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  • Title: The E.T. Guy
  • Author: V.C. Lancaster
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  • The E.T. Guy By V.C. Lancaster It s 2266, and Lois Kennedy is an Intake Officer for DETI, the Department of Extra Terrestrial Immigration Zir is a refugee from the planet Teiss, working in DETI s I.T department Lois and Zir just can t get along As far as she s concerned, he s rude, abrasive, and condescending She wants nothing to do with him So why does he never leave her alone He must be crazy iIt s 2266, and Lois Kennedy is an Intake Officer for DETI, the Department of Extra Terrestrial Immigration Zir is a refugee from the planet Teiss, working in DETI s I.T department Lois and Zir just can t get along As far as she s concerned, he s rude, abrasive, and condescending She wants nothing to do with him So why does he never leave her alone He must be crazy if he thinks there could ever be anything between them right
    V.C. Lancaster
    V.C. Lancaster Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The E.T. Guy book, this is one of the most wanted V.C. Lancaster author readers around the world.

    The E.T. Guy By V.C. Lancaster


    Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    I absolutely loved this one.It was original, funny and bloody adorable.

    This is one of the cutest romances I ve ever read One of my favourite things about stories where one person is pining for the other is that you get to see the oblivious person s perceptions slowly change through the course of the story, and V C Lancaster absolutely nails this Lois starts off thinking Zir is rude and doesn t like her, and while it s fair to say that his social skills aren t exactly exemplary, she comes to realise that his attitude towards her is almost the exact opposite to how i [...]

    The story was very interesting and sweet It was a light book with believable concepts and plot The concept and execution was very good I loved how sweet and shy our hero Zir was And heroine louis was very mature and lovable Their relationship developed steadily but beautifully The aliens in this story was very different They had only few similarities with humans I loved this story wasn t insta lust or something And also there wasn t any alien human baby instead they adopted a adorable one.Recomm [...]

    Notes Adorable characters Loved the world building

    This was an enjoyable human alien story, where the love was not instant and the anatomy didn t match Lancaster has some pretty unique characteristics attributed to the Teissian refugees who are making their way to a future Earth I especially liked the description of the split pupils and the reason for them Very cool My only complaint is that I wanted a little action in the story But how much action could I expect when the hero was legitimately an IT guy Regardless, the refugee immigrant story l [...]

    This was a fun alien office romance I really liked that the alien s in this read were truly unique both physically and emotionally The one of a kind alien traits made this feel like a really original read which I very much appreciate It made for a cute romance Glad it was offered as a kindleunlimitied.

    This was very enjoyable and I will read it again I was pleasantly surprised at the world building It was so easy to believe in yet futuristic with unique aliens I liked the very realistic relationship change that makes this a romance I did get frustrated with the heroine s cautiousness, but look how long it took for Elizabeth Bennett to change her mind about Darcy Sexual content

    2.5 I found the story blah and boring Fell asleep twice then skimmed my way to the end.

    Coyora Dokusho
    It was really good Real heart in the story Adorable childrens Will definitely read the rest of the series, when it comes out

    Super cute readReally enjoyable read, I m glad to see a different kind of alien romance book where the alien isn t really ideal hot, or terribly romantic To me this book made a hellva of a lot sense two alien individuals with different customs and completely different looks, who try to understand one another s ways at making a real relationship work Just so Damn good And I d also like to give props to the author for making an alien who you might not find attractive by his description, but by th [...]

    All the fuzzies Happy feels So sweet Slow burner Alien is very alien Sigh Review soon Meanwhile, I ll just enjoy my gushing moment in private for now XD

    Cute This was a really cute story Even with the scaly alien Will definitely read next book in series when it comes out.

    Della Amor
    Loved it

    Awkward and BoringI m not sure if I wanted to look me thus or not,but I tried,thoughI really did Lois for was awkward and boring,w just her pov to count on and hear,the story just seemed to drag,this was the least interesting story w an alien love interest I believe I have ever read If this had been a purely human romance I don t think I could have bothered to finish.Lois was an average,but rather dense and slow almost thick headed sort of character ,she was rather slow to catch on and cautious [...]

