UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK Ø Read the Book, Lemmings! - by Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora #2020

  • Title: Read the Book, Lemmings!
  • Author: Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora
  • ISBN: 9780316343480
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Read the Book, Lemmings! By Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora Aboard the S.S Cliff, First Mate Foxy reads an interesting fact Lemmings don t jump off cliffs But Foxy can t get the lemmings on the Cliff to read his book, too They re too busy jumping off.After a chilly third rescue, exasperated Foxy and grumbly polar bear Captain PB realize their naughty nautical crew isn t being stubborn The lemmings Jumper, Me Too, and Ditto Aboard the S.S Cliff, First Mate Foxy reads an interesting fact Lemmings don t jump off cliffs But Foxy can t get the lemmings on the Cliff to read his book, too They re too busy jumping off.After a chilly third rescue, exasperated Foxy and grumbly polar bear Captain PB realize their naughty nautical crew isn t being stubborn The lemmings Jumper, Me Too, and Ditto can t read And until Foxy patiently teaches his lemmings to read the book, he can t return to reading it, either
    Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora
    Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Read the Book, Lemmings! book, this is one of the most wanted Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora author readers around the world.

    Read the Book, Lemmings! By Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora


    It s been awhile since a picture book has made me laugh out loud like this And this many times So delightfully silly innately that it doesn t have to try so hard to impress its audience Does that make sense I feel like there are picture books out there that everyone loves that are like Look at me, I m so DIFFERENT My humor is UNIQUE and still CONNECTS with preschoolers Hey, librarians, have you read me you re all going to love me and talk about me with each other because I m just so SPECIAL I mi [...]

    Head out on an Arctic adventure aboard the S.S Cliff with Foxy, Captain PB and three little lemmings Foxy is trying to read a book about lemmings but the problem is that the lemmings themselves haven t read it As Foxy reads aloud that lemmings don t actually jump off of cliffs, the three lemmings immediately jump overboard Foxy tries again to show them the information, but still, the three lemmings jump overboard again Eventually Foxy realizes why the lemmings won t read the book, but they have [...]

    Laura G
    Original and creative Readers will fully appreciate the story if they understand the connotations of calling someone a lemming AND if they are familiar with lemming migration I didn t know, but was inspired to research and learned that the myth of lemmings committing mass suicide by jumping off cliffs was largely due to a show that Disney produced in 1958 called White Wilderness According to a 1983 investigation by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producer Brian Vallee, the lemming scenes were [...]

    Katya Vinogradova
    This book is a scream Told and drawn in a very expressive way so that the action jumps off the page just like those pesky lemmings You could practically hear their tiny voices Jump I ll jump Me too Ditto So hilarious, but also so annoying if you have to fish them out every time The lemmings reminded me of the mice who constantly annoy Mother Bruce and you know how much I love them.This would be a really funny read aloud, especially if you re good at doing several different voices at once.

    This book was interesting I am not quite sure if I enjoyed it or not I would definitely say that this book is for children who are Preschoolers or a bit older I do not believe that Toddlers would sit for the duration of the story.

    Alyssa Gudenburr
    I laughed out loud many times while reading This picture book is about a fox who is reading about Lemmings and the nearby Lemmings keep doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do Gives a great lesson about following and giving directions Would make a great Elementary read aloud.

    Nate s made me read this book about 10 times already and he STILL won t let me return it to the lib I think it s kind of awkward and odd but not without its charm Nate, on the other hand, thinks it s the last word in humor, and since he is the intended audience, I m going with 5 stars.

    Donna Mork
    Fox reads a book that says lemmings don t jump off the cliff, but every time he says it, the three lemmings jump off the boat and have to be rescued He asks why they didn t read the book They say they can t read So fox teaches them to read.

    This is a hilarious premise

    Mallory Hoffman
    I could read same Dyckman s books to my kids over and over, and they would sit and listen like it s the first time This one is no different Love these little lemmings

    Cute, silly, madcap fun as lemmings have to learn the hard way they really don t leap off cliffs Reading is necessary, even for lemmings Veg n parents note The polar bear character is a fisherman, and a bucket of dead fish must be repeatedly utilized to rescue the lemmings.

    What a hoot Love all the jokes and funny business, from the cover art, to case cover, to names of the lemmings

    I like it

    Hilraious and lovely mid elem read aloud.

    Love the artwork and the silly premise I mean, of course the lemmings didn t read the book they don t know how to read

    Becky B
    Foxy reads a book on lemmings and finds out they don t really jump off cliffs Unfortunately, it seems the lemmings didn t read the book Foxy tries to explain things to them, and tries to get them to read the book But there is a problem.Does anyone have a lesson plan that includes teaching the meaning of ditto I highly doubt it But kids have to learn what it means somewhere Here s a book just for that The third lemming constantly says ditto I love the patient and caring fox who is continually res [...]

