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  • Author: Wilkie Collins David Stuart Davies
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  • The Haunted Hotel & Other Stories By Wilkie Collins David Stuart Davies Here is a unique collection of strange stories from the cunning pen of Wilkie Collins, author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone The star attraction is the novella The Haunted Hotel, a clever combination of detective and ghost story set in Venice, a city of grim waterways, dark shadows and death The action takes place in an ancient palazzo coverted into a modern hotHere is a unique collection of strange stories from the cunning pen of Wilkie Collins, author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone The star attraction is the novella The Haunted Hotel, a clever combination of detective and ghost story set in Venice, a city of grim waterways, dark shadows and death The action takes place in an ancient palazzo coverted into a modern hotel that houses a grisly secret The supernatural horror, relentless pace, tight narrative, and a doomed countess characterise and distinguish this powerful tale.
    Wilkie Collins David Stuart Davies
    A close friend of Charles Dickens from their meeting in March 1851 until Dickens death in June 1870, William Wilkie Collins was one of the best known, best loved, and, for a time, best paid of Victorian fiction writers But after his death, his reputation declined as Dickens bloomed Now, Collins is being given critical and popular attention than he has received for 50 years Most of his books are in print, and all are now in e text He is studied widely new film, television, and radio versions of some of his books have been made and all of his letters have been published However, there is still much to be discovered about this superstar of Victorian fiction.Born in Marylebone, London in 1824, Collins family enrolled him at the Maida Hill Academy in 1835, but then took him to France and Italy with them between 1836 and 1838 Returning to England, Collins attended Cole s boarding school, and completed his education in 1841, after which he was apprenticed to the tea merchants Antrobus Co in the Strand In 1846, Collins became a law student at Lincoln s Inn, and was called to the bar in 1851, although he never practised It was in 1848, a year after the death of his father, that he published his first book, The Memoirs of the Life of William Collins, Esq R.A to good reviews The 1860s saw Collins creative high point, and it was during this decade that he achieved fame and critical acclaim, with his four major novels, The Woman in White 1860 , No Name 1862 , Armadale 1866 and The Moonstone 1868 The Moonstone , is seen by many as the first true detective novel T S Eliot called it the first, the longest, and the best of modern English detective novels in a genre invented by Collins and not by Poe.

    The Haunted Hotel & Other Stories By Wilkie Collins David Stuart Davies


    3.5 stars I can t say I was thrilled by this It has been said that Wilkie Collins was underestimated as an author due to the fact that he was a contemporary of Charles Dickens In fact they were friends Personally, I can t see the comparison It s not easy to be bored by short stories and I have to admit that I was Maybe if I had read them when they were written I might have been surprised by them I certainly do not see the timeless value in the stories that exists in Dickens nor the complexity o [...]

    Rebecca McNutt
    This is an excellent anthology from a gifted writer, with stories of the supernatural, but also stories of those perceptive enough to understand it.

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    Disclaimer I have only read The Haunted Hotel out of this collection so far, and so I will not rate the entire book at this time My review and rating for this story are below I will post a rating for the entire collection when I finish it Review of The Haunted HotelRating Four StarsI liked this story It was multifaceted in that it was not just a haunted house story, but also a murder mystery Collins builds the suspense and the feeling of curiosity that keeps the reader engaged I found the writin [...]

    This collection published by Wordsworth Editions includes the novella The Haunted Hotel and eight other short stories, all with a ghostly, spooky or supernatural theme.Part ghost story and part gothic mystery, The Haunted Hotel begins in London but soon moves to Venice, an atmospheric setting complete with dark canals and ancient palaces At the heart of the story is the mysterious Countess Narona, who marries Lord Montbarry after he breaks off his engagement to Agnes Lockwood When Montbarry dies [...]

    A collection of nine stories with varying degrees of supernatural creepiness The title story is a neatly unfolding crime mystery with a convincingly chilling atmosphere although it lacks something of the character of Collins better novels, it is easily interesting enough to keep the reader involved Of the eight shorter stories, several rely on coincidence rather heavily than Collins straightforward mysteries seem to or perhaps coincidence is simply obvious in a shorter setting but there are on [...]

    Benjamin Stahl
    A Heartbreak Hipster ReviewHaving read various other reviews of this book, I tend to agree with the general consensus, in that the title story was excellent, and the other stories entertaining, but essentially average Before I read this book, my knowledge of Wilkie Collins went no further than that he was the lady who penned that old classic, The Woman In Black.But I ve since been sent to St Agatha s Institute for the Mentally Unacceptable, and had a large portion of my brain removed, and have t [...]

