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  • Title: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Heart of His People
  • Author: Jim Cymbala Dean Merrill
  • ISBN: 9780310211884
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Heart of His People By Jim Cymbala Dean Merrill The Brooklyn Tabernacle pastor discusses how he built up a broken down church to a membership of six thousand.
    Jim Cymbala Dean Merrill
    Jim Cymbala has been the pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle for than twenty five years The author of the best selling titles Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Fresh Faith and Fresh Power, he lives in New York City with his wife, Carol Cymbala, who directs the Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

    Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God's Spirit Invades the Heart of His People By Jim Cymbala Dean Merrill


    Book Review Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire By Jim CymbalaIn 1972, a young married man who did not have a background in ministry took over a dying congregation in a tough, inner city neighborhood at the urgent request of his minister father in law Less than twenty people were attending services, the building was in disrepair and there was no money for even basic necessities Yet within a few years the congregation was much larger and thriving It eventually began to number in the thousands and developed a [...]

    Enjoyed this book about allowing God s Spirit to invade our hearts Some of my favorite quotes include I discovered an astonishing truth God is attracted to weakness He can t resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need him After all, people weren t hungry for fancy sermons or organizational polish They just wanted love They wanted to know that God could pick them up and give them a second chance Because I had been a basketball player, it never dawned on me to evaluate peo [...]

    Seth Little
    While this was an inspirational read, I had a hard time stomaching the anti intellectual bent of Pastor Cymbala He is clearly a man of the highest intentions and of faith, but I don t think he presents a balanced, holistic view of Christian ministry in the end I recommend this book as a secondary part of a balanced reading diet for church leaders.

    My first finished book of 2018 There was power on every single page I feel inspired and excited for the plans God has for my life this year All of it based on the power of prayer and submitting to his full authority on my life.

    Mandy J. Hoffman
    MY REVIEW I think it was the titlebut for whatever reason this is a book I had seen many times and just never bought for myself to read But recently when a dear man of God recommended this to our church leadership I immediately found it on PaperBackSwap and began to read it.WOW This book is not about the how to s of prayer like so many other books are, but about the why we pray and the power of prayer And for those of you in my circle, it s not out there either While there are a few things I can [...]

    Simon Bale
    It wasn t that I disliked the book s core message that prayer and the Holy Spirit are what matters in Christian community today It was the way the message was communicated.I felt beaten up and beaten down by the onslaught of marshal metaphors, and seriously unnerved at the prejudice shown by Cymbala on matters of family life, sexuality and relationships.The core message could have been got across in a dozen or pages, and the rest could be left out It is a truly serious and valuable message, but [...]

    Cymbala s testimony of God s work is fascinating We spent years in churches with great doctrine and plenty of programs, but very little evidence of the Holy Spirit at work How much does God want to do in each of our lives and our churches if we would only devote ourselves to prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to work Inspiring and refreshing

    unexpectedly, I loved this book simple, but profound my pencil marks are scribbled on many of its pages friends, please read so we can chat abt it

    Jim Cymbala was a familiar name to me, as I had read some of his articles in Charisma magazine The Charismatic books are the most widely read books in Christendom I ve not really been impressed with one to date there is always a running theme under them all which I do not adhere to.Jim was thrown into the role of Pastor by the hand of his father in law Jim had no formal ministerial training and I suspect still hasn t , and make no mistake about it, he takes pride in that fact Preaching the word [...]

    Shaun Marksbury
    With recommendations from Drs Joseph Stowell and Warren Wiersbe, it was a given that Jim Cymbala s Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire would become a bestseller Full of relatable stories of struggle with sin, this pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle writes this engaging work that will encourages readers to turn the sufficiency of self to trust in the power of prayer Even so, this is not a book I recommend.First, irony opens the book a man who wasn t called to be a pastor treaded water by gaining footing on bad [...]

    Jim Cymbala is the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Although he didn t found the tabernacle, it was just a handful of parishoners when his father in law gave him the assignment back in the early 70s It now attracts some 8,000 weekly seekers and has satellites thoughout the land Ironically, Fresh Wind Fresh Fire is about not seeking numbers in your church but seeking the Holy Spirit He, if given the opportunity, will grow your church and depth of worship I ve read numerous books by Jim but this [...]

    Josh Miller
    A very inspirational read from a humble man An evangelist friend of mine visited the prayer meeting service of the Brooklyn Tabernacle some years ago and was quite moved.Several items I took away from the book 1 The strength of one s church does not lie in the attendance to any of the preaching services lies in the attendance to the prayer service I wonder how many people would show up to our mid week services if we announced that it would only be a time of praise and prayer The author continued [...]

    Leah Beecher
    This is an excellent book for any Christian who wants to discover what The Church is supposed to look like, and act like Jim Cymbala is humble and authentic His passion for Christ comes through on every page With much wisdom and insight he gives a very balanced view on issues dealing with spiritual warfare and culture issues.His stand and hard hitting truth is always saturated in scripture He makes the important and often looked over point that the problems with the world is not secularism, immo [...]