    I was made to read The Lemming Condition in like 3rd or 4th grade, so I knew the reference But would any of my students This one was just too cuckoo.

    Ridiculously fun This one is for a slightly older reader who will get the initial joke.

    Baby Bookworm
    This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Our book today is Read The Book, Lemmings , written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah OHora, a hilariously silly tale of three little lemmings and the dangers of illiteracy.Captain PB and Foxy the first mate are sailing their container ship whale, the S.S Cliff, through a frozen sea when they are joined by three adorable little lemmings Brushing up on the creatures, Foxy [...]

    I read this book to two first grade classes In the first class, I read the definition of lemming and we got to the word illiterate The teacher asked the class what the word meant They had some great ideas One was about littering, the rest even further from the correct answer We then talked about literature and being able to read They realized that while they couldn t read everything, they were literate and getting better at reading every day As we read the book, they asked if they could be the r [...]

    9780316343480Popularity appeal rating 4Quality rating 3In a one sentence nutshell These are just the cutest little lemmings Kind of a mixed message here, though readers learn that reading is important in order to gain the information to make good decisions, but the information here is inaccurate because lemmings do jump off cliffsright Would have worked better for me if the book listed the reasons that lemmings shouldn t jump off cliffs rather than just saying that they don t This is probably a [...]

    The cost for it is usually free Some heed it immediately Others don t initially follow it, but realize the benefit of taking it There are those stubborn few who rarely listen Sometimes they have a good reason.When author Ame Dyckman and illustrator Zachariah OHora collaborate readers are certain to find themselves part of numerous humorous situations In their newest title, READ THE BOOK, LEMMINGS Little, Brown And Company, November 7, 2017 we travel to the northern regions of the Arctic A trio o [...]

    This is my parenting memoir.Before I became a parent for the first time I read tons of books on how to be perfect at my calling The main problem as I saw it, the kids never read the same books, just like these lemmings Also, once my third son was born, I had a recurring dream that is echoed in this book I stood by a cliff with the baby in my arms, while his two older brothers rolled around my feet, like the untamed nitwits they were Suddenly, they both rolled over the edge and into the sea far b [...]

    This would be a great book to share with young readers to celebrate the importance of learning to read in way that is sure to get squeals and giggles With fun illustrations that will definitely remind fans of this author and illustrator duo s other works, this book tells the story of Foxy s efforts to teach these silly lemmings that they DON T jump off cliffs Before he can explain, the lemmings hear the word JUMP and over the rail they go This would be a fun way to teach about the concepts of pr [...]

    The dynamic duo of Author Ame Dyckman and author illustrator Zachariah Ohora are a recipe for fun, laugh out loud reading without skimping on giving readers something to ponder this case the life saving qualities of reading and how checking your facts leads you to know what you know is true All of the characters in this story, including the whale who is the ship, have a developed personality, a different sense of humor and a purpose I know that so many of my elementary school library readers wil [...]

    Foxy s lemmings haven t gotten the message the message that lemmings don t jump off cliffs He implores Jumper, Me, Too and Ditto to read the book so that they get the message Still, every time they hear the word jump they go over the side of the boat Why won t they read the book That s easy because these lemmings can t read So Foxy endeavors to teach them So, now that they don t jump any, what will they do That s easy fly Very cute I can t wait to share this one with students.

    Not all stereotypes are true, including the one about lemmings jumping off cliffs Few myths are destroyed with as much charm and humor as this one, however This is a delight to read aloud, with expressive characters and fabulous comedic timing Ame Dyckman and Zachariah Ohora are always a winning combination in our house the bold illustrations with limited colors and visible brushstrokes perfectly complement the layers of humor.

    My first question is is there such a thing as a Lemming I was first captivated by the pictures in the book They are simple and fun I mean the ocean liner that they are on is a whale That is cool The story is very easy to read Some of it is told in dialog and some is just narrated So much fun Those little lemmings were like herding cats, all over the place and they do not listen, or they listen to the wrong thing HA This is a fun book all around.

    I give 5 stars to books on very sparingly, but Ame Dyckman s Lemmings wholeheartedly deserves everyone of them Illustrator Zachariah Ohora and Dyckman make the perfect team My students will love this book AND those silly little lemmings I can just hear them asking me, Mrs Hesterman, do you have any books on lemmings One of my favorite things about the book is Ohora s way of making Captain PB and Foxy look like they haven t had a shave in eons.

    The lemmings repeatedly jump off the cliff the side of the S.S Cliff, a ship that is actually a whale and Foxy repeatedly saves them If the lemmings would read Foxy s book about lemmings, they would know they are not supposed to jump off cliffs If the lemmings are going to read they book, Foxy will have to teach them how I love the lesson about the power and wonder of reading, but there is also much to give readers a laugh in this book.

    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK Ø Read the Book, Lemmings! - by Ame Dyckman Zachariah OHora
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