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  • Title: The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls
  • Author: John R. King
  • ISBN: 9780765318015
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls By John R. King Probably the most infamous story in the Sherlock Holmes canon is The Final Problem as it relates the facts of the death murder of the master detective at Reichenbach Falls On May 4, 1891, the detective met his archenemy Professor Moriarty on a ledge above the falls the two became locked in a titanic hand to hand struggle before both tumbled over the precipice, presumabProbably the most infamous story in the Sherlock Holmes canon is The Final Problem as it relates the facts of the death murder of the master detective at Reichenbach Falls On May 4, 1891, the detective met his archenemy Professor Moriarty on a ledge above the falls the two became locked in a titanic hand to hand struggle before both tumbled over the precipice, presumably to their deaths, as witnessed afar by Dr.Watson The outcry against the death of such a popular character was so great that in 1901 Conan Doyle was forced to give in to the pressure of his fan mail He resurrected the detective by claiming that Holmes had managed to grab a tuft of grass during the fall into the dreadful cauldron and so had lived to solve another mystery.But what really happened that infamous day at Reichenbach Falls and why did Holmes disappear in the aftermath And what of the infamous Moriarty How did a noble mathematician become the Napoleon of Crime The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls provides these answers and It turns out that the events were not just witnessed by Watson but by another young detective of the Victorian era Carnacki the Ghost Finder Carnacki rescues an amnesiac gentleman from the base of the falls only to find himself and his companion doggedly pursued by an evil mastermind whose shadowy powers may reach from the bloody crime scenes of White Chapel to far beyond the grave.Filled with Holmesian lore and thrilling encounters evocative of Doyle s work in the Strand magazine, The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls will undoubtedly join the ranks of such successful Holmesian pastiches as The Seven Percent Solution, The West End Horror, and Murder by Decree.
    John R. King
    John R King was born and grew up in Reading, UK He read Modern Languages at St Catherine s College, Oxford He has taught Spanish and French at Eton College, Windsor, since 1975, was formerly the college s Head of Spanish and has been a Housemaster there since 1989 He has an interest in everything Hispanic, including literature, history, architecture, and ceramics.

    The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls By John R. King


    Okay, I m no Sherlockian scholar of any merit, but as someone who has, you know, read most ofArthur Conan Doyle s Holmes stories at least once, I can say with certainty that if you ve done the same, this book will make you want to tear your hair out over the inaccuracies and errors King 1 Has Moriarty turn evil after he kills Jack the Ripper in 1888 and gets possessed by the demon that was possessing the Ripster Setting that little plot point aside, this still makes no sense in regards to Holmes [...]

    I have to admit up front that I ve been friends with this author for nearly 20 years, so there s the potential for a bit of bias That said, I m shocked by the low grades this book has on reviewers the bulk of the 2 or 1 star grades all seem to be linked to the fact that it s not Sherlockian enough or somesuch If you were expecting this to be an imitation of Doyle, you re not reading the dust jacket and thus are coming to a chamber symphony expecting an opera and will thus be confused or disappoi [...]

    Ok so I think my enjoyment of this book was severely limited because I had not read all of the source material it was based on I am very familiar with the Sherlock Holmes stories it is based on and various versions of these , but the William Hope Hodgson work is something I m completely unfamiliar with I feel if I was familiar with it, I would have been expecting some of the turns the story took As it was, I had a lot of trouble accepting the ending While the story was well written and the plot [...]

    Mrs. Hassig
    If the story has Sherlock Holmes and Dr Moriarty in it I m all in This one was a real burner, electrical that is We get to meet Moriarty s daughter and a young man named Thomas Carnacki and the game is afoot Graphic in parts which can t be helped since Jack the Ripper is involved Pretty slapstick but I enjoyed reading it Probably not meant to be read by my middle schoolers.

    King, John R THE SHADOW OF REICHENBACH FALLS 2008 1 2 This novel starts out as a solid four star book, but the author must have eaten a bad meal towards the end, one full of hallucinogenic mushrooms It starts out with the classic struggle of Sherlock Holmes with the evil Professor Moriarity at Reichenbach Falls, where Holmes, presumably, falls to his death Turns out, though, that he is rescued by the daughter of Moriarity and a chance male acquantence, both out on a supposed picnic at the time o [...]

