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  • Title: Rejected Princesses: Tales of History's Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics
  • Author: Jason Porath
  • ISBN: 9780062405371
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Rejected Princesses: Tales of History's Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics By Jason Porath Blending the iconoclastic feminism of The Notorious RBG and the confident irreverence of Go the F ck to Sleep, a brazen and empowering illustrated collection that celebrates inspirational badass women throughout history, based on the popular Tumblr blog.Well behaved women seldom make history Good thing these women are far from well behaved .Illustrated in a contemporBlending the iconoclastic feminism of The Notorious RBG and the confident irreverence of Go the F ck to Sleep, a brazen and empowering illustrated collection that celebrates inspirational badass women throughout history, based on the popular Tumblr blog.Well behaved women seldom make history Good thing these women are far from well behaved .Illustrated in a contemporary animation style, Rejected Princesses turns the ubiquitous pretty pink princess stereotype portrayed in movies, and on endless toys, books, and tutus on its head, paying homage instead to an awesome collection of strong, fierce, and yes, sometimes weird, women warrior queens, soldiers, villains, spies, revolutionaries, and who refused to behave and meekly accept their place.An entertaining mix of biography, imagery, and humor written in a fresh, young, and riotous voice, this thoroughly researched exploration salutes these awesome women drawn from both historical and fantastical realms, including real life, literature, mythology, and folklore Each profile features an eye catching image of both heroic and villainous women in command from across history and around the world, from a princess cum pirate in fifth century Denmark, to a rebel preacher in 1630s Boston, to a bloodthirsty Hungarian countess, and a former prostitute who commanded a fleet of than 70,000 men on China s seas.
    Jason Porath
    In a past life, Jason Porath used to work on animated movies such as How to Train Your Dragon 2, Megamind, and The Croods Upon leaving the animation industry, he started Rejected Princesses a blog celebrating women of history and myth who were too awesome, awful, or offbeat for the animated princess treatment It went viral, there s a book, and the rest is history.Jason lives in Los Angeles, enjoys exploring abandoned buildings, and sings a lot of karaoke.

    Rejected Princesses: Tales of History's Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics By Jason Porath


    Dianna (crows before hoes) ✨
    This is a book for any girl who ever felt she didn t fit in You are not alone You come from a long line of bold, strong, fearless women Glory in that This should be a required reading for females, especially young girls Rejected Princesses is an empowering compilation of stories about women who challenged societal norms and proved that they are equal and as powerful as any man I loved this book so much If ever I ll have a daughter in the future or a niece even, you can bet that this will be her [...]

    Short form this book is awesome and every home and classroom should have a copy Long form This was a whim I just picked it up because it had a fun cover and title, but once I started reading it I couldn t bear to put it down The introduction is amusing, the art is spot on, and the stories are delightful Well, many of them have violence and heinous cruelty, or just plain gore, but Porath forewarns the reader with some very specific codes And when he s writing about the evil that is lynching he do [...]

    So, the dedication made me cry I ve been a feminist and a history lover all of my life I ve got nearly all the books in my home library, from Female Tars to The Obstacle Race The Fortunes of Women Painters and Their Work And I grit my teeth at how historical novels nearly relentlessly cover the same handful of women Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, etc Rinse, lather, repeat I pre ordered this book the instant it was possible Some of the 100 women covered were new to me yay mainly [...]

    If you want to read something about women with all sorts of gender identity, sexual orientation and walks of life This is your book I am so glad I decided to request this on a whim because it s probably the most incredible thing I ve ever read I got to know so many unbelievable stories and myths I marked some of the women in this and I m definitely going to look into the bibliography and read up on some of the women mentioned in here This book featured gorgeous cartoon illustrations of almost 10 [...]

    Mixed feelings about this one It brings popular light to a lot of untold stories, is quick and easy to read, and as a visitor to the original webpage from which this book was spawned I know the author does his research on each of his subjects However, I personally disliked the stylistic choices in the book the chatty tone, the organisation of entries, and the leaving out of references Its fun and light hearted nature gives the impression of a children s book.

