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  • Title: Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights
  • Author: Sophie Dahl
  • ISBN: 9780007261178
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights By Sophie Dahl Presents a collection of one hundred recipes for balanced dishes that celebrate the joys of cooking with simple ingredients, along with a narrative of the celebrity model s quest to find a healthy way of eating and enjoying food.
    Sophie Dahl
    Sophie Dahl born Sophie Holloway is an English author, cookbook writer and former model She was born in London, the daughter of actor Julian Holloway and writer Tessa Dahl Her maternal grandparents were author Roald Dahl and actress Patricia Neal Her paternal grandfather was actor Stanley Holloway She was the inspiration for Sophie, the main character in her maternal grandfather s book The BFG.

    Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights By Sophie Dahl


    Sophie Dahl has a way of writing that simply mesmerises This book, half cookery guide, half autobiography, tells of experiences with food, with family and with weight and diet that I can relate to, generously interspersed with recipes that inspire.And it is that inspirational element that has made want to recommend this book where I wouldn t usually bother with cookery texts There has been an influx of cookbooks of late that demonstrate how to bake, how to cook Italian, that take the fashionable [...]

    I hope Sophie Dahl didn t have a ghost writer for this, but if she did, whoever it was writes pretty well She is the granddaughter of Roald Dahl, I d forgotten And Stella Tennant is a Mitford too her grandmother is the Duchess of Devonshire, Nancy and Jessica s youngest sister Deborah So models by way of literary pedigrees In this case, it works fine A random example Coquette s EggsWhen my boyfriend and I were courting, he came over for brunch and this is what I cooked, albeit rather nervously t [...]

    I just have to rate this cookbook so I can say um what Simple recipes and lovely photographs aside, Sophie Dahl is weird I d never heard of her before I grabbed this book but it seems like she might be insane Not that insane is a bad thing I just she makes me uncomfortable There is a lot of autobiography to this book, most of which I skimmed, particularly after the beginning when she told a tale about her pet bunny who raped her guinea pig and then ran away and was eaten by a fox It was supposed [...]

    I think I read a review of this book in Vogue and thought it odd interesting that a fashion magazine was reviewing a cookbook of all things and so decided to give it a shot This is actually a cookbook mini memoir of the author s life and struggle with food a strange juxtaposition to consider I appreciated the division of the book into seasons I love thinking along the lines of cooking seasonally The photographs included were lovely However, I only found about eight recipes in the whole book that [...]

    Possibly the most perfect thing to have read at this point in my life, where I ve tried and failed miserably to remove post high school aka depressing University weight The autobiographical information was both inspiring and intensely comforting, from all of Sophie s amazing experiences right down to the weight and body image stuff The recipes, while mostly not things I will ever cook I don t eat seafood and I am practically the antithesis of a vegetarian , were still inspiring and useful Plus t [...]

    Ann Brogan
    I really wanted to like this collection of recipes as I admire Sophie Dahl, former 1990s poster child for the larger model, but everything I tried unlike most of the raving reviewers here who I ll wager have not turned out to be disappointing, especially the Carnation milk jellies which were yuck While the little anecdotes and prefaces to the recipes are charming and well written, I m afraid the book is very much style over substance For one thing, Dahl seems to have acquired an inordinate numbe [...]

    I don t cook as much as I used to, nor as much as I d like to In summer, I tend to stick to cheese and spinach sandwiches, simple egg salads, peppers, tofu stir fry and generally things I can throw together in ten minutes or so But when I get in the mood, I fall into it I feel like I m on a cooking show or as though I m the protagonist in Como Agua Para Chocolate Cooking for me is something like painting my Mexican mother gave me a love of colour and my oldest sister made me daring, moved me aw [...]

    Long ago, I visited a very cool girl with my very cool best friend This very cool girl was all legs, a wasp waist and shiny dark hair that sometimes was piled up in a messy ballerina knot Anyway, besides her looking very cool, she had a very cool idea about eating She had champagne on hand in her fridge and nice savory snacks and knew about good chocolate.This book is like revisiting that very cool girl and hanging out in her kitchen It s delicious and satisfying without being irresponsibly deca [...]

