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  • Title: Spring: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons
  • Author: MelissaHarrison
  • ISBN: 9781783962235
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback

  • Spring: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons By MelissaHarrison It is a time of awakening In our fields, hedgerows and woodlands, our beaches, cities and parks, an almost imperceptible shift soon becomes a riot of sound and colour winter ends, and life surges forth once Whether in town or country, we all share in this natural rhythm, in the joy and anticipation of the changing year.In prose and poetry both old and new, Spring mIt is a time of awakening In our fields, hedgerows and woodlands, our beaches, cities and parks, an almost imperceptible shift soon becomes a riot of sound and colour winter ends, and life surges forth once Whether in town or country, we all share in this natural rhythm, in the joy and anticipation of the changing year.In prose and poetry both old and new, Spring mirrors the unfolding of the season, inviting us to see what s around us with new eyes Featuring original writing by Rob Cowen, Miriam Darlington and Stephen Moss, classic extracts from the work of George Orwell, Clare Leighton and H E Bates, and fresh new voices from across the UK, this is an original and inspiring collection of nature writing that brings the British springtime to life in all its vivid glory A book to live with and to love features a wonderfully various array of poetry and prose, from Chaucer to the present day, that allows us to see the arrival and the passing of our most fecund season and those who have written about it in fresh and stimulating ways Matthew Adams, Independent A tremendous, soul lifting collection a profound evocation of what rejuvenation means to the winter stunned psyche Lucy Jones, BBC Wildlife Magazine The cover of this book is absolutely striking I couldn t wait to look inside It is so full of life Full of perfectly mixed passages of the wonders of nature, this is a book I will turn to each year as the vivacious season of spring approaches The Book Magnet A very lovely object I was captivated by the writing These were the words of people who wanted to share their experiences of the world around them some of them wrote to inform, some of them wrote to celebrate, and of course the very best of them did both There is nothing in it that doesn t deserve its place, and I can think of nothing that should be there but isn t It would make a lovely Easter gift It s a book that I know I will enjoy revisiting Beyondedenrock Everything about this book, from Lynn Hatzius gorgeous cover, to the rich cream of the pages, to the meticulously selected content is an invitation to taste the Spring in the air, to hear the grasses grow, to lose yourself in a vast sky or to watch the farmers at work The book, like a sparkling Spring stream swollen with meltwater, is just begging for you to dip in Richard Littledale, blogger An anthology edited by Melissa Harrison was never going to stick to the beaten track important is her imaginative commissioning of new works and choice of previously published pieces There are several refreshing novelties in this book Serves to remind us that the future of nature writing if we must use the label is under no threat Laurence Rose, thelongspringPraise for Summer A remarkable anthology of abundance capturing both the physical wonders and the psychological enchantments of this glorious season, this book conjures summer in the senses as potently as a field of freshly cut hay Featuring some of the greatest writers on landscape as well as fantastic new voices, it is a collection that will trigger the memory, evoke new places and people, and help you see afresh the preciousness and precariousness of our natural world Rob Cowen, author of Common Ground A delightful miscellany of reflections on that loveliest of seasons, summer packed with insights and encounters with nature from a wide range of authors from Gilbert White and George Eliot to a bevy of young contemporary naturalists Stephen Moss, author of Wild Hares and Hummingbirds and Wild Kingdom Bringing Back Britain s Wildlife This book will convince you that summertime is where we truly belong not through overindulgence in nostalgia, but through realisation of our core values and roots It will take you home Matthew Oates, author of In Pursuit of Butterflies A Fifty year Affair Lavishly capturing the nature of the season in all its slow, sensual splendour, Summer is a potent reminder of the riches that surround us, and a poignant evocation of all that we cannot bear to lose Sharon Blackie, author of If Women Rose Rooted and editor of Earthlines A delicious antidote a summer collection to wake up a tired imagination, like sunshine warming a plant to coax it into opening Richard Littledale, blogger I ve been dipping in and out of this beautiful anthology for some time but didn t want to post a review until I had read every entry There are poems, extracts and essays spanning several centuries, so that there is something for every reader in this celebration of the season There s a beauty to this book from the glorious cover to the simple illustrations like that of the swallow that adorn the inside pages The writings are all evocative, enlightening, entertaining or thought provoking I shall treasure it and return to it again and again A perfect gift for any lover of words or nature Linda s Book Bag blog Taken together, these pieces truly give the feeling of an English summer The older writing is remarkably undated, which contributes to a sense of continuity across the centuries These are really rather lovely books Summer is a perfect bedside companion to dip into as the days warm up Impossible not to covet the whole four season set BookishBeck blog There are so many lovely things that I could pull out from this book I know that I will enjoy revisiting this beautifully produced anthology Beyondedenrock
    Melissa Harrison is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in South London with her husband, Anthony, and rescue dog Scout She was the winner of the John Muir Trust s Wild Writing Award in 2010, and blogs about urban wildlife at talesofthecity.She is represented by Jenny Hewson at Rogers, Coleridge White.

