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  • Title: Explosive Forces
  • Author: D.D. Ayres
  • ISBN: 9781250086976
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback

  • Explosive Forces By D.D. Ayres Danger is heating up When Carly Reese s beloved fashion boutique catches fire, she sees her dreams go up in smoke The good news is that Carly was saved from the flames by a barking dog nearby She soon discovers the heroic pooch is a trained K 9 who s guarding his unconscious partnera gorgeous firefighter who ends up in Carly s arms.Noah Glover and his K 9 are a fearlesDanger is heating up When Carly Reese s beloved fashion boutique catches fire, she sees her dreams go up in smoke The good news is that Carly was saved from the flames by a barking dog nearby She soon discovers the heroic pooch is a trained K 9 who s guarding his unconscious partnera gorgeous firefighter who ends up in Carly s arms.Noah Glover and his K 9 are a fearless duo, and Noah has clearly met his match with the brave, beautiful Carly Soon they team up to track down the arsonist behind the blast a psychotic criminal who s intent on framing Noah Meanwhile, the sparks between Noah and and Carly could ignite a five alarm fire Should they smother their feelings in the name of justice or fan the flames of passion
    D.D. Ayres
    D D Ayres is the author of the K 9 Rescue series which includes Primal Force and Force of Attraction She loves men in uniforms and dogs, making the K 9 Rescue series with St Martin s Press a dream come true She currently lives in Texas where she s at work on her next novel.

    Explosive Forces By D.D. Ayres


    Carly Harrington Reese works late one night in her soon to be opened boutique when she hears an animal whimpering from the next door unit She discovers an unconscious Noah Glover and his service dog, Harley, and barely has time to rescue them before the place erupts in fire Noah is an arson investigator but all evidence points in his direction this time as the perpetrator And Carly is caught squarely in the middle I really liked the mystery suspense angle of the story, especially the inclusion o [...]

    ARC ReviewNoah is an arson investigator with the Ft Worth Fire Department Carly is a former model who comes home after her addict husband dies of an overdose Carly finds herself at the right place and the right time to save Noah from dying in a fire Someone has set him up to take the fall for a destructive fire and killing himself in the process But Noah does not start the fire, he survives and then starts his own investigation to clear his name There is good pacing and great sexual chemistry be [...]

    Marta Cox
    This book had a slightly different slant to previous in the series but was still an enjoyable read It quite literally starts with our heroine Carly saving the life of Arson Investigator Noah, and his trained explosives dog and partner Harley It s a fiery encounter in ways than one as this couple share a combustible chemistry that simply overtakes them If you are looking for a slow burn romance than this is anything but Yet there s an intense plot and an awful lot of misdirection to wade through [...]

    Three and a half stars.I didn t enjoy this novel as much as some of the others in the series Harley was kind of incidental to the story although having said that, he was fundamental to the start and end, so what I m saying is that he didn t feature much in the middle.Noah is an arson investigator, kind of a cross between a fireman and a policeman Carly is a former model who is opening up an arts and crafts shop with exclusive designs One night while finalising her display prior to opening she he [...]

    ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley I enjoyed this book overall, even though I struggled with it in the middle The starting is really compelling, and different The ending, well it ends with a sort of HEA But in the middle I struggled with thisone I think because, to me, there really was only one reasonable suspect but the middle of the book was really focused on the who dunnit aspect and there was not real mystery there for me.I liked Carly and Noah, but I never really felt like I got to [...]

    The video killed it for me It than proved that our hero couldn t have done what was said, and his own supervisor discounted it and said it was the DA s problem to solvehyou were the investigator Too weak Harley the wunderdog was what saved a star.

    Anna"s Herding Cats
    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup amzn 2fQXQyEAction packed, scorching hot, and cute canines to boot I m loving this series from DD Ayres.So, Carly s life It s just gone up in flames Literally Her store catches on fire and there s one man to blamee one she rescued from the store next door The one everyone thinks is behind that very fire After meeting him, though, something s not adding up and she s quickly pulled into his life and search for the person trying to frame him for arson.Carly s [...]

