[PDF] ✓ The Five Forms | by Í Barbara McClintock #2020

  • Title: The Five Forms
  • Author: Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9781626722163
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Five Forms By Barbara McClintock Award winning author illustrator Barbara McClintock s meticulous research and vibrant watercolor illustrations breathe life into this frenzied, fictionalized exploration of China s ancient Five Forms.When a young girl finds a mysterious, discarded book of martial arts poses, she ignores the warning printed in bold inside its cover DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE FORMS WITHOUT AN EXPAward winning author illustrator Barbara McClintock s meticulous research and vibrant watercolor illustrations breathe life into this frenzied, fictionalized exploration of China s ancient Five Forms.When a young girl finds a mysterious, discarded book of martial arts poses, she ignores the warning printed in bold inside its cover DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE FORMS WITHOUT AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER She decides to attempt them herself but is shocked to find that doing so conjures real animals right into her home The chaos escalates as she releases a leopard, a snake, and a dragon, each creature larger and destructive than the last It is only once she manages the fifth and final form that things return to normal But will she be able to clean up the mess she s created before her mother returns home A New York City Public Library Notable Best Book for Kids
    Barbara McClintock
    Barbara McClintock is the author and illustrator of books for children Her books have won 4 New York Times Best Books awards, a New York Times Notable Book citation, a Boston Globe Horn Book Honor award, numerous other awards, recommended best book lists, and starred reviews Her books have been made into children s videos, a ballet opera, and a recorded books on tape Barbara drew constantly as a child By the time she was seven, she knew she would be an artist when she grew up Her older sister recommended she be a childrens book illustrator, and this proved to be a rare instance when she followed her sister s advice Barbara also wanted to be a cat when she grew up, and is glad she had art as a back up plan The first part of Barbara s growing up was in Clinton, NJ Her early influences were her photographer father, seamstress teacher mother, and the cartoon character Top Cat Barbara moved to North Dakota when she was 9 with her mother and sister after her parents divorced She continued to draw through middle and high school, frequently in the margins of her tests and homework Barbara attended Jamestown College in North Dakota, where she refined her drawing skills by copying pictures in artbooks she checked out of her college library Two weeks after her 20th birthday, Barbara moved to New York City to begin her career on the recommendation of Maurice Sendak, whon she called from North Dakota for advice about how to become a children s book illustrator Barbara studied for two months at the Art Student s League in New York City She continued to copy from art books she checked out of libraries, and sketched paintings and drawings in museums in New York City Barbara is essentially self taught as an artist illustrator.After illustrating books written by other authors, Barbara began writing as well as producing the artwork for her own books She currently lives in rural Connectucut with the illustrator David A Johnson, their cats Pip and Emma, and David s truly gorgeous rose garden.

    The Five Forms By Barbara McClintock


    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    Fantastic introduction to Chinese martial arts.

    Barbara McClintock always creates lovely wonderful books, and this is no exception.A young girl practices martial arts movements, and brings to life the animals that the poses are named for, mayhem ensues The illustrations are fantastic


    One never knows what happens when you pick up a free book outside the library Open the book, open your mind, and watch it come alive Simple text provides a framework for a martial arts interpretation of excitement and danger.Illustrations have curvey lines and bold black outlines.

    Give Barbara McClintock s Books A Larger Trim size These paintings deserve to be blown up poster size.

    Donna Mork
    Explains the five forms of martial art poses and the power each is supposed to release But be careful when using it

    Edward Sullivan
    Exceptional, exuberant illustrations.

    Fans of The Red Book by Barbara Lehman will enjoy this book as a girl finds a mysterious book that should only be read by a martial arts master But in her enthusiasm, she practices the different forms and ends up conjuring different animals making a literal mess of things With traditional picture book format and a dash of comic strip panels, I was delighted by the amazing artwork.

    When a girl discovers a book of martial arts forms, she ignores the warming in the book that says that unexpected results can happen if anyone other than a master attempts them When the girl tries the crane form, a large crane appears in her room The crane is quite problematic and destructive, so she quickly moves on to leopard form As the two animals fight, she adds another and another with a snake and dragon joining the battle Finally, she reaches the last form to turn things back to normal Sh [...]

