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  • Title: Fire Dragon's Baby
  • Author: Scarlett Grove Juno Wells
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  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Fire Dragon's Baby By Scarlett Grove Juno Wells For fans of the Draconians, a new spinoff from PNR author Scarlett Grove Can a dragon shifter warrior mate with an Earthling when he can t leave his planet Thanks to the Draconians, Earth is now a lovely, serene place where everyone s needs are met But for Celeste, who was orphaned in the Mulgur attack years ago, it s not enough.She wants a husband and a child, a fami For fans of the Draconians, a new spinoff from PNR author Scarlett Grove Can a dragon shifter warrior mate with an Earthling when he can t leave his planet Thanks to the Draconians, Earth is now a lovely, serene place where everyone s needs are met But for Celeste, who was orphaned in the Mulgur attack years ago, it s not enough.She wants a husband and a child, a family she can call her own Even so, when the mating lottery matches her with one of the barbaric Galatonians warlike dragon shifters with their own planet the news is less than welcome.Fire Prince Salvatt Dorr of Galaton is in desperate need of a mate With no heir, his territory will be overrun by aggressive unmated males Celeste is everything he hoped for but is she ready for the challenges of life on his planet Madness looms over Salvatt as his mating impulse finally takes over Can Celeste mate with her red skinned dragon of a man in time to save them both Fire Dragon s Baby is a 20k word short read in the Elemental Dragon s series, full of flaming hot sexy times between a lonely human and the dragon prince who needs her.
    Scarlett Grove Juno Wells
    Scarlett Grove is a USA Today Bestselling Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author Scarlett started publishing her adventurous, sexy stories in 2014 and now has dozens of titles spanning multiple worlds Her Best Selling Series Include Fate Mountain ShiftersBraving DarknessDraconians and Elemental Dragons The White QueenShe is currently obsessed with reverse harems, all things paranormal, and super steamy space operas Sign up for her mailing list at eepurl bURRZzscarlettgrove

    Fire Dragon's Baby By Scarlett Grove Juno Wells


    2 1 2 stars, when I read the premise of this book I thought it was right up my alley and when I started reading it I liked that it wasn t the same ol same ol However the longer I read this one the it became obvious that the differences in this book just weren t working for me Celeste lives in a pretty much perfect earth everyone works together and has everything they want however Celeste doesn t have a mate Many years ago earth was entered into the mating pool of the Draconians Cellists has lon [...]

    I received a copy in exhcange for an honest review Contains some spoilers Lemme start by saying I louuuuved the Draconian series I was excited to read this and have to say I loved it just as much These Galatonians are DIFFERENT More barbarian like Its a hard life and they are constantly fighting to keep their places Kinda sad and exhausting actually Celeste has been wanting to mate with a Draconian male for quite awhile Its all she thinks about and after being signed up so long she is beginning [...]

    A new series of those hunky 7 foot aliens Yum These guys are a little different, maybe a lot different It seems they are from a different planet and there are no females So, it isn t just needing some brides, to fill in for the limited female population There is no female population In fact,the situation is so desperate there are conditions much complex than meeting and mating with a huge alien who is a DNA mate match Celest, orphan, has wanted nothing but a family for so long She entered them [...]

    I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review FIRE DRAGON S BABY Elemental Dragons by Scarlett GroveEarth is a good place to live again, now that the Draconians have helped make it a better place But it s just not enough for Celeste any, she wants a husband and a child So when the mating lottery matches her to a barbaric dragon shifter, she s not very happy.Galaton Fire Prince, Salvatt Dorr is desperate for a mate He needs a heir and control over his territory When his matc [...]

    Lynn Vincent
    I liked this very different shifter story Salvatt is a fire dragon who needs a mate and have an heir Without this the unrest of his southern portion of the planet will fall into chaos and war All the female dragons have died out so they must resort to the Earth bride lottery Celeste has been on the lottery list with no luck for a long time She has been matched with Solvate She is to travel over one year to get to his planet Will she have born an heir by the time she arrives Will they be compatib [...]

