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  • Title: Remember Jamie Baker
  • Author: Kelly Oram
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  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Remember Jamie Baker By Kelly Oram Remember Jamie Baker is the explosive and long awaited conclusion to the Jamie Baker trilogy With all the action of the best superhero science fiction and epic romance as only bestselling teen romance author Kelly Oram can write, this book will have you laughing, swooning, and wanting to save the world Plagued by memory loss, Jamie Baker searches high and low for the ansRemember Jamie Baker is the explosive and long awaited conclusion to the Jamie Baker trilogy With all the action of the best superhero science fiction and epic romance as only bestselling teen romance author Kelly Oram can write, this book will have you laughing, swooning, and wanting to save the world Plagued by memory loss, Jamie Baker searches high and low for the answers to who she is, where she comes from, and why she s able to do things other humans can t A not so simple task when she s hiding from the people responsible for her amnesia an evil scientific research company that wants to capture her at any cost When Jamie s quest for the truth reveals a devastating betrayal from the one person she thought she could trust, she s forced to team up with a secret military organization in order to ensure her safety and stop Visticorp s horrific human experimenting once and for all Remember Jamie baker is third and final book in the Jamie Baker series This is now a complete series Reading order Being Jamie Baker, More Than Jamie Baker, Remember Jamie Baker
    Kelly Oram
    Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her She s obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.

    Remember Jamie Baker By Kelly Oram


    Nitzan Schwarz
    June 11, 2016I don t want this to be the end I want PLEASE Sobs Holly I just realized there was a three year gap between Being Jamie Baker and More Than Jamie Baker Kelly, I beg of you do not let us wait that long for book 3 Please I ll give you cookie, and milk, or whatever you ll like I m not above bribery.

    Fairy Jane

    Tania ϟ

    Ella Zegarra
    Los dos mil a os de esperar valieron la pena Original de El Blog del Gato El Extra o Gato del CuentoPienso en estos libros y mi cerebro va awwwwwwww _ awwwwwwww , no entiendo como Jamie Baker no tiene el mega fandom haciendo mil fanarts sobre ella, como no hay ofertas para c mics o adaptaciones de TV o al menos en espa ol de manera oficial Jamie es LA hero na que necesitamos, llena de sarcasmo y necesidad de hacer el bien lo que a veces la lleva a lugares peligrosos, es una hero na del sigo 21 T [...]

    Can t believe this is all over.

    Muse-ic ♬
    4.5My goodness I was on edge and sweating while I read this.I was so angryd happyand frustratedand in loveand aggravatedand charmedand pissed all at the same time And all the aforementioned negative feelings They weren t for the book.Oh hell no They weren t even for Donovan, the stupid experimental scientist Noooooooooooo they were for a certain little PRICK that I really wanted to see blasted into the very far future.You can see in my review of More Than Jamie Baker that my hatred for Teddy beg [...]

    What a crazy book It left me speechless and I can t form coherent words.

    Quiero fecha de publicacion y sinopsis

    Yeeeey next book Wait 2014

    Cecilia Romero
    GOD, I loved Iron Man now, I want to kill Antonio Stark.I LOVE RYAN AND THE WAITING IS KILLING ME I need Ryan with his sunshine please please please

    Snigdha Prakash
    I don t even know what to say.This book has taken so long to come out that I was afraid to read it.Scared even.I almost didn t read it Because that last two books were so goodI was afraid that if this book wasn t good enough, it would spoil the whole series for me.A series that I love so much that I ve driven people mad Kind of reminds me of Opposition I mean, Lux series is the other paranormal series which I have loved this much.So it s safe to say that I was a bit reluctant.But I shouldn t hav [...]

    After all that anticipation aka 3 fucking years of anticipation, I feel like I put this book up on a pedestal Like, I expected so much of the final Jamie Baker book, I couldn t help but be disappointed by the actual story Now, I m not disappointed per se, but I expected a bit Because of that, I want to start with what I didn t like about the book, before I delve into the good parts.I expected of the plot The last book ended with Jamie losing her memories and believing Teddy was her fiance It w [...]

    Haraiah Eve
    UPDATE 05 05 2016KELLY SAYS IT S DONE OHMYGOSH IT S OFFICIAL THIS BOOK IS COMING OUT NEXT MONTH EDIT It s happeniiiiiing So there was a Remember Jamie Baker teaser that was released for an event and it was only up for a limited time I didn t know about it so yeah, I didn t get to read it Very upsetting __________________________________________This made me incredibly nervous and sadllyoram 2014 09 dearI think I m going to cry Kelly, don t stress yourself out too much I am willing to wait however [...]

    AND IT NOW HAS A COVER squeel YAY 4.bp E b7U6vdIhM

    BWT (Belen)
    3.5 Stars rounded up.So, I ve waited for years for this story Years Literally And while I can t say that it met all my expectations, or that it wasn t terribly frustrating at times to read, I did enjoy it overall.It answers all the questions about Jamie s disappearance and amnesia, we got to see Ryan being perfect and swoon worthy still, and seeing Donovan and Teddy get their comeuppance.If I m a little disappointed I m how that all played out, well, that s on me than the writing.In the end, I [...]