    Came across this when I was home sick and thought it would be a good choice to get me through my cold Read the reviews and since no one mentioned this I figure what hey, I will The h thinks the H tried to commit suicide and instead of seeing he was okay and figure why he went to the extremes she walk in his hospital room, yes because this is the next day, and tells him off She goes on a rant about how selfish he is and if he wants to kill himself go ahead just don t try to take his dog with him [...]

    Kathy Martin
    Carly Reese has given up her career as a supermodel to return to Fort Worth to open a boutique featuring hand made objects made by the women who got no credit for the fancy work they do on high fashion She is prepping for her grand opening when she hears a dog in the empty story next door While investigating she finds an unconscious man and a dog tied to a pillar As she is trying to free the dog, a fire starts Now it is up to Carly to save both the man and the dog.Noah Glover and his K 9 Harley [...]

    Book Lover
    Noah is an Arson Investigator with a K9, Harley He is a single dad He wakes up in the hospital having lost all memory of the previous night Carly is a former model turned business woman She speaks candidly She has a bit of trauma in her past She is working in her soon to open shop when she hears a dog bark When she goes to investigate, she finds Noah knocked out with his dog glued to his side When the building catches on fire, she and the dog drag him out Noah is set up to take the fall for mult [...]

    Arc provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, for an honest review I usually like plots like this one but I didn t feel connected with these characters or the story, even though I m not saying I didn t like them The suspense plot didn t interest me and the sexual attraction between hero and heroine was too fast for my taste But they re interesting characters and who doesn t enjoy a story with a dog like Harley or a little boy

    Karen Roma
    Ms Ayes always provides readers with captivating characters intensely riveting plots and some of the most combustible romance money can buy So is it any wonder that Explosive Forces ignites the flames of passion while telling a gripping and suspenseful tale of danger, mystery and evil intent Another fabulous book is sure to keep readers coming back for of the fierce, Alpha men portrayed in each story and their trusty K 9 sidekicks.

    Heather andrews
    Even though Noah could be a grouchy man I fell in love with him, he folded his arms and stood his ground, looking imposing and unapologetic You got something to say Or did you just come by to get a good look at my junk Noah is always up for a certain game, we ll see He waggled his brows at her Want to play Hide the Salami I enjoyed this book, Noah was just so sexy.

    Much like the last book in this series, I found this one to be very slow moving The constant change of view point from chapter to chapter was annoying I hated and skimmed over the chapters from the other person s view point as I found them confusing and unnecessary This book was just okay for me Nothing greatbut not horrible I definitely wouldn t read it again though ARC received from Netgalley

    I received a copy of this book in my Fresh Fiction subscription box.I read this book when I was between other reads, and it s my first book from this author I don t have anything I glaringly disliked about the book it was a fast read and the suspense element was nice But there also wasn t anything I glaringly loved about the book The couple does run very hot very fast, and the sexual tension while hot was a little one sided too rushed for me Actual rating 3.5 5

    Barb Shuler
    DNF 48%I am a huge fan of DD Ayres I have loved every other book she has out in this series but this one it just didn t do it for me I have started it, put it down and gone back to it multiple times since I first started in in November I just can t get into it That pains me to say, but it is what it is.

    Rosie J.
    More suspense than romance.

    ✰BJ"s Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    3.5 starsI have adored each book in the K9 series to date, and whilst I liked Explosive Forces, I didn t love it like I have the previous books.It may be just me, but I didn t feel the connection between Noah and Carly This may be because they didn t spend that much time together in the scheme of things Don t get me wrong, the arson firefighter part of the story was very interesting I am a volo firefighter but it took a bit away from our lovelies.I am not going to lie though, I think Harley is b [...]

    Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    Reviewed by Gemini Explosive Forces is the 5th book in the K 9 Rescue Series I have read only one other book in the series and can attest to the fact that they can be read as stand alone books Explosive Forces was fun, intriguing and scorchingly hot, in ways than one It s the story of Carly Harrington Reese and Noah Glover They meet under the worst of circumstances Noah who just happens to be an arson investigator is found unconconscious in a burning building by model turned business owner Carl [...]