    Sue Me
    I love scifi and especially alien romances Elemental Dragons 1 Fire Dragon s Baby is the first of a trio by my favorite alien romance author, Juno Wells and her writing partner Scarlett Grove It was a wonderful beginning to the four parts of this adventure perhaps .Celeste, was an orphan and felt the lack of familial bonds intensely She entered the Draconian mating lottery years ago when it was first announced One look at these gorgeous 7 foot tall hunks and she wanted one of her own But years w [...]

    Karen Voitik
    Book Review Fire Dragon s BabyI am an independent reviewer This book is the first in the Elemental Dragons series and ends in an HEA Celeste enters the mating lottery and is paired with the dragon prince on a far planet, Salvatt In order to help Salvatt keep his mating instincts from killing him, he must artificially inseminate Celeste, so she arrives after her year of travel with a baby The process seems cold, but some of the descriptions are quite funny The videos of Salvatt showing his physiq [...]

    I wouldn t say this book was terrible, but it wasn t good either I felt zero chemistry between the characters in the story The heroine had no family, but there was never any mention of her friends or anything she was giving up on earth other than a brief mention that she talked with them from the ship to stave off boredom There were no relationships for the hero outside of his working relationship with his general to speak of either Who are these people outside of their current situation There w [...]

    Sharon Noble
    What a great new series This I o different from the other books that I have read from Scarlett Grove but I loved it Was not expecting to full in love with they Dragons

    Fire Dragon s BabyI thoroughly enjoyed this book Waiting to read the next book Ms Grove did a well written book, long enough for the story to have a satisfactory ending.

    Great bookThis book was so good I had an hard time putting it down until I finished it I recommend that you read this book you won t be disappointed

    Must readProbably one of the better alien shifter romances I have read Very ingenious and very thrilling, had to read this straight through.

    This is book one in a new series It was odd this girl just gets impregnated then meets the guy Odd way for a relationship but a pretty good read at the end.

    very interesting story line with well developed characters, feelings, problems highly recommended read definitely will continue reading series.

    Ali Foito
    Great book

    Kathleen Bradbury
    Another wonderful story Another wonderful story by Scarlett Grove It was well written and kept me reading until I finished it, I can t wait to read the next in the series

    HIP HIP HOORAY HIP HIP HOORAY 1 MILLION STARS Scarlett Grove has done it again She has rocked the first book in her new series Elemental Dragons She can do shifters and aliens, and this is one of the reasons that she is one of my favorite authors I love her books because they are so good that you cannot put them down once you start them Her story lines are AWESOME and the character s work right into the story line and make the book happen Then your beginning to wonder if your there with them I k [...]

    Celeste SalvattFinally, the planet Galaton is getting its chance at the mating lottery I think I enjoyed this series than the first one, Draconians Complete Series Like the earlier edition series, most of the brides entered the lottery on a whim Unlike the other series, all the males intentionally joined the lottery It was actually crucial to their society and government This series dealt with the interworking of the Galaton s government.The formality of the Prince s manner was a slight turn o [...]

    I received this for a honest review What a wonderful story I can already tell that this is going to be a great series What a great start to learn about the planet Galaton Elait Plux which is prince of air is over the northern lands, Magmus Marcul who is prince of earth is over the east, Shay Vishak who is prince of water is over the west, and last but not least is Salvatt Dorr who is prince of fire and over the land lava flows The first book in the series is about Salvatt These four prince have [...]

    Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    Title Fire Dragon s Baby Series Elemental DragonsDestination Book 1,Author Scarlett Grove , Juno WellsReviewer Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre SciFi Aliens Dragonshifter My Score 5stars Oh my goodness this series is going to be something you diffently don t want to miss, I know I don t Working with all the Elements Woo hoo these ladies imagination are just phenomenal Council of the Four Princes on Galaton Prince Elait Plux is air and intellect, rules the northern lands, he has flowing white hair a [...]