    I wasn t convinced I would vibe with this book I have been having a hard time with church to say the least But holy crap This guy s story is good and he tears down all the falsehood and hypocrisy of churches today and what we have made Christianity and going to church to become In looking for a church, I have just been wanting to find somewhere that loves God and loves people aka EVERYONE the poor, homeless, gay, scary, etc to the best of their ability Jim s church does exactly that well and hig [...]

    Certainly an inspirational read, but I have some problems with it I always feel uneasy about interpreting answered prayer stories as proof of God s faithfulness, because we ve all experienced unanswered prayers Was God unfaithful in those situations Of course not.This book wasn t very intellectual which is fine, but it definitely feels like a collection of stories intended to prove that God will come through in specific ways if we just ask him hard enough My experience is that God s provision is [...]

    I m giving this 5 stars on the sheer basis that I read it cover to cover on my own in a relatively short amount of time The number of times I ve done that with a biblically based spiritual improvement book what do you call that category that wasn t for a bible study is slim to none There are stories and ideas in here that are truly life changing Huh Go figure Bible based ideas are life changing and will stick with me for a very long time.

    This was a quick little book I read it in just one evening.I really loved the first half, all the history of the Brooklyn Tabernacle It is incredible what God did through these people.I read this for a book club when I first saw it, I was kind of bummed It didn t seem like something I would like at all, but in fact I thought it was pretty good.

    At first, I was drawn in by his stories that occurred at his church and then grew rather tired of so many stories However, as he started talking about the power of the Spirit and exhorting believers to live in the Spirit, all of the stories made perfect sense This is a convicting book in a positive way It does not induce guilt but a longing for a intimate connection with God.

    Laszlo Debreceni
    Friss sz l friss t zNagyon egyszer de alapvet k nyv arr l, hogy nem kell semmilyen j m dszert kital lnunk az bred shez, csak meg kell tanulnunk im dkozni, Istenhez ki ltani s engedelmeskedni.

    I really liked it It was very convicting as far as realizing that prayer is super important and that it isn t emphasized enough in today s Church I didn t agree with everything he said, but overall it was an excellent.

    Tony Huy
    Great book I was blessed, encouraged, and taught through it This book planted seeds for my discovery of a life dependent upon the Holy Spirit still discovering and has caused seismic shifts in some of my views on how church is done.

    Scott Hayden
    I m going to pray Let s make the main thing the main thing.

    Chuck Musselwhite
    Simply the best book on spiritual renewal and prayer.

    Good book on prayer and the need for churches to be built on what God can do, not what we can do.

    This book is worth anyone s time but as a pastor, it is the most encouraging and motivating books I ve read in a long time It is almost 20 years old but just as relevant today as ever.

    John Jenkins
    In Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, Pastor Jim Cymbala emphatically makes the case for making prayer a bigger part of every Christian s life He effectively supports his arguments with some lessons from the Bible and some lessons from history, but probably most importantly, lessons from his experience as pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.Jim Cymbala became pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in 1971 without any formal training other than a college sociology degree and a few years of business experience T [...]

    Wesley Roth
    Fresh Wind Fresh Fire was recommended to me by a friend at church who runs the monthly men s breakfast This book is an excellent read and a reminder to pastors, elders, lay ministers, church staff and also just regular attendees what it means to be a church Real, honest and open prayers are needed than ever in today s church And lots of faith And less church marketing or new plans to keep up with the times or ways to increase church membership exponentially Just pray, preach the Gospel, teach t [...]

    Daniel Mcchesney
    This book is amazing I believe a book i will read over and over again in my life The spirits leading in the church of Brooklyn Tabernacle and Pastor Cymbala s story is encouraging and inspiring to my faith and walk with Christ and as a man in ministry with a church This book lead me deeper into an understand of need for a dependence upon prayer in the church and how what is missing from the church today is truly and simply a calling out to God, which is what Prayer is It is not make a scene or c [...]

    This book has challenged and encouraged me in ways I never expected I admit that I never wanted to read this book, as I had a preconceived notion or idea that something was off perhaps an overemphasis on Spirit filled experience and an under emphasis on Scripture full doctrine Having read this book I can now say that nothing could be further from the truth.This book showcases what God can do if and when we believe He actually exists and wants to do something about all the problems we see around [...]

    Nick Jordan
    I m a United Methodist pastor, one of those comfortable with charismatic Christianity yes, not all charismatic Christianity I read this book years ago and was rereading to use as an encouraging call to prayer for my current lay leadership But it has a little bit too much theological baggage and questions raised to simply hand off If you remember the book fondly, part of my read is colored by my particular ministry context, as well as by a number of claims available online of spiritual and finan [...]

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      Jim Cymbala Dean Merrill