    What a fun book The idea is fantastic, the illustrations take on a life of their own literally , and it s executed perfectly Honestly, the worst thing about this book is that cover It s a horrible representation of the actual book that yellow makes the whole thing look dated So don t judge this book by its cover and check it out

    Stephanie Tournas
    Gorgeous illustrations and a simple graphic story of a girl doing animal forms in martial arts.

    I liked this a lot

    Imaginative and funny Best shared on a lap.

    When a young girl finds an old book discarded near the trash, she takes it home and is fascinated by the five martial arts poses it presents Ignoring the warning not to attempt the poses without an expert to guide her, she manages to master five poses or forms, and unleashes the spirit of a crane right there in her room In order to deal with the crane, she moves her body into the position of a leopard, a snake, a dragon, each of which chase the other ones, until she finally mimics the fifth form [...]

    Alana Abbott
    My seven year old just read this book aloud to me while the two of us practiced the girl s poses together They are quite similar to poses in the martial arts style we practice several appear in forms I have so we were able to mimic them fairly well The commentary of the young girl as she experiences such unexpected consequences are spot on, and we giggled between stances at her misadventures We enjoyed it together tremendously, and my daughter reports that she s already read it several times at [...]

    I m not sure exactly what it is about this book that has me so enad of it It introduces an ancient concept to children in a way that is sure to stimulate further interest and that manages to convey its power and gravity while being absolutely silly and chaotic The art is incredible, mixing two page spreads with panels and speech bubbles McClintock doesn t waste any space, either, making the action feel closed in and intense but not fear inducing.

    Beverly Clyde
    Books can open doors to many worlds some easily controlled than others A girl finds a book on Chinese martial arts While trying the forms, she brings to life a crane, a leopard, a serpent and a dragon The fifth form brings everything back to normal almost.A charming book that introduces a bit of Chinese culture in a fun and imaginative way.

    Jo Oehrlein
    A girl finds a free book on martial arts forms Unfortunately, each animal named form caused that animal to appear The animals are not exactly house safe Fortunately, the last form in the book sends all the animals away and the girl gets the house cleaned up just before her parents arrive home.A little bit reminiscent of The Cat in the Hat as far as mischief while the parents are away.

    Odd frame with girl picking up a random handmade book on top of a library drop box, BUT inside the book she finds an introduction to five forms of martial arts As she performs the positions, the animals crane, leopard, snake, and dragon come to life and wreck her house Fantastic illustrations, some are wordless, some have speech bubbles and comic frames, and some have standard text in a box.

    This book was a HUGE hit with my toddler preK story time kids The really focused on the pictures, and they were really participating in the storytelling But what if her mom comes home Oh no, the dragon Got lots of I loved that one at the end Afterwards we talked about our favorite animals and pretended to be animals Highly recommend for that age group.

    Practicing a martial arts form leads to surprising results for a young enthusiast Pair with Jumanji for a double dose of not following the rules.

    Great Books
    In this tale of martial arts, magic, and mischief, a girl finds a mysterious book As she attempts the ancient Chinese poses within its pages, chaos erupts How will our heroine manage the mess she has created Reviewer 16

    Laura Molinario
    Picture Book

    Loved the art and found myself looking for what the girl s ponytail was doing in reaction in each spread.

    Syntha Green
    An homage to martial arts and the author s son, this book is highly imaginative and fun as well as boldly illustrated I love the Jumanji feel of the story.

    Mary Librarian
    Martial arts form animals come to life as a girl practices.From advanced reader copy.

    Nancy Prater
    Super cute Reminded me of Jumanji My kids laughed and laughed and were excited to see what would happen next

    This was cute I loved the end It was a run of the mill kids getting into antics type book The art was very well done It would be a good discussion book because there aren t a whole lot of words.

    Wonderful illustrations A riot of action spills across the pages in this delightful book.

    Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    couldn t help chuckling through this one

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