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  • Title: Pancakes for Breakfast
  • Author: Tomie dePaola
  • ISBN: 9780156707688
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback

  • Pancakes for Breakfast By Tomie dePaola This wordless picture book follows the trials of a little old lady who attempts to make pancakes for her breakfast The optimistic determination of the woman and the gentle humor of the illustrations make this an appealing book for the very young School Library JournalThis title has been selected as a Common Core Text Exemplar Grades K 1, Stories.
    Tomie dePaola
    Tomie dePaola pronounced Tommy da POW la is best known for his books for children.He s been published for 40 years and has written and or illustrated over 200 books, including 26 Fairmount Avenue, Strega Nona, and Meet the Barkers.Tomie dePaola and his work have been recognized with the Caldecott Honor Award, the Newbery Honor Award and the New Hampshire Governor s Arts Award of Living Treasure.He lives in New London, New Hampshire with his new Airedale dog, Bront.

    Pancakes for Breakfast By Tomie dePaola


    You know, I have been reading Tomie dePaola s works ever since I was a child and out of all of those works, I had never once read a book of Tomie dePaola s that was WORDLESS Now, I have been reading many wordless picture books for ages, but I never knew that Tomie dePaola wrote a wordless picture book called Pancakes for Breakfast which was indeed his first wordless picture book The story starts off with an old woman waking up from bed, along with her dog and cat and she wanted to make a nice ba [...]

    This is a very fun story A woman gets up and longs to have pancakes for breakfast She reads the recipe the only words in this otherwise wordless picture book, but that makes it nice if anyone wants to make the recipe themselves except, obviously, those of us who are vegan and goes to the cupboard only to realize she doesn t have eggs so she goes out to the barn to get some from the chickens , milk so she goes out to milk the cow , etc It s a cute way to show where our food comes from but is of c [...]

    Crystal Marcos
    This book holds a bit of nostalgia for me I remember reading it when I was a child Many of my favorite books featured food You can tell by the name this one definitely has something to do with food I was so excited to read this wordless picture book to my little girl I am happy to report it is a hit with her too.The story is charmingly simple and the illustrations are adorably humorous I think Tomie dePaola really knows what children like to see.Pancakes for Breakfast follows a woman who wakes u [...]

    SynopsisThis is a wordless picture book about a woman who attemps to make herself pancakes for breakfast.ReviewThis is an incredibly charming book Readers are walked through the process of making pancakes including collecting eggs, milking a cow and churning butter The deceptively simple pictures reveals the thoughts and emotions of the woman beautifully A second reading reveals the impending mischieviousness of the dog and cat are revealed Unlike a book with words, this book allows both parent [...]

    Lisa Vegan
    Oh, I love the dog and the cat And the virtually wordless story was going along in a way where I thought this would be a solid 2 or 3 star book despite my finding of the cow s milk chicken eggs cow s milk butter unappealing, not to mention rather unrealistically procured and figuring I d have loved the book when I was a child, but THEN there s a wonderful and very amusing twist and an equally wonderful ending, and I ended up really liking this book Very funny 3 stars very sad that don t have map [...]

    Tomie dePaola is quickly becoming a household favorite He s a little lengthy for my preschoolers, however, my 5 yr old loves him dePaola is educational and enjoyable to read The illustrations have a unique style all their own that even I enjoy while reading This one was about a woman trying to make pancakes and everything about the process going wrong I loved how it had no words and so you had to follow the pictures A fun read.

    If at first you cannot succeed try, try, try again read the posting on the wall of the last page of Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola What a great life lesson this story teaches to our youngest of readers The wordless book depicts the obstacles the main character faced in her efforts to enjoy a breakfast of pancakes on a cold snowy morning The character displayed the invaluable lessons of the importance of appropriate problem solving skills In the midst of the challenges she faced through [...]

    Tomie DePaola s first wordless picture book was definitely a fun one to read Since the main character doesn t have a name it would be fun to let your children students pick a name for her The story chronicles her desire for pancakes to the steps that she takes to make this desire a reality After finally gathering the required ingredients she returns home with the last ingredient just to find that her pets have destroyed everything As she watches her desire for pancakes fly away she smells someth [...]