    100 badass women who were forgotten or defamed by men history The majority of them I did not know but there were some like Joan of Arc who I thought I knew until I read this book.Each women is accompanied by fantastic art and a brief biography Which is perfect if you don t have time to read because real life gets in the way I also appreciate the fact that each story contains trigger warnings A fantastic intersectionalist feminist book about women who did not fit into the mould Highly recommended [...]

    Originally published at Reading RealityThink of this as the ultimate collection of fractured fairy tales, because this collection is fractured on a number of different axes, all of them worth thinking about.Also, the whole thing is a terrific hoot So if you are looking for a slightly ironic and occasionally a bit pained laugh, this book is well worth dipping into Often.Many of these stories are based on history, some a bit loosely than others And the rest are based in myths that are well known [...]

    Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews)
    4.5 5100 of the world s boldest, baddest women It was fantastic and I need a volume two.

    Jenn "JR"
    Here s another NPR inspired book on my reading list I borrowed this as an e book from my library, and found that it took a bit longer to read than I expected other concurrent books in progress notwithstanding Content Overall, the length of different profiles varies somewhat There are 100 profiles about 384 pages total 12% are end notes The research seems to be really good the author didn t just do this on a whim so he could create a bunch of Disney style princess portraits he s got some really s [...]

    Hugely fun to read A really interesting collection of women, not all of them heroic Oddly, there are a few mythical folkloric figures Cool to read about, because they are relatively obscure, but I m here for the real ladies I really liked the full page illustrations that come with every story They reminded me very strongly of Liberty s Kids, and that s almost always a good thing Actually a published version of a still ongoing blog, so I m off to catch up there.

    It s only January but I m pretty sure that this will still be the highlight of my reading year by the time 2017 ends If you re interested in history particularly the lesser known kind , you re a feminist, you appreciate art, and or you re a human being kind of assuming that last point grabs a lot of you if the others don t then you should read this book A few other things The tales are about all kinds of different women from all over the world and various times in history and that is so amazing [...]

    Mackey St
    Rejected Princesses is a true yet irreverent poke at the tales of fairy princesses that far too many little girls read today These are the real life stories of heroines who saved themselves rather than waiting for a prince Tales of sword wielding ninja warriors who protected the kingdom and whose suitors had to fight her for the mere honor of a marriage proposal.which they usually lost It s the story of heretics who stood up to corrupt religious leaders, hellions who fought against corrupt polit [...]

    This was empoweringHonestly, I low key want to destroy the patriarchy, form a matriarchy and empower young girls Goals.This was an incredible collection of short stories detailing the histories of women scorned from orthodox history And I love every single one of these women They all prevailed against society and themselves and took control of their own fates These women were truly power and had such significant roles in history I was and still am, amazed by their tales of heroics And Jason Pora [...]

    Dee (PlainlyReads)
    Intrigued by the stories But not a fan of the writing it s like I m reading a summary of each characters and it really put me off

    Scottsdale Public Library
    Witty, inspiring and just so gosh darn cute This encyclopedia of notable women is such a wonderful collection of biographies, drawn in the Disney style the author was an illustrator for DreamWorks Each entry summarizes the life of the female with a corresponding detailed and meaningful caricature Although Rejected Princesses could at first be mistaken as a children s book because of the artwork, the content can be far from Guide markers alert the audience to the nature of the entry Some of these [...]

    Abi (The Knights Who Say Book)
    Very enjoyable Not all entries are created equal, of course, and I had issues or were slightly bored with some of them But on the whole it s a great read, filled with humor but without softening the brutality or tragedy of many of these women s stories or, on that note, being any less enthusiastic about their successes and legacies While there are a few women covered I already knew of, in each case the author brought new information and a new perspective, and I learned of so many awesome new peo [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, enough that I checked out the web page It is a large variety of women from many cultures and times and what they did He arranged the book, not chronologically or other conventional methods but on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most likely to not be told to kids for a variety of reasons such as sex, violence, self harm, rape, etc it certainly knocks women off the gentle and frail pedestal His last entry was nicknamed countess Dracula and may be at least part of [...]

    I really enjoyed this book overall I always loved reading this type of short chapters on interesting women book as a kid, and it is fun to revisit that I would say that there are entries in here that aren t appropriate for kids, but then I think back to the non fiction I read as a kid and I can t really say that haha One thing I really appreciated about this book was how diverse it was Porath picked women from different time periods, professions, and areas of the world I learned about some new c [...]