    This is a sweet little cookbook with simple, natural and tasty recipes for each season, separated with thoughtful essays about Dahl s struggles with and passions for food and eating Her paradoxical experiences being a world famous model, but one known for her voluminous curves and heft make her experiences especially interesting This isn t a manifesto cookbook like you d get from Jamie Oliver or Mark Bittman, but an uncomplicated celebration of healthy and cheerful eating.

    Dave Stevenson
    Wonderful cookbook memoir I found myself using it in the kitchen and reading it at night Wonderful

    Probably of a 3.5 than a four, but I read this on a lovely, relaxing afternoon, sitting on the deck and watching the birds That s worth another half point.I d never heard of Sophie Dahl I realized part of the way in that I was supposed to have heard of her, so I googled, and then things made sense In general, I find stories like hers irritating and then there was that spring I lived in Paris and then there was the fall at the cape and then I jetted off to India for the weekend and then I lived [...]

    Kristen Northrup
    The four stars are conditional because I haven t actually tried any recipes, but they certainly sound tasty And simple And healthy Yet luscious.I can t imagine picking up a cookbook by an American fashion model, but it s somehow different with the British And it is mostly recipes, not memoir.Quite a bit of it is homey nursery type food, which is a plus for me In a contemporary vein, there s lots of goat cheese, sweet potatoes, spelt flour, agave syrup, and yogurt Meat as well Sometimes As with [...]

    Pierwszy m j kontakt z Sophie kuchark odby si poprzez jej program kulinarny Apetyczna panna Dahl Urocza scenografia, proste, smakowite przepisy i odrobin pozytywnych bana w na temat ycia i gotowania Je li komu spodoba si program, to tym bardziej spodoba mu si ksi ka, kt ra by a przyczynkiem do powstania programu.Ksi ka podzielona jest na 4 pory roku, a ka dy rozdzia poprzedza wst p, o tym jakie znaczenie mia o jedzenie i gotowanie w yciu Sophie A odgrywa o ono wa n rol , nie tylko dlatego, e Sop [...]

    I flicked through this when it first arrived in store a few months back, and thought voluptuous But where is the cream in these recipes I thought it was a con, I really did The cook book equivalent of those people who insist raw celery is a comfort food.It is not a con Several months of re adjusting my attitudes towards food later, I picked this up again, and discovered that someone had finally written a cook book for ME The first recipe is for a grilled mushroom topped with goats cheese and a p [...]

    Sophie Dahl is a delight Her cookery tv show was probably the most feel good, comforting tv I ve ever seen It wasn t just about food it was about moods, personal stories, good music and visually wonderful This book is an extension of that, without the music and the voice over but with complete recipes I don t usually read cookery books but I ve been trying to cook and I m looking for inspiration The recipes here are mostly vegetarian, very simple and without pretenses They are divided by seaso [...]

    Delicious I don t think I ve ever read a cookbook cover to cover, but the chapter intros definitely make it worth the read I also love that it is organized by seasons The spring and summer chapters had my mouth watering, especially knowing that Farmer s Markets are popping up around now one near our new house But of course Dahl saved the best for last the flourless chocolate cake alone makes the book worthwhile Don t worry mom, once the unpacking and arranging is done, this one is first on my to [...]

    Although I have made several of the recipes from this book, today I read the text portions Not only did I find Dahl s frankness, sheer delight for food, and promptings to eat it in a healthy, wholesome manner inspiring, but every recipe I have made from this book has been delicious Moreover, they re all things that are quick and easily made after coming home from work or before class in the morning I turn to this book every time I need inspiration to cook again, even if I don t use the actual re [...]

    Diane Warrington
    I ordered this book through my library because I watched a dvd of Dahls cooking for moods I enjoyed reading this as it s than a recipe book I like books that chat with and to the reader Nigel Slater, Hugh F.W I liked reading about her life and I have bookmarked so many recipes that I think I ll just have to buy the book to add to my overflowing cookbook shelf I also liked that it s divided into seasons and then into breakfast, lunch and supper Very orderly yet very fun to read I shall read of [...]