    Amy Groesbeck
    This wordless picture book is prefect for young students Though there is no text at all, the illustrations depict the story flawlessly The reader follows the steps an old woman takes to make pancakes However, when she visits the neighbor s house to borrow syrup, she returns home to find her pets have eaten her freshly made breakfast However, her appetite is sated when the neighbors offer their pancakes The story also contains many underlining messages It demonstrates relationships and how many d [...]

    This is a fun story about persistence and determination as well as how cooking involves various ingredients and a step by step process to create a delicious meal While it s a wordless book, there are lots of subtle words incorporated into the illustrations such as a complete recipe for pancakes, an egg bin that is labeled eggs, a flour container labeled flour, and framed picture that has a nice motto and theme for the story We enjoyed reading this book together, taking turns describing the plot, [...]

    Tomie dePaola s illustrations are always fun to look at His drawings are simple, yet they have lots of detail and can easily tell a story all by themselves In Pancakes for Breakfast, they do just that Children will have little trouble following the story of the lady who decides to make pancakes for her breakfast Some of the steps the lady has to go through to get all the ingredients may be foreign to kids who haven t had any experience with a farm, but the story is still easy to understand and e [...]

    This poor lady just wants some pancakes and all these things keep getting in her way I did like how the main character was awfully persistent And in the end, she did get her pancakes, so everyone was happy This story made me smile, another lovely book from the fabulous Tomie dePaola Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2009

    Completely wordless except for the pancake recipe shown in the lady s cookbook, labels on the food containers flour, eggs, butter, maple syrup , and a couple of signs At the end, the lady is shown in front of a sign on her wall that says If at first you don t succeed, try, try again A perfect motto for this lady as she attempts to have pancakes for breakfast I love the ending.

    My five year old liked the idea of a book without words She read it to me twice, making up her own versions of the story.

    Loved re reading this delicious, wordless picture book from my childhood Now I must round up some pancakes

    Just what the title says but no words just pictures Allows the reader readers to invent their version of the story Target Pre k to 1st

    Jenna Bailin
    Reading Log Title Pancakes for BreakfastAuthor Tomie dePaolaIllustrator N AGenre Wordless Picture BookTheme s Pancakes, Cooking, Animals, farms farmingOpening line sentence type directly from text N ABrief Book Summary 2 3 sentences in your own words The story follows a woman as she makes pancakes for breakfast The only words in the book are a part of the illustrations such as the recipe for pancakes, and the labels on the ingredients She milks the cow and turns the milk into butter, and eventua [...]

    1 Awards received This book didn t receive any awards.2 Appropriate grade level s This book is appropriate for kindergarten to second grade.3 Summary A woman wakes up one chilly morning craving a heaping plate of pancakes She goes into the kitchen and readies herself to start cooking with her apron and her recipe book After reading the recipe, she begins to grab ingredients, but soon comes to the realization that she s missing most of them eggs, milk, butter, syrup She goes around the farm colle [...]

    Denise Pepe
    Sometimes when you have a craving for pancakes, you will stop at nothing to get them In the wordless picture story Pancakes for Breakfast told by Tom DePaola, words are not necessary to reveal this smart story of persistence In fact, the only words you will find in this book are a recipe for pancakes just in case the reader has a craving DePaola sets the tone of the story by beginning with a lazy snowy morning with our main character waking up and fantasizing about pancakes Through the use of vi [...]

    Renea Smith
    The wordless story, Pancakes for Breakfast is a subtle story about an old woman who simply wants to make pancakes for breakfast The story follows her as she prepares the ingredients with her two pets, and the encounter she has with a friendly neighbor It is a sweet and short story that unfolds the process of cooking, with a humorous plot twist at the end Even though Pancakes for Breakfast was a wordless picture book, the story was perfectly depicted through the illustrations that were provided B [...]