    Dawn Carey
    Fire Dragon s babyElemental dragons is an excellent way to relax and enjoy a great book This is the first book from this author that I ve read and I have to say that I m sorry that the book ended I m looking forward to seeing books from this author.

    Jenny Brightman Harris
    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Prince Salvatt Dorr of Galaton he is one of the 4 Council of Princes on Galaton We also meet Celeste Dawes Prince Salvatt knows that each of the Princes must find their mate or all of Galaton will be lost With the mating lottery now being opened to their world there is a chance to save them There has been much unrest since the last female of their kind died a year ago and they know in order to survive they need mates and of [...]

    Linda Levy
    What an interesting diversion we are travelling on I never thought the Galaton s would have their own stories but Ms Grove and Ms Wells have done it and quite well.How interesting their feudal system is compared to the now peaceful nature the Draconian s have brought to earth.What a world to live in, all this great technology and yet human frailties are still in play for mankind.Hope, fear, longing and want are just as strong.Celeste is hoping for a nice Draconian male to mate with, seven years [...]

    Lexee Toste
    This was a fun, quick read It didn t take me long to read it and it was a nice way to pass the time Celeste has been in the mating lottery for years and has really wanted to mate a Draconian She is ready for the next part of her life to start but she isn t sure about the Galatonians They are newer and have a bit of a barbaric way It also doesn t help that she doesn t get to meet her mate and everything is on a fast track and it takes a year to get to their planet.Celeste takes the journey and s [...]

    Sharon Hatt
    Celeste has dreamed of being matched in the Draconian Mating Lottery since she was a small child, even though it has been seven years since she entered, she still has hope Salvatt, Prince of southern Fire realm of Galaton an ancient colony of Draconia , along with the other three princes have convened to come to a solution on how to maintain peace with no women Having just been informed that Galaton is now able to join the Draconian Mating Lottery, ideally, they would go to earth and find their [...]

    Cindy Caron
    A cute short story that will have you wishing upon a star seeking your very own dragon prince to come and take you away with him Celeste, orphaned as a baby, has always wanted a family of her own, but not just your average run of the mill human family she wants a draconian family She s been in the mating pool for over seven years now, and is starting to think she ll never find her forever mate, destined to live the rest of her life alone Salvatt and the other princes of Galaton know they need ma [...]

    yay draconians scarlett is giving us dragons there aren t as in tune with humans because they re quite far away from our galaxy but after a few decades of peace and things settling down, the mating pool now opens up for them too they just have to find a way how to deal with the mating pul once they re paired up with an earth femaleter some debate a way is found and the first of the elemental dragons gets news his mate has been found AND that she s willing to travel the distance and even agrees [...]

    I was excited to see a new group like the Draconian s, and was not disappointed I was a little worried when I found out that Galaton was so far away that it would take a year to get there Was not sure how that was going to be accomplished I was impressed with the way this was handled and thought it worked out good The Galatonians sound like they are going to be a very interesting group of men.Fire Prince Salvatt has finally been allowed to enter the drawing for a mate from Earth and when he find [...]

    Celeste has dreamed of finding a Draconian mate but has not been matched She has almost given up hope when she receives word of a match It is a different group of shifters that she is matched with and their society is much violent and dangerous She also will have to wait to meet her mate as he can t leave the territory Salvatt wants and needs a mate and a child to keep his territory He will have to fight his dragon s mating instincts to wait for her to be ready for him.I liked the story but wis [...]

    I just loved this story even though i don t usually read alien type of stories but this was a dragon shifter so I had to check it out.Celeste is a human who has been part of the lottery for Draconian brides for seven years now and is beginning to think she will never be mated She has long dreamed of being a Draconian bride and having a family Finally she gets word that she is mated but not to a Draconia she was expecting but a Delegotal Prince Savatt and the other elemental Princes have sent the [...]

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