    Spring: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons By MelissaHarrison


    I knew that spring was coming.It isn t here yet The weather is still cold grey and damp, but the evenings are getting lighter, I ve seen other signs, and this lovely little book has me convinced.It s a very lovely object a pretty cover encases a sturdy little paperback, full of words printed on cream paper, and wrapped in a matching dust jacket.And, as you may have guessed from the title, there will be another three volumes coming to join it over the course of the coming year.I loved the idea of [...]

    Rebecca Foster
    Although this was the first of the Wildlife Trusts anthologies published in 2016, I got a late start last year so am reading this as the final of four In common with the other volumes, it s a terrific mix of contemporary and historical writing, big names and newcomers, observation and reflection Compared with the other books, it seems to have about WT sites in particular, with a few pieces from current volunteers or former employees I also noticed that there s a bit of a focus on birds with es [...]

    Spring is that time of year where we shrug off the dark nights and sullen weather and celebrate the light and the warmth of the sun as it floods through the gothic formwork of trees Plants are waking up too, buds swell and then burst with fresh green leaves, the wanderers return from afar and there is the frantic race to find a mate Those that have spent the winter gestating, are born, bring new life into the world It is the season where change is most noticeable and for a lot of people most wel [...]

    A rather self indulgent read as I love this time of the year This anthology has helped me to love it a little bit I m looking out for additional signs of Spring, courtesy of this I m paying attention to the tree buds, looking out for Spring visitors to the garden the birds returning from wintering abroad Thomas Furley Forster s notes 1827 of when to expect them by specific dates are fascinating and fun Gilbert White s recordings of his Spring moments, including the date his tortoise first emer [...]

    As well as extracts from longer works, and the odd poem, there are quite a few original essays from different contributors strewn throughout Spring An Anthology for the Changing Seasons It is rather varied in terms of its range, and there were many pieces within, both old and new, which I very much enjoyed Spring has been nicely curated, and feels like a fitting beginning to Harrison s quartet which revolves around the seasons Spring is undoubtedly a charming and vibrant celebration of spring.

    Thomas Shepherd
    The calendar year may start in January in the depths of winter but for most, the year begins with Spring This is the first in Melissa Harrison s stand out series of anthologies based around the four seasons I started reading it with the seasons, having started with Autumn which was outstanding This one doesn t quite reach that level of perfection Like the other volumes in the series, Spring is a miscellany of poetry, prose, and nature writing by both contemporary and past authors The format rema [...]

    Mark Avery
    A collection of writings about spring what could be nicer This book is one of four on the seasons Are there really four seasons, I wonder I m not totally sure that summer exists doesn t spring March June just fade into autumn July December and then there is a bit of winter January and February , with some leeway at each transition and false starts, false finishes and just odd weather But I do believe in spring and spring is wonderful.In this book, published enterprisingly by The Wildlife Trusts, [...]

    Michelle Ryles
    The cover of this book is absolutely striking in vibrant tones of green, perfectly evoking thoughts of spring, and I couldn t wait to look inside It is so full of life with the tweeting of birds, gambolling of lambs, slithering of snakes and not forgetting the escapades of Timothy the tortoise As the season unfurls throughout each page it epitomises the season of spring with the joy and hope of new beginnings.There are excerpts from the classics interspersed with modern writing from naturalists [...]

    Pretty good Some of the passages were absolutely wonderful the excerpt from The Wind in the Willows , for example and others were well meaning but tedious garden rhapsodies Spring is now Summer, and I didn t quite finish the book Marking it as read, and will return to finish up and then re read the good bits next Spring.

    Kylie Norman
    Some beautiful spring time vignettes in here the old and the modern submissions by writers in 2016 Beautiful You just slip into spring with this.

    Donna Boultwood
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series of books I can see myself dipping in and out of them in years to come A window into British nature and countryside.

    Claire O'Sullivan
    A lovely little book of snippets Eclectic writing around nature Read in the Scottish Highlands which undoubtedly enhanced my reading experience.

    Lisa Bergin
    Like the winter book I wished there had been a little poetry, but there were some interesting pieces in this book

    It s unusual for me to read an anthology , because the word hints at poetry, and I m not entirely comfortable with poetry in general.This is one of four books, the other three yet to be published you ll never guess what the other three are I received it in late February and calculated that as there were about 60 articles, if I read about one a day that would take me through into mid April.This was an accidentally brilliant tactic of mine The articles are actually grouped in a broadly chronologic [...]

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