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  • Title: Exes
  • Author: Max Winter
  • ISBN: 9781936787401
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

  • Exes By Max Winter For Clay Blackall, a lifelong resident of Providence, Rhode Island, the place has become an obsession Here live the only people who can explain what happened to his brother, Eli, whose suicide haunts this heartbreaking, hilarious novel in fragments A former movie star impersonates himself an ex con looks after a summer home perched atop a rock in the bay a broken heartFor Clay Blackall, a lifelong resident of Providence, Rhode Island, the place has become an obsession Here live the only people who can explain what happened to his brother, Eli, whose suicide haunts this heartbreaking, hilarious novel in fragments A former movie star impersonates himself an ex con looks after a summer home perched atop a rock in the bay a broken hearted Salutatorian airs thirteen years worth of dirty laundry at his school s commencement an adjunct struggles to make room for her homeless and self absorbed mother while revisiting a salacious high school love affair a recent widower, with the help of a clever teen, schemes to rid his condo s pond of Canada geese Clay compiles their stories, invasively providing context in the form of footnotes that lead always, somehow, back to Eli Behind Clay s task which seems insane, definitely doomed, and, as the pages turn, increasingly suspect burns his desire to understand his brother s death and the city that has defined and ruined them both.Full of brainy detours and irreverent asides, Exes is a powerful investigation of grief, love, and our deeply held yet ever changing notions of home.
    Max Winter
    Max Winter is a graduate of UC Irvine s MFA program, and a recipient of two Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowships in Fiction He has been published in Day One, Diner Journal, and elsewhere His debut novel, EXES , is forthcoming from Catapult in 2017 He lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and son.

    Exes By Max Winter


    Matt Sumell
    I got an advanced reader s copy of this book and full disclosure ended up blurbing it but it s by far the best thing I ve read in years I can t recommend it enough As the kind of reader who often puts a book down and never picks it up again, Winter had me from the off and I couldn t stop No shit I got a parking ticket, missed a dentist appointment, lost count of the times my coffee went cold just kept forgetting to drink it It s structure is wildly inventive, its sentences flat out fearless, its [...]

    Disclosure Max Winter that s not a pen name, that s his birth name was a friend of mine in high school in Providence, Rhode Island I have a few good stories about him nothing incriminating or acutely embarrassing These reviews aren t necessarily objective critical journalism anyway, but I point this connection out because it s relevant to the book and how I experienced it This is about people and the relationships left behind or that left us behind , and the futile effort to reconstruct connecti [...]

    What a kaleidoscopic, telescopic novel Winter melds form with story in a way that transcends its gimmick to feel organic in the past, I ve spoken out against the 800 page novel that tries to encompass everything, but here s a novel that manages to do it in only 210 That alone should be praise enough to convince you to buy a copy for you and ten for your friends its specificity, its universality, is astounding Written across than a half dozen perspectives, each of which feel inhabited and authen [...]

    sam wilder
    if you re considering reading this book, turn to the inside of the back cover if the facial hair in the author photo gives you a strange feeling, put the book back on the shelf and choose something else if you re comfortable with the author s facial hair, you have questionable taste and will probably enjoy exes.

    Weird and elliptical and poignant and funny and flawed and immensely appealing Thanks for the galley, AWP This was fun.

    Rhonda Lomazow
    A wild disjointed roller caoaster of a read.Really enjoyed,

    2.5 5 I received a free copy of this book from via the giveaway.While I really liked the concept of this book, the majority of the execution fell flat Starting with Clay Blackall, the author introduces various unique characters who somehow revolve around the life and death of Clay s brother, Eli Some of these are very interesting, such as Alix s perspective, and the second to last chapter talking about the geese from Rob s father s perspective Unfortunately, the book is very disjointed and while [...]

    This one s going to take me a while to process but it s surely the most Rhode Islandy novel I ve ever read, with torn from the headlines plot points ranging from the Streuver Brothers debacle to the Coffee Exchange bathroom camera pervert guy I knew Max many years ago as the guy who worked at the local video store, so was pleased that there are many detours into things like how to splice VHS tape and what movies might have been playing at specific theaters at exact points in 1974 I ve been think [...]

    READ THIS BOOK Drop everything, go to the bookstore, buy it, sit down with a cold beverage and tell your friends and family to bug off.I love this book The characters are intense, flawed, busted, complicated The author clearly gives a good goddam about them The story is winding, gyroscopic, as life is in our memories and living of it I had almost given up on contemporary fiction and was hanging around with detective novels and non fiction rather than suffer any disappointment.Go now get it and [...]

    Thank you to for this book I have tried on two separate tries to get into the book Both times failure Now, after reading the other reviews, I feel that I should give it another try I had put the book down the first time and picked it up and just could not get into it Have reread the first chapters and still none the wiser I think I will put it away for a couple of months and try to get into it again Sorry

    I received this book through ARC Giveaway I really tried to get into this book, but as of page 40 my cut off page I realized I was not enjoying this book at all I was forcing myself to read it Although it was a dark humor book, I was not interested in the characters, and found nothing at all humorous.

    While it took me a few beats to get into the rhythm of this book, or perhaps to recognize the beauty in its lack of rhythm, I really, really loved it A story told in disjointed fragments, like shards of a mirror giving us pieces of the whole, but never the whole in one piece Cleverly written, with shades of Denis Johnson s anxiety fueled stories.

    I got maybe ten pages in and decided this book is absolutely not for me Don t want to have to read the same sentence three times before deciding to just move on and hope the next one makes sense over and over again.

    I just had a terrible time keeping pace with this book and all it s footnotes and the footnotes with footnotes It was too much happening for me from too many people, and I didn t like any of the characters Just not for me.

    This book was fun to read but the writing style was different One of those books that didn t entirely make sense, had a hard time keeping track of the characters Definitely well written and interesting funny, but found it a little confusing.

    I couldn t figure this book out Weird.

    Gooodreads Advanced Reader Copy WinWe meet Clay Blackall who is obsessed with his hometown of Providence where the residence knows what really happened to his younger brother leading to his suicide,We meet the strange residents who play a role in his upbringing as they play a role in his life Each are different in their own unique way as they shape him We are given glimpses of stories portraying snippets of his life in various settings Not always picture perfect but like life as is.Exes a story [...]

    I won this book via Firstreads giveaway I received an advanced reader paperback copy.

    Alisa Wilhelm
    Hard to follow for multiple reasons One was although the synopsis explains the point of the story, the story doesn t seem to agree with that I read over half the book though.

    I won this in a giveaway.This is an interesting book It seemed a bit dis jointed to me but over all OK.

    Sara Cutaia
    Review coming soon via CHIRB

    I think I need to hold off on reading short stories for a while, because all the ones that I have been reading recently have been grim and depressing This was one of the grimmest I could not identify with any of the characters and the poor choices that they made in life.

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