    Oh so delicious, both to look at and to cook from Sophie Dahl s writing is down to earth and accesible, so like her grandfather Roald s The pictures in her book made me drool and everything I ve cooked from it so far has been delectable and satisfyingd healthy, though that s hard to believe Very much in the style of Jamie Oliver, if you like his recipes, but even if you re unfamiliar with him, this book is fun to read just as a story of one woman s journey toward body acceptance and how food fig [...]

    Quite pleasantly surprised by this one Rarely do I pick up a book because of an article in a magazine Even rarely do I do so and like the book The prose that acompanies the recipes is so thoughtful and her wry humor shows through even when describing how many a dish will feed Highly recommended, even if just to read the fun bits and salivate over the pictures and wish you re life were like Sophie s.

    I love this book The recipes are unique and delightful The stories are whimsical and full of character I absolutely love that she gives pointers like, If its a rowdy sort of breakfast, you could also add some rum Ingredients like marmalade and a breakfast recipe with fish seem foreign, yet delicious to my American palate This book is a must for those interested in wholesome, nutritious, meals.

    Picked this up after having a tremendous success with one of her recipes acquired around the internet pear muffins, converted to GF with ease Read this from cover to cover in one sitting, most unusual for a cookbook The food is simple but not simpleminded, and the narration is both charming and down to earth I finished it wanting to make 90% of the recipes and wishing I knew this very nice woman.

    I love that this book is divided into recipes by seasons and then further by breakfast, lunch, and dinner Maybe it s the librarian in me, who knows Also, Dahl has many savory breakfast recipes, which I always welcome For some reason Americans are afraid of those unless they re wrapped in bacon While some Britishisms are welcome I m just about the biggest Anglophile I know , often Dahl lays it on too thick, i.e 2 slices of a bready thing Ugh.

    I like Sophie Dahl s cookbooks for their simplicity and seasonality These aren t the most inspired recipes most of them being easy meals people keep as their signature dishes they work well as little prompts when you yourself are feeling uninspired in the kitchen and want to cook something comforting, but a little fancier than beans on toast.

    Part cookbooks, part who is Sophie Dahl and her relationship with food I love the simple, delicious recipes This is comfort food without the pounds of butter overload Her Quinoa Salad with Tahini dressing is divine I like the little blurbs before each recipe to tell you what inspired her to include it.

    Never did I think that a cookbook would make me cry, but Miss Dahl has succeeded The way in which she describes her somewhat complex relationship with food will resonate with most women throughout the world Delicious recipes her breakfast smoothie has become one of my staples and beautiful, rustic feeling photography I like the way it is categorised into seasons too.

    This is one of the prettiest cookbooks I ve ever seen It is set out beautifully Sophie Dahl s writing is witty and engaging and her instructions are very clear.The book offers a great selection of recipes for vegetarians or those who just aren t keen on eating meat every meal I ve only tried a few of the recipes in the book, but they were very good.

    Oh, how I adore this cookbook I ve probably read it cover to cover 3 times in the short 6mths I ve owned it.Whenever I feel down and out I pick this up It s my escape book I read all the lovely stories in it of Miss Dahl s life and dream about whipping up the recipes.The handful of recipes I have tried from this book have turned out wonderfully A must have for any dreamer s kitchen

    A recommendation from GoodReads.Miss Dahl, you have stolen my idea of what I envisioned my cookbook would look like Absolutely envious you re the one who brought it to fruition Gorgeous pictures, entertaining anecdotes, unintimidating home style recipes that are sumptuous looking that s worth trying out.What a wonderful recommendation GR.

    Great book full of delicious recipes I ve personally tried I especially love the curry chicken recipe which I ve made a bunch of times it is so simple and fabulous along with some words of wisdom centered around her life and how she became the woman she is today It s also full of beautiful pictures of her recipes to drool over.

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