    Advanced Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.At 5 in this series Explosive Forces just isn t up to the level of the previous books Again we have a story of how dogs are used as service animals In this case the K 9 is an explosives sniffing dog Harley is wonderful in his part, but we don t see nearly enough of him I wish I could say the same for his human counterparts in this story They just don t bring a whole lot to the st [...]

    Book Him Danno
    This is the first book I have read by D.D Ayres and while I liked the characters well enough nothing really caught my attention The instra love has always bothered me in Romantic Suspense novels because I wonder if people in the real world would be able to make it last after everything slows down and they are able to think.I like that the author wrote little section with what was going thought the fire bugs head Its easy to figure out who the fire bug is.The story starts off with a bang but soon [...]

    Explosive Forces by D.D Ayres was another winner in my opinion The first chapter grabbed me and I didn t put it down until I had finished it Ms Ayres writes such complex characters that I always get pulled into the story to get to know them better The plot is fast paced and although we meet the bad guy early in the book, there are enough twists that I had to keep turning the pages to see what he had planned next for Noah and Carly Noah and Carly s connection was slow to develop but became combus [...]

    One night, Carly hears something similar to a dog barking in the empty store next to hers When she goes to investigate, she finds there really is a dog barkingBeside his obviously drunk and unconscious owner When a fire erupts, Carly decides to save the unconscious man only to find out he was trying to commit suicide by fireOr was he I don t know what happened I simply couldn t get into the groove of the story It felt like watching something through an opaque window Or as if something was keepin [...]

    Cathy Geha
    Another K 9 romantic suspense story with great human and canine characters Carly Harrington Reese saves the life of Noah Glover and his K 9 fire explosive sniffing partner, Harley She then gets caught up in solving the mystery of who tried to kill Noah and Harley and just why anyone would want to With an arsonist on their heels, an arson investigator being fed erroneous clues and Carly s business to get ready to open there is little time for Carly and Noah to spend exploring their attraction for [...]

    I was lucky enough to have gotten a copy of the book through NetGalley in exchange for a review which I am happy to provide This is not the first book by D.D Ayres that I read and I was really looking forward to getting started Now I liked the characters and the storyline but somehow I never connected to the book as much as I had with previous ones, I found myself wanting to skip ahead which is never a good sign It did have mystery and suspense and of course I love the K 9 aspect and some steamy [...]

    Lisa books
    Net Galley An explosive novel with romance and suspense Carly is a boutique owner and when on fire rescued by a K9 guarding a firefighter Noah is a firefighter and is in trouble but he teams op with Carly to find an arsonist and find much .

    Lynn Mccrea
    I love this series, love the dogs in the stories.

    Barb Lie
    Explosive Forces by D.D Ayres is the 5th book in her fun and exciting K 9 Rescue series This reads very well as a standalone, as each book focuses on different characters using K 9 dogs In Explosive Forces, we meet our heroine, Carly Reese immediately as she is putting up the final touches on the grand opening of her new boutigue, when she closes the shop late at night Carly hears a dog nearby, and when she brushes it off and walks to her car, she hears the dog whimpering again Carly investigate [...]

    Marsha Spohn
    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfExplosive Forces is an intense, compelling and satisfying story I was captured from the opening scene and that intensity never left throughout Carly and Noah s story and how cool is it to have my own pup s name in a story grin okay she s a Sheltie, but another Harley none the less Noah is unconscious, his K 9 companion tied near to him when an unlikely rescuer arrives Carly is closing up her shop nearby when she hears a dog whimpering and investigates As she s trying [...]

    Former model and now proud owner of a boutique opening in one week, Carly Harrington Reese hear a dog barking next door one night and can t help going to see what s happening or if the canine needs help That s when she find a man unconscious, a building that begins to catch fire and a German Shepherd trying to get him out of here Noah Glover is an arson investigator He have no memory of what happened between the moment he left the bar he was with some friends and colleagues and the moment he ope [...]

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