    This book made me smile I cannot remember the last time I read a Wordless Book I really enjoyed reading the images of Pancakes for Breakfast to tell the story We all can relate to waking up wanting something specific for breakfast just to find out you are missing several ingredients What I like most is that the author selected a food item that children can relate to I also like that the author included a few words into the book This book offers numerous learning opportunities for children One ma [...]

    Morgan Otis
    This wordless picture book follows the ups and down a little old lady experiences while trying to make pancakes Although she comes across several bumps in the road, she does not give up and it all works out in the end Despite it being a wordless picture book, this story is still rich, charming, and full of characters My first impression of this book was that the illustrations were well detailed and showed what was happening in the story, but still gave readers room to use their own imagination T [...]

    What a fun way to tell a story DePaola engages readers not with text but rather with pictures In a little house in a snow covered village, an older lady decides to make pancakes for breakfast She spends all morning long gathering her ingredients of flour, milk, and eggs but realizes she is missing an essential component syrup She goes to get syrup, but when she returns, she gets a big surprise Will the lady have her pancakes for breakfast after all Or will circumstances prevail DePaola s wordles [...]

    Martha Clark
    The wordless picturebook is funny and enjoyable The main character is an older woman who wakes up along with her cat and dog, in the mood to eat some pancakes As she gathers the items to prepare the delicious pancakes, she realizes she is missing some of the products You get to join the character on her journey to getting those missing items When she finally does collect all the items, her pets eat some of the food What will she do now Now that she doesn t have the materials and she doesn t want [...]

    Mikhaila Ackerbauer
    Awards the book has received if any NoneAppropriate grade level s Pre K through 3rd gradeOriginal 3 line summary A little lady wakes up with a brilliant idea of making pancakes for dinner and hard work soon follows She has a series of steps to go through, like milking the cow, fetching the eggs and combining the batter Upon her arrival back to her house, her little creatures have made a mess of all of her ingredients Yet, she still wants pancakes, so she goes to her neighbor s house and eats the [...]

    Lexis Chavez
    The wordless picture book Pancakes for Breakfast shows the process the grandma main character of the book goes through to make pancakes for breakfast Through the book it shows her waking up in the morning and getting the idea to make pancakes, looking through the recipe book, gathering all the ingredients, milking the cow, while also going through a few troubles with her pets At the end of the book, she is satisfied with her pancakes and enjoys her meal I believe the detail in the illustrations [...]

    Brianna Anderson
    This wordless book is about a lady who lives with her cat and dog She gets up in the morning and has an idea to make pancakes for breakfast The hardworking lady starts to get out the ingredients to make pancakes when to her surprise she realizes that she is missing some crucial ingredients Conveniently, she lives on a farm, so she can work to get the ingredients The lady comes to some trials throughout the way including some naughty deeds committed by her fellow cat and dog Because this is a wor [...]

    Brittany Richardson
    Pancakes for Breakfast is truly a heartwarming story The pictures tell the story of a an old lady that decides she wants to make pancakes one morning, however, that is not an easy task She goes about this task equipped with nothing but her cat, dog, recipe book, a healthy appetite, and remarkable determination From her trek to a farm to collect eggs, milk a cow, and purchase maple syrup she proves that no missing ingredient formed against her will prosper Unfortunately, dejected by the sight of [...]

    Amber Bronder
    Pancakes for Breakfast, by award winning author Tomie DePaola, is a charming wordless book depicting an older woman, along with her mischievous pet cat and dog, who wakes up with a hankering for pancakes She pulls out her recipe book and starts to gather ingredients only to find that she is out of everything she needs, and must go and gather them all herself Eggs from her chickens, milk from her cow, cream to churn butter, and syrup from a maple farmer, one by one she trots along to gather what [...]

    Jessica Steward
    1 No awards.2 Pre K to 1st grade 3 A woman wakes up and decides that she is going to make pancakes for breakfast Once she starts gathering the ingredients she realizes that she doesn t have them all she makes her way outside to collect eggs from the chickens, then she milks the cow, next she must churn butter, lastly, she goes to buy syrup to put on top When she gets home from buying syrup, she sees that her cat and dog knocked over all of the ingredients To her luck, she smells her neighbor mak [...]

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