    Fascinating women from cover to coverd most of them are women history tried erase from the books I DARE anyone who thinks they hate history to read this book and not enjoy itdry is one thing it is definitely not The illustrations which accompany each story are so frickin cute and the author s witty, snarky writing is easy to read the style is conversational and the stories are told in a way that you don t get lost or confused by what s going on The almost breezy writing is needed because most of [...]

    Jordan Wilson
    I went into his book hoping to love it and learn about the lesser known female heroines, hellions, and heretics Rejected Princesses delivered everything I wanted You learn about some well known women, Nellie Bly, Harriet Tubman, and Elizabeth Bathory, and many you probably never heard, such as Hortense and Marie Mancini, Sybil Ludington, and Mary Seacole While this book has many pros, it also has its cons, as most books do At some points the entries were kind of boring, so I skimmed them That [...]

    I really really loved Jason Porath s voice I completely adore the way he s captured tales of women from all time periods, from all corners of the world from the starchily upright to the flamboyant bad girls Where s that volume 2 when I need it

    This book is awesome, and everybody should read it.

    Ladies are so awesome, y all.This is a book I almost didn t pick up, as I was trying to hightail it out of the library with other fabulous books But this one ended up being plenty fabulous as well Let me tell you.Rejected Princesses is or less a volume filled with women you ve maybe never heard of but definitely want to There are gorgeous illustrations, funny histories, and a tasteful rating system that indicates maturity levels and possible triggers That last one is especially important, becau [...]

    Update 11 15 2017So apparently there is going to be a second edition of this book, no release date yet, but, uh, I m pumped and so ready for it If you are into kick butt women from history with a lot of diversity of all different kinds, you should definitely check out this book And don t even get me started on the art Ask yourself Do I want to see Pixar Dreamworks style artwork depicting historical women running through the streets, fighting in wars, chopping off heads, and traveling the world T [...]

    When I was around 9 years old a series called The Royal Diariescame out I ate those books up It was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with the lives of royal women This book is the uncensored adult version of that series, only with humor, content, and gory details.Women from this book I now need to know everything about Annie Jump Cannon 1863 1941 US AstronomerEmmy Noether 1882 1935 German MathematicianJosefina Guerrero 1918 1996 Philipian SpyChiyome Mochizuki 16th Century Japanese Spymas [...]

    This was too broad for me I think I would ve enjoyed it had it concentrated on a few women and went into detail about them As it is, there are a lot of women mentioned but the stories don t go into detail Not sure that s because there are no details or if the author wanted to include as many women as possible, which is fine, just not for me Nice illustrations but overall not something that kept my attention.

    DNF, read various sections out of order.First off, can we get over this fucking trend of publishing things we can get for free online and making money off them Because I read sections of this book at the store, and was not shocked when I got home and found that I could access a lot of this material on their website or Tumblr Second of all, my inner historian is crying.Sorry, but a little disclaimer at the beginning about history being ever changing as we learn new things does not excuse the fact [...]

    I took my good, sweet time enjoying this book I didn t want to binge these stories, but have time to process each one after reading them This is not a difficult book to read thanks to its style, but the content is definitely difficult to read in large quantities I was impressed by the key listed in the front of the book to indicate trigger warnings This would be particularly helpful for younger readers as some of the content can be intense The author had a very approachable way of telling these [...]

    I loved everything about this book, and recommend it to anyone and everyone I m planning to add so much of the bibliography Porath includes to my to read list This is an incredible primer of 100 noteworthy women in history and in myth, though I d heard of maybe a quarter Read and reread this one, then go forth and learn I so hope there will be a volume two.

    Stephanie Molnar
    This book was okay but definitely too long I would have preferred if fictional mythical women were left out and those whom little is known about because if they aren t real and nothing of what they did can be verified, then they weren t really history s boldest but mythology s boldest Also, some of these women were quite evil ahem, Erzebet Bathory but the author makes them seem like decent gals and only sites one author as his source there are several sources that say the Blood Countess was a t [...]

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