across the universe to bring 177 new recruits to the colony For Jonah Lincoln, an orphaned teen who s bounced between foster homes and spent time on the streets of Cleveland, the voyage is a chance to reinvent himself, to be strong and independent and brave the way he could never be on Earth But his dreams go up in smoke when their ship crash lands, killing half the passengers and leaving the rest stranded not on Thetis, but on its cruel and unpeopled moon, Achilles Between its bloodthirsty alien life forms and its distance from their intended location, Achilles is far from an ideal resting place The situation is already dire, but when all of the adults suddenly disappear, leaving the teenage passengers to fend for themselves, Jonah doubts they ll survive at all, much less reach Thetis Especially when it appears Achilles isn t as uninhabited as they were led to believe.
    Greg Boose
    The fourth of six kids, Greg Boose grew up on a large produce farm in northeast Ohio He received his undergraduate degree from Miami University, and then later received his M.F.A at Minnesota State University Moorhead where he focused on screenwriting and fiction.Greg is the former Los Angeles and Chicago Editor for BlackBook Magazine, and his work has appeared on in many magazines and websites, popping up in culture and news publications like Chicago Public Radio, The Believer, The Huffington Post, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Reader, and NFL writing silly shit for humor sites like McSweeney s, Cracked, Yankee Pot Roast, Monkeybicycle, The Nervous Breakdown, Feathertale, and Opium and working hard on writing TV pilots, humor shorts, and plays His one act play Everybody Else s Fault was performed by Bakersfield Community Theater in 2010, but he was too broke to travel and see it live.When he s not writing or reading, he enjoys skateboarding, boxing, tennis, following the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers, collecting turtle skulls, and testing to see if people read everything closely.He lives in Santa Monica with his two young daughters.

    Achilles By Greg Boose


    Achilles, the first book in a planned trilogy, follows Jonah Lincoln, a first year cadet on board the Mayflower 2 on its way to Thetis, a planet in the Silver Foot Galaxy, accessible from Earth through a wormhole After crash landing on one of Thetis moons, Achilles, Jonah and the other survivors start to try to come to grips with their situation Suddenly all of the adults vanish, leaving the kids alone in a world they know almost nothing about, despite the 1,200 plus page report about Achilles p [...]

    I love me some survival stories, so I practically smashed the Request button on NetGalley when I saw Achilles Because not only is it a survival story, it is a SPACE survival story And I agree with Michael Kelso from That 70s Show on this, that pretty much everything is better with space added in front SPACE UNICORNS But back to Achilles where there are no space unicorns, but a whole plethora of new flora and fauna for us to discover.Earth has become practically inhabitable, which means it s time [...]

    Lizzy (Bent Bookworm)
    Full review here on The Bent Bookworm 2.5 starsGoodReads, half stars would be great at ANY time I wanted to love this book It sounded so cool, and like a break from the ton of fantasy fairy tale type books I ve been reading Achilles was a book that, try as hard as I might, I just could not really get into However, if you re big on science fiction you might love it It did remind me of the first season of LOST which, I, ahem, also discontinued a couple of episodes into Season 2 because I simply co [...]

    Kevin (sumptuousbooks)
    I received an arc via Netgalley for an honest review.Sadly, I didn t like the book at all What interested me was the blurb The book is about a group of teenagers on their way to a new planet in a different galaxy Everybody who knows me knows that I m a sucker for space and futuristic things So I thought I would definitely love the read but I didn t I don t think I ll pick up the next books in the series What is problematic in this book First it s racist The MC is black, described in the most ste [...]

    Let me just say from the start, this book could have been really good It had the potential to be so much than it ended up being This is because the author made one vital flaw the characters The book starts off with Jonah s ship crashing, and on the ship, there are a lot of people You don t get to know many of those because the majority is death after the crash However, you do get to know A LOT of characters, and most of them aren t even important In the beginning, I thought a few characters wer [...]

    C. Erani Kole
    voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from NetGalley This was cool I don t always find a sci fi novel I like, but this one was something I clicked with immediately Enjoyed the writing style, the flow I loved the action and gory details another surprise for me and it was just pure adrenaline from start to finish Jonah was an interesting character to follow, cautious The others made up for what he didn t outright express in the story, taking lead or choosing the role of psycho or co [...]

    Josie ~The Bookworm~
    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review 2.5 stars.This story is an adrenaline rush from start to finish It wastes no time in jumping into the action.The only problem with it being so fast paced is I felt the character development was compromised.I must admit, sci fi space novels aren t really my thing so if you are a fan of high action sci fi books then you should definitely give this one a try

    Amy Leigh
    Jonah is a 16 year old cadet on a space ship called Mayflower 2 with 177 other people in the year 2221 They are on a resettlement journey to the planet Thetis and they re almost there After being moved from foster home to foster home when his parents died in an earthquake Jonah can t wait to start over He s finally getting the chance to start his life over by being a cadet and going on this mission The journey abruptly ends when the ship unexpectedly crashes on a moon called Achilles right off t [...]