    Just OK The alien was too alien Bone claw fingers, no lips, feathers, scales, wings, bird like feet, crazy junk and googly eyes It s just too much Distracting and not sexy The ending was a little odd It s a short book so the ending which I m guessing was supposed to be dramatic fell short because the reader didn t have time to really become invested in the story The writing from this author is consistently good which is why I keep reading her books but m not a fan of this storyline yet The reade [...]

    HmmmAlien human romance where cultural clues were out there, but not picked up I ve read Gron and liked it This author delivered another alien romance where I really end up thinking that is odd definitely not human behavior I really enjoyed the character descriptions and felt I was peeking on a developing relationship Looking forward to from this author.

    Anne Duncan
    Short but sweetThe header says it all It is a well done alien romance with enough world building to be interesting but not distracting to the romance Honestly I just wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much.

    A very creative take on aliens living on earth.This was a sweet interesting read with a kindhearted leading lady and a very complex leading alien male The story is about Lois who works at a US Government Agency that deals with Immigrant Aliens coming to Earth to seek shelter and to start a new life here Zir is an alien of the Volin race with a very sad past, he is a male of few words, has green scales, a crest of feathers, yellow eyes and claws who works with Lois as an I.T specialist Lois belie [...]

    Lois and ZirThis started out reading like a report with bullet points rather than paragraphs but interesting enough to keep reading It took awhile to start feeling like a story Once the world building was done and the story romance started it was pretty good.Lois works in Alien Immigration, Zir is her alien IT guy She s always felt he was standoffish and acted like he was better than everyone else she hated having to call him to fix her computer Turns out for all her training and experience deal [...]

    ( Jo ) bubbles the book pimp
    Completely stumbled across this v.c lancaster via her other series about aliens I have to say I thought that series of books was great but this book, oh my Lordy I really loved it Another original take on alien romance and i was GRIPPED from the start The author has such a such a natural and flowing style of writing that I literally couldn t put the book down So I didn t I m suffering from major readers remorse as I have to wait for the second book in this series.oooo I ve heard it s gonna be ca [...]

    Sally Henderson
    Wow.Was not expecting to like this book as much as I did I love alien romanceI am too embarrassed to say how many are on my kindle I like this story because of its uniqueness is on earth, not another planet and the alien is truly alient just a different color with mostly human features The heroine and hero are believabled there are truly cultural missteps on both parts The ending got mede me cryt for the reasons you may thinkry much the story of many of the middle eastern refugees I work with If [...]

    4.5 starsI was surprised to like this book so much I went in expecting your usual brain Pringles of a Mars Needs Women story Those are brilliant if you are tired or sick or just in dire need of a good snigger.Instead I settled into a slowly moving thoughtful story of a culture clash, misunderstandings and eventually steady development of a solid relationship There is almost no action There is no insta love or insta lust There are a lot of details about genuinely different culture There is a trul [...]

    OK 3.5 stars I wanted to like this a lot than I did The writing style was quite different so that the characters seemed almost cartoonish I wanted to see focus on H and I struggled to like the h, she seemed to self absorbed and any kindness was shallow She did improve once she took time to see the H His character was doled out in tiny, tiny bites We could see he has suffered, his bravery, making himself fit into a new world, yet I didn t believe the h cared that, all the while he was also grie [...]

    The whole story was boring and dragging, in my opinion the h was immature and insecure going to a friend instead of talking directly with them H is a big NO NO in my book, I m of a confronting a problem head on kind of person but that s me Regardless, if you are looking for a filler with not real story, this is your book.

    this was literally a fun book to read i literally read it in one day and it was honestly a feel good kind of book i ll actually add a full review here once i have the time but i m glad i picked this one up

    3.5 stars I loved the beginning parts were really funny but the second have just didn t have the same spark I didn t really feel any chemistry between them, just him apparently crushing on her and her accepting him.I will probably read the next one when it comes out.

    Andrea Koopaloop

    I absolutely loved this book It was so unique and funny Their romance was so sweet I loved Zir I hope there are many in this series.

    Jessie Potts
    I love this new series I want please But again I wasn t a fan of the time hope 8 months later, especially when the next book is back right before the time hop.

    Jenny Hudson
    I enjoyed a story where the vast cultural differences between alien weren t brushed aside or forgotten.

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