    This review is listed under Project Sherlock For information on the project, clickhere.Review posted on my blog thewriterslibraryThis novel fought hard for the position as my favorite Holmes pastiche a position that currently belongs to a novel commissioned by the Conan Doyle Estate of which there are two books and I m not revealing which one is my favorite with all of the hold your breath and heart rending moments It clearly was trying so hard and it just fell flat for me When you want to writ [...]

    Patrick Book
    I wanted to like this book I wanted to like it so badly But it turns out that was simply not possible This story purports to carry on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective literature has ever known But instead of offering a clever continuation of the master logician and observer, King takes this beloved character and skull humps his legacy into an unrecognizable pile of nonsense Less a detective story than a lazy, half baked occult tale, King picks up where AC Doyle left off [...]

    Rena Sherwood
    Such a load of crap in OH so many ways Let s just look at the highlights, shall we 1 You need to not only read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories but also all of the stories of an obscure Edwardian character called Thomas Carnacki He appeared in a grand total of 6 six short stories Never heard of him There s a good reason for that he s completely forgettable.2 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle repeatedly wrote that Sherlock Holmes had grey gray eyes So what color are they here SILVER My god it s like he s [...]

    Joe White
    The author needs to develop his own characters and surround them with his original stories In this case, there is a Sherlock presence, but that character doesn t actually play a leading part, and while his mannerisms give the effect of the Holmes presence, the story lacks the characteristic traits of observation of details and CLUES, cogitations, and the final deductive actions of a Conan Doyle book There are no clues for the avid Holmes reader in this book Instead it presents a chase sequence f [...]

    Fatima Z.
    The Shadow of ReichenBach Falls by John F King is a fascinating mystery about the one and only Sherlock Homes, only in this story he is renamed Silence Homes is given this name after losing his memory when he was pushed by his archenemy and demon possessed criminal mastermind James Moriarty off a cliff After his fall, he is saved by two young strangers, who were strangers to each other too, Thomas Carnacki, a homeless traveler, former student of science and the beautiful and brilliant, Anna Mori [...]

    Ron Arden
    This was a fun book I just read a Laurie King book about an older Sherlock Holmes meeting a formidable female partner, so this one continued my love affair with Holmes In this book, we are taken on a ride that questions what really happened at Reichenbach Falls when Holmes and Professor Moriarty had their final battle.Anna Schmidt and Thomas Carnacki, both of whom are not quite what they seem, save an amnesiatic Holmes from the river at the base of the falls A game of cat and mouse ensues betwee [...]

    It turns out that Watson got the details of Holmes and Moriarty s confrontation at Reichenbach Falls wrong not once, but twice It was Holmes who was thrown over the Falls, not Moriarty Luckily Holmes is rescued by the picnicking Thomas Carnacki and Anna Schmidt although the accident has robbed him of his memory The trio are immediately set upon by Moriarty and it s not long before Holmes is imprisoned in a sanitarium, Carnacki is gravely wounded, and Anna reveals herself to be the conflicted dau [...]

    Amanda Butler
    A unique look at the missing years between The Final Problem and The Adventure of the Empty House The characters storyline are well developed and very intense.However, allow me to post a warning to those readers out there that like lighter reading TSRF takes the view that the Jack the Ripper Murders, the reason for J Moriarty s ability to become the Napoleon of Crime is because these men were possessed by a demon know as a divine horseman which is connected to Voodoo demonic possession, not one [...]

    A prime example of a good idea, done badly.Fished out after his fall over the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock Holmes, now suffering from amnesia is rescued by the young Thomas Carnacki.The two famous literary detectives then go on the run from Professor Moriarty.But, all is not as it seems For a team up junkie like myself, this should have been a classic Instead it s a overly dramatic mish mash that tries too hard to be clever while capturing the feel of victorian adventure novels of the past.The st [...]

    Cathrine Bonham
    Before you read this book find the Star Trek Episode Wolf in the Fold and watch it The plot line is completely taken from that one episode of Star Trek I loved the scenes with an Amnesiac Sherlock Holmes and made the book worth reading It was fast paced and well written The story is in three parts Holmes without his memory, Moriarty trying to justify his evilness, and Holmes with his memory I would tell you to skip the middle part except that one key plot device is located there I hate ruining e [...]