    Genni Eccles
    A solid three stars It wasn t amazing, but it was okay I had a hard time keeping my attention on the book, but the last 20 percent of the book was really good I don t know if I would necessarily recommend this, but I don t think you shouldn t Full review to come

    received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The book starts off strong with tons of action but I found myself getting somewhat bored a bit I did enjoy the book and will continue the series when come out but for now, I m sitting at a 3.5 rating I will go back and reread it at a later time.

    Avery ☆ bforbookslut
    This review first appeared on B For Bookslut More reviews like this can be found here As I started reading Achilles, I came across a couple of very negative reviews on and I m usually very swayed by reviews, especially if they resonate with me and I go, yeah, that s what I was thinking as well But, long after I ve finished reading Achilles, what really sticks with me was how terrifying it was And I say terrifying in a good way because I m only very freaked out if I watch horror movies But, Achil [...]

    Emma Lemin
    How to explain how I feel about Achilles Huh It gave me anxious feelingske the entire way through I was on the edge of my seat and not necessarily in a good way I will say first thank you very much to Diversion Books for sending this to me Let me give you all a little run down of the plot We follow Jonah, who is an orphan who has been passed around from foster home to foster home and he s looking to restart his life and find his place again A chance comes up for him when a disease rips through h [...]

    I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I marked this book as DNF.Summary Jonah and several hundred people are on their way to colonize a planet called Thetis When they re a day away from reaching the planet, their ship crash lands on one of Thetis s moons, Achilles Despite what was believed about this moon, it s not as uninhabited as they thought Not many people survive the crash, and while everyone is trying to figure out what to do, the adults in the group go missing A [...]

    Stephon Parker
    The year is 2221, and humans have colonized a planet called Thetis in the Silver Foot Galaxy After a tragic accident kills dozens of teenage colonists, Thetis s leaders are desperate to repopulate So Earth sends the Mayflower 2 a state of the art spaceship across the universe to bring 177 new homesteaders to the colony For Jonah Lincoln, an orphaned teen who has bounced between foster homes and spent time on the streets of Cleveland, the move to Thetis is a chance to reinvent himself, to be stro [...]

    Anthony ➳ KeepReadingForward ➳
    4 5Date Reviewed D M 2017This Review was first posted on Keep Reading Forward If you want to see , check out our other locations as well as here.Thank You Diversion Publishing for giving a copy in exchange for an honest review.In Achilles, a group of people are on their way to the new home planet of Thetis in the year of 2221, where their ship suddenly crashes on its moon, Achilles, instead Upon landing on Achilles, Jonah realizes there is something deeper going on when all the adults goes missi [...]

    Achilles is the first book in a sci fi trilogy by Greg Boose Set in the year 2221, Earth is basically being ravaged by war However, scientists have discovered a wormhole in space, which lead them to the discovery of a new galaxy, complete with a habitable planet called Thetis The first attempt to populate Thetis goes horribly wrong, and the teenage colonists are killed in an accident So the Mayflower 2 sets off for Thetis with a new set of teenagers and adults Unfortunately for them, they don t [...]

    A. Aaroones)
    Achilles is a new young adult science fiction novel packed to the brim with adventure and fear The story mimics American colonial history, but it is set in the future and taken to space Greg Boose brings rich imagination to his writing while playing to traditional science fiction elements Even though Achilles is directed towards the young adult audience, the novel can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.Science fiction is one of those genres that often comes with heavy storylines and plots that ar [...]

    Desiree Shay
    Rating 3 5I received this E ARC via NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I still haven t entirely decided how I want to rate this book, so I m sort of just going middle of the line Once I got into the book, I couldn t stop reading because I wanted to see what was going to happen But at the same time, I found myself annoyed with some of the things that were happening vague explanations, weird things just happening in general in events and progression Barely being introduce [...]

    I think I d rate this 3.5 stars, if let us do that.I found this to be a pretty engaging read I especially sped through the last half just to figure out what was going on A blurb somewhere said it s like the tv show Lost, and I ll agree with that a bunch of kids stuck on a moon most of them know almost nothing about, with lots of strange creatures, and symbols in rocks that open up portals, and other interesting things It seems like a pretty good start to a series that I d keep reading just to kn [...]

    DNF Page 80I cannot do it I just cannot I feel no connection from this book I do not want to read this book since it is so boring and so bland I dislike the main character, Jonah Ugh, I was really hoping to like this since it is science fiction.Full review soon to be on blog, explaining in further detail of why I do not like it newbookcatsreads

    this is like a 3,5 because it had some great characters, even if they were a little type cast, but above all it has all the suspense and mystery of a gripping thriller if you love the 100 and lost, in a ya SF book, this is for you.disclaimer I received this book in exchange for an honest review

    Sirena Cardenas
    Its not that good but its OK, the story is pretty good putting aside the lame insults, but the crazy psych whistles Greg sure nailed that part.

    Harold Cardona
    The pace is too relentless for me The protagonists suffer multiple wounds and kept going without any consequence adrenaline can t do that much.

    Achilles is like a sci fi lord of the flies meets lost I loved it and I can t wait for the next one

    Brian Dille
    Great sci fi, well plotted with memorable characters

    Seven days after completing Achilles, I still can t decide if I liked it or not.The world it s set in is something out of this world forgive the pun , but the characters and some parts of the plot made it really confusing and weird sometimes.Full review bookstoldmeso 201

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