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  • Title: Audette of Brookraven
  • Author: Shari L. Tapscott
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  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Audette of Brookraven By Shari L. Tapscott The Final Chapter in The Eldentimber SeriesWhen Audette pictured her wedding day, she never imagined leaving her intended at the altar And though Irving, a prince with a reputation for trouble, never cared to picture the grand event and had rather hoped he could somehow avoid it altogether , he certainly wouldn t have imagined being abandoned But when Audette receives aThe Final Chapter in The Eldentimber SeriesWhen Audette pictured her wedding day, she never imagined leaving her intended at the altar And though Irving, a prince with a reputation for trouble, never cared to picture the grand event and had rather hoped he could somehow avoid it altogether , he certainly wouldn t have imagined being abandoned But when Audette receives a cry for help from the mysterious, secret order she leads, the princess doesn t think twice about jilting Irving With her brother and closest friend at her side, and her loyal order of knights anxiously awaiting her arrival, Audette travels to the distant island kingdom of Ptarma, not once expecting Irving to follow her But that s exactly what he does Now, trapped together until the ships sail again in spring, Audette must learn to get along with the infuriating prince if she s to track down the darkness that s wreaking havoc in the night For in the shadows, the dark beast of legend looms, and only together will they have a chance of defeating it
    Shari L. Tapscott
    Shari L Tapscott writes young adult fantasy and humorous contemporary fiction When she s not writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, making soap, and pretending she can sing.She loves white chocolate mochas, furry animals, spending time with her family, and characters who refuse to behave Tapscott lives in western Colorado with her husband, son, daughter, and two very spoiled Saint Bernards.Join Shari s newsletter, and be one of the first to learn about new projects, upcoming releases, sales, and specials.

    Audette of Brookraven By Shari L. Tapscott


    Shari Tapscott
    It s a little bittersweet coming to the end of my Eldentimber series, but I m so happy to have briefly explored the Kingdoms of Elder, and I m so grateful to all of you who have stayed with me on this journey.This book was so much fun to work on I ll start by saying Irving is a mess I ve never written a character that bounds down bunny trails like he does It felt like I was constantly coaxing him back to the story, begging him to work with me He trashed my outlines In the end, I m glad I listene [...]

    Michelle Lynn
    I think I need to cry now because this series is over I think this is the last book It s been one of my favorites for a while now and Audette makes a great addition to our cast of strong, beautiful women that capture the hearts of these men Irving has been my favorite since we first met him in Pippa He s the sweet scoundrel Count on him as a friend, not a lover Which is why it s a bit shocking to start this book with his wedding especially since the bride is not who we d expect Things don t go a [...]

    This story was harder to read than the other ones in the series It was just boring There was no exciting climax or character development I don t even understand how Audette and Irwin fell in love This was the closest to instalove that I ve read in Shari Tapscott s books The side characters seemed cliche and unmemorable.Summary Light heartedBoringLittle character development

    Patrick Hodges
    I always get a little wistful when I complete a series I have enjoyed since the beginning I thoroughly enjoyed Shari Tapscott s Pippa of Laura, and each book has just gotten better since then Not only has the writing improved, but so have the stories.One thing all four stories have in common is a beautiful, feisty heroine and a swoon worthy hero to win her heart sometimes, there s than one.Throughout the series, Irving has been one of the best characters He s the Han Solo of Eldentimber, that s [...]

    I think this may be my favorite of the Eldentimber series The plot was totally and delightfully unexpected with so much mystery and suspense I guessed the wrong bad guy at first, and meeting the new magical beasts was, well, magical It was also wonderful to see Grace again, as well as glimpses and mentions of other favorites in the series I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who loves medieval fantasy romance with dragons and other magical creatures

    Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I loved this book and I love this series It is a fantastic blend of magical this one has unicorns and romantic This series is one of my favorites and I think this is the last book I m sad to see it end Content Clean and perfect for teenage daughters and adults

    This series has been a delight to read Clean and fun The last book was a bit serious, but this final book was once again lighthearted.

    I loved it That ending though It s sad to say goodbye to all these characters I m glad they all got their happy endings and made small cameos in each of the books.

    Skye Hegyes
    I have mixed feelings about this novel Irving was a fun loving character in the other books we see him in, and we get to see of his serious side in this novel as he learns about the woman he s betrothed to who ultimately leaves him at the alter on their wedding day to answer the call of a secret group she s the leader of Audette is a strong woman who doesn t need a man to run her show, and it s one of the things she worries about on her wedding day her new husband preventing her from doing her [...]