    H.E. Bulstrode
    Although the named novella takes up almost half the length of this volume, a further eight tales can be found between its covers, a number of which I found satisfying than The Haunted Hotel itself This is not to say that I did not enjoy the latter, for I did, but it struck me as being less polished than some of the shorter works Whereas Collins is best known for his mystery novels The Woman in White and The Moonstone , with the second title being widely hailed as the first detective novel writt [...]

    The haunted hotel story that was really good and with no complicated english words, it was like reading Dickens with a gothic flare, so the longest story in the book was really good I will give it 5 stars I expected many useless details but I was intrigued by the story for the other short stories some of them was 2 stars others was 4 and I didn t like dead hand story but I liked the way it was written Collins is really good writer and I am definitely going to read woman in white, what I admired [...]

    Anna Luce Smyth
    Rating 3.5 StarsThere is something incredibly endearing about Collins stories His narratives can seem at a first glance frivolous but they are so much complicated than that It is his subversive mimicry of melodrama that allows him to criticise certain aspects of his society To me, Collins is in fact humours he plays around with his characters by endorsing and or challenging the norms of his society Curiously, unlike two of his most famous novels, these stories contain supernatural elements whic [...]

    C Valeri
    Awesome drama, fun characters, great pacing, and the right amount of spookiness Classic Wilkie I love how he manages to insert little digs at lawyers The ending was a little anti climactic I thought but it didn t matter much because the whole plot was so awesome and readable The Dream Woman was also an eery short story.

    Suzie Wilde
    I prefer The Woman in White, which only suggests a haunting then delivers much .

    it will not work

    Laura S
    The stories in this collection are very well written, but I felt they are let down a bit by their conclusions They are also somewhat lacking in spookiness , in my opinion

    Solidly three stars I love Wilkie Collins, but these short stories fell flat from his other novels Though some kept my interest, my biggest disappointment was the fact that the writing wasn t up to par with what I ve read from him previously There were barely any descriptions, unless it was about a character s appearance, and The Haunted Hotel, the first short story in this book, went on way too long The resolve of the mystery takes place in less than 100 pages of the story, but the build up too [...]

    Not sure what drew me to this book Wilkie Collins The Moonstone is one of my favourite books but I don t generally care for ghost stories.The Haunted Hotel far too long and I had to speed read bits to get through it The only reason I might keep going is that this was half the book so all the other stories must be shorter.The Dream Woman this was quite good although still a bit verbose.Mrs Zant and the Ghost very amusing.A Terribly Strange Bed dreadfulMiss Jeromette and the Clergyman started well [...]

    Snippet This was a suspenseful and thoroughly enjoyable page turner about the inevitable and relentless power of fate and the struggle against it.Collins writing is straight forward and travels in a fast pace which often added to the thrill of the story The most enticing thing about this book was the way in which Collins generates and holds the suspense Throughout the story Collins asks the reader questions which draw the reader into the story.Full Review bookywooks 2010 0

    Alban Unsworth
    Wilkie Collins is famous for The Moonstone and The Lady in White The Moonstone is often described as the first thriller novel Collins was a close friend of Dickens The Haunted hotel is an interesting combination of thriller and ghost story and is an enthral long read The other short stories in this collection are similar supernatural thrillers If you enjoy nineteenth century short story in this genre e.g M R James, Conan Doyle you will enjoy this collection

    It is always a pleasure to read any Wilkie Collins book This collection of ghost stories is very entertaining, and the tales range from the scary to the terrifying Some of them I already knew because they were already compiled in other collections, but this doesn t mean that I didn t have a good and thrilling time reading them anew I recommend this book if you enjoy a good classic ghost story

    I loved some of the stories but was super bored by others in the collection The Haunted Hotel and The Devil s Spectacles were my favourites They were both a lot intriguing than I anticipated with this being classic literature If you re looking for something a little bit different to read, this is it.

    I d give the novella The Haunted Hotel a 4 5 stars It made me want to read Collins in the future The other stories in this collection are nothing special, though.

    Es un libro que se vuelve interesante justo cuando queda poco para el desenlace Sin embargo,tanto jugar a la intriga y empieza a ser algo evidente No me ha gustado,esperaba mucho m s.

    I try to get into Wilkie Collins but I m not a fan of his writing Yet, I will keep trying.

    Is the tie that once bound us completely broken Am I as entirely parted from the good and evil fortune of his life as if we had never met and never loved

    Great tales of mystery to read.

    Gothic horror at its best.

    Plucked from my TBR mountain after a timely reminder

    Not as suspenseful as I was led to believe of Collins, and really a drag.

    4 stars for the Dream Woman the Devil s Spectacles

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