    MJ Daniels
    Maldita sea

    Marija K.
    2 and even that seems muchMild spoilers aheadI ve read the first two books awhile back and really liked them They were entertaining enough to keep going but then this huge gap happened between second and third book and my reading likes and dislikes have changed.The plot itself was ok i guess but the characters sucked every bit of fun out of it.I cannot stand Jamie and her character development was unbearable She was too whiny, at times too bitchy and in the last book so conceited as if she were [...]

    The long wait is all worth it So so worth it It s been two years since I ve read the second book and it left me in an epic state of cliff hanger I do believe that anybody who ve read the previous book could relate to my ramblings DI ve actually reread the first and second books just to refresh my memory and , well, to Remember Jamie Baker so that I ll be on the right track before I jump into this awesome last installment I want to remember everything about Jamie and Ryan s history because let s [...]

    First, This book has taken so long to come out that I really had a hard time remembering what had just happened at the previous book You see, I always have this problem where I fail to remember some plots of the books specially if it took a whole year to publish the next one And this book is totally beyond 1 year and I just can t help it and freak out a little that I can t remember too well of the past book So yes, I did a quick last 3 chapter read forMore than Jamie BakerTotally a time waste fo [...]

    Boundless Book Reviews
    Remember Jamie Baker, is the third and final installment of this trilogy Kind of sad about it I ve really loved this story It s exciting, dangerous and great love story as well Jamie wakes up in the crater, with no knowledge of who she is Only person there, is good ol Teddy puke who s just full of lies The whole time I was just dying for Jamie to remember or have Ryan find her Teddy just creeps me out and for good reason What can I really say about this trilogy, other than I loved it It s by far [...]

    Un final PERFECTO para una trilog a que he disfrutado como una enanaNo pensaba que me fuera a gustar m s que los anteriores, pero sin duda este libro es mi favorito de los 3.Es cierto que est llena de clich s, pero no me importa para nada xDEs una de las trilog as m s graciosas y entretenidas que he le do

    THAT WAS AMAZING Oh my god I have been waiting for this book for so long and I have finished it I m so happy I love this trilogy so much Ryan legit wins boyfriend of the century.

    Me duele en el alma tener que darle una puntuaci n tan baja al ltimo libro de esta trilog a Siempre que recuerdo a Jamie Baker, sobre todo en el primer libro, lo hago con una sonrisa y me da mucha pena Esta rese a contiene spoilers, muchos creo.Our experiences shape who we areHan pasado seis meses desde que Jamie perdi la memoria en la explosi n que acab con Visticorp y ahora vive con Antonio , su novio en una caba a perdida por ah que s lo se puede acceder a ella con coordenadas Antonio obviame [...]

    Please give us something A cover A blurb An early release I m desperate here UPDATE So I just finished reading the book, and I have to tell you, it was SO worth the wait What an amazing amazing finish This book had everything, romance, action, awesomeness and Ryan DI literally had to keep it aside and do a jiggly dance in two parts You ll know which parts when you re reading the book I actually re read the first two books because I d forgotten most of what happened in them, and who doesn t need [...]

    Curly Carla Celebrity Readers
    celebrityreaders.wordpress sigh I don t know why but this last book just kinda went blah for me I mean it was a lot faster with regards to the story line but the content was just eh.The supporting characters were amazing in this book, they provided me with some much needed contrast to Jamie s personality The story line was great, all the loose ends were ties up with no loopholes that I could find But for some reason, I can t stand Jamie herself any.She is too trusting and naive Stubborn and unwi [...]

    Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I ve been waiting what feels like a long time to read this book This is the last book in this series of 3 books and it cannot stand alone You really need to read the books in order.I hate to give to much away by writing this review but I will say that I fell in love with Ryan all over again He is a character with so much personality and charisma it literally drips off the pages It was awesome to see all the old friends and some new ones as well.Kelly Oram has a gift for writing fantastic, person [...]

    So, I don t know what to say, I ve been waiting for this book for than 2 years now, I don t know what to feel after all the waiting I m happy of course, but I think if I had reread the other 2 books before reading this one, I d be happier But, still I love Ryan he s still our brave funny guy, a guy you could easily fall for, I still like Jamie, with her super frustrating personality sometimes, Overall it was a good end for the series.And I still believe I ll love anything Kelly Oram writes 3.5 [...]

    Alarna Martin
    I just finished reading this and it was worth the wait It was everything I hoped it would be and You had suspense, action, love of course and so much Some chapters just made you want to jump in anticipation for what happened next I would have like to see of Jamie while she was with teddy but it was still exerlent If your not sure about this series I suggest that you read it because it has got to be one of the best book series I have ever read and iv read a lot of books D.

    A long rideI have been waiting to read this book for at least a year, when I heard it was put on hiatus I felt like I fell into a dark hole I love this book it lived up to my expectations and it didn t make me feel like I was to old to read it like I feared it would because of when I started this series Overall this series is still in my top 5 favorite books and I can see myself rereading it in the not so far of future.

    i was a bit scared to read this book as i loved the first 2 and i didnt want the series to end Well, as with all of Kelly Orams books, i absolutely loved it How could you not fall in love with Ryan Jamie is my fave type of female lead, strong, sassy, knows what she wants but isn t afraid to show her vunerablility A perfect end to a great series Im sad its over but so glad i read this story.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Remember Jamie Baker | By ↠ Kelly Oram
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