    I was interested to see what became of Irving, especially given his role in past books, and he was certainly a lot of fun in this one Audette seemed like a good foil for him, but I couldn t help but feel like Tapscott made a big deal of her warrior training, and then did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH IT Including her fight at the end she executes one move in an actual battle, and the beast dies We read a bunch about her sparring, and how talented a fighter she is, so that s incredibly disappointing.I [...]

    Dang it kind of a let down to a great series, which was a bummer because it was about one of my favorite characters this book was supposed to wrap up that character and bring everything full circle, and it did, I guess but nothing actually happened in the book to get us there no events, no character development nothing the character just sort of morphed with no explanation or event as to why.

    Greta Riordan
    A great story.I love how Irving fell hard after all his past troubles with commitment I loved how this book had romance, secret organizations, conspiracies and betrayl A wonderful book to read it sucks you in and keeps you guessing.

    Charlene Pratt
    Truly funI ve enjoyed this series and look forward to whatever Shari Tapscott comes up with next Clever and laugh out loud in places Clean I will be recommending and gifting these stories

    I really liked this whole series, it was a lot of fun.

    Becky Dirks
    Loved it.What s exciting then chasing unicorns fighting Dragon wolves made of shadows and don t forget a handsome Prince Also looks can be very deceiving be careful who u trust Love this book Have read all the books in this series and I love them all so much Look forward to seeing Hint hint

    Easily the best of the series Although, to be honest, I skipped Book 3 Darkness and rape are not my idea of a fun romance read And I wasn t emotionally involved enough with Lord what s his name from Pippa s book to want to read all that Irving has been and was my favorite Audette was a great female lead and I don t get to say that often The plot was good and I even liked the side romance story I would read Pippa s story and Audette s story again and would read by this author.

    Lexie Szalanczy
    Lackluster FinaleIt was nice It wasn t my favorite of the series, but there wasn t anything majorly wrong with it Audette was a good lead, but I don t think she s very memorable Pippa s personality sticks with you, and I haven t been charmed like that with any of the succeeding heroines Audette isn t an extreme stereotype, but she doesn t have quirks that make her stand out to me She s supposedly a capable fighter but a timid leader not exactly promising for her role in the Order or in Primewood [...]

    Frances Shellings
    From start to finish its a whirlwind read At last the overly charming prince of Primewood is to be wed A promise made between two friends long ago to unite their families A sense of honor to fulfill this promise Neither want to marry someone they don t know And both have secrets Can they be happy together And then they meet by chance in a hallway before the ceremony Yes there is a spark, but he doesn t know she s his intended Running from the wedding to handle important business, the Princess of [...]

    Tenille Berezay
    Audette is honestly the most kick butt leading lady of the series She was a complex character that I never felt like I fully understood She was fully confident in almost everything, but not in leading the Order she had been left in charge of by birth I wish this was expounded on A man died under her charge Her brother had lead it for some reason and she just hadn t taken back over I wanted there Other than that, I loved this book Audette was just fiesty enough to make her love story believable [...]

    I have absolutely loved this series, and I don t want it to end This book in particular, is one that I have been waiting on since Book 1, when Irving first stepped onto the scene He certainly left an impression and Tapscott has continued to feed my hunger to see his story played out Thankfully, I was not disappointed First off, I love the cover But even the story inside Irving is of course himself, which is captivating, playful and humorous but I loved Audette too The story was fun, romantic, s [...]

    Another excellent readMs Tapscott delivers.n I have found all the books in this series delightful to read The story is unique, full of action, romance, fantasy and even a little intrigue I don t know if there will be to this series, there are certainly enough characters from any of the books to pull a few stories Hint, hint The characters are endearing and easy to really like I recommend this for anyone to read.

    I just have so much fun reading Tapscott s well crafted princesses and knights fairytales Always a pleasure to fall along with them in their adventures and enjoy the characters subtle changes along the story Always incredible to be able to follow a new main character speaking in the first person when you thought you already fell for the previous female characters speaking that way too The last book of the series is a catchy as the previous ones As dashing as Prince Irving

    This was a page turner, even though it didn t really feel like some of the others in the series.

    This was a great end to this series I was so happy to see Irving get his happy ending and I thought him and Audette were a great match.

    Teya Peck
    AWESOME I was hooked from the start Loved the fantasy Loved the unicorns LOVED that Irving has someone to love.

    4.5 stars I loved this series, and this fourth and final book was my favorite narrowly edging out the 3rd The story was compelling and I loved the characters A great read.

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