    This book was well written and very entertaining I am sure if I were a major Sherlock Holmes fan, I would appreciate it much and would have given it 4 or 5 stars As I am not, I didn t have that emotional response either delight or deep satisfaction or even joy, etc I feel I need in order to rate it higher I am fairly sure I didn t catch all of the subtleties of this book since I am unfamiliar with the Sherlock Holmes canon did Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes truly die at Reichenbach Falls if only [...]

    This is 2 1 2 stars than 3 but I m being generous since the author is from Wisconsin and it had its entertaining moments It does have an interesting start premise with a young man finding an amnesiac Sherlock Holmes after his tumble down the Reichenbach, and the plot does move along briskly but I was seriously annoyed by the point of view switching back and forth every chapter 1st person Thomas 1st person Holmes 3rd person Anna 1st person Moriarty s diary and the ending just got silly I don t m [...]

    On a personal level, it deserves 3 stars for re igniting latent Sherlock Holmes Thomas Carnacki interest The story is a fun ride, but I found the writing inconsistent and not very faithful to the era yep, that dropped the stars to 2 right there Moriarty s backstory repeatedly remarked upon as bold daughter are the most memorable I m inclined to think it to be a YA read note am under exposed to current YA reads, and was reading Doyle King when I was a YA, forwhatevertheehellthatsworth.

    The scene of the infamous battle between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Moriarty, this book tells us what led up Moriarty s descent into a life of crime, the battle of wits between him and Holmes, and the aftermath of the struggle at Reichenbach Falls.This was an excellent action and suspense novel It was a little weak with the introduction of a supernatural factor, I won t say where or how so as not to spoil it.

    I liked this book, although it lost me a bit at the end The author imagines what happened when Sherlock Holmes was rescued from Reichenbach Falls, and in doing so provides a back story for Moriarty, also introducing his daughter It gets into the supernatural towards the end, which is where my interest waned.

    This was of a 2.5 star book, but I ll err on the side of being generous The first third of the book was really quite interesting and the start of the background on Moriarty was also quite well done However, once the occult got brought in, I quickly lost interest and only finished the book out of a sense of duty.

    Angela Misri
    This book had me all the way to the end where it took a supernatural turn and I just didn t like it I gave it a three star review because it was so good and so fun for the first 2 3 of the book But the last third was disappointing Sorry Well written but a cheat in terms of solving the mystery.

    Wow I don t know where to begin, this book ran the gambit of story lines, from chase scenes to paranormal to battle with the devil, and finally taking the ghost of one of the main characters with you at the end If this type of story interests you I say go for it, but for me it was too much work trying to stay focused on what the story was all about.

    I was so excited about this book, it had such potential but it turned out to be a shameful waste of paper The worst Sherlockian pastiche I ve ever read The only redeeming quality was the hilarious laughter I experienced while reading the flying bed pans and screams in the Clarice scene in the insane asylum.

    Darlene Cypser
    This book was very poorly researched and written It is an example of an interesting idea for a book that is not given the proper time and attention to make it a good book It is rife with factual errors The most obvious is the hansom ride to Reichenbach Fall and back Obviously the author knew nothing about hansom cabs or the route to Reichenbach Falls.

    At least it was a quick read Actually the first section was decent, but the middle section Isn t everyone tired of trying to explain solve the Jack the Ripper crimes I guess a demon possessed sailor is a good enough solution and, well, I should have known that if one of the characters was a ghost hunter that there would probably be pentagrams, voodoo, and demon spirits.

    Disappointing starts great but then degenerates in farce chases and action of a B movie the Moriarty sequence is the same starts great and then it degenerates in cheap melodramaHas flashes of greatness which show how good his novel could have been this and the Holmesian lore save this novel from being a total loss for me

    Kimberlee Smith
    I really liked this until the explanation of Moriarty s conversion to evil, etc I almost completely lost interest soon thereafter, but I did finish the book I gave it an average of three stars four for the first half and two for the second half.

    Lexi Geyster
    I really enjoyed this book I was fairly impressed with his ability to characterize sherlock similarly to how Arthur Conan Doyle had In all it was basically a fun fanfic My favorite part was the second book based on moriarty s life.

    I m torn between It was OK and I liked it The supernatural twist didn t bother me, and I don t care that it wasn t true to the canon, but I just think it depended too much on the action scenes Was he writing this with an